Addicting Games Unblocked Game Review

In this article, you will find the list of games that have been already released and addicting games for gamers. Many gamers trying to play the latest games and plying to make money through games unblocked in front of their audience.

Addicting Games Unblocked Game

Below you will find the list of games that are playing by many users and the list will contain Name, Genres, Platform, Graphics, Storage, Memory, ReleaseDate, Franchise, OriginalCost, Players, Controller, Languages, and related Tags.

Addicting Games Unblocked List

Half-Life: Alyx PC3/23/2020 
F1 2020Racing, Simulation, SportsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 47/10/2020Codemasters, Formula One
Gunfire RebornAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessPC5/23/2020枪火, Gunfire
SWORD ART ONLINE: Alicization LycorisAction, Adventure, RPGXbox One, PC, PlayStation 47/10/2020BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordAction, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/30/2020 
Command & Conquer Remastered CollectionStrategyPC6/5/2020Command and Conquer
DOOM EternalActionPC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One3/20/2020DOOM
Hardspace: ShipbreakerSimulation, Early AccessPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC6/16/2020 
The Elder Scrolls Online: GreymoorAction, Massively Multiplayer, RPGPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC6/9/2020 
Cyberpunk 2077RPGXbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC11/19/2020 
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut EditionAction, RPG, SimulationXbox One, PC3/13/2020 
Desperados IIIStrategyPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One6/15/2020Desperados
Ori and the Will of the WispsActionPC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One3/10/2020Ori
Resident Evil 3ActionPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 44/2/2020Resident Evil
Dragon Ball Z: KakarotAction, RPGXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC1/16/2020FRANCHISE, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Out of the Park Baseball 21Indie, Simulation, Sports, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC3/20/2020Out of the Park Baseball
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners PC, PlayStation 41/23/2020 
Black MesaAction, Adventure, IndieLinux, PC3/6/2020 
TemtemAdventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early AccessPC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One1/21/2020 
NASCAR Heat 5Racing, SportsXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC7/10/2020NASCAR Heat Franchise
Dungeon Defenders: AwakenedIndie, RPG, StrategyPC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One2/26/2020Dungeon Defenders
Mafia III: Definitive EditionAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC5/19/2020Mafia
Gears TacticsStrategyPC4/28/2020Gears of War
Crusader Kings IIIRPG, Simulation, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC9/1/2020Crusader Kings
Super Mega Baseball 3Action, Indie, Simulation, SportsPC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 45/13/2020 
Granblue Fantasy: VersusActionPlayStation 4, PC3/13/2020 
Half-Life: AlyxActionPC3/23/2020Half-Life, Final Hours
DJMAX RESPECT VAction, Casual, SportsPC3/11/2020NEOWIZ
Trials of Mana (2020)RPGPC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch4/24/2020Mana Series
Streets of Rage 4Action, IndieNintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC4/30/2020Dotemu
Idle Big DevilAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/28/2020Idle Big Devil, IBD
Total Tank SimulatorAction, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC5/20/2020505 Games Official
CloudpunkAdventure, Indie, RPGPlayStation 4, PC4/23/2020 
Barn FindersCasual, Indie, SimulationPC6/16/2020PlayWay S.A., Duality Games
ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4ActionPC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 43/26/2020BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
EmbrAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessmacOS, PC5/21/2020Curve Digital
Skul: The Hero SlayerAction, Indie, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC2/18/2020NEOWIZ
Soda Dungeon 2Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPGAndroid, iOS, PC7/9/2020Soda Dungeon
Star Wars: Squadrons Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC10/2/2020 
MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE 2ActionPC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 43/12/2020 
XCOM: Chimera SquadStrategyPC4/23/2020XCOM
CarrionAction, Adventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC, Nintendo Switch7/23/2020 
Hylics 2RPGmacOS, PC6/22/2020Hylics
Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop EditionCasual, Racing, Simulation, Sports, StrategymacOS, PC6/24/2020 
Wolcen: Lords of MayhemAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/13/2020 
Holdfast: Nations At WarAction, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, StrategyPC3/5/2020 
Shantae and the Seven SirensAdventureiOS, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC5/27/2020Shantae
WORLD OF HORRORIndie, RPG, Early AccessmacOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC2/19/2020 
Bright MemoryAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/25/2020PLAYISM
Curse of the Dead GodsAction, Adventure, Early AccessPC3/3/2020 
Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!Indie, SimulationmacOS, PC2/25/2020Max Gentlemen
Mafia II: Definitive EditionActionPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC5/19/2020Mafia
Panzer Corps 2StrategyPC3/18/2020 
Them’s Fightin’ HerdsAction, IndiePC, macOS, Linux4/30/2020 
Moving OutAction, Casual, Indie, SimulationPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, macOS, PC, Xbox One4/28/2020Team17 Digital
BipedAction, Adventure, Casual, StrategyPlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch3/27/2020NEXT Studios, META Publishing
Marvel’s AvengersAction, Adventure, RPGXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC9/4/2020 
shapez.ioCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC5/19/2020 
BesiegeIndie, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC2/18/2020 
StoneshardAdventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC2/5/2020HypeTrain Digital
HelltakerAdventure, Free to Play, IndiemacOS, Linux, PC5/11/2020 
Summer in MaraAdventure, Indie, SimulationPC, macOS, Nintendo Switch6/15/2020 
Yes, Your GraceAdventure, RPG, Simulation, StrategyXbox One, PC3/5/2020No More Robots
Blackthorn ArenaIndie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC1/17/2020 
New WorldAction, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RPGPC8/25/2020 
Fairy TailAction, Adventure, RPGPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC7/30/2020 
TrailmakersAction, Adventure, Indie, Racing, SimulationPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC5/21/2020 
AstelliaMassively Multiplayer, RPGPC1/30/2020 
Truck and Logistics SimulatorCasual, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC6/23/2020 
THE WONDERFUL 101: REMASTEREDAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC5/19/2020 
Atlantica GlobalAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, StrategyPC4/23/2020 
Beyond BlueAdventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS, PC, iOS, Xbox One6/11/2020 
Baldi’s Basics Plus ModeAction, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, PC7/1/2020 
NBA 2K21Simulation, SportsPC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 59/1/2020NBA 2K
Bullet Girls PhantasiaActionPC1/16/2020 
DisintegrationAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC6/16/2020 
Exit the GungeonAction, Adventure, IndiePC, iOS, Nintendo Switch, macOS3/16/2020Gungeon
Richman10Casual, StrategyiOS3/31/2020 
West of DeadAction, Adventure, IndiePC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One6/18/2020West of Dead
Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-Action, Indie, Early AccessPC3/13/2020Why so serious?, PLAYISM
TaurAction, Indie, StrategyPC2/19/2020 
24/7 Sorcerer’s ArenaStrategyLinux, macOS, PC4/19/2020Total War
Coffee TalkAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One1/28/2020Toge Productions
Warhammer Underworlds: OnlineStrategyPC1/29/2020Warhammer, Warhammer Underworlds
HellpointAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGXbox One, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Linux4/16/2020tinyBuild
Receiver 2Action, Indie, SimulationmacOS, PC, Linux4/14/2020Wolfire Games
Main AssemblyAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
Family ManAdventure, RPGPC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch5/22/2020No More Robots
THE LONGINGAdventure, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC3/4/2020 
GedoniaRPG, Early AccessPC6/2/2020 
Out of SpaceCasual, Indie, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC2/26/2020 
The Political Machine 2020Indie, Simulation, StrategymacOS, PC3/3/2020 
GemCraft – Frostborn WrathAction, Indie, StrategyPC1/9/2020GemCraft
Mafia: Definitive EditionAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC9/25/2020Mafia
Epic Battle Fantasy 5Adventure, RPG, StrategyPC, macOS, Linux3/5/2020 
Summer PocketsAdventure, CasualPC2/5/2020 
Kentucky Route ZeroAdventure, IndiemacOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, Linux1/28/2020 
Kingdom Under Fire: The CrusadersAction, RPG, StrategyPC2/27/2020Kingdom Under Fire
Quiplash 2 InterLASHionalCasual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/8/2020 
ViticultureCasual, Indie, StrategyiOS6/8/2020Viticulture
VirtuaVerseAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC5/11/2020 
newCityIndie, Simulation, Early AccessWeb4/14/2020 
Azur Lane: CrosswaveAction, Adventure, RPGPlayStation 4, PC2/13/2020Azur Lane
AbitibiAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC2/25/2020Rabi-Ribi
DCL – The GameAction, Adventure, Racing, Simulation, SportsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One2/18/2020 
Cepheus ProtocolAction, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC5/15/2020 
Folklore HunterAction, Early AccessPC2/24/2020 
Umurangi GenerationCasual, Indie, SimulationPC5/19/2020PLAYISM
TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2Racing, Simulation, SportsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 43/19/2020TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge, Nacon
Fury UnleashedAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGXbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC5/8/2020 
Animal Revolt Battle SimulatorAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/17/2020 
In Other WatersAdventure, IndieNintendo Switch, macOS, PC4/2/2020Fellow Traveller
Mafia: Definitive EditionAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC9/25/2020Mafia
Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car RacingRacing, Simulation, SportsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One2/14/2020 
A-Tech Cybernetic VR PlayStation 43/27/2020 
NeversongAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS, PC5/19/2020Serenity Forge
Hotel R’n’R PlayStation 4, PC5/28/2020 
AO Tennis 2SportsPC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One1/9/2020Nacon
Deck of AshesAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC6/9/2020 
CHANGE: A Homeless Survival ExperienceAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC5/1/2020 
Commandos 2 – HD RemasterAdventure, RPGLinux, macOS, PC1/23/2020 
Tonight We RiotAction, IndiemacOS, PC, Nintendo Switch5/5/2020 
Hand Simulator SurvivalAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC3/25/2020 
ATOM RPG TrudogradRPG, Early AccessPC5/10/2020 
Sundered: Eldritch EditionAction, Adventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC6/7/2020 
Broken LinesStrategyLinux, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One2/25/2020 
Bleeding EdgeActionXbox One, PC3/24/2020 
Jet LancerAction, IndiemacOS, PC5/11/2020 
Madden NFL 21Simulation, Sports, StrategyXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC8/28/2020EA Sports
ZompiercerAction, Adventure, Indie, Early AccessPC4/3/2020 
HeavenworldIndie, RPGPC4/14/2020 
Charterstone: Digital EditionCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyiOS, Linux, macOS, PC3/25/2020 
Wintermoor Tactics ClubAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC5/4/2020Versus Evil
Element TD 2 – Competitive Tower DefenseIndie, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/28/2020 
Anno 1404 – History EditionSimulation, StrategyPC6/25/2020 
Iron HarvestStrategyPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One9/1/2020 
Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch.8 MatsuribayashiAdventureLinux, macOS, PC5/13/2020When They Cry
DungeonTopIndie, StrategyPC1/15/2020 
Murder by NumbersAdventure, IndiePC, Nintendo Switch3/5/2020The Irregular Corporation
MGNT-32 PC6/5/2020 
Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020Indie, Simulation, Sports, StrategyPC3/10/2020 
Disaster Report 4: Summer MemoriesAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, PC4/6/2020Disaster Report
ScourgeBringerAction, Adventure, Indie, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC, Nintendo Switch2/6/2020Flying Oak Games
LightmatterAdventure, IndiePC1/15/2020Aspyr Media
R.B.I. Baseball 20SportsPC, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 43/17/2020R.B.I. Baseball, MLB
Colt CanyonAction, IndieXbox One, PC6/16/2020Headup
Wasteland 3RPG, StrategyLinux, macOS, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One8/30/2020Wasteland
Sakura SuccubusCasual, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC3/31/2020Sakura
ELDERBORNAction, IndiePC1/29/2020 
InflictionAdventure, IndiePlayStation 4, PC2/25/2020 
If Found…Casual, IndieiOS, PC5/18/2020 
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody KnowsActionPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 42/27/2020BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Someday You’ll ReturnAdventure, IndiePC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One4/14/2020 
LUNA The Shadow DustAdventure, Casual, IndiePC, Linux, macOS2/13/2020 
The ComplexAdventuremacOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 43/31/2020 
A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC3/24/2020 
Dota UnderlordsCasual, Free to Play, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC, iOS, Android2/25/2020 
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DXRPGPC1/14/2020 
Iron DangerAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC3/24/2020Daedalic Entertainment
Yumeutsutsu Re:MasterAdventurePlayStation 44/24/2020 
Maiden & SpellAction, IndiePC2/25/2020 
Horizon’s GateAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC3/9/2020 
Espire 1: VR Operative PC, PlayStation 46/30/2020 
STATIONflowSimulation, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC4/15/2020 
My Beautiful Paper SmileAction, Adventure, Indie, Early AccessmacOS, PC6/19/2020 
Yokai’s SecretAction, Casual, Indie, RPGPC2/6/2020Toffee Cafe
Ayahuasca PC1/15/2020 
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DXRPGPC, PlayStation 41/14/2020 
Population ZeroAction, Adventure, Indie, Early AccessPC5/5/2020 
Help Will Come TomorrowAdventure, Simulation, StrategyPlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch4/20/2020Revolution Titles
The White DoorAdventure, IndiemacOS, PC, Android, iOS1/8/2020Rusty Lake, Second Maze
Victory and Glory: The American Civil WarIndie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/31/2020 
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DXRPGPC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 41/14/2020 
Enemy On BoardAction, Free to Play, Indie, Early AccessPC5/8/2020 
Withstand: SurvivalAction, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/5/2020 
Dread X CollectionAction, Adventure, IndiePC6/30/2020Dread X Collection
The Almost GoneAdventure, IndieiOS, macOS, PC6/25/2020 
Those Who RemainAdventure, IndieXbox One, macOS, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 45/15/2020Wired Productions
Please Dont Touch AnythingCasual, IndiemacOS, PC5/25/2020 
Hidden Through TimeCasualiOS, Android, macOS, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 43/12/2020 
OshiRabu: Waifus Over HusbandosAdventurePC2/27/2020 
MechanicaIndie, Early AccessPC2/28/2020 
Apex Aim TrainerAction, Indie, Early AccessPC1/29/2020 
The Catch: Carp & CoarseCasual, Simulation, Sports, StrategyXbox One, PC6/30/2020The Catch
Lock ‘n Load Tactical DigitalIndie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessmacOS, PC4/2/2020Lock ‘n Load Tactical
Drox Operative 2Action, Indie, RPG, Early AccessLinux, PC5/31/2020 
Togainu no Chi ~Lost Blood~AdventurePC2/25/2020 
The Coma 2: Vicious SistersAction, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 4, Linux, macOS, PC1/27/2020Headup
Boris and the Dark SurvivalAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyiOS, PC, macOS, Android2/10/2020 
TroubleDaysAdventure, IndiePC2/13/2020 
Pixel Ripped 1995 PlayStation 4, PC5/12/2020 
The EscaperAdventurePC3/9/2020 
The Suicide of Rachel FosterAdventure, Casual, IndiePC2/18/2020Daedalic Entertainment
Perfect Swing – GolfIndie, Simulation, Sports, StrategyiOS5/6/2020 
Chess SudokuCasual, Indie, StrategyiOS, PC3/2/2020 
Wasteland RemasteredRPG, StrategyPC, Xbox One2/24/2020 
Commandos 2 – HD RemasterStrategyLinux, macOS, PC1/23/2020Commandos
a new life.IndieLinux, macOS, PC5/16/2020 
Thermo SudokuCasual, Indie, StrategyiOS5/20/2020 
No one lives under the lighthouseAdventure, IndiePC4/17/2020 
Primal LightAction, Adventure, IndiemacOS, PC7/9/2020 
Fly Punch Boom: First Impact!Action, IndiePC4/15/2020 
Miner’s MettleStrategy, Early AccessPC4/22/2020 
Guardians of the AshesAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/21/2020 
Knockout Boxing VR: Box Fight iOS1/20/2020 
Duck Life: AdventureAdventure, Casual, Racing, RPG, SportsiOS6/30/2020Duck Life
Alwa’s LegacyAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC6/16/2020 
Ara Fell: Enhanced EditionAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGiOS3/25/2020 
Prison PrincessAdventure, IndiePC, Nintendo Switch1/30/2020 
Evan’s RemainsAdventure, Casual, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, PC6/11/2020 
RoundguardCasual, Indie, RPG, StrategyXbox One, PlayStation 4, macOS, PC3/13/2020 
Evil Democracy: 1932Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC5/1/2020Evil Manager
Eternal Radiance – Fantasy Action JRPG VNAction, Adventure, RPG, Early AccessPC4/14/2020 
Through the Darkest of TimesAdventure, Indie, Simulation, StrategymacOS, PC1/29/2020 
Escape First 3 PC3/21/2020 
EA SPORTS FIFA 21Simulation, SportsXbox One, PlayStation 410/9/2020EA Sports
PaperballAction, IndiePC3/27/2020 
OthercideIndie, StrategyXbox One, PC7/28/2020 
WarPlanIndie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/26/2020 
Surviving TitanAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGiOS4/29/2020 
Shaolin vs Wutang 2Action, Indie, Early AccessPC3/9/2020Shaolin vs Wutang
Streamer DailyAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/4/2020 
Alder’s BloodAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC4/10/2020No Gravity Games
The Light RemakeAdventure, Indie, SimulationPC6/4/2020 
Love wishAction, Casual, IndiePC1/13/2020Toffee Cafe
Labyrinth: The War on TerrorSimulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/12/2020 
Rugby 20Simulation, SportsPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 41/23/2020Nacon
BadLadsAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, PC4/16/2020 
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book TwoAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC5/7/2020 
ITTAAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/22/2020 
DwarrowsAdventure, Indie, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC2/27/2020 
COVID: The OutbreakIndie, StrategyPC5/28/2020 
Master Bladesmith PC2/3/2020 
Godking: Master of RitualsStrategy, Early AccessPC4/8/2020Godking
Treachery in Beatdown CityAction, RPGmacOS, PC3/31/2020 
Hentai Mosaique Neko WaifusCasual, RPGPC1/27/2020Hentai Mosaique
Missile Command: RechargedAction, CasualiOS3/25/2020 
Soviet Jump GameAction, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Early AccessmacOS, PC1/9/2020 
Summer PawsCasual, IndiePC5/5/2020Manic Hyena
Ironlights PC4/9/2020 
Godless TacticsAdventure, StrategyPC5/15/2020 
Praetorians – HD RemasterStrategyPC1/23/2020Praetorians
FREEDIVER: Triton Down PlayStation 4, PC2/25/2020 
Rocket ArenaActionPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One7/14/2020EA Originals
Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC4/17/2020 
Giraffe & Annika / ジラフとアンニカAction, Adventure, IndiePC2/28/2020PLAYISM
Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand PC5/5/2020 
SKYHILL: Black MistAction, AdventurePC, macOS6/11/2020Skyhill
Neo-Gensokyo ZeroAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC6/21/2020 
KingSimAdventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC2/19/2020 
Billion RoadCasual, StrategyNintendo Switch, PC4/16/2020 
Yumeutsutsu Re:AfterAdventurePlayStation 4, PC4/22/2020 
Samurai Shodown NeoGeo CollectionActionPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC6/11/2020SAMURAI SHODOWN, SAMURAI SPIRITS
Pretty NekoCasual, Indie, RPG, SimulationmacOS, PC2/20/2020 
Sometimes Always MonstersIndie, RPGPC4/2/2020 
Saber Fight VR PC1/3/2020 
Outbuddies DXAction, Adventure, IndieXbox One6/5/2020Headup
180 Files: The Aegis ProjectAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC6/11/2020 
Bunny ParkSimulationPC1/13/2020 
Fatum BetulaAdventure, Casual, IndiePC6/12/2020 
Agricola Revised EditionCasual, StrategymacOS, PC4/13/2020Asmodee Digital
Hentai Mosaique Neko WaifusCasual, RPGPC1/27/2020Hentai Mosaique
Black Powder Red EarthStrategy, Early AccessmacOS, PC12/31/2019Black Powder Red Earth®
DIMENSION REIGNIndie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/18/2020 
Destructive physics: destruction simulatorAction, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC4/1/2020 
Island SaverAction, Adventure, Free to PlayNintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 45/13/2020 
Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt PunchAction, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC8/15/2021 
Naval Battles SimulatorIndie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/25/2020 
The Spikes (Baldi’s Basics Mod)Action, Casual, Indie, SportsPC2/18/2020PsychoFlux Presents
The Under Presents PC4/16/2020 
Mech Merc CompanyIndie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/2/2020 
Danger ScavengerAction, Indie, Early AccessPC6/16/2020Star Drifters
BARRICADEZIndie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC1/6/2020 
Empires in RuinsIndie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC1/23/2020 
The Test: Hypothesis RisingAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC4/27/2020 
Darwin ProjectAction, Free to Play, IndieXbox One, PC, PlayStation 41/14/2020 
Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand VRCasual, IndiePC4/17/2020 
Karma KnightAction, IndiePC5/20/2020 
Ultimate Zombie DefenseAction, Casual, Early AccessPC2/21/2020 
Risen KingdomIndie, StrategyPC2/28/2020 
Mýrdalssandur, Iceland PC1/31/2020 
SLAYERS FOR HIREAction, Indie, Early AccessPC3/20/2020 
DamascusFree to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPGLinux, macOS, PC4/30/2020 
Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video AdventureAdventure, Casual, RPGmacOS, PC1/21/2020Fighting Fantasy
Shining Song Starnova: Idol EmpireCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC2/19/2020Shining Song Starnova
Dark Fall: Ghost VigilAdventure, IndiePC1/9/2020Dark Fall, Dark Fall Games
Heroines of Swords & Spells. DemoAdventure, Indie, RPGPC3/4/2020 
Conglomerate 451Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC2/19/20201C
Dreamscaper: PrologueAction, Free to Play, Indie, RPGPC4/8/2020 
Coloring Game 2Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC1/10/2020Coloring Game
2MD: VR Football Evolution PC4/1/2020 
Hentai Vs FurriesAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC1/10/2020 
Escape: The Brother’s SaloonAdventure, IndiePC5/5/2020 
Half Past FateAdventure, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC3/12/2020Serenity Forge
Wide Ocean Big JacketCasual, IndieiOS, Nintendo Switch, PC1/21/2020 
The HorrorscopeAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC3/9/2020 
Tip of the Spear: Task Force EliteAction, Indie, Early AccessPC12/31/2019Tip of the Spear
Nordic WarriorsAction, Adventure, Indie, StrategyPC, macOS2/2/2020 
Tentacle GirlAdventure, Casual, RPG, StrategymacOS, PC2/14/2020Inverse Game, Girl and Goblin, Tentacle Girl
Hollow IslandIndiePC1/29/2020 
SOUNDART PC4/2/2020 
Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And DabsCasualPC2/10/2020 
Offroad ManiaCasual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, SportsPC2/10/2020 
Fantasy World Online TycoonIndie, RPG, Simulation, StrategymacOS, PC3/19/2020 
Creepy TaleAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/21/2020Deqaf Studio
Wallachia: Reign of DraculaAction, IndiePC2/28/2020 
Weed Farmer SimulatorCasual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/16/2020 
Boxman’s StruggleAction, Adventure, IndiePC2/27/2020 
The Morning.Adventure, IndieWeb2/20/2020Somi
The Academy: The First RiddleAdventure, Casual, IndieiOS6/19/2020 
The ShatteringAdventure, IndiePC4/20/2020 
Puppy CrossCasual, Indie, StrategyPC2/11/2020 
Rugby League Team Manager 3Simulation, SportsmacOS, PC1/7/2020 
Bloody Rally ShowAction, Indie, Racing, RPG, Simulation, SportsPC2/20/2020 
KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai StoryAction, RPGPlayStation 42/20/2020 
Party Arena: Board Game BattlerAction, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC3/20/2020 
Food Girls – Bubbles’ Drink Stand VR PC4/17/2020 
The Flower CollectorsAdventure, IndiePC4/20/2020 
Ministry of BroadcastAdventure, IndiePC, Nintendo Switch, macOS1/29/2020Hitcents
Mask of the Plague DoctorAdventure, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC4/23/2020 
My Cute FuhrerAdventure, Casual, IndiePC4/15/2020CUTE ANIME GIRLS
Sable’s Grimoire: Man And ElfCasual, Indie, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC6/8/2020Sable’s Grimoire
Elmarion: Dragon timeAdventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/1/2020Elmarion
Project Starship XAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC2/7/2020Project Starship
OnryoAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC3/2/2020 
Elden: Path of the ForgottenAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC, Nintendo Switch7/10/2020Another Indie
Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg!Action, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/6/2020 
Endless RPG: Random Dungeon Map Generator for D&D 5eAdventure, RPGPC4/15/2020 
WarbornIndie, StrategyPlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, PC6/12/2020PQube
Project HeartbeatIndie, Early AccessLinux, PC3/26/2020 
Areia: Pathway to DawnAdventure, IndiePC1/15/2020 
helionautAction, Adventure, Indie, SimulationmacOS, PC6/10/2020Sokpop
Neon City RidersAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 43/11/2020 
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3Adventure, Casual, IndieiOS, PC5/7/2020Hitcents
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance TacticsRPG, StrategyPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, macOS2/4/2020 
Democratic Socialism SimulatorCasual, Indie, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC2/20/2020 
Knock HarderAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC4/27/2020 
KUUKIYOMI: Consider ItCasual, Indie, SimulationPC3/29/2020 
A Long Way Down.Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessWeb2/23/2020Goblinz Studio
Naval ArmadaAction, Casual, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC1/14/2020 
Bug AcademyAction, Casual, IndiePC1/14/2020Ultimate Games
Concept DestructionAction, Indie, RacingXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC5/19/2020 
StayHomeAction, Casual, IndiePC4/14/2020 
WAKINGAction, IndiePC, Xbox One6/17/2020tinyBuild, Waking
RogueJack: Roguelike BlackJackCasual, Indie, RPGiOS2/14/2020RogueJack
MokokoAction, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/7/2020 
4th Generation WarfareIndie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/5/2020 
HnefataflIndie, StrategyPC4/30/2020 
tomorrow won’t come for those without ██████Adventure, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC2/29/2020 
Ultra FoodmessCasual, IndiePC2/20/2020 
Another TryAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively MultiplayerPC4/30/2020 
STAB STAB STAB!Action, Casual, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC2/28/2020 
roly-polyAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationWeb5/31/2020YouNeedATowel
RoahAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGmacOS, PC12/31/2019 
Cyber AttackIndie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
HyperParasiteAction, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One3/3/2020Hound Picked Games, indienova
Aladdin – Hidden Objects GameAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC4/24/2020 
Let’s Learn Korean! VocabularyIndiePC4/27/2020 
Apple KnightAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/18/2020 
ChatventuresIndie, Massively Multiplayer, RPGmacOS, PC2/14/2020Sokpop
Efflorescence of LustCasual, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC2/4/2020Landlord Girls, Efflorescence of Lust, Gazing from beyond
DreadtidesIndie, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/2/2020 
Sexy Fitness GirlCasual, Indie, StrategyPC4/16/2020 
Off-Road Truck SimulatorCasual, Simulation, StrategyiOS6/5/2020 
Stocksynd House PC3/20/2020 
Family Mysteries: Poisonous PromisesAdventure, CasualLinux, macOS, PC3/26/2020AM Hidden Object Games
Tinker RacersIndie, Racing, Early AccessPC3/1/2020 
Shred! 2 – ft Sam PilgrimAction, Indie, Racing, SportsXbox One4/29/2020 
Obey MeAction, Adventure, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC4/21/2020 
Gods of Love: An Otome Visual NovelCasual, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC3/13/2020 
NEOMORPHAction, Indie, SimulationPC1/14/2020NEOMORPH
Sweet Story Bunny ClubCasual, Indie, SimulationPC4/17/2020 
Horse Riding Deluxe 2Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Early AccessPC4/14/2020 
BritannicAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC1/17/2020 
Boinihi: The K’i CodexAdventure, IndiePC5/28/2020Black Cube, The Black Cube series
Related: Chapter oneAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/30/2020 
SiNKRCasual, IndieXbox One, Android, PC, macOS, Linux4/17/2020SiNKR
Trial of the Gods: Siralim CCGIndie, RPG, StrategyPC3/13/2020 
Jesus Strikes Back 2: The ResurrectionAction, Adventure, RPG, Early AccessPC4/17/2020Jesus Strikes Back
Mushroom Cats 2Adventure, Casual, IndiePC4/24/2020Mushroom Cats
FarmtaleAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessmacOS, PC4/13/2020 
Selfless HeroesIndie, Simulation, StrategyLinux, PC, macOS3/10/2020 
Inexistence RebirthAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC5/24/2020 
Rabbit SimulatorAction, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/20/2020Meng Games
OctoFurryAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC, Android1/31/2020 
A Fold ApartAdventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyXbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC5/19/2020 
The Otterman EmpireAction, Casual, IndieXbox One, PC7/2/2020 
Gloomy Eyes PC3/11/2020 
Pro 11 – Football Manager GameSimulation, Sports, StrategyPC2/13/2020 
Love BreakoutAction, Casual, IndiePC3/13/2020 
Sweet Story Fallen AngelCasual, IndiePC3/30/2020 
RedoAction, AdventurePC4/25/2020 
Amoeba Battle: Microscopic RTS ActionStrategyLinux, macOS, PC3/3/2020 
GutwhaleAction, IndiePC, Linux, macOS4/6/2020 
Mask of MistsAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC2/10/2020 
Predator: Hunting GroundsAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC, PlayStation 44/24/2020 
Project RTD: Random Tower Defense PvPSimulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/17/2020 
Fallen RegionAction, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/19/2020 
One Girl Army – PrologueIndie, StrategyWeb, Linux, PC4/30/2020 
Shadow GangsAction, IndiePC4/10/2020 
Anime Artist 2: Lovely DanyaAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC2/24/2020Neoclassic Games
Null & Peta -Invasion of the Queen BugActionPC1/30/2020Null & Peta
Sweet Story Bad GirlCasual, IndiePC4/24/2020 
FlirtCasual, SimulationPC2/13/2020 
HaxityIndie, Strategy, Early AccessPC5/26/2020 
PocketCarsAction, Indie, Racing, Early AccessPC1/10/2020 
Tropical Air Hockey PC2/14/2020 
VeritasAdventureiOS, macOS, PC2/12/2020 
My Jigsaw Adventures – Roads of LifeCasual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/1/2020 
LumoteAdventure, Casual, IndiePC2/20/2020Lumote
BEAR, VODKA, STALINGRAD!🐻Action, Adventure, IndiePC3/2/2020 
Dictators:No Peace CountryballsCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC, Android, iOS1/1/2020 
Roguelite 2Casual, Indie, RPGPC2/5/2020 
