A great community of graphic designers: The Graphic River

The Graphic River is a very popular community of graphic designers. Graphic River is the part of the great Envato Market that allows creators from all over the world to showcase their creativity. It can be used in two ways; buying and selling.

Graphic River graphic designers community

Graphic River for graphic designers

Being a creator you can sell your art or digital product there. If you are buyer then you will find a great variety of high quality art there.

Sellers can sell the royalty-free images, illustrations, Photoshop documents with the original layered format, icon packs, vector images, and much more. In the same way, if you are a buyer you will find a mega variety of excellent graphics according to your needs and requirements.

The sellers have to pass their professional test and have to prove their work according to quality control standards. If a seller is lacking basic or professional he or she will not be allowed to sell on Graphic River. Moreover, if the submitted product is not according to the quality level that the Graphic River is offering, then the product will be rejected to be listed there.

This is the ultimate fact that buyers can buy confidently on Graphic River because the products that are listed on the Graphic River are passed through the quality check of the Graphic River. You can find more blogging tools to review with us.

Basically, it is a community where you will find professionals, experienced, and growing talent persons who will provide you the guidelines, help, and support. They will encourage you as well. You can share your problems, can ask questions, and can post comments on products.

Quality measures for authors/designers on Graphic River:

As it is stated above that Graphic River review all products being submitted to sell, for the quality check. If the products are below the standard, these will be rejected. Mostly, there are layered files to be submitted there. Some points are listed below to make you aware of the requirements of products that you are going to submit for selling.

  • The submitted file should have proper and organized layers that allow the buyer to make desirable changes.
  • The product file should contain all professional elements that are necessary for that product, such as, layer styles, masking, layers order, grouping, and other required techniques.
  • If you are going to submit a heavy file with multiple segments, parts or portions then all segments should have a cohesive approach and should be ordered properly.
  • All used elements like shapes, theme, color scheme and other creative elements should have the symmetry.
  • The submitted file should demonstrate the professional approach of design. It should reflect the basic principles of designing as it proves your ability as a designer as well.
  • Basic principles majorly include combination, contrast, flow, integrity, alignment,repetitions and balance.
  • The design can be simple or complex but it need to be reasonable and sophisticated.
  • Author should own the rights to the submitted files and content used in it.
  • Graphic River has rights to reject the file.

In short, if you are a graphic designer and want to sell your art on Graphic River then your content should be of excellent quality, original, and properly organized. Being an author you need to submit a source file that is editable. Being a buyer you can purchase a lot of graphical products at affordable rates.

Graphic designer Products

Eshal was a Graphic designer and was doing freelancing for 5 years. One she decided to launch her own business as a graphic designer and started selling her products on Graphic River. Now, she is earning approximately $1500 per month. She told me that she works with passion and honesty and earned the trust of her customers. So, anyone can do it if one is skilled, hardworking, honest, and passionate.

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