Acids, Bases And Salts Questions

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Acids, Bases And Salts Questions

List of acids, bases and salts Questions

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1Karthik performed the following
experiment by taking a few solutions and phenolphthalein indicator.
Identify ( p, q, r ) in his experiment :
( mathbf{A} cdot mathbf{p} rightarrow operatorname{Acid}, mathbf{q} rightarrow operatorname{Acid}, mathbf{r} rightarrow mathbf{B} ) ase
B. ( p rightarrow ) Base ( q rightarrow ) Acid, ( r rightarrow ) Base
c. ( p rightarrow ) Base, ( q rightarrow ) Base, ( r rightarrow ) Acid
D. ( p rightarrow ) Base, ( q rightarrow A c i d, r rightarrow ) Acid
2To protect tooth decay we are advised to brush our teeth regularly. The nature of the toothpaste commonly used is:
A . acidic
B. basic
c. netural
D. corrosive
3Which one of the following types of medicines is for treating indigestion?
A. Antibiotic
B. Analgesic
c. Antacid
D. Antiseptic
4Remedies of which of the following are examples of neutralisation in everyday life?
This question has multiple correct options
A. Ant sting
B. Indigestion
c. Factory wastes
D. None of these
5An indicator which changes its colour
from blue to red in acids is litmus
A. True
B. False
6What is meant by water of crystallization of a substance? Describe an activity to show the water of crystallization.10
718. Aeld turns litmus paper
(b) Yellow
(d) None of these
8A restaurant owner has a few bottles of
soft drink in his restaurant. But, unfortunately, these are not labelled. He
has to serve the drinks on the
demand of customers. One customer
wants acidic drink, another wants basic
and the third wants neutral drink. How
will the restaurant owner decide which
drink is to be served to whom?
9The indicator which shows colour
change in the entire pH range is
A. phenolphthalein
B. methyl orange
c. universal indicator
D. thymol blue
10Write balanced chemical equations for
the reaction between calcium
bicarbonate and dilute hydrochloric
11Explain why phenolphthalein is used as an indicator in acid-base titration10
12Agent Orange was named so because of
A. orange colour
B. orange stripe on packet
C. production of orange cloud
D. killing all greenery
13Which of the following is a use of
( A l(O H)_{3} ? )
A. It is used in fire extinguisher as a foaming agent
B. It is used in the preparation of fertilizers
c. It is used in removing stains of grease from cloths
D. It is used as an antacid
14Explain the action of phenolphthalein indicator in the titration of acetic acid
versus sodium hydroxide
15Acid turn blue litmus :
A. green
B. red
c. yellow
D. orange
1631. Formic acid can easily be identi-
fied by its :
(1) pungent smell
(2) repelling smell
(3) sweet smell
(4) bad smell
17For the growth of plants which of the following top soil is suitable the most:
A. Clay soil
B. Black soil
c. Loam soil
D. Sandy soil
18The average oxidation state of chlorine in bleaching power is :
A . –
B. +1
c. zero
D. – -2 as well as +2
19Four students were given colourless liquids ( A, B, C ) of water, lemon juice and a mixture of water and lemon juice
respectively. After testing these liquids
with pH paper, following sequence
in colour change of pH paper were
I. Blue, Red and Green
Il. Orange,
Green and Green
III. Purple, Red and Green IV.Green, Red
and Red
The correct sequence of colours
observed is
( A )
c. ॥॥
20Ritu was given four test tubes
containing different solutions as shown
in figure. Choose the incorrect option.
( A cdot 1 ) and 2 turn blue litmus to red.
B. 1 and 4 turn China rose indicator to green
C. Phenolphthalein remains colourless with 2 and 3
D. 4 turns turmeric solution to red
21The pH of a carbonated drink is
A. less than 7
B. more than 7
c. equal to 7
D. approximately 7.8
22Which one among the following is strongest acid?
A) Dil. ( boldsymbol{H} boldsymbol{C l} )
B) Con. ( boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{C O}_{3} )
23The number of molecules of water of
crystallisation present in one molecule of ferrous sulphate is
( mathbf{A} cdot mathbf{5} )
B. 7
( c .6 )
D. 10
2414. Which gas is always produced when a metal reacts with a
dilute acid?
25A student prepared solutions of (i) an acid and (ii) a base in two separate beakers. She forgot to label the solutions and litmus paper is not available in the laboratory. since both the solutions are colourless, how will
she distinguish between the two?
A. Use of china rose
B. Use of turmeric
c. use of phenolphthalein
D. All of the above
26Heated calcium sulphate with half a water of crystallization is commonly called as:
A. washing soda
B. plaster of paris
c. naushadar salt
D. bleaching powder
27State one relevant observation for the
following. Anhydrous calcium chloride is exposed to air for some time.
28Wasp stings can be treated with:
A. baking soda
B. vinegar
c. washing soda
D. milk of magnesia
29An acid base indicator has ( boldsymbol{K} boldsymbol{a}= )
( 3 x 10^{-5} ) The acid form of indicator is red
and the basic form of indicator is blue.
By how much must the pH change in order to change the indicator from ( 75 % ) red to 75% blue?