Q – A Neon PlatformerIndiePC6/18/2020 
Super Soccer BlastCasual, Indie, SportsPlayStation 4, Xbox One6/12/2020Super Sport Blast
Each Sale I Drink a Glass of WaterAction, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC5/1/2020Each Sale
Knock on the Coffin LidIndie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/8/2020 
Axegend VR PC3/9/2020 
Knight’s RetreatCasual, Early AccessPC3/27/2020 
Monster Girls You-ki ChanAction, IndiePC4/15/2020 
Total LockdownAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively MultiplayerPC3/25/2020 
Ultimate MMASportsPC3/5/2020 
Celestian Tales: Realms BeyondIndie, RPGPC5/6/2020 
YardlingsIndie, StrategymacOS, PC4/17/2020Sokpop
Deadly LandAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC2/24/2020 
Zooma VR PC1/22/2020 
DoguraiAction, IndieLinux, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 43/24/2020 
Formula Retro RacingIndie, RacingXbox One, PC5/15/2020 
Quest RoomsAction, Indie, Early AccessPC3/11/2020 
Duke Nuke’s QuestAction, Racing, Simulation, SportsPC2/28/2020 
Red BowAdventure, Casual, IndieXbox One, PS Vita, PC1/14/2020 
Ultimate Disc GolfSports, Early AccessPC1/31/2020 
Last FloorAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/16/2020 
DREAMGATEAdventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessWeb, Linux, macOS, PC2/17/2020 
Comic Book TycoonCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/19/2020 
Beautiful Feet CabinIndie, RPG, SimulationPC4/24/2020 
Rhythmic Retro RacerAction, Casual, Racing, Early AccessPC3/11/2020 
Dab on Darkness For Android!CasualPC6/24/2020 
House SitterAdventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC5/5/2020 
BLASTOFFAction, IndieWeb7/3/2020 
BEAR, VODKA, FALL OF BERLIN! 🐻Action, Adventure, Indie, SimulationPC3/20/2020 
War Saber PC5/1/2020 
Anime Girls Loot Box SimulatorAction, Casual, Indie, SimulationmacOS, PC2/21/2020 
Jerking Off In Class SimulatorCasual, SimulationPC2/27/2020 
US Spy: Mission in RussiaIndie, Simulation, StrategymacOS, PC2/14/2020 
SpelunKing: The Mine MatchCasualLinux, macOS, PC4/4/2020 
Clash ForceAction, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC7/3/2020 
Cyber-SleuthIndieLinux, macOS, PC5/14/2020 
Pushy and Pully in BlocklandAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, PC5/5/2020 
Tinseltown TycoonCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC5/12/2020 
Rover WarsAction, Casual, Indie, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC4/17/2020Rover Wars
Beyond This SideAdventurePC3/20/2020Beyond This Side
Wavey The RocketAction, IndiePC5/7/2020 
Theyest ThouAction, Adventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/27/2020 
Kill YourselfAdventure, IndiePC3/30/2020 
WurroomAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePS Vita, Linux, macOS, PC4/1/2020Michael Rfdshir
Barro FCasual, Indie, RacingPC2/28/2020SC Jogos
Willy Jetman: Astromonkey’s RevengeAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC1/31/2020 
roly-polyCasual, Indie, SimulationWeb5/31/2020YouNeedATowel
Alien Cat 3Adventure, IndiePC6/20/2020 
City DestructorCasual, Indie, SimulationPC4/14/2020 
Pancake SailorCasual, Free to Play, Indie, Racing, Simulation, SportsmacOS, PC4/1/2020 
Paper PiratesCasual, IndiePC2/28/2020 
Spartan FistAction, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC2/28/2020Glass Bottom Games
Bone AppetitActionPC5/8/2020 
Finding the Soul OrbAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC2/14/2020Tonguç Bodur
Gado FightAction, IndiePC4/15/2020 
Dancing with Anime Girls 2 PC3/27/2020 
Lance A-LotAction, Casual, IndieWeb3/23/2020 
MazM: Jekyll and HydeAdventure, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC, Android4/2/2020 
Naked NewsIndiePC2/7/2020 
Puzzle Girls: Cute PC5/8/2020 
The SupperAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC1/28/2020 
Operation CitadelIndie, Strategy, Early AccessmacOS, PC3/5/2020 
Model Railway Easily ChristmasSimulationPC1/27/2020 
NightwalkerAction, Adventure, IndiePC5/7/2020 
Art of BoxingAction, Casual, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC3/9/2020 
Minds of NationsFree to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/14/2020 
The dumdum testAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessWeb7/5/2020 
Euphoria: Supreme MechanicsAdventure, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC4/17/2020 
kirakira stars idol project AIAdventure, Casual, IndiePC2/16/2020 
hyper hardcoreIndiePC3/18/2020 
Dininho AdventuresAdventure, IndiePC3/7/2020 
Puzzle – LINES AND KNOTSCasual, IndiePC3/5/2020 
Potata: fairy flowerAction, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One5/13/2020Potata Company
How Buddy’s parents met – jigsaw puzzleCasualmacOS, PC2/14/2020Mens Sana Interactive
Blood Branched SakuraAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/13/2020 
I’m on Observation Duty 2: Timothy’s RevengeIndie, StrategyLinux, PC3/23/2020 
Peekaboo Collection – 3 Tales of HorrorIndiePC4/14/2020 
Desktop Agents – Cov1d-999Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC4/16/2020 
Realistic Tower DestructionIndie, SimulationPC2/16/2020 
Tiny BunnyAdventure, IndiePC3/19/2020 
Shoot Them 2Action, IndiePC4/3/2020 
100 Doors Games: Escape from SchoolAdventure, Casual, Free to PlaymacOS, PC4/20/2020 
Soul SagaAdventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, PC, macOS2/28/2020 
Holy Potatoes: What the Hell?!Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPlayStation 46/4/2020Holy Potatoes
Spuds Unearthed PlayStation 4, PC4/23/2020 
A Ton Of Feathers PC4/17/2020 
JEFAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC2/28/2020 
My Hidden ThingsCasual, IndiePC6/6/2020 
Freight SimulatorCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC5/22/2020Tycoon
blue drifterAction, IndiemacOS, PC1/9/2020Sokpop
Dwarf ShopAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC3/19/2020 
Stress explosionAction, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC4/26/2020 
AstronarchIndie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/31/2020 
Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience PC3/12/2020 
Eclipse: Edge of Light PlayStation 4, PC, Android1/14/2020 
Mid or FeedAction, Indie, Simulation, Sports, StrategyLinux, PC1/24/2020 
Freddy SpaghettiAction, Adventure, Indie, SimulationPC3/27/2020 
Trailer TrashersAction, IndieLinux, macOS, PC3/26/2020Trailer Trashers
MONEY LOVES SILENCEAction, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC2/21/2020 
Defective HolidayIndiePC5/1/2020 
A Day Without MeAdventure, IndiePC8/3/2020 
Party Pumper PlayStation 4, PC6/25/2020 
DREAMLIVEIndie, Simulation, Early AccessPC2/21/2020 
Futuball – Future Football Manager GameFree to Play, Simulation, Sports, StrategyPC3/17/2020 
Thy SwordAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC5/12/2020 
Kwaidan ~Azuma manor story~Action, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 4, PC1/31/2020 
Super Forklift 3000Action, IndiePC4/17/2020 
Gift GirlCasual, IndiePC3/13/2020 
The Narrator is a DICK: Longer, Harder, and UncutAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/20/2020The Narrator is a DICK
Tactical Three Kingdoms (3 Kingdoms) – Strategy & WarAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC4/1/2020 
Green: An Orc’s LifeAdventure, RPG, Simulation, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC3/17/2020 
CODE SHIFTERActionNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One1/30/2020 
ThresholdIndie, Early AccessClassic Macintosh, PC3/12/2020 
Survive the BlackoutAdventure, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC1/23/2020 
Ultimo Reino 2Adventure, Casual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, SimulationPC4/1/2020 
Everyone DiesAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC1/3/2020 
SteamDolls – Order Of Chaos: DemoAction, Indie, Early AccessPC6/1/2020SteamDolls, Top Hat Studios
Uniform GirlCasual, Indie, StrategyPC4/3/2020 
HayfeverAdventure, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC2/25/2020 
RPG Girls – Lootbox HuntCasual, Indie, RPG, SimulationmacOS, PC5/1/2020 
Floppy Heroes 2Action, Casual, IndiePC3/10/2020 
Coronavirus EvolutionAction, IndiePC3/21/2020 
Piczle Cross AdventureAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC4/16/2020 
Defense highStrategyPC4/17/2020 
MX Nitro: UnleashedRacing, Simulation, SportsNintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 42/27/2020 
Rain IslandAction, Casual, IndiePC6/7/2020 
Dungeon CardsIndiePC1/27/2020 
Mini Words: Top MoviesCasualmacOS, PC4/10/2020Mens Sana Interactive
EternowerIndieLinux, macOS, PC3/29/2020 
Wanderlust: TranssiberianAdventure, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/8/2020Wanderlust
NullumCasual, Indie, StrategyPC6/2/2020 
The Walking EvilAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/22/2020 
FamiliaAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC1/31/2020Familia
Gaijin TroublesAction, Indie, Early AccessPC1/3/2020 
Mini Island: NightAction, Casual, IndiePC6/7/2020 
Bird MissionsCasual, Indie, SimulationPC4/15/2020 
Survival ClassicAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, Early AccessPC2/19/2020TB Games
Comic Book TycoonCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/19/2020 
War Trigger 3Action, Casual, Free to Play, IndiemacOS, PC1/24/2020 
The Soul Stone WarAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC3/5/2020 
All OverAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessPC4/6/2020 
Balls RoyaleAction, Casual, IndiePC4/8/2020 
RaidTitansIndie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC2/6/2020 
Karma City PoliceAdventure, Indie, Early AccessPC4/10/2020 
UIFO DEFENSE HDCasual, Indie, StrategyPC1/18/2020 
Fighters WizardsAction, Massively Multiplayer, StrategyPC2/29/2020 
It came from space and ate our brainsAction, Casual, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 41/28/2020All in! Games
Trials of Mana (2020)Adventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch4/24/2020 
MetaWare High School (Demo)Free to Play, IndiemacOS, PC4/2/2020 
Let’s Create! Pottery VR PlayStation 4, PC6/12/2020 
The Yolk StreetCasual, Indie, StrategymacOS, PC4/1/2020Single Diary
Crazy VR Dance Party PC1/31/2020 
Drug Dealer Simulator: Free SampleAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC4/3/2020 
Lufulus’ CreaturesAction, Casual, Indie, RPGPC1/31/2020 
Bucket KnightIndiePS Vita, Xbox One, PC2/28/2020 
Anime Girls Mini Jigsaw PuzzlesCasual, Indie, SimulationmacOS, PC1/10/2020 
Blackstone Academy for the Magical ArtsAdventure, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC4/9/2020 
CUBER STRIKEAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Massively MultiplayerPC3/27/2020 
Deep DespairAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/17/2020 
Corona Crush: The Corona Virus Dating SimAction, Adventure, Racing, SportsPC3/28/2020 
The Last ArchwingAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC3/27/2020 
Super Mega Space Blaster Special TurboAction, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, macOS, PC1/14/2020Super Mega Space Blaster
VIYAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/18/2020 
WHO IS AWESOMECasual, IndiePC2/12/2020 
Them’s Fightin’ HerdsCasual, IndiePC, macOS, Linux4/30/2020 
Break the WebAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/24/2020 
Viktor CrysworthAction, Adventure, Indie, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC5/15/2020 
Super Bernie WorldAction, Adventure, Free to Play, IndieLinux, macOS, PC, Web3/9/2020 
Peace DataAction, Adventure, IndiePC1/28/2020 
SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERSAction, Free to PlayPC5/5/2020 
BogatyrAdventure, Indie, RPGPC1/28/2020 
Broken Spell 2Action, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Racing, RPG, Simulation, Sports, StrategyPC2/11/2020Broken Spell
LockDownAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/2/2020 
ColormeleonsCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC7/3/2020 
Loser RebornAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC5/13/2020 
System InvadersAction, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC3/27/2020 
RollingSkyAction, Casual, RacingPC2/19/2020 
SamosborAction, Adventure, IndiePC2/6/2020 
Anime Girls Switch PuzzlesCasual, Indie, RPG, SimulationmacOS, PC2/7/2020 
Hinterhalt 3Action, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/9/2020 
Mineirinho Director’s CutAction, IndiePC1/3/2020Sinned Games
Escalation: AggressorsAction, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/1/2020 
Tower of ShadesIndie, RPGPC1/15/2020 
Hold 10 SecondsIndiePC5/8/2020 
Fatec’s OutAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC5/1/2020 
The Gateway TrilogyAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC3/30/2020 
Mr. FastAction, IndiemacOS, PC4/1/2020 
MommyAdventure, IndiePC1/27/2020 
Explosive JakeIndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC3/18/2020 
The Shadow SocietyAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC2/6/2020 
Car Crush – Racing SimulatorAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, SportsiOS2/14/2020 
UnderneathAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC1/5/2020 
Good Meowning!Casual, Simulation, StrategyWeb5/13/2020 
NecroCoreAction, Casual, IndiePC5/2/2020 
Motion Of The HeartCasualPC4/2/2020 
Genetic DisasterAction, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC5/29/2020 
Pets Sniper ShootingAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC2/10/2020 
There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiemacOS, PC3/18/2020 
Bear Party: AdventureAction, Adventure, Free to PlayPC4/8/2020 
Samsara RoomAdventure, IndieiOS, Android, macOS, PC4/29/2020Rusty Lake
I Wanna MakerFree to Play, Indie, Early AccessPC2/13/2020 
Dead CubesAction, IndiePC2/19/2020 
Keep Rolling (IM-N.A)Casual, IndieWeb6/18/2020 
Shadow Puppets & Beijing operaCasual, RPGPC4/8/2020the elder china art
Virus Popper PC4/9/2020 
DragonFang – Drahn’s Mystery DungeonFree to Play, RPGPC2/3/2020Dragonfang
MEMORIES.Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGWeb5/25/2020记忆重构
DOUDYAction, Adventure, Indie, SimulationPC4/27/2020 
Find Me: Horror GameIndiePC1/25/2020 
Shake Your Body PC1/12/2020 
Retro Vaders: ReloadedAction, IndiePC4/14/2020 
Prison ForeverAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC1/17/2020 
Horse Racing RallyRacingLinux, macOS, PC3/18/2020 
Mission AmmunitionAction, IndiePC1/13/2020 
Epic Card GameStrategymacOS, PC, iOS2/19/2020 
Hack meIndie, SimulationWeb5/30/2020hack_me
pollen. Linux, macOS, PC3/29/2020 
Mech-anic Panic Web2/12/2020 
The CageAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, StrategyWeb, PC6/21/20200Cube
St John’s ZombieAction, Indie, SimulationPC6/19/2020 
ShieldmaidenAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/12/2020 
Mech-anic PanicAdventure, Casual, IndieWeb2/12/2020 
Make Me LAGAction, Free to Play, IndiePC3/14/2020 
Make Me LAGAction, Free to Play, IndiePC3/14/2020 
LOEKAction, Free to Play, IndiePC2/10/2020 
Burn Me TwiceAdventure, Free to Play, IndiePC5/25/2020 
Black Book: PrologueAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC5/5/2020HypeTrain Digtial
Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-AdventureAdventure, IndiemacOS, PC5/8/2020Thimbleweed Park™
Left on ReadAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, SimulationmacOS, PC4/29/2020 
The Night FishermanAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiemacOS, PC5/29/2020The Sacrifices, Far Few Giants
Mission: It’s ComplicatedAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC2/14/2020 
Drunken WrestlersAction, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Simulation, SportsPC1/10/2020Drunken Wrestlers
BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre DemoAction, Free to Play, IndiePC3/23/2020 
Alder’s Blood PrologueAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC2/4/2020No Gravity Games
The Dawn of Art PC2/24/2020 
Lost Memories 3 Side StoriesAdventure, Free to Play, Indie, RPGPC4/6/2020逝去的回忆
Mission ZiglotonAdventure, Free to Play, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/14/2020 
RhomeAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC2/21/2020 
MadrunAction, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RacingPC, Linux, macOS2/29/2020 
SonoAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndieLinux, macOS, PC3/6/2020 
Ultimate TicTacToeCasual, Free to PlayLinux, macOS, PC4/20/2020 
Burn Me TwiceAdventure, Free to Play, IndiePC5/25/2020 
Black Book: PrologueAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC5/5/2020HypeTrain Digtial
Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-AdventureAdventure, IndiemacOS, PC5/8/2020Thimbleweed Park™
Left on ReadAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, SimulationmacOS, PC4/29/2020 
The Night FishermanAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiemacOS, PC5/29/2020The Sacrifices, Far Few Giants
Mission: It’s ComplicatedAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC2/14/2020 
Mission ZiglotonAdventure, Free to Play, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/14/2020 
RhomeAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC2/21/2020 
MadrunAction, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RacingPC, Linux, macOS2/29/2020 
SonoAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndieLinux, macOS, PC3/6/2020 
Physical Exorcism: Case 01Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC5/13/2020 
Lost Artifacts: Golden IslandCasual, StrategyXbox One4/1/2020 
Tavern CardsAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC4/11/2020 
Kessler Effect PC3/25/2020 
Fan Quiz: ML Hero Trivia QuizCasual, IndiePC5/31/2020Trivia Quiz
Summer Games HeroesIndie, SportsPC1/4/2020 
Devil’s KissAdventure, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/20/2020Dan and Ben Adventures
RollersAction, Casual, Free to Play, Simulation, StrategyPC2/11/2020 
Rabbit-hole Web5/25/2020 
Space Ribbon – Slipstream to the Extreme PlayStation 41/9/2020 
MadGun: Gears and BloodAction, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Early AccessPC4/27/2020 
Winner Winner Chicken DinnerCasual, IndiePC4/22/2020 
Bears Can’t Drift!?Indie, RacingXbox One3/27/2020 
Pieces of Me: NorthboundIndiePC1/9/2020Pieces of Me
1001 HugsAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, StrategyPC4/13/2020 
Grave of the Petrified PC3/12/2020 
The Crimson Diamond: Chapter 1Adventure, Free to Play, IndiePC2/24/2020 
FPS Infinite Linux, macOS, PC3/16/2020 
Dead Ground Arcade PC4/1/2020 
FPS Infinite Linux, macOS, PC3/16/2020 
Cirno’s Perfect Summer VacationAdventure, Free to PlaymacOS, PC2/10/2020 
Dead Ground Arcade PC4/1/2020 
Metallic MetronomeCasual, Free to Play, IndiePC3/19/2020 
Dirty Harry’s Thunder DriveAction, Casual, Free to Play, Racing, Simulation, SportsPC2/18/2020 
Panic Station VR PC2/27/2020 
Flatland: PrologueIndiePC3/31/2020 
Hopebringers – Beta PlaytestingFree to Play, Indie, StrategymacOS, PC5/23/2020 
Whateverland: PrologueAdventure, IndieLinux, PC6/26/2020 
Flatland: PrologueIndiePC3/31/2020 
Hopebringers – Beta PlaytestingFree to Play, Indie, StrategymacOS, PC5/23/2020 
WienneIndie, RPGPC1/6/2020 
Colony 42Adventure, IndiePC3/25/2020 
Enamored RisksCasual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC4/27/2020Crystal Game Works
Mars Power Industries: First JobCasual, IndieWeb6/11/2020 
Colony 42Adventure, IndiePC3/25/2020 
Duckball: Glorious DucksAction, Free to Play, Indie, Sports, Early AccessPC5/17/2020 
Go Kart Run!Action, Free to Play, Indie, Racing, SportsPC4/9/2020 
Oil WarsFree to Play, Simulation, StrategyPC3/21/2020 
PasAction, Free to Play, Indie, Massively MultiplayerPC4/21/2020 
Kicks OnlineFree to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation, Sports, StrategyPC3/26/2020Kicks Online
PixelForces.ioAction, IndiePC2/23/2020Freeze Nova
Astonia: The Return of YendorFree to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPGPC2/18/2020Astonia
Kicks OnlineFree to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation, Sports, StrategyPC3/26/2020Kicks Online
Calamari ClashAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RacingLinux, PC1/12/2020Calamari Clash
MaledictionAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC12/31/2019 
Notruf 112 – Die Feuerwehr Simulation 2: Showroom PC4/6/2020 
Calamari ClashAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RacingLinux, PC1/12/2020Calamari Clash
MaledictionAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC12/31/2019 
Notruf 112 – Die Feuerwehr Simulation 2: Showroom PC4/6/2020 
Builders of Egypt: PrologueFree to Play, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/1/2020PlayWay S.A.
Rustler: PrologueAction, Free to Play, Indie, Racing, RPGPC4/9/2020 
Alien 911 PrologueAction, Free to Play, Indie, StrategyPC4/27/2020 
ArchiTacAdventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, SimulationPC3/13/2020 
Strange CreaturesCasual, Free to Play, IndiePC3/26/2020 
Fight the HorrorAction, IndieXbox One, PC5/1/2020 
Gala ColliderAction, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC1/16/2020 
Kinda Heroes: The cutest RPG ever!Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessWeb5/5/2020 
Imagination – Online Board gameCasual, Free to Play, Massively MultiplayerPC2/24/2020 
MiniStateIndie, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC2/20/2020 
Model Railway Easily ChristmasSimulationPC1/27/2020 
MiniStateIndie, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC2/20/2020 
The All-Hands ClimberAction, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC4/30/2020 
RisnuchAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessPC1/1/2020 
Grab the Beat PC3/27/2020 
Great UtopiaAdventure, Free to Play, Indie, RPGmacOS, PC1/30/2020 
Inferno WizardsAction, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early AccessPC3/13/2020 
ImmanenceAdventure, Free to Play, IndiePC1/22/2020 
Swiper: PrologueAdventure, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC2/6/2020 
Saving You From Yourself – Unity RemakeFree to Play, IndieWeb3/18/2020 
War SmithAction, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC4/17/2020 
