Chase student credit card Pros and Cons

The Chase Freedom Student card allows a flat 1% cashback price on every buying you proceed. A Visa card has no yearly fee and has an easily feasible offer. And, if you hold your account in good standing, you can reward for up to five years.

Chase student credit card payment

Chase Freedom Student Credit Card Pros and Cons


  • Good Standing Rewards: Every year, your account is in a good position, meaning it is not overdue or in default. You can receive more benefits for up to five years, so you can probably earn $100 just for obtaining your payments on time. 
  • Automatic Credit Line Gain: If you gain five monthly amounts on time within ten months after starting an account, Chase will automatically reflect you for a credit boost. If you pass for a credit boom, you will not only make more spending control, but you could see an increase in your wealth score since you’ll have more convenient credit overall. 
  • Simple Rewards Program: With the Chase Freedom Student card, you can receive 1% cashback on every investment you execute. There’s no necessity to retain spending categories or initiate bonus levels; you need to use your card to get cashback rewards automatically. 


  • No Initial APR: While it allows a bonus for your first shopping, the Chase Freedom Student card doesn’t hold an introductory offer for shopping or balance changes. 
  • 3% International Transaction Fee: If you drive outside of the United States, spend attention to international transaction fees. The Chase Freedom Student card debits 3% on every investment you execute outside of the country. Those fees can add up over time, possibly costing you hundreds of dollars—peculiarly, if you are doing a season internship or a study-abroad detail. If you plan on driving outside the country, think of applying for a credit card that doesn’t credit an international transaction fee. 

Chase Freedom Student Card Bonus

While largest credit cards need you to pay a specified amount to pass for a bonus, the CFS card is different. You’ll get some amount of reward when you make your first investment if you do it within three months of beginning your account.   

Rewards Earning Details

The Chase Freedom Student card has a smooth rewards formation: You can receive 1% cashback or reward on each investment. 

Rewards Redemption Details

You can redeem your bonuses for cash, gift, trip, and even give for transactions with your profit at preferred retailers. 

You may get rewards: 

  • Cash, gift cards, and travel: here, you may get $0.01, so 100 points is equivalent to $1. 
  • Purchases through ChasePay: Each point deserves $0.008, so 100 points are equal to $0.80. 

Transferring Points

The Chase Freedom Student card permits you to shift your points to another Chase card with Rewards, as long as that account refers to you or a member of your family.

Standard Advantages

The Chase Freedom Student card allows the perks that are reasonably convenient for a student credit card: 

  • Purchase protection: 
  • Extended warranty protection: 

Security Features

The Chase Freedom Student card holds some necessary protection features that are conventional for card issuers:

  • Zero liability protection
  • Fraud protection
  • Lock/Unlock

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