Color Picker For Background Or Image, HEX & HTML

In this article, we will talk about the color picker tool that is used for background color or change background image through just choose color code. some websites use this tool for theme marketing purposes where you just change the color and the whole theme color will change as you drag colour wheel.

Color Picker For Background Or Image, HEX & HTML

There are many ways you can change color for all sections of the website or a specific section of the site. We will talk about all the possible things which we can describe here.

What is the color picker?

The online color picker is a drag and drops input box where you can select a color and put the HTML Color Code through site inspect element or photoshop or available online tools. Here you get HEX color code, RGB, and HSV code to use anywhere.

It will look like below shared screenshot, where you can see a box that has a number of color shade and wheel. You need to move the wheel to change color.

Color Picker For Background Or Image, HEX & HTML

Picker color code examples

In the below list you can select the color to use in your site or change that color by online tools as you need. Some online website name we have mentioned below that has the best color picker tool.

color picker

List of the site for color code

  • w3schools
  • htmlcolorcodes
  • developer.mozilla
  • photopea
  • adobe photoshop

Background Image

you can also use a background color image or different section on your site part in the background HTML section. The partition of the section will help you to set a website background in mobile devices.

here you are taking some examples of background images where you will get the different styles to set website body or login panel background.

background image
background color in html
background transparent

You can set these background images using CSS color and set different CSS text colors for the above panels to make attractive. The below code you can use for this:


<p style="background: #000000;color:#ffffff">Some text ...</p>


<p class="backcolorimg" >Some text ...</p>


<p class="backcolorimg" >Some text ...</p>

Background Image HTML

you need to use IMG tag for image HTML or you can use CSS as we above shared to show the image. The IMG tag is:

<img src="pic_1.jpg" alt="image 1">

<img src="pic_2.png" alt="image 2">

<img src="pic_3.gif" alt="image 3">

Here image alt tag is a very important attribute that use to tell bots what image we have added here and why. You should try to add your page title in alt because that will also be used in the SEO of the website.

Background Transparent

If you don’t want to use any image or background color, you can use a transparent background in style or inline CSS. If you used an image tag then you can’t add any transparency but you can make overlay to hide. There are many restrictions that come to make transparency. You need to add “display: none” to hide images but this is not a good way to do your work.

Add transparancy with below code:

.dfsd {
  background: rgba(76, 175, 80, 0.3) /* 30% opacity for Green background */

<div class="dfsd">some text...</div>  

Use opacity For Background Class:

.dfsd  {
  margin: 60px;
  background-color: #ffffff;
  border: 1px solid #ccc;
  opacity: 0.5;


Here we will tell you about all thing which is related to the background color, images, HTML, or more. The all of thins is important in the color picker, if you have any question you can comment below so, you can get the answer on it or you can find our one more article for the pink background that will give you more idea about background things.

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