BurndownAction, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RacingWeb4/19/2020 
War SmithAction, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC4/17/2020 
Starfall OnlineFree to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, StrategyPC2/20/2020 
Bombrigade: BattlegroundsAction, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC3/13/2020 
Mya of the DesertAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC3/13/2020 
Hellpoint: The Thespian FeastAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/20/2020tinyBuild
Mafia II: Definitive EditionAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC5/19/2020Mafia
Bombrigade: BattlegroundsAction, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC3/13/2020 
Mya of the DesertAction, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, IndiePC3/13/2020 
Hellpoint: The Thespian FeastAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/20/2020tinyBuild
Mafia II: Definitive EditionAction, AdventurePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC5/19/2020Mafia
WindboundAdventure, Indie, RPGPC8/28/2020 
Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020Indie, Simulation, Sports, StrategyPC3/10/2020 
DiRT 5Adventure, Racing, Simulation, Sports, StrategyXbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One10/9/2020Codemasters, DIRT
Aura Kingdom 2Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPGiOS4/13/2020 
Rift WizardIndie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC7/28/2020 
NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol 1ActionXbox One, PlayStation 46/18/2020 
NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol 2ActionXbox One, PlayStation 46/18/2020 
VoidspaceCasual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC5/12/2020 
Destructive physics: destruction simulatorRacing, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC4/1/2020 
Hero must die. againRPGPC, PlayStation 42/26/2020 
GRITO GRIOT – GRIOT RIOT Linux, macOS, PC3/27/2020 
kirakira stars idol project AIAdventure, Casual, IndiePC2/16/2020 
Super FightAction, Casual, IndiePC3/25/2020 
Fires At MidnightAdventure, Casual, IndiePC7/9/2020 
Goosebumps Dead of NightAction, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One6/12/2020 
LairchitectIndie, StrategymacOS, PC6/27/2020Sokpop
Seven DoorsAdventure, IndiePC4/12/2020 
1971 Project HeliosIndie, StrategyPC, Xbox One, PlayStation 45/16/2020 
Let’s Learn Korean! VocabularyIndiePC4/27/2020 
Gamer Shop SimulatorAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/13/2020 
Pendula Swing – The Complete JourneyAdventure, Indie, RPGmacOS, PC3/8/2020Pendula Swing
Adventure Farm VR PC6/11/2020 
Texas Holdem Poker: Solo KingAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategymacOS, PC3/4/2020 
Forbidden Pleasure PC4/24/2020 
IndiecalypseAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, PC5/29/2020 
DragonRide VR PC4/12/2020 
Combat WingsAction, SimulationPC5/1/2020Combat Wings
So May It Be: A Witch Dating SimulatorIndiePC, macOS, Linux2/12/2020 
GIRLS DEFENCEAction, SimulationPC2/11/2020 
Fire Rescue SimulatorAction, Adventure, Casual, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
View From BelowAdventure, Indie, RPGmacOS, PC5/22/2020 
Crystal Story: The Hero and the Evil WitchIndie, RPGPC6/6/2020 
TP Royale (Demo Testing)Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC5/11/2020 
Grim Tales: The Generous Gift Collector’s EditionAdventure, CasualPC4/17/2020Grim Tales
My Name is SarahAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC2/10/2020 
The protectors of DeyaAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC5/7/2020 
Maneuver WarfareStrategyPC4/20/2020 
Breeze of DeathAction, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
Full Animal PartyAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC3/23/2020 
Ace In SpaceCasual, Indie, SimulationmacOS, PC2/14/2020 
12 Labours of Hercules X: Greed for SpeedAdventure, Casual, Indie, StrategymacOS, PC4/22/2020 
At home…Action, Adventure, IndieLinux, PC1/25/2020 
Gigantosaurus The GameAdventure, RacingNintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One3/27/2020Gigantosaurus
Popo’s TowerAction, Adventure, IndiemacOS, PC5/24/2020Sokpop
Miden TowerAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyXbox One, PC5/1/2020 
PANCAKE HOUSE PlayStation 46/23/2020 
Random Heroes: Gold EditionAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC4/10/2020 
Infestation: Battle RoyaleAction, Free to Play, Indie, Massively MultiplayerPC3/4/2020 
Good Goliath PlayStation 43/31/2020 
Ginseng HeroAction, Adventure, IndiemacOS, PC3/31/2020Sokpop
House of Fear PC5/7/2020 
Courage and HonorAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPGPC2/7/2020 
Mini Army Tactics MedievalStrategyPC5/1/2020 
TanklikeAction, Indie, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC6/16/2020 
Witchcraft: Pandoras BoxAdventure, Casual, IndiePC1/3/2020 
VR-mouse in the houseAdventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationAndroid2/21/2020 
Light Years ApartAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC5/28/2020 
The PillarAction, Adventure, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC2/20/2020 
Where’s Kim?Casual, IndieWeb, Android, Linux, macOS, PC5/6/2020 
Horror Clip – Short Horror StoryAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC7/5/2020 
Golf On MarsCasual, Indie, SportsAndroid, iOS6/19/2020 
COVID-19: Coronavirus QuarantineCasual, Indie, SimulationPC4/15/2020 
The Aegis SagaAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC4/2/2020 
War IslandsAction, Adventure, Early AccessPC6/29/2020 
End of War 1945Action, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC5/8/2020 
VasterClaws 3:Dragon slayer of the God worldRPGPC3/18/2020 
The End of an ActressIndieLinux, macOS, PC2/21/2020 
Brass Town WrestlingRPG, Simulation, SportsPC1/30/2020 
NervedActionPlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch2/4/2020 
HyperDotAction, IndieXbox One, Linux, macOS, PC1/31/2020 
Swallow The Blue DEMOAction, Adventure, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC6/30/2020 
King of SpiesCasual, IndiePC4/17/2020King of Series
disc partySportsmacOS, PC4/30/2020Sokpop
Monster ViatorAdventure, Casual, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPlayStation 4, Xbox One2/5/2020 
Control: The FoundationAction, Simulation, SportsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC3/26/2020 
Alexis Almighty: Daughter of HerculesAdventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC4/28/2020 
Nevertales: Hearthbridge Cabinet Collector’s EditionAdventure, CasualPC4/10/2020Nevertales
Deeproot ManorAdventure, Indie, RPGPC5/22/2020 
Gunbrick: ReloadedAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC4/9/2020 
Box FactoryCasualWeb6/29/2020Nannings
New Yankee 8: Journey of OdysseusAdventure, Casual, StrategyPC5/6/2020 
Submarine adventure: BallastAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC2/10/2020 
Cartonfall: Fortress – Defend Cardboard CastleAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
Wolf & Pigs PC5/5/2020 
Infinite Beyond The MindAction, Adventure, IndiePC, macOS5/7/2020 
Dawn of fearActionPlayStation 42/3/2020 
Infinity HeroesCasual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/18/2020 
Fear the Dark Unknown: ChloeAction, Adventure, IndiePC5/1/2020The Dark Unknown
KOJOUJIAction, AdventurePC4/26/2020 
Silent SectorAction, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessPC4/11/2020 
Breakneck CityAction, IndiePC5/27/2020Renegade Sector Games
Never Date WerewolvesAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC4/16/2020 
Battle TeamMassively Multiplayer, Early AccessPC5/1/2020 
Viking HeroesAdventure, Casual, StrategyPC4/15/2020 
Dr Milos RevengeAction, Adventure, IndiemacOS, PC5/25/2020 
Hack-itAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC1/1/2020 
ChronostationIndie, StrategyPC3/2/2020 
PIVOCasual, IndiePC4/9/2020 
Winter’s TrumpetAdventure, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC6/3/2020World of Aeser
space tycoonAdventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC4/8/2020 
Deep Space BananaCasual, Free to Play, StrategyPC3/4/2020 
Libtard: The Satire GameAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC4/28/2020 
Data mining 8Casual, IndiePC6/5/2020Data mining
AdvancityAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC4/22/2020 
QuestinariumCasual, Free to Play, IndiePC4/17/2020 
Sigma DraconisIndie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/10/2020 
MobocraticCasual, Simulation, StrategyPC4/30/2020Mobocratic
Sky CannoneerAction, Indie, StrategyPC2/19/2020 
Weed CountyAdventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessPC4/14/2020 
Bookbound BrigadeAction, Adventure, IndiePlayStation 41/30/2020 
Digital Dungeon TilesAdventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC4/13/2020 
Mech-anic PanicCasualWeb2/12/2020 
NuclearRifleAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/9/2020 
Thunder Kid II: Null MissionAction, IndiePC1/29/2020Renegade Sector Games
Barbarous: Tavern Of EmyrAdventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC2/27/2020 
VR Mini Bowling 2 PC4/10/2020 
HederaAdventure, IndiePC5/21/2020 
Archer VR PC4/30/2020 
Cyber Battle 69 PC4/30/2020 
Corona SimulatorCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyLinux, PC3/31/2020 
TECH DEMO: Pulse Forge VR PC3/10/2020 
Magnificent 5Action, Free to Play, Indie, Massively MultiplayerPC1/23/2020 
6 PEOPLEFree to Play, IndiemacOS, PC3/26/2020 
TECH DEMO: Pulse Forge VR PC3/10/2020 
Advanced creator of labyrinthsAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC4/22/2020 
N.I.C.E. 2Action, Adventure, Racing, SimulationPC4/2/2020NICE
CovidarityAction, Adventure, Indie, Racing, StrategyWeb3/29/2020 
Fantastic FishingAdventure, Casual, IndiePC4/16/2020 
TeamJumpersStrategymacOS, PC5/18/2020TeamJumpers
NonetEnsemble:MagicworkLabyrinthIndie, RPGPC2/13/2020 
RUNPUZZLEAdventure, Indie, StrategyPC3/31/2020 
Deadly Night – No EscapeAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/18/2020 
The Casebook of Arkady SmithAdventure, IndiePC, PlayStation 43/31/2020 
Drug Dealer Simulator: Free Sample PC4/3/2020 
Operation Deep Magic: CryptanalysisSimulationLinux, macOS, PC1/21/2020 
COVID-19 Web, Android, Linux, macOS, PC3/5/2020 
GraFi LunarCasual, IndiePC1/3/2020GraFi
Kick the VIRUSAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, SportsPC4/18/2020 
Pinball LockdownAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Early AccessPC4/17/2020 
Therapy Sheep VR PC4/30/2020 
soundStrider (itch)Adventure, Casual, Indie, SimulationWeb, Linux, macOS, PC2/18/2020 
Hospital 9Action, IndiePC1/9/2020Easy to enjoy
Escape from GULAGAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/13/2020 
HopBoundAction, Adventure, Indie, SimulationPC6/9/2020 
Boom Boomerang PC4/10/2020 
GraFi ValentineCasual, IndiePC2/13/2020GraFi
Forking Hell – Vertical SliceSimulationPC4/18/2020 
Pink IslandAction, Casual, IndiePC6/7/2020 
GeoriftersAction, Adventure, Casual, IndieXbox One, PC5/28/2020Georifters
PooplersCasual, IndiePC3/12/2020Art Games Studio S.A.