A ( cdot 7.91 times 10^{-5} )
B. 0.95
c. ( 5 x 10^{23} )
30Column II give acid and base from
which salt mention in column I are
formed. Match them correctly.
31Toothpaste is in nature.
A. acidic
B. basic
c. neutral
D. Both (A) and (B)
32Sameer took suphur powder on a spatula and heated it. He collected the gas evolved by inverting a test tube over
it. What will be the action of gas on moist litmus paper?
33Which of the following is a natural indicator?
A. China rosa
B. Blueberry
C. Morning glory
D. All of above
34Formula of the bleaching powder is:
( mathbf{A} cdot C a(O H)_{2} )
в. ( C H C l_{3} )
c. ( C C l_{3} C H O )
D. ( C a O C l_{2} )
In the acid-base titration involving a strong base and a weak acid, methyl orange can be used as an indicator
Methyl orange changes its colour in pH range 3 to 5
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion
c. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect
36Which solution is a conjugate acid/base pair with differing spectral absorbencies?
A. Chemical pH indicator
B. Acid/base buffer
c. Anhydrous solution
D. Hypotonic solution
E. supersaturated solution
37Which of the following shows differential coloring in acidic and basic solutions?
A. Arrhenius acid
B. Arrhenius base
c. Buffer
D. Indicator
E. Salt
38Milk of magnesia ( M g(O H)_{2} ) is a/an:
A . acid
B. antacid
c. alkal
D. rock salt
39Bleaching powder is obtained by the interaction of ( C l_{2} ) with a:
A. dilute solution of ( C a(O H)_{2} )
B. concentrated solution of ( C a(O H)_{2} )
c. dry ( C a O )
D. dry slaked lime
40Substance ( boldsymbol{X} )
(1) reacts with ( boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{S} ) to produce white
(II) changes light green solution of
( F e S O_{4} ) into yellow colour.
(III) reacts with moisture to give
pungent smelling gas.
Hence ( boldsymbol{X} ) is:
A. ( K M n O_{4} )
в. ( K_{2} C r_{2} O_{7} )
( mathrm{c} cdot mathrm{SO}_{2} )
D. ( C a O C l )
41An organic dye, cosin used to detect end point of precipitation titration by adsorption, is called:
A. absorption indicator
B. adsorption indicator
c. chemical indicator
D. none of the above
42Why bee strings are treated by alkaline
A. Because it is basic in nature.
B. Because it is acidic in nature.
C. Because it is treatable by only alkaline solution.
D. None of these.
43Calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) is used in :
A. plastics and dyes
B. fertilizers
c. antacids
D. white washing
44Acetic acid is a weak acid.
A. True
B. False
45Phenolphthalein and methyl orange are themselves:
A. weak acid and weak base respectively
B. both weak acid
c. both weak base
D. weak base and weak acid respectively
46In acids, methyl orange turns:
A . red
B. blue
c. green
D. yellow
47A solution of which substance can best
be used as both titrant and its own
indicator in an oxidation-reduction
( mathbf{A} cdot I_{2} )
в. NaOCl
c. ( K_{2} C r_{2} O_{7} )
D. ( K M n O_{4} )
48Indicator is a substance which shows
different colors in acidic and basic
A. True
B. False
49Bleaching properties of bleaching powder are due it its:
A. Oxidizing properties
B. Reducing properties
c. Basic properties
D. Disinfecting properties
50What is the pH range in which phenolphthalein is colourless?
( A cdot O ) to 8
B. 8 to 10
( c cdot 10 ) to 12
D. 12 to 14
51Which of the following substances turn blue litmus paper to red?
A. Lemonjuice
B. Carbonated soft drink
c. curd
D. All of the above
52For the titration between hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate, the indicator used is:
A. potassium permanganate
B. phenolphthalein
c. phenol red
D. methyl orange
53What type of indicator is phenolphthalein?
A . Acidic
B. Basic
c. Equilibrium (titration)
D. Neutral
54Write the chemical name of bleaching
powder and write its properties.
55Which is an acidic indicator?
A. Phenolphthalein
B. Methylorange
c. Both ( (A) ) and ( (B) )
D. None of these
56After you have dinner tonight wash your own plate with soap / detergent.
(a) What colour change is observed when soap / detergent is applied?
(b) Name the type of reaction and explain it.
57Which one of the following is present as an active ingredient in bleaching powder for bleaching action?
( mathbf{A} cdot C a(O C l)_{2} )
в. ( C a O_{2} C l )
c. ( C a C l_{2} )
D. ( C a O C l_{2} )
58( begin{array}{ll}text { Indicator } & text { pH range } \ text { Methyl violet } & 0.3-1.8 \ text { Methyl orange } & 2.8-3.8 \ text { Congo red } & 2.8-4.8 \ text { Methyl red } & 3.8-6.1 \ text { Bromothylmol blue } & 6.0-7.9 \ text { Phenol Red } & 6.8-8.6end{array} ) The table above shows the pH ranges of some common indicators. Given that
( K_{a} ) is ( 7.3 times 10^{-10} ) for boric acid
( left(H_{3} B O_{3}right), ) Choose an indicator that can
be used for the titration of
( mathbf{0 . 1 0} boldsymbol{M} boldsymbol{K} boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{B} boldsymbol{O}_{3} ) with ( mathbf{0 . 1 0} mathbf{M} mathbf{~ H C l} )
A. Methyl orange
B. Congo Red
C. Methyl Red
D. Phenol Red
59Which of the following compounds act as both acid and base?
