3 Minute Timer Excercise To Stay Fit Body

In this article, we will talk about 3 minute timer exercise that will help you to increase your stamina and give you more to maintain your body. The Feet-Elevated and Pushup & Inverted Shoulder Press is an exercise that you can do before going to sleep or after wake up.

3 minute timer gym

The steps of 3 minute timer excercise is:

Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge

3 minute timer excercise

How to:

Stand on three feet distance from the bench and put the top of the left-hand foot on it.

Twist the knee a bit.

Keep back straight and core engaged.

Lean torso forwards slightly and bends knees to lower as far as possible.

The left knee bend till it doesn’t touch the floor.

Now pause the bend keens, then drive for reverse process to return to start. That’s 1 rep.

3 minute hand band gym

Perform reps as you can do or till 30 seconds.

Pushup And Inverted Shoulder Press

3 minute Pushup And Inverted Shoulder Press

How to:

Put hands slightly on the floor more than shoulder-width apart and extend feet to make a body in a straight line from head to heels. twist the elbows to do a pushup till the chest nearly touches the floor.

Now push floor to hands to up your body and straighten arms while raising hips & pressing into heels.

Now push down the elbows to the lower head until it touches the floor and returns to start.

Perform it as possible in 30 seconds.

Start the same process again & again or repeat three rounds to completing a 3-minute timer.

You can find & set a 3 minute timer by clicking here.

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