The Wizard’s Apprentice’s ApprenticeAction, Adventure, RPG, Early AccessWeb6/28/2020 
Conc JumpIndiePC4/27/2020 
Slash RollIndie, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, PC4/13/2020 
Boot Camp FitnessCasual, Indie, Sports, Early AccessmacOS, PC4/15/2020 
Two Bit HeroAction, IndieLinux, PC5/22/2020Plug In Digital
Cyber City EscapeAction, Indie, Early AccessPC3/16/2020 
The Pale CityAdventure, Indie, RPGPC3/27/2020 
Shikari RisingAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessPC5/9/2020Shikari Rising
MiNNaDe Counter FightAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC5/1/2020 
String TyrantAdventure, IndiePC3/31/2020 
Contract KillersAction, IndiePC7/8/2020 
BeatitasIndie, RPG, StrategymacOS, PC5/22/2020 
Thistledown: A Tragedy of BloodIndiemacOS, PC5/29/2020Thistledown
Type UpIndiePC5/3/2020 
Little TerrorAdventure, IndiePC4/18/2020 
Glory Horse RacingSports, Early AccessPC4/18/2020 
Korpus: Buried over the Black SoilAction, AdventurePC2/14/2020 
Era of SurvivalAction, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Early AccessPC2/17/2020 
Smashing Healthy VR PC4/17/2020 
Hooplord PC4/9/2020 
The Amazing Fantastics: Issue 1RPGPC2/13/2020 
Tower Of God (itch)Casual, Indie, StrategyPC1/3/2020 
Low Poly ForcesAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation, StrategyPC7/3/2020 
VapormazeAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC2/26/2020 
Fallen HeartsAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, StrategyPC1/24/2020 
Space Elite Force IIAction, Casual, IndieLinux, PC2/3/2020Space Elite Force
Space Ranger VR PC2/25/2020 
Box VoyageAdventure, Casual, IndiePC2/26/2020 
Watch Dogs LegionIndie, Early AccessXbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC10/29/2020TeamSmoothBear
Space Raiders in SpaceAction, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
Awesome Pea 2IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC6/3/2020Awesome Pea
Holdfast: Nations At WarCasual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/5/2020 
Covid19Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGWeb2/20/2020COVID-19
PositionAdventure, IndiePC2/26/2020 
The Chronicles of Robin Hood – The King of ThievesAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC4/12/2020Match3 Games
Blast Rush ClassicAction, Casual, IndiePC5/4/2020 
Epic Dumpster Bear 2: He Who Bears WinsAction, IndiePlayStation 46/9/2020Epic Dumpster Bear
Sweet Galaxy AdventureAdventure, SimulationLinux, macOS, PC1/1/2020 
Ephemeral TaleAdventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessPC1/14/2020 
Monster BlastAction, Casual, IndiePC7/6/2020 
Chronicle: Unit EightAction, Indie, RPG, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC3/16/2020 
DissectionAction, IndiePC, PlayStation 43/24/2020 
fullybroKEN – A Unique Post-Apocalyptic RPGIndie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/6/2020broken
Balacera BrothersActionPC6/5/2020 
Pity PitAction, Adventure, Casual, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC2/22/2020 
Cast VR PC4/20/2020 
Gems of Fate: the Charmed KingCasualPC5/1/2020 
THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF MORTIMER J.W.Action, Adventure, IndieWeb, PC4/20/2020Action, Indie, Horror
Cyrun’s SummonsAction, RacingPC6/30/2020 
Corona Virus Survival: Covid19Action, Free to Play, Simulation, StrategyPC4/1/2020 
Chronicles of HonorAction, RPG, Early AccessPC4/17/2020 
Solar RogueAdventure, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessAndroid, PC6/9/2020 
Zombie World Coronavirus Apocalypse VR PC4/3/2020 
A Lanterns GlowAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC5/1/2020 
Catlandia: Crisis at Fort PawprintCasual, RPGmacOS, PC2/26/2020 
Solitaire Call of HonorCasualmacOS, PC2/6/2020 
Bright MemoryCasual, Indie, Early AccessPC3/25/2020 
Stolen RageAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC3/20/2020 
OctaFightAction, Casual, IndiePC4/7/2020Plug In Digital
Choco Pixel 5Casual, IndiePC5/14/2020Choco Pixel
lil’ ShermanIndiePC3/30/2020 
Detective Boiled-Hard / Case File: Death of the Space Dino HunterAdventurePC3/20/2020 
SwingerMan Web5/7/2020 
Saturn Quest: Shadow of PlanetusAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/14/2020 
Wacky Golf Land PC4/24/2020 
Inside The MirrorCasual, IndiemacOS, PC4/17/2020 
Push Blox 2IndiePC4/12/2020Push Blox
MemoryIndiemacOS, PC, Android3/30/2020 
OS OmegaAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC4/23/2020 
Sweet Solitaire: School WitchCasualPC4/27/2020 
Baron: Fur Is Gonna FlyAction, IndiePC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One3/4/2020 
Freakout: Calamity TV ShowAction, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, macOS, PC4/17/2020Plug In Digital
Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, SportsXbox One5/8/2020 
JekoosWareAdventure, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC3/8/2020Jekoos
SokoBunnyCasual, Indie, StrategyXbox One, PC5/22/2020Bunny Casual
Honey Dance PC3/9/2020 
Princess Castle QuestAdventure, Indie, Early AccessPC1/1/2020 
Trials of Mana (2020)Adventure, Indie, RPGPC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch4/24/2020 
Aerial RaverAction, Indie, Early AccessPC3/25/2020 
Newton’s Cradle Puzzle GameCasual, Indie, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC5/27/2020 
Aquarium LifeCasual, Indie, RPGPC3/24/2020 
Inner WorldsAction, Adventure, IndiePC5/15/2020 
XenovadersAction, IndiePC4/10/2020Arcade Bezel serie
Zombie Defense ShelterCasual, Indie, StrategyPC4/17/2020 
Sakura StarsAction, IndieLinux, PC5/21/2020 
Last Battle: Order from Caos (DEMO)Adventure, Indie, RPGPC3/4/2020Last Battle
COWBOY YAKUZAAction, Casual, Early AccessPC2/17/2020 
New KingAdventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
Escape From Violet InstituteIndiePC4/16/2020 
HecatonAction, Indie, RPGPC4/5/2020 
MurkAction, Adventure, IndiePC5/25/2020 
Johann WeissAction, Adventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/24/2020 
CrafticaCasual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC3/26/2020 
Rolling ArcadeCasual, Indie, SimulationLinux, PC6/10/2020One Bit Studio – Catalogue
Ultimate ChessCasual, Sports, StrategyPC4/24/2020 
Adventure mosaics. Forest spiritsCasualmacOS, PC2/20/2020 
Timpu’s treasureAdventure, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC4/23/2020Treasure Hunt Stories
RobozarroAction, IndieXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC7/7/2020 
Let’s Cook TogetherCasual, Indie, Early AccessPC4/4/2020 
Corona-crisis 2020Casual, Indie, SimulationWeb, Android5/7/2020 
Sorbetta: Gravely in DebtRPGPC2/6/2020 
Active Neurons 2Casual, Indie, StrategyPC4/15/2020 
Lulu’s Happy Fun TimeCasual, Early AccessPC1/24/2020 
Ele-Gator Web6/7/2020 
The Wizard’s Apprentice’s ApprenticeAction, Indie, RPGWeb6/28/2020 
BAFF FCasual, IndiePC7/4/2020BAFF
Devastated: Andrew’s DictaphoneAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGLinux, PC2/19/2020 
JORRYAction, Adventure, IndiePC2/2/2020 
Not Our Home: Platinum EditionAdventure, Casual, IndiePC5/6/2020 
Once Upon an Electric DreamCasual, IndiemacOS, PC2/25/2020 
SpeedFighterAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RacingmacOS, PC4/12/2020 
Hard Rock PinballCasualPC4/15/2020 
Clown Nightmare, Satan’s JokeActionPC4/4/2020 
Truck CrashCasual, Indie, RacingPC6/26/2020 
Bock BockIndie, Racing, StrategyPC4/15/2020 
Thrust LegendAction, IndieWeb6/2/2020 
Cabin’s FeverAction, IndiePC4/25/2020 
Kili’s Treasure (itch)IndiemacOS, PC1/21/2020Treasure Hunt Stories
Micromanaged MikeCasual, Indie, StrategyWeb4/21/2020 
the dark sideAdventure, Casual, IndiePC5/26/2020 
VR Mummy Girl PC3/20/2020 
March Of SoldiersAction, Strategy, Early AccessPC5/4/2020 
Damn DollsIndiePC4/22/2020 
Infinite AbyssAction, Indie, StrategyPC5/19/2020 
Mineirinho Director’s CutAction, Casual, IndiePC1/3/2020Sinned Games
Bullet Hell – Hell BulletsAction, IndiePC5/24/2020 
Choco Pixel 6Casual, IndiePC6/17/2020Choco Pixel
Gem MasterCasual, Indie, StrategyPC5/4/2020 
Down The HoleCasual, StrategyPC, Web2/19/2020Not-So Classic Games
Happy Birthday, Adolf!Action, AdventurePC5/1/2020 
Urban LevolutionStrategyWeb2/5/2020 
Little ChickAction, Casual, Indie, SimulationAndroid1/8/2020 
Choco Pixel 3Casual, IndiePC3/6/2020Choco Pixel
Collection QuestAdventure, Indie, RPGPC4/30/2020 
Defend the village from goblinsAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC4/24/2020 
Kurogane of the skySimulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/17/2020 
Memory PlayerCasual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategymacOS, PC4/22/2020 
Fusion SHIFTAction, Adventure, IndiePC5/15/2020 
SEN: Seven Eight NineIndiePC, Nintendo Switch2/6/2020 
Jaw Breakers & The Confection Connection – Full GameAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC7/9/2020 
BRDGCasual, IndieWeb1/2/2020 
Top RunAction, Casual, IndiePlayStation 4, Xbox One1/31/2020 
Death Gasp VR PC1/10/2020 
Victorian Admirals Samoan Crisis 1889Simulation, StrategyPC3/9/2020Victorian Admirals
Kaleidocraft DemoCasual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC6/16/2020Kaleidocraft
2020 Tune-InIndie, SimulationWeb2/5/2020 
Radical SolitaireAction, Casual, Indie, StrategyLinux, macOS, PC2/27/2020 
Furries & Scalies: FriendswoodAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, PC1/28/2020Paper Shakespeare
A Siren’s CallAction, IndiePC4/13/2020 
Staying TogetherCasual, Indie, StrategymacOS, PC2/11/2020 
Bunny QuestAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyWeb6/17/2020Match3 Games
Game of Drones PC3/26/2020 
Protective ClothingAdventure, Indie, RPGPC3/28/2020 
Help Me NowAction, Indie, StrategyPC3/27/2020Help Me Now Saga
Galaxy WarfighterAction, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/16/2020 
Your little story: WinterAdventure, Casual, IndiePC12/31/2019Your little story
Gunslingers of the Wasteland vs. The Zombies From MarsAction, IndiePC5/22/2020 
Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids and Adults – EuropeAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC4/13/2020 
Return to SenderAction, Adventure, IndieLinux, PC6/30/2020 
Forgotten WaysCasual, Indie, SimulationPC5/13/2020 
Hornet Virus: Steel Alcimus IIAction, Free to Play, IndiePC4/16/2020Hijong Park’s Retro Arcade, PsychoFlux Presents
Super Worm 3DActionPC4/14/2020 
Kingdom vs ZombiesIndie, RPG, StrategymacOS, PC4/20/2020 
WASHI-WASHI PANICAction, IndieWeb6/27/2020 
Game Of Puzzles: DinosaursCasual, Indie, StrategyPC5/7/2020Game Of Puzzles
Cyborg Arena UE4Action, Adventure, Casual, IndieLinux, PC3/30/2020Devdan Games
Simple FarmIndiePC4/1/2020 
Mineirinho Director’s CutAction, IndiePC1/3/2020Sinned Games
Warp FactorAction, IndiemacOS, PC4/20/2020 
Escort AliaAction, IndiePC3/30/2020 
The Burning Descent PC1/3/2020 
Blaster SquadAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC5/1/2020 
GraFi EasterCasual, IndiePC4/16/2020GraFi
Super DEEAdventure, Casual, IndiePC3/23/2020 
The Prodigal SoulAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/11/2020 
Minigame BlastAction, IndiePC3/24/2020 
The Curator’s RealmAdventure, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC3/5/2020 
Apoc RunnerAction, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC5/18/2020 
The Manse on SoraccaAdventurePC1/26/2020 
Bingo HallCasual, IndiePC1/21/2020 
Cannon FatherAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC6/3/2020 
ThrillgateAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC6/2/2020 