A. ( N a H C O_{3} )
в. ( A l_{2} O_{3} )
( c cdot C a O )
D. ( M g O )
60State the function of ( boldsymbol{N a O H} )7
61Methyl orange gives red colour in
A. ( K O H ) solution
B. HCI solution
c. ( N a_{2} C O_{3} ) solution
D. ( N a C I ) solution
62State for what purpose is bleaching
powder is used in water treatment plant.
63Water of crystallization is the fixed number of water molecules chemically attached to a unit of a salt in its
crystalline form.
A. True
B. False
Phenolphthalein is used as indicator
during the titration of oxalic acid against sodium hydroxide.
The pH range of phenolphthalein is from
( 8 operatorname{tog} .6 )
Choose the correct option.
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect
65Slaked lime reacts with chlorine to give:
( mathbf{A} cdot C a C l_{2} )
в. ( C a O )
( mathbf{c} cdot C a(O C l)_{2} )
D. ( C a C O_{3} )
66One drop of methyl orange solution when added to the solution obtained
after electrolysis of a concentrated
solution of ( N a C l ) with ( P^{+} ) electrodes, the colour of the solution will turn:
A . orange
B. pink
c. yellow
D. colourless
67A solution turns methyl orange pink. It can turn the universal indicator to:
A . violet
B. blue
c. orange
D. green
68Which property is common between vinegar and curd?
A. Have sweet taste
B. Have bitter taste
c. Are tasteless.
D. Have sour taste
69From which plant is litmus paper or litmus solution obtained?
A. Moss
B. Rose
c. Hibiscus
D. Lichen
70Which acids/ bases are used for the
(i) To neutralize sting of wasps
(ii) In alkaline batteries
(iii) Manufacturing of soap
A ( cdot ) (i) ( C H_{3} C H O ) (ii) ( C s O H ) (iii) ( C a(O H)_{2} )
B . (i) ( C H_{3} C O O H ) (ii) ( C u S O_{4} ) (iii) ( B a(O H)_{2} )
c. ( left(text { i) } C H_{3} text { COOH (ii) } K O H text { (iii) } N a O Hright. )
D. None of these
71Glauber’s salt is:
A. hepta hydrate
B. deca hydrate
C. penta hydrate
D. dihydrate
72The colour of methyl orange indicator in an acid solution is10
73A red litmus paper when dipped in an aqueous solution of potassium acetate turned blue. Arrange the following steps
in proper sequence to explain the above observation.
(a) Identification of spectator ions.
(b) Identification of free ions which
caused the colour change of the litmus
(c) Identification of positive and
negative radicals.
(d) Writing the net reaction taking
(e) Writing ionic equation for the reaction of positive and negative radicals with water.
( A cdot c ) e a d ( b )
B. ( c ) a e d b
( c cdot e a d c b )
D. e ca d b
74Which of the set of oxides are arranged in the proper order of basic, amphoteric, acidic?
A. ( S O_{2}, P_{2} O_{5}, C O )
( mathrm{c} cdot operatorname{Si} mathrm{O}_{2}, mathrm{CaO}, mathrm{Al}_{2} mathrm{O}_{3} )
D. ( C O_{2}, A l_{2} O_{3}, C O )
75Complete the following acid-base
reactions and name the products:
(i) ( C H_{3} C H_{2} C H_{2} N H_{2}+H C l rightarrow )
( (mathrm{ii})left(C_{2} H_{5}right) N+H C l rightarrow )
76The acid that can be used as a hypnotic
is :
A. tartaric acid
B. benzoic acid
c. barbituric acid
D. butanoic acid
77What parameter does an indicator changes, with change in the nature of
the solution?
A. colour
B. Odour
c. Both
D. None of these
78What are indicators? Name any two
natural and two synthetic indicators.
79A yellow curry stain on a white shirt turns red when it is washed with soap.
Explain why?
80The different colours of litmus in acidic,
neutral and basic solutions are
A. red, orange and blue
B. blue, violet and red
c. red, colourless and blue
D. red, violet and blue
81Water is a neutral substance what
coloure will you get when you add few drops of universal indicator to a test
tube containing distilled water.
