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Start a Blog

A step-by-step guide to building a blog from the beginning without any coding knowledge and learn how to grow your blog with user-friendly content writing structure.
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Blogging Tools

For a growing, any blog needs many tools such a write, promote, SEO, Marketing that is necessary so, here you can check out the tools which I am using to grow our business blog.
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Themes & Hostings

Find the latest deals on the best hosting and popular theme options that suit for the site to increase traffic & sales.
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User Interface(UI) And UX Design

build a web design & mobile application from scratch and give wings to your business.
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Frontend and Backend Developer

get the idea on React, Angular, Vuejs, jQuery, Emberjs, Backbonejs, Semantic-UI, Foundation, Svelte, Django, Laravel, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ExpressJS, CakePHP, Flask, and more to develop your website or the right information to get jobs.
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Shopify And Wix

learn approaches of the most popular cloud commerce platform and set up your website above cloud server in less time rather than on your development server.
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SEO & Marketing

learn the tricks & tips to optimized website speed and increase the SERP possibilities to earn more traffic and sales on the site.
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Git & Github

let's start learning git & GitHub to manage your live projects files version and make a copy on the local machine to increase the speed and efficiency of development.
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DoltHUb: Git for Data

Start learning DOLT to SQL database actions like fork, clone, branch, merge, remote, push and pull. This will allow you to manage versions just like a git repository.
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