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We are getting many comments from our visitors regarding how to create and delete database/tables from phpMyAdmin from Bluehost login cPanel. Here we will talk about steps on related topics. As other web hosting company servers phpMyAdmin work the same as Bluehost Cpanel works but have just a bit different process.

Bluehost cPanel login account

The users who are looking into Bluehost cPanel may get an issue first time so. they should read this guide carefully first then move for deleting or creating database/tables on there.

Here are the steps we need to follow

  • Create or Delete Database
  • Create or Delete Database User
  • Define User Privileges

Bluehost cPanel login account

Create a Database

bluehost database phpMyAdmin
  • Login in to your Bluehost account.
  • Find the advance section in the left hand.
  • Now under the Database section, you will able to select MySQL databases.
  • Then you need to fill the new Database name.
  • Now Click on the Create Database button.
  • then Go Back.
  • The database has been created and will appear in the Database section.

Delete a Database

  • Login into your Bluehost account with the same process as you used previously.
  • Under the Database section, select your databases.
  • Now click on the Delete Database link next to the database you want to delete them with double make sure.
  • Now your Cpanel has one more database space to create a new one.

Create Database User

bluehost add new user phpMyAdmin
  • Under the Database section, Go into the MySQL user section with “Jump to MySQL Users”.
  • Now here you can Add New User with their enter a username.
  • You may found validation for the username letters, you should follow them.
  • Enter a password for the respective user in the Password field.
  • You can use generate the password with the help of the “generate password” button for a strong password.
  • Click Create User.

Delete Database User

  • Make sure you are not Login into the Bluehost account control panel.
  • Under the Database section, you have the authority to select MySQL databases.
  • After selecting the database you are able to delete them but double make sure you are on the right user if you have more than one database linked with different users.
  • Now click on the red “X” icon next to the user you wish to delete.

Define User Privileges

  • After creating a database and user, you need to go to the privilege section in the Database section.
  • Now in the Add User to Database drop-down select a user.
  • After that from the Database drop-down, you need to select the database to allow the user access.
  • Now click on the “Add” button.
  • From the next screen, you can select the privileges you want to grant the user for the selected database or for default select ALL PRIVILEGES for full permission.
  • Now click the “Make Changes” button to Complete.

The above step will ready your database and user to work with each other. You can re-assign the user or database as per your need. For more questions, you can comment on us in the comment section. Hope this article will help you to create or delete user from phpMyAdmin.

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