Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is one of most popular and fun games. Many of its fan get edict to play it. It is an entertaining and fun game that people of every age love to play it. It is popular among children, teen agers, gown ups and even in elderly people and not only good for entertainment but is a way of relaxation in stress and depression. Many people play and forget their worries for some moments.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is free to play yet there are some features or extensions that may require a purchase. For example, if you need extra moves or lives then you have to pay for it. In other words, Candy Crush Soda Saga is a free game but may require some in-app purchases.

What is Candy Crush Soda Sage?

It is a game in which you have to crush the candies that release soda when these are crushed. So, a player who is playing Candy Crush Soda Sage has to swipe the soda candies. You can swipe the candies in all directions or in any direction but if a direction is blocked then you are bound to choose one. Here are some common tips to play Candy Crush Soda Sage.

  • You need to find the sets of similar candies with similar colors.
  • The set minimum should have three candies or may be more. It means when you are going to swipe a candies it should match in a color and shape.
  • The candies in a set should be in a particular sequence.
  • You can swipe the sets of similar candies that are in a sequence, in any direction.
  • When you swipe, all the candies in a set get crushed and new candies appear on the puzzle board.

Whenever you start playing, you are assigned a target. When you successfully achieve a target then the next level gets unlocked and you play that in the same way. In each level you will be assigned a new target. As you complete the levels, you go to the next level that will be more complex than the previous one.

Moreover, you win the bonuses and gifts as well if you are performing well. These gifts and bonuses help you to achieve the given target in an easier way. So, only completing the levels is not enough you need to complete these levels with good rating as well.

After completing the each level you are rewarded with the stars like one star, two stars and three stars. Therefore the performance in all levels also counts more.

One more interesting thing about Candy Crush Soda Sage is that it is an endless game. It means it has no end. The team of developers of the Canady Crush Soda Sage said that it is a saga game so it does not suppose to have an end. Even though there are controversies about it as many people say that it should have an ending but the developer’s team of Candy Crush Soda Sage has no intention to make changes in their plan and are claiming that they will keep it endless because it is a saga game and saga games have no end.

Despite of all these discussions it is an interesting game and people still love to play it. It is popular worldwide because of its flow, way of play and because of interesting targets in each level.

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