82Which of the following is used as washing soda and for softening hard
A. Sodium carbonate
B. Calcium hydroxide
c. Sodium hydrogen carbonate
D. Magnesium hydroxide
83Which is false for the following reaction? ( left[boldsymbol{C u}left(boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O}right)_{3} boldsymbol{O} boldsymbol{H}right]^{+}+ )
( left[begin{array}{c}left.boldsymbol{A l}left(boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O}right)_{6}right]^{3+} longrightarrowleft[boldsymbol{C u}left(boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O}right)_{4}right]^{2+}+end{array}right. )
( left[begin{array}{c}left.boldsymbol{A l}left(boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O}right)_{5} boldsymbol{O} boldsymbol{H}right]^{2+} \ Dend{array}right. )
This question has multiple correct options
( A . A ) is base and ( B ) is acid
B. ( C ) is conjugate acid of ( A )
c. ( B ) is conjugate acid of ( D )
D. ( B ) is conjugate base of ( D )
84Vinegar is a solution of :
A. ( 50 %-60 % ) acetic acid in alcohol
B. 5 % – 8 % acetic acid in alcohol
C. ( 5 %-8 % ) acetic acid in water
D. 50 % – 60 % acetic acid in water
85pH of ( 0.1 mathrm{M} ) solution of ( N a A ) (sodium
salt of a weak acid ( H A ) ) is 8.92

Calculate ( p K_{a} ) of ( H A ). If a drop of HPh
( left(p K_{i n}=9.52right) ) be added to the above
solution, predict whether the pink colour will visible or not under the
medical fact that our eyes can see the pink colour if the mole ( % ) of ionized form
of indicator is ( 25 % ) or more.
A. Pink colour will be visible
B. Pink colour will not be visible
c. cannot be predicted
D. None of the above

86Blue litmus turns red when added to
A . acid
B. base
c. oil
D. none of the above
87Which of the following exhibits different colors in acidic and basic solutions?
A. Buffer
B. Indicator
C. Arrhenius acid
D. Arrhenius base
E. Neutral condition
88Pick out the correct statement(s) above
a universal indicator.
This question has multiple correct options
A. It is a mixture of some indicators.
B. It shows the change in colour at different pH with altogether different colours for a change in pH by units
C. Phenolphthalein is an universal indicator.
D. a mixture of methyl red, ( alpha ) -naphthol, phthalein blue shows different colours between pH range 4 to 11
89( boldsymbol{C H}_{3} boldsymbol{C O O H} ) is a:
A. reducing agent
B. dehydrating agent
c. drying agent
D. pickling agent
90Which of the following is a weak acid?
A. ( mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{Te} )
в. ( mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{Se} )
c. ( mathrm{H}_{2} )
D. ( mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{Po} )
91Write chemical name of bleaching powder. Which gas is released when it is exposed to air? Write chemical
reaction involved in preparation of bleaching powder.
92Give two important uses of washing soda and baking soda.7
93Explain why:
(a) An antacid tablet is taken when you suffer from acidity.
(b) Calamine solution is applied on the skin when an ant bites.
(c) Factory waste is neutralised before disposing it into the water bodies.
9459. The acid and water in two ves-
sels A and B are in the ratio
4 : 3 and 2 : 3. In what ratio
should the liquids in both the
vessels be mixed to obtain a new
mixture in vessel C containing
half acid and half water?
(1) 7:5 (2) 5:7
(3) 7:3 (4) 5:3
95Acids combine with bases to form:
A. colour and gas
B. salt and water
c. water and heat
D. steam and crystals
96Which of the following base is used for cleaning and commonly known as lye?
( mathbf{A} cdot C a(O H)_{2} )
в. ( N a O H )
c. КОН
D. All of the above
97Soft drinks contains:
A . acetic acid
B. tartaric acid
c. carbonic acid
D. nitric acid
9835. Which among the following is not
correctly paired ?
(1) Formic acid – Vinegar
(2) Lactic acid – Milk
(3) Citric acid – Lemon
(4) Butyric acid – Rancid butter
99Vinegar contains which organic acid?
A. Vanillic acid
B. Lactic acid
c. Oxalic acid
D. Acetic acid
100Write a balanced chemical equation for
the following.
Action of dilute hydrochloric acid on magnesium sulphate.
101The water of crystallisation is the fixed number of
one formula unit of salt
A. hydrogen
B. water
c. oxygen
D. hydroxide
102A solution of potassium chloride has no effect on litmus whereas, a solution of
zinc chloride turns the blue litmus red.
Give a reason.
103( P ) is produced by the action of chlorine on dry slaked lime. Q is a non-corrosive base and used for
faster cooking. On heating ( R ) at ( 373 K ), it becomes calcium sulphate hemihydrate. Identify ( P, Q ) and ( R ) respectively:
A ( cdot C a O C l_{2}, N a H C O_{3}, ) gypsum
в. ( C a O, N a_{2} C O_{3}, C a O C l_{2} )
( mathbf{c} cdot operatorname{Ca}(O H)_{2}, operatorname{NaH} C O_{3}, operatorname{CaSO}_{4} )
D. ( operatorname{CaOCl}_{2}, N a_{2} mathrm{CO}_{3}, mathrm{NH}_{4} mathrm{Cl} )
104The given figure shows the plant for the
formation of an important compound ( mathbf{X} )
Identify ( X )
A. Washing soda
B. Common salt
c. Baking powder
D. Bleaching powder
105A salt associated with water of
crystallization is known as a:
A . acid
B. buffer
c. hydrate
D. anion
106Which of the following is blue in colour?
A . Aqueous ( C u S O_{4} )
в. ( F e S O_{4} )
( c cdot Z n S O_{4} )
D. ( A l_{2}left(S O_{4}right) )
107Which of the following is not a base?
