BuzzSumo: Your Content Research Companion

BuzzSumo: What it does

Buzzsumo is an effective online tool that you can use to search for content specific to a topic, with the tool ranking is based on its popularity. It also lets you find influencers related to specific topics in close vicinity your area, tracks brand mentions as well as backlinks, etc. etc. All the functionalities BuzzSumo offers are the perfect tools for a marketer to sharpen their focus and give them a direction to expand their business.

BuzzSumo is a terrific option for anyone on the lookout for an efficiently performing content-research tool. It features four plans, beginning from $99 per month and ending at $499 per month. It offers a free trial for seven days so you can check it out before going ahead and subscribing to its services.

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Making the most of BuzzSumo

Below are some ways you can get the most value out of BuzzSumo.

Adding Google Keyword Planner into the mix

Before starting with BuzzSumo, you may do some keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner. You can do this by searching for keywords you are considering using in your writing content and have a look at how many people have actually looked up those keywords.

Uncovering popular content

After you have decided all your keywords, head on over to BuzzSumo and put them in to see the most shared content related to those keywords.

Examine the most shared content and write a piece of content that is comparatively better to it. The content should at least be fresher and more detailed. If it is done properly, it will give your content an edge over the older one. When you are happy with how your written piece has come out, share it, and promote it.

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Sharing gripping content with your followers

If you happen to plan on sharing something on Facebook and do not know how; go to BuzzSumo and search up a topic relevant to your business. After this, choose Facebook to sort the results so that the content carries the most Facebook shares. This will give you an idea of where to start.

Sharing with fellow content creators

Once you have established your own distinct style in content writing, you can promote it using social media.

 If you find creators with a content style or niche similar to yours, you can consider reaching out to them about your content. Buzzsumo finds you the most popular people who have shared their content.

It is a great idea to utilize social media to get your content shared and spread around. One thing to consider, however, is that if you wish to rank high for the keywords you are going to target, build up your links from prominent sites.

Looking for good content writers to lighten the workload

If you find writing all the time tedious, you can always get help. BuzzSumo specifically features a search specific to authors.

You can go about doing this by finding content specific to your niche with a considerable number of shares. You will find the author’s name or pen name in BuzzSumo’s search results. You can reach out to them and ask them if they would be interested in writing content for you.

Checking for competition

BuzzSumo, besides showing you the most shared content relevant to a topic, shows you the highest performing content too. It can either be for your domain or even your competitors. You can take this opportunity to see how your competitor is doing by finding out:

  • The content authors
  • Their top-performing work
  • Their least successful work
  • The websites with links to their top-performing works

You can use this information to work harder and, better yet, outdo them.

Turning on content alerts for articles that are trending

BuzzSumo allows for its users to use their content alert features. You can turn on content alerts for your sole name, your brand name, or even your competitor’s name.

These alerts are more thorough when compared to other alert systems and they are also efficient as they notify you as quickly as possible after the appearance of a link. They sometimes even arrive within an hour.

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