Electricity Questions

We provide electricity practice exercises, instructions, and a learning material that allows learners to study outside of the classroom. We focus on electricity skills mastery so, below you will get all questions that are also asking in the competition exam beside that classroom.

Electricity Questions

List of electricity Questions

Question NoQuestionsClass
1Fill in the blank.
The heat generated in calorie is equal to
A. ( V I t )
B. ( (V I t) / 4.2 )
C ( cdotleft(V^{2} R tright) / 4.2 )
D. ( V I^{2} t )
2An electric heater converts electrical
energy into:
A. chemical energy
B. heat energy
c. muscular energy
D. none of the above
3Heating effect of current is due to
A. flow of voltage through the conductor.
B. flow of current through a conductor
c. both ( A ) and ( B ).
D. neither A nor B.
4A ( 5.0 A ) current is setup in an external
circuit by a ( 6.0 mathrm{V} ) storage battery for 6.0
min. The chemical energy of the battery is reduced by
A ( cdot 1.08 times 10^{4} J )
B . ( 1.08 times 10^{-4} J )
c. ( 1.8 times 10^{4} J )
D. ( 1.8 times 10^{-4} J )
5Electrical work done per unit time is
A. electrical energy
B. electrical current
c. electrical power
D. electrical circuit
6When a current flows through a conductor, its temperature
A. increases
B. decreases
c. remains same
D. may increase or decrease
7On which factors does the heat
produced depend when the current is flown through a conducting wire and explain it.
8In any electric circuit, when the switch is on and the current is flowing through it why do the wire, switches, bulb or devices in the circuit become hot?
A. Because of the heating effect of electric current
B. Because of the magnetic effect of electric current
c. Because of the luminous effect of electric current
D. None of these
9A steady current ( I ) flows through a wire
of radius ( r, ) length ( L ) and resistivity ( rho )
The current produces heat in the wire. The rate of heat loss in a wire is
proportional to its surface area. The steady temperature of the wire is independent of
A. ( L )
B. ( r )
c. ( I )
10Which of the following will produce maximum wastage of electricity?
B. Electric bulb
c. LED lights
D. All are power savers
11Why CFL is better in comparison to bulb
( ? )
A. Because bulb produce heat which results in wastage of electricity and CFL saves electricity.
B. Because bulb produce heat which results in production of more electricity than CFL
C. Because CFLs size is bigger than bulb
D. Because CFL produce heat which results in saving of electricity.
12One megawatt is equivalent to
A ( cdot 10^{2} W )
B . ( 10^{6} W )
( mathbf{c} cdot 10^{4} W )
D. ( 10^{8} W )
13An electric bulb is marked ( 100 mathrm{W}, 230 mathrm{V} )
If the supply voltage drops to ( 115 V ), what will be the total heat and light energy,
total liberated by the bulb in 20 minutes?
14What is CFL?
A. Compact Fluorescent Lamp
B. Compact Fluorescent Lamina
C. Complete Fluorescent Light
D. Controlled Fluorescent Light

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