A. ( N a O H )
в. КОН
c. ( N H_{4} O H )
D. ( C_{2} H_{5} O H )
108Identify the conjugate acids and bases in the following equation:
( N H_{3}+H_{2} O rightleftharpoons N H_{4}^{+}+O H^{-} )
A ( cdotleft(H_{2} O, O H^{-}right) ) and ( left(N H_{2}^{+}, N H_{3}right) )
B . ( left(H_{2} O, O H^{-}right) ) and ( left(N H_{4}^{+}, N H_{2}^{2-}right) )
c. ( left(H_{2} O, O Hright) ) and ( left(N H_{3}, N H_{4}right) )
D. ( left(H_{2} O, O H^{-}right) ) and ( left(N H_{4}^{+}, N H_{3}right) )
109The indicator used in iodometric
titrations is
A. Phenolphthalein
B. Litmus
c. Potassium iodide
D. starch
110An acid with molecular formula
( C_{7} H_{6} O_{3} ) forms three types sodium salts, i.e., ( C_{7} H_{5} O_{3} N a, C_{7} H_{4} O_{3} N a_{2} )
and ( C_{7} H_{3} O_{3} N a_{3} . ) The basicity of the
acid is:
A. one
B. Two
c. Three
D. Four
111Which of the following cannot act as an acid as well as a base according to the protonic concept?
A. ( H S O_{4} )
в. ( H_{2} O )
c. ( H S^{-} )
D. ( C l O_{4}^{-} )
11214. When clectrons are added the resulting ion is called
(a) basic radical
(b) acidic radicals
(c) Deutral radical
d) None of these
113Which of the following is used as preservative and flavoring agent?
A. Phophoric acid
B. Sulphuric acid
c. citric acid
D. Tartaric acid
114Phenolpthalein is type of indicator.
A. Natural indicator
B. Universal indicator
c. synthetic indicator
D. None of the above
115Which of the following negative radical is present in bleaching powder?
A. Hypochlorite
B. Chlorate
c. Chloride
D. Both ( (A) ) and ( (C) )
116The reaction of the acid and the
produces carbon dioxide,
which causes dough and batters to rise.
A. baking soda
B. washing soda
c. sodium hydroxide
D. ammonium hydroxide
117Which of the following salts does not contain water of crystallisation?
A . Blue vitriol
B. Baking soda
c. washing soda
D. Gypsum
118Which of the following is a true statement for the acids of phosphorus:
( boldsymbol{H}_{3} boldsymbol{P} boldsymbol{O}_{2}, boldsymbol{H}_{3} boldsymbol{P} boldsymbol{O}_{3} ) and ( boldsymbol{H}_{3} boldsymbol{P} boldsymbol{O}_{4} ? )
A. The order of their acidic strength is ( H_{3} P O_{4}> ) ( H_{3} P O_{3}>H_{3} P O_{2} )
B. All of them are reducing in nature.
c. All of them are tribasic acids
D. The geometry of phosphorus is tetrahedral in all the three
119Give one word or phrase for the following

The property by which certain hydrated salts, when left exposed to atmosphere, lose their water of crystallization and crumble into powder.

120In bases, methyl orange turns:
A . red
B. green
c. yellow
D. blue
121What volume of ( 0.18 N-K M n O_{4} )
solution would be needed for complete
reaction with ( 25 mathrm{ml} ) of ( 0.21 N-K N O_{2} )
in acidic medium ?
A ( .57 .29 mathrm{ml} )
в. ( 11.67 m l )
c. ( 29.17 m )
D. ( 22.92 m l )
122Phenolphthalein gives a pink colour in alkalinate medium due to the fact that:
A. It is coloured compound
B. It ionises to give coloured ions
c. It is decomposed by alkali
D. It forms a complex compound with alkal
123Using toothpaste in daily life is the example of
A. acidic reaction
B. basic reaction
c. neutralization reaction
D. none of these
124Universal indicator shows yellow colour
when added to a solution at ( 25^{0} C . ) If its
concentration is changed such that the same indicator shows red colour, then
identify the correct statement.
A. The solution is diluted to 100 times
B. The solution is concentrated by 100 times
c. The solution is concentrated 10,000 times
D. The solution is concentrated 1,00,000 times
125When honeybee bites, which chemical
enters in to our body?
A. Calcium formate
B. Melittin
c. Formic acid
D. Magnesium hydroxide
126The electric current is carried through the solution by:
A . acids
B. bases
( c . ) ions
D. alkalis
127The crystalline salt, ( N a_{2} S O_{4} x H_{2} O ) on
heating losses ( 55.9 % ) of its weight. The formula of the crystalline salt is :
A. ( N a_{2} S O_{4} .5 H_{2} O )
B. ( N a_{2} S O_{4} .7 H_{2} O )
c. ( N a_{2} S O_{4} cdot 10 H_{2} O )
D. ( N a_{2} S O_{4} .2 H_{2} O )
128Curd taste sour because this is a/an:
A. base
B. salt
c. acid
D. liquid
129Methyl orange is used as an indicator. It shows colour changes in acid, base and
neutral substance. Tabulate your
results as follows:
Inference interence ( begin{array}{ll}text { Indicator } & text { Colour Change } \ & text { No change } \ text { Methyl Orange } & cdots \ & text { Yellow }end{array} ) Acid
130Match the second column with the first
131What type of oxides are formed when non-metals combine
with oxygen?
