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In this article, we have content for escambia county school district to let them know about it and get pros and cons of reading or teaching or visiting. The school schedules lots of events, and programs to their students and teachers we will discuss about all at below escambia county school district each section.

Escambia County School District


This includes the overall scheduled operations like school meetings, holidays for employees, workshops, board meetings, and more. With this calendar, you can find current operations and what date you can join your aim meeting. You can also set this calendar to monthly or weekly to get all events on a specific date. This calendar comes with a google calendar so, you can copy that with your google calendar login. This below you will get add link for a google calendar invite.

Escambia County Directory 

If you are looking to get all links of escambia county school district where you can find links for your respective page, this page will help you and let you know if no such file or directory page exists on the site.

The page has Accounting Operations, Education, Mathematics, Employment, Purchasing & Business Services, Employee Wellness, and a direct link to connect the respective page.

Alternative Education Program

The alternative education duties include alternative employment programs, law schools, TeenAge Parent Program, and educational elements in Juvenile Justice Facilities. These sections include many popular and off-campus plans that provide alternative educational strategies for students from the Escambia County.

Behavior Education Support Team

The role of the BEST is to help teachers and school faculty as they give a continuum of behavioral supports to scholars in the least prohibitive setting. This includes area and school-wide behavioral education, skill improvement, and help for building level Performance Coaches, classroom meetings, and direct support to specific units.

Driver’s Education

The driver Education plan is meant to educate teen drivers on the road rules and assist them in becoming safe drivers to obtain the essential driving abilities to qualify for and pass the road driving test and, conclusively, get a driver’s license. The program is the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles Driver Education License Assistance Program, guaranteeing that novice drivers are being educated on State conditions. The course delivers novice drivers’ knowledge under certified DELAP adult guidance and security by regularly introducing novice drivers to more challenging driving situations.

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Elementary Education

The Escambia county school district has a lot of education sites and elementary education program that can be list as below:

  • A.K. Suter Elementary
  • Bellview Elementary
  • Beulah Elementary
  • Blue Angels Elementary
  • Bratt Elementary
  • Brentwood Elementary
  • C.A. Weis Elementary
  • Cordova Park Elementary
  • West Pensacola Elementary
  • Ensley Elementary
  • Ferry Pass Elementary
  • Global Learning Academy
  • Hellen Caro Elementary
  • Holm Elementary
  • Jim Allen Elementary
  • Lincoln Park Elementary
  • Longleaf Elementary
  • McArthur Elementary
  • Molino Park Elementary
  • Warrington Elementary
  • Montclair Elementary
  • Myrtle Grove Elementary
  • N.B. Cook Elementary
  • Navy Point Elementary
  • O.J. Semmes Elementary
  • Oakcrest Elementary
  • Pine Meadow Elementary
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary
  • R.C. Lipscomb Elementary
  • Scenic Heights Elementary
  • Sherwood Elementary

You can also search for that program and get more idea about such educations. 

Escambia County Public Schools Foundation

The purpose of the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation is to improve learning by spending in children’s future to guarantee they certify on time. 

They identified as the district-wide learning foundation for public schools and collaboratively with school managers to discover how and where private-sector investment and missionary engagement can significantly influence student progress.

Donations can improve Rewards for Excellence for schools, academics, and scholarships for deserving undergraduates.

It is the same as the number of people who think about how to donate clothes near me clothes so, that can be useful for poor people who don’t have money to buy and deserve it due to family situation. You can donate for education to help those students who deserve education but are not worthily capable of getting them. 

School Board Members

This section includes the board members name and contact information with statewise contact details. Right now board members of five persons are:

District 1

Kevin Adams, Vice Chairman

District 2

Paul H. Fetsko

District 3

Dr. Laura Edler

District 4

Patty Hightower

District 5

Bill Slayton, Chairman

To get more contact information you need to visit the site.

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