Facebook Video Downloader Saved Videos On Device

Today we will talk about the top site that is allowing you to download videos through Facebook Video Downloader. The site is growing as Facebook is growing because day by day Facebook putting steps into business and videos are making part of it. A number of people have questions, Facebook doesn’t provide any option to saved videos on Facebook so, how they can able to do it.

Facebook Video Downloader Saved Videos On Device

We are going to tell you about some websites that will give you all possible authority to download your videos on Facebook.


The website will give you a URL search panel where you will add your video URL and click on the download button. It will search for a video on Facebook without any permission issue and download it for you. for this you need to follow the below steps:

  1. On your Facebook account or another facebook account they give authority to you to get their video feed or Right Click giving video URL, take it.
  2. Now go to FBDOWN.net and paste the URL in the search box.
  3. Click on download to move to the next step to set the video quality to start downloading the video.

The site also provides a chrome extension for their users to use direct click through the top browser button and download the current video. The site updated (v6 version) the extension recently and made the following changes.

1) Support the new theme and Watch the feed of Facebook.
2) New formats are introduced in downloadable format.
3) Videos without audio issue has been fixed.
4) New brand interface and more.

The site also allows you to Download Private Facebook Videos on any device. Some steps include in this process.

1) Right Click and Copy the Video URL of the video.
2) Now need to download & install the Private Video Downloader and paste the link in the search box then click Next.
3) Now copy the newly generated link & paste it into PVD and click on download.


Getfvid is the most useable tool to convert online videos from Facebook to mp4 or mp3 versions. It also allows you to download the converted video on your computers, tablets, mobile, and iPhone devices. To download and convert the video you just need to put it in the search box same as the above website and it will show you the available video format to download.

You can use this website without any registration or login into the system. The website doesn’t store your content or video on their website.


The site offers Facebook Video Downloader, Twitter Video Downloader, and Instagram Video Downloader tool. Here you will get a separate section for each video download in HD or 4k quality. The site also provides many other tools. To get more information you can visit this website.

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