132Compounds such as alcohols and glucose contain hydrogen but are not categorized as acids. Why?7
133since there are 10 water molecules in
washing soda, hence it is known as:
A. sodium bicarbonate decahydrate
B. sodium carbonate decahydrate
c. sodium bicarbonate nanohydrate
D. sodium decahydrate
134X reacts with calcium carbonate giving
( C O_{2} ) and ( H_{2} O ) and turns methyl orange
A . yellow
B. red
c. no color change
D. pink
135Two acids ( H_{2} S O_{4} ) and ( H_{3} P O_{4} ) are
neutralized separately by the same
amount of an alkali when sulphate and
dihydrogen phosphates are formed respectively.Find the ratio of the
masses of ( boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{S} boldsymbol{O}_{4} ) and ( boldsymbol{H}_{3} boldsymbol{P} boldsymbol{O}_{4} )
136Basic soil can be corrected by adding:
A. urea
B. nitric acid
c. organic manure
D. formic acid
137Indigestion is painful so to relieve indigestion, we take an antacid such as milk of magnesia, which contains:
A. magnesium hydroxide
B. hydrochloric acid
c. tartaric acid
D. calcium hydroxide
138( left[_{boldsymbol{A} mathbf{1}} boldsymbol{C u}left(boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O}right)_{3}(boldsymbol{O} boldsymbol{H})right]^{+}+ )
( left[boldsymbol{A l}left(boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O}right)_{5}(boldsymbol{O} boldsymbol{H})right]^{2+} )
Choose the correct statement:
A ( . A_{1} ) is a base and ( A_{3} ) is an acid
B. ( A_{3} ) is conjugate acid of ( A_{1} ) and ( A_{4} ) is conjugate base of
( A_{2} )
C. ( A_{3} ) is conjugate base of ( A_{1} ) and ( A_{4} ) is conjugate acid of ( A_{2} )
D. Noneofthese
139When treated with conc.( H C l, M n O_{2} )
yields a gas ( (X) ) which further reacts
with ( C a(O H)_{2} ) to generate a white
solid ( (Y) . ) The solid ( Y ) reacts with
dil.HCl to produce the same gas ( X ) The solid ( Y ) is :
A. ( C a O )
в. ( C a C l_{2} )
c. ( C a(O C l) C l )
( mathrm{D} cdot mathrm{CaCO}_{3} )
140Gastric juice contains 0.03 moles ( H C l )
of per liter. If a person produces ( 2.5 mathrm{L} ) of gastric juice per day. How many antacid tablets each containing ( 400 mathrm{mg} ) of
( A l(O H)_{3} ) are needed to neutralize all the ( H C l ) produced in one day?
141What term is used in reference to an
aqueous solution’s osmotic pressure?
A. Chemical pH indicator
B. Acid/base buffer
c. Anhydrous solution
D. Hypotonic solution
E. Supersaturated solution
142( A 26 mathrm{ml} ) of ( N-N a_{2} C O_{3} ) solution is
neutralized by the solutions of acids ( A ) and ( mathrm{B} ) in different experiments. The volumes of the acids ( A ) and ( B ) required
were ( 10 m l ) and ( 40 m l ), respectively. How
many volumes of ( A ) and ( B ) are to be mixed in order to prepare 1 litre of normal acid solution?
A ( .179 .4,820.6 )
B. 820.6,179.4
c. 500,500
D. 474.3,525.7
143Statement I : An indicator will allow to
determine whether a solution is acidic
or basic.
Statement II : Indicator will change
colors in solutions with different pH.
A. Statement I is True, Statement II is True and statement I is correct explanation of statements
B. Statement lis True, Statement II is True and statement II is NOT correct explanation of statements
c. Statement lis True, Statement II is False
D. Statement I is False, Statement II is True
E. Statement lis False, Statement II is False
144Acids are those substances which
(a) Furnish H,O+ in aqueous solution
(b) Lowers the pH of solution
(c) Furnish OH in aqueous solution
(d) Increase the pH of solution
145Which one of the following processes does not occur during formation of
( boldsymbol{C H} boldsymbol{C l}_{3} ) from ( boldsymbol{C}_{2} boldsymbol{H}_{5} boldsymbol{O H} ) and bleaching
A. Hydrolysis
B. Oxidation
c. Reduction
D. Chlorination
146The definite number of water molecules
which enters into a chemical
combination with the substance when
the substance is crystallized from its hot saturated solution is
A. crystallization
B. water of crystallization
c. formation of water molecule
D. none of the above
147Soaps are and
salts of certain
A. potassium and calcium
B. sodium and calcium
c. sodium and potassium
D. calcium and magnesium
148Soaps are and ( _{-1}- ) salts
of certain acids.