Fraggin Halls VR PC5/12/2020 
BattleCourtAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC3/19/2020 
Many FacesAction, Casual, IndiePlayStation 45/27/2020 
Night Witch: 588Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, StrategyLinux, PC1/14/2020 
Daiichi DashAction, IndiePC4/27/2020 
Super Hiking Simulator 2020Action, IndiePC2/28/2020Easy to enjoy
Race ManiacsCasual, RacingPC3/26/2020 
GraFi St.PatrickCasual, IndiePC3/15/2020GraFi
World PuzzleCasual, IndiePC6/23/2020 
The Curse of ZigorisAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/2/2020 
Spoils of PlunderAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early AccessPC5/1/2020 
ATOM RPG TrudogradAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC5/10/2020 
Chaos Theory – PiratesAdventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/30/2020 
Survival AfricaAction, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, Early AccessPC4/3/2020 
Abacus (itch)Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC1/13/2020 
White Rabbit: Royal SchedulerAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationLinux, PC6/11/2020 
Snake CoreAction, Casual, IndieiOS3/25/2020 
Restaurant Solitaire: Pleasant DinnerCasualPC1/13/2020 
BitBattleAction, Casual, Indie, Early AccessWeb3/1/2020 
1001 Jigsaw. Myths of ancient GreeceCasualPC1/20/2020 
Victim Cache the RPG – An 80s JRPG ParodyIndie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC1/20/2020 
Fire for EffectAction, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC4/13/2020 
Choco Pixel 4Casual, IndiePC4/8/2020Choco Pixel
Where’s Home?Action, Adventure, Indie, StrategyPC3/25/2020 
Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour (拼图)CasualPC3/9/2020 
ReconstructionAction, IndiePC3/9/2020 
Cyber LemurAction, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Early AccessPC5/8/2020 
ArkoCasual, IndiePC4/16/2020 
Bad Meme [DEMO]ActionPC3/8/2020 
Elkabo: Selina’s Dark SpiritAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/12/2020Elkabo
Mouse’s HouseAction, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC3/3/2020 
Are You A WizardAdventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessLinux, macOS, PC4/30/2020 
CuyoCasual, IndiePC4/29/2020 
Super Astreus 2Action, Casual, Indie, Early AccessPC4/13/2020 
Portal DogsAction, IndieNintendo Switch, PC3/20/2020 
Isolation StoryCasual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early AccessPC5/3/2020 
Ghost In The Barn HouseAdventure, Casual, IndieLinux, PC4/28/2020 
Frog SpaceAction, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC4/16/2020 
DRazorAction, CasualPC6/8/2020 
Choco Pixel 2Casual, IndiePC2/3/2020Choco Pixel
Relic Guardians: ArcadeAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGWeb, PC1/31/2020Relic Guardians
Madness FantasyAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, SportsPC12/30/2019 
Mars Plan PC4/9/2020 
Seconds in SpaceAction, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC3/30/2020 
The TarantuLad: The Urban LegendAction, Adventure, IndieWeb, PC6/30/2020 
Fly Fly TankAction, Casual, IndiePC3/30/2020Fly Tank Series
Virtually Real LifeAdventure, IndieLinux, macOS, PC1/16/2020 
Super Bounce BallAction, CasualPC4/15/2020Nannings
The Odd Neon VoidAdventure, Indie, RPGPC6/1/2020 
Will: The BeginningIndiePC4/21/2020 
Gravinoid PC2/20/2020 
Hyper Treasure – The Legend of MacaronAdventure, IndiePC4/17/2020 
Pandemic PanicAction, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/2/2020 
Project Toon TanksAction, Casual, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/1/2020 
Heroes Of Maidan 3: Crimean BattleAction, IndiePC1/10/2020Heroes Of Maidan
Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm PlayStation 4, PC4/8/2020 
What a horrible night…Action, Casual, IndieLinux, macOS, PC4/20/2020Simple Systems Studios
ManaTechAction, Early AccessPC3/26/2020 
Laser HeckAction, IndiePC7/9/2020 
The Astro Parcel ServiceAction, IndiemacOS, PC4/17/2020 
Bridge CrawlerCasual, IndiePC3/20/2020 
Spermula 1Action, Indie, Racing, Early AccessPC2/4/2020 
James Peris: Sin licencia ni control – Edición definitivaAdventurePC6/3/2020James Peris
Shooting Blaster Big Bang BoomAction, Casual, IndiePC4/2/2020 
Great Adventure in the World of SkyAdventure, Indie, RPGPC4/6/2020 
Warehouse attackAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC4/9/2020 
KenboAction, IndiePC6/30/2020 
Foxy’s Adventure.Adventure, IndiePC2/23/2020 
SquatchCasual, IndiePC4/8/2020 
Roopit n’ BoopitCasual, StrategyPC3/2/2020 
Resident Evil: ResistanceStrategyXbox One, PlayStation 4, PC4/3/2020 
Untitled Puzzle SimulatorCasual, Indie, Simulation, SportsPC4/17/2020 
Zatorski, Ph.D.Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGPC3/31/2020 
Tinieblas Jr’s AdventuresAction, Adventure, IndiePC2/12/2020 
Karakia ShooterActionWeb5/6/2020 
MUSEUM VOLUME IAdventure, IndiePC3/27/2020MUSEUM
Poly DuelsIndiePC2/25/2020 
Hunger.Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early AccessPC1/9/2020 
Live To WinAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC2/13/2020 
Drug Dealer Simulator: Free SampleAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC4/3/2020 
Heartless reseller is RoguelikeAction, Casual, IndiePC4/14/2020Kagawa-Ken-Game-1hour
StangaAction, Casual, IndiePC3/17/2020Stanga
Elva the Eco DragonAction, Indie, Early AccessPC5/8/2020 
The Sickle Upon SekigaharaAdventurePC2/8/2020 
Oh So Lucky! Doctor: A Surgery Soap OperaCasual, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC3/5/2020Oh So Lucky!
Desert attackAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC4/29/2020 
Jump Step StepAdventure, IndiePlayStation 43/11/2020 
Math Puzzle Alpha ChallengeCasual, Indie, StrategymacOS, PC4/9/2020 
Exterminator: S Web2/12/2020 
Gray platformerCasual, IndiePC4/1/2020 
Saint Lary’s Hospital – Ay Corona!Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessPC4/24/2020 
Extreme Social DistancingAction, Casual, Indie, SportsPC5/30/2020 
I wanna build a robotAction, AdventurePC4/19/2020 
Furious DriversAction, Casual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation, Early AccessPC1/3/2020 
The not so silent assassinAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC5/20/2020 
Ninja TurdleIndieLinux, macOS, PC4/27/2020 
Super Crystal HunterAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPGLinux, macOS, PC2/16/2020 
Steamliner Android4/30/2020 
Etheldia PepperAdventure, RPGPC4/14/2020 
Maze SliderCasualPC, Web3/1/2020Nannings
Cranky CannonCasual, IndiemacOS, PC3/6/2020 
Building the Universe: The Beginning of TimeAdventure, IndiePC4/16/2020 
Total MadnessAction, CasualPC3/27/2020 
Easy puzzle: BridgesCasual, IndiePC4/11/2020Easy puzzle
Fairy Fire – Defender of the FairiesAction, Casual, IndiePC4/30/2020 
Mosquitoes and zombiesCasual, IndiePC4/19/2020 
CyberneticaAction, Casual, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC2/25/2020 
ChessmatesAdventure, IndieLinux, PC4/21/2020 
Rhythm of the GodsIndiePC3/22/2020 
HockeysplitAction, SportsPC1/4/2020 
Defend The Circle PC3/15/2020 
Shitty CactusAction, Casual, IndiePC2/24/2020 
Logic Electronic – PuzzleCasual, Free to Play, IndieWeb5/18/2020 
Tower Of God (itch)Action, Indie, RPG, Simulation, StrategyPC1/3/2020 
Bastard Little ZombieAdventure, IndiePC3/16/2020 
Pixel DominanceAction, Adventure, Indie, StrategyPC2/6/2020 
Shape CascadeCasual, IndiePC1/20/2020 
Abacus (itch)Adventure, IndiePC1/13/2020 
Couple in TroubleAdventure, CasualWeb2/23/2020 
Crocodine: The BuffetCasual, SimulationPC4/10/2020 
FloodyAction, Indie, Racing, Early AccessPC3/3/2020 
NekoPunk (under development)ActionLinux, macOS, PC3/28/2020 
The Last Day of AdolfAdventure, IndiePC4/22/2020 
Marshmallow TankCasual, Indie, Early AccessPC4/13/2020 
Wat A LifeAdventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationPC3/20/202016 Planes
DragonScales 3: Eternal Prophecy of DarknessCasualPC2/13/2020DragonScales
PhaseWormAction, Early AccessLinux, PC5/4/2020 
Raccoon: The Orc Invasion (Steam, Google Play)Adventure, IndiePC3/11/2020 
The DictatressAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC4/8/2020 
AmendiumAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC4/13/2020 
BombjobAction, Casual, IndieWeb, Android, Linux, macOS, PC4/6/2020 
Christmas Cats RevengeAction, Casual, IndieLinux, PC3/1/2020 
Teddy Bear WarsAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC2/16/2020 
Skin StealersSimulationPC4/10/2020 
CoronaVirus v2.0Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, StrategyPC3/12/2020 
This Is Not the EndAdventure, Indie, SimulationWeb1/19/2020 
Easy puzzle: LandscapeCasual, IndiePC4/17/2020Easy puzzle
Dark DisharmonyAdventure, Casual, IndiePC4/8/2020 
THE WONDERFUL 101: REMASTEREDCasual, Indie, SimulationPlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC5/19/2020 
Blind Blade IIAction, Adventure, Indie, RPGPC4/9/2020 
Kyo’s RoutineAdventure, IndiePC4/3/2020 
XecuteAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/20/2020Xecute
This will not go wellAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy, Early AccessPC4/6/2020 
Blue FoxAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC3/13/2020 
COVID-19Casual, Indie, StrategyWeb, Android, Linux, macOS, PC3/5/2020 
Go Far AwayAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyPC4/18/2020 
Medal Of LegendsAction, AdventurePC1/24/2020 
Drive ForwardCasual, Indie, RacingPC2/28/2020 
Easy puzzle: StreetsCasual, IndiePC4/8/2020Easy puzzle
Oasis DefenseIndie, StrategyPC5/4/2020 
love the gameCasualPC4/10/2020 
The Valley of Super FlowersAction, Casual, IndieLinux, PC3/27/2020 
ChicoAction, Casual, Indie, SimulationPC4/7/2020 
PUZZLCasual, IndiePC4/29/2020 
Defend Them !Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early AccessPC2/20/2020 
XRacer 2: EvolutionAction, Casual, Indie, RacingPC4/29/2020 
Way of Boy: Another WayAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC5/4/2020Путь Пацана
Skin and BonesAction, Casual, IndiePC4/5/2020 
Paper Shakespeare: Stick Julius Caesar (with a dagger)Adventure, IndiePC, Linux, macOS2/9/2020Paper Shakespeare
Jade CicadaCasual, Indie, StrategyPC4/15/2020 
Virus KombatCasual, IndiePC3/31/2020 
AdaptaTankAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/27/2020 
The Broston SagaAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC4/25/2020 
Feed The HorsebearAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC4/2/2020 
Corona Virus Survival: Covid19Casual, IndiePC4/1/2020 
Bumble ButtAction, Casual, IndiemacOS, PC4/30/2020 
space vanguardAction, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, StrategyPC4/30/2020 
loathe the gameCasualPC4/10/2020 
Phoenix StrikeAction, Casual, IndiePC1/25/2020 
Hero must die. againActionPC, PlayStation 42/26/2020Space Prostitutes Must Die!
Seven Horns From TiltAction, Adventure, Casual, IndiePC3/29/2020 
NeonFlightCasual, Indie, SportsPC2/26/2020NeonFlight
SpinZapAction, Casual, IndiePC5/1/2020 
Sea-explorerAdventure, Indie, RPGPC4/26/2020 
Master Of DodgingAction, Casual, Indie, RPGPC4/11/2020 
The King’s MagicAction, Adventure, IndiePC4/15/2020 
Bat of DeadAdventure, IndiePC4/15/2020 
VilundiaCasualLinux, PC3/5/2020 
Boom Stick – DemoAction, Indie, Early AccessPC2/29/2020 
City DefenderAction, Casual, IndieWeb4/20/2020 
Bounty For SharksAction, IndiePC1/12/2020 
Pixie MoonsAction, CasualPC4/10/2020 
Apocalypse Age: DESTRUCTIONAction, Adventure, IndiePC3/23/2020 

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