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Picking the correct web hosting service appears to be an overwhelming assignment with so numerous specialized terms to handle and several admirers to browse. Would it be a good idea for you to go for a sharing hosting provider? Or just having a landing page? What amount of band width do you truly require?

shared hosting

Here is the list of  the best hosting services in each category alongside various pro facilitating administrations, at that point give some extra data to assist you with selecting the best.

  1. Bluehost web hosting –overall Best web hosting service providers
  2. Hostgator –offering Best shared web hosting service
  3. Hostinger–One of the Best cloud web hosting services
  4. Inmotion – Best in reselling web hosting
  5. Hostwinds – A dedicated web hosting service provider
  6. Dreamhost –one of the best email hosting service providers.
  7. GreenGeeks –A bit unique service hence the best green hosting service provider.

Bluehost web hosting:

While the rivalry is ferocious, Bluehost keeps on intriguing in pretty much every viewpoint, conveying the best package of speed, security, flexibility, and, in particular, heavenly unwavering quality for just $3.75 every month.

Hostgator Web Hosting service:

Hostgator will astonish you with a restrictive offer that conveys probably the best-shared web hosting service that is seen for quite a while, with a large number of features like domain names, SSL certificates, and earning money from just $2.64 every month. It is a really amazing service.


Cloud hosting is another humming service and Hostinger is the best among all with its great features. T offers boundless sites, unlimited email accounts, and great packages of other features in addition to plenty of different gadgets, it’s definitely valued too at $9.99 per month. Yet no doubt best cloud hosting service that will amaze you with its unbeatable packages and features.

Inmotion Web Hosting:

Imotionis a well-known web hosting service that has been doing business for more than 15 years, with a great package of plans which offer reselling of hosting as well.

All plans incorporate helped set up and relocation, particularly valuable for those migrating from the other hosting services. Furthermore, you won’t have to stress over the server side becauseInMotion deals with all these issues for you. That’s why it is considered one of the most popular web hosting services.

Hostwinds web hosting service:

Hostwindoffers a great range of dedicated servers with extra powerful configuration setup for types either general or heavy and complicated sites which makes them ideal for facilitating everything from organization sites to gaming sites.

They offer a great variety for the users. You will have options for the customization according to your requirements.


Dreamhost is basically an email hosting service. It is one of the best email hosting services which offers a great variety of features to make your communications more fast and effective.

Dreamhost provides 25 GB of free storage for its users and you can sync your emails on your devices like mobiles as well as on desktop PCs. Moreover, you will get access to free webmail software as well. In short, it makes your site more professional by offering an email with your domain name.


It is a unique service with the promise to green energy web hosting which is carbon reducing. Even though, it is not much popular among webmasters and web owners as it offers average features for webhosting. Yet they have a good variety of attractive packages like database, unlimited websites and emails, shared SSL, free domains and much more. GreenGeeks is not only echo friendly but it has good variety of web hosting packages that can be helpful in developing a professional website.

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