A. potassium and calcium
B. sodium and calcium
c. sodium and potassium
D. calcium and magnesium
149Which of the following soil horizon contain humus?
A. A- horizon
B. B- horizon
c. c – horizon
D. D – horizon
150Which of the following substance enters our body when a red ant bites us?
A. Melittin
B. Calcium Formate
c. Formic acid
D. Magnesium hydroxide
151An acid having basicity of one and having only one replaceable hydrogen ion per molecule of the acid is :
This question has multiple correct options
A. carbonous acid
B. nitric acid
c. sulphuric acid
D. hydrochloric acid
152Which acid is used in dentistry and orthodontics as an etching solution?
A. Tartaric acid
B. Phosphoric acid
c. carbonic acid
D. Acetic acid
153Ashish took 4 test tubes ( P, Q, R ) and ( S )
each containing ( 10 mathrm{ml} ) of different solutions as shown in the figure. Few drops of methyl orange are added to each tube. The solution in which tube
will turn methyl orange to red?
‘his question has multiple correct options
A . ( P )
в. ( Q )
( c . R )
D. ( S )
154Ant bite is treated by application of
A. washing soda
B. baking soda
c. neutral solution
D. acidic solution
155Name the organic acid present in
tomato is :
A. Tartaric acid
B. Malic acid
c. Lactic acid
D. Oxalic acid
156Give suitable chemical terms for the
A definite number of water molecules
bound to some salts.
157The given figure shows the colour
changes in test tubes I, II and III, when
China rose indicator is added to them.
The respective solutions in test tubes I,
II and III are
A. Sugar solution, Lime water, Baking powder
B. Sugar solution, Lemonjuice, Vinegar
C. lime water, Sugar solution, Lemon juice
D. Lemon juice, Sugar solution, lime water
158Which compound is produced by the action of chlorine on dry slaked lime?10
159Which of the following base is used in the manufacturing of bleaching powder?
A. Sodium hydroxide
B. Calcium hydroxide
c. Magnesium oxide
D. Ammonium hydroxide
160Which of the solution will remain
colourless with phenolphthalein indicator?
A. Soap solution
в. ( C a(O H)_{2} ) solution
c. vinegar solution
D. Baking soda solution
161Bleaching powder is soluble in cold water giving a milky solution due to:
A . available chlorine
B. lime present in it
c. calcium carbonate formation
D. the absorption of carbon dioxide from atmospher
162Dry hydrogen chloride gas does not turn blue litmus to red whereas hydrochloric acid does. Why?7
163The soil profile is an arrangement in a
soil of its:
A. horizontal layout
B. vertical layout
c. diagonal layout
D. the depth of soil
164Bleaching powder slowly decomposes to
A ( cdot C a C l_{2}+C aleft(C l O_{3}right)_{2} )
в. ( C a O+C l_{2} )
c. ( C a C l_{2}+C a(O C l)_{2} )
D. ( C a C O_{3}+C l_{2} )
165Soda water contains:
A. carbonic acid
B. sulphuric acid
C. carboxylic acid
D. nitrous acid
166Observe the given flowchart carefully
and mark the appropriate option
correctly representing I, II and III.
( begin{array}{lll}text { A. Sweet } & text { Calamine } & text { Formic acid }end{array} )
B. Bitter Formic acid Baking soda
C. Bitter Baking soda Calamine
D. Sweet Formic acid Baking soda
167An alkali is titrated against an acid
with methyl orange as indicator, which of the following is a correct combination
( ? )
A. Base – Weak, Acid – Strong, End point- Yellow to pinkish red
B. Base – Strong, Acid – Strong, End point – Pink to colourless
c. Base – weak, Acid – Strong, End point- – Colourless to pink
D. Base – strong, Acid- Strong, End point – Pinkish red to yellow
168One drop of methyl orange solution
when added to the solution obtained
after electrolysis of a concentrated solution of NaCl with Pt electrodes, the
colour of the solution will turn:
A . orange
B. pink
c. yellow
D. colourless
16937. pH scale ranges from
(1) 0-7 (2) 8-14
(3) 0-14 (4) None
170Starch can be used as an indicator for
the detection of traces of?
A. Glucose in aqueous solution
B. Protein in blood
c. lodine in aqueous solution
D. Urea in blood
171Sameer took sulphur powder on a spatula and heated it. He collected the gas evolved by inverting a test tube over
it. What will be the action of gas evolved on dry litmus paper?
172The indicator used in the titration of a
strong acid and a strong base is/are :
This question has multiple correct options
A. phenolphthalein
B. methyl orange
c. alizarin yellow
D. red litmus
173The colour of methyl orange indicator in a solution is yellow. The pH of this solution is likely to be:
A. 7
B. less than 7
( c cdot 0 )
D. more than 7
174Which of the following is a Lewis acid?
A. ( Bleft(C H_{3}right)_{3} )
в. Nah
c. ( N F_{3} )
D. ( P H_{3} )
175Formula of calcium hypochlorite is:
A ( cdot C O C l_{2} )
в. ( C a(C l O)_{2} )
c. ( c aleft(C l O_{3}right)_{2} )
D ( cdot operatorname{ca}left(C l O_{4}right)_{2} )
176When a drop of an unknown solution is
placed on a strip of ( p H ) paper, a deep red colour is produced. This sample should be which one of the following?
A. ( N a O H )
в. НС l
( mathrm{c} cdot mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{O} )
D. ( C H_{3} ) СООН
177Name the source from which litmus
solution is obtained. What is the use of
this solution?
178Aluminum hydroxide is used for:
A. fire extinguishers
B. antacid
C . water purification
D. all of the above
179( 0.1 N ) solution of sodium carbonate is
titrated with ( 0.1 N ) solution of sulphuric
acid. The best indicator to be used for
this titration is:
A. phenolphthalein
B. methyl orange
c. litmus
D. starch solution
180State differences between acids and
181Milk of magnesia is an:
This question has multiple correct options
A . acid
B. antacid
c. alkali
D. rock salt
182What do all acids and bases have in
183Acids are
A. sour
B. bitter
c. spicy
D. sweet
184In the titration of ferrous ammonium
sulphate and potassium dichromate, the external indicator used is:
A. ( K C N S )
в. ( N H_{4} C N S )
c. ( K_{3}left[F e(C N)_{6}right] )
D. ( K_{4}left[F e(C N)_{6}right] )
185A substance that changes color in response to a chemical change is called
as indicator.and Name of the indicator
used when sodium hydroxide is titrated against sulphuric acid is phenolpthalein. For true add 0 and for false add 1
186Behaviour of hydrogen gas towards litmus paper is :
A. neutral behaviour
B. turns red litmus to blue
c. turns blue litmus to red
D. litmus paper starts burning
187Which one of the following is the correct
( mathbf{A} cdot H C O_{3}^{-} ) is the conjugate base of ( C O_{3}^{2-} )
B. ( N H_{2}^{-} ) is the conjugate acid of ( N H_{3} )
( mathrm{C} cdot mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{SO}_{4} ) is the conjugate acid of ( mathrm{HSO}_{4}^{-} )
D. ( N H_{3} ) is the conjugate base of ( N H_{2}^{-} )
( mathrm{E} cdot mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{CO}_{3} ) is the conjugate base of ( mathrm{HCO}_{3}^{-} )
188When phenolphthalein is added to
NaOH, the colour of the solution will
A. colourless
B. red
c. pink
D. yellow
189Which base is employed as the electrolyte in alkaline batteries?
( mathbf{A} cdot C a(O H)_{2} )
в. ( A l(O H)_{3} )
c. ( F e O H )
190An alkali used for removing grease stains is:
A. ( H C l )
в. ( A l(O H)_{3} )
c. ( N H_{4} O H )
D. ( N a_{2} S O_{4} )
191Phenolphthalein indicator is colourless in an acid and turns pink in an alkaline solution. When an aqueous
solution of potassium iodide is electrolysed with phenolphthale in indicator, what colours appear at the
Cathode: ( 2 H_{2} O_{(l)}+2 e^{-} rightarrow H_{(g)}+ )
( 2 O H^{-}(a q) )
Anode: ( 2 I_{(a q)}^{-} rightarrow I_{2(s)}+2 e^{-} )
A. Brown at the cathode and pink at the anode
B. Red at the cathode and pink at the anode
c. Brown at the anode and colourless at the cathode
D. Pink at the cathode and brown at the anode
192( boldsymbol{X}+boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{O} rightarrow boldsymbol{Y} )
( Y ) is used to remove grease stains from
woollen clothes. Identify ( boldsymbol{X} ) and ( boldsymbol{Y} )
А. ( X=H C l, Y=N a O H )
B. ( X=N H_{4} O H, Y=N H_{3} )
c. ( X=N H_{3}, Y=N H_{4} O H )
D. None of these
193State the difference between: acid
radical and basic radical
194An amphoteric substance is:
A. a substance that can act as both acids and base by being both proton acceptor and proton donor
B. a substance that acts as an acid by being both a proton acceptor and a proton donor
C. a substance that acts as a base by being both a proton acceptor and a proton donor
D. when a hydronium ion from a base reacts with a hydroxide ion from an acid to make water and a salt
E. a base that forms when an acid loses a proton
195Sodium hydroxide turns blue litmus red.
A . True
B. False
196An example of a solution which is not in equilibrium is :
A. chemical pH indicator
B. acid/base buffer
c. anhydrous solution
D. hypotonic solution
E. supersaturated solution
197Bleaching powder contains:
A. ( C a O ) and ( C l_{2} ) are molecules
B. ( C a^{2+} ) and 2 OCl ( ^{-text {ions }} )
c. ( C a^{2+}, C l^{-} ) and ( O C l^{-} ) ions
D. ( C a^{2+}, O^{2-} ) ions and ( C l_{2} ) molecule
198Which structure represents a
compound that dissolves in water to
form an acidic solution?
( A )
B. ( H-C-C=C )
( _{H} )
( c )
( D )
199In which of the following acetic acid is used?
A. Antibiotics
B. To remove nail polish
c. Antiseptic
D. White lead
200What is tooth enamel chemically? Show the condition when its start corroding.
what happens when food particles left in the mouth after eating degrade.

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