Find And Set Up My Device, iPhone, Android TV

Today we will talk about the solution of “how to find or set up my device” that is the problem of all new users who are looking to set new device, android tv, or building a remote connection.

set up my device

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We are talking about three types of issue:

Set Up The APP On Device

To solve this issue you need to follow the below points:

  1. Download and install the app On your phone from the Google Play store or their business store app. you can follow the instructions that are given by the website or store to install or to set up an account.
  2. Put in pairing mode, press and hold the middle button until it vibrates three times.
  3. The app will allow you to connect and set up with your Hybrid Smartwatch process.

Set Up Device To Track Phone

There are several apps and devices are available to track your phone remotely. Google provides the service to find my device that is one of the most convenient services. In addition, some app or tracking services for locating your phone provide you the facility to remotely lock, or erase the data if your device goes missing or stolen.

Install and enable Find My Device Service or APP

If your device doesn’t have a pre-installed Find My Device app, you can download it from the Google Play Store or respective company website. Some of the running android devices are eligible for such kinds of pre-installed services.

track my iphone device

To install google services, you will have to log in with your Google account and then click on the install app. Some of app or service requires location access to run services to show you a highlighted map with your phone’s location.

Track your phone with ease

If you want to track remotely your device, you need to write in a Google search with the query, “Find my phone” or “Find my iPhone” to start tracking.

find my iphone google

If you set up a phone lock then you will be able to ring so, it plays a deep sound that does not matter your phone is in silent mode. This is a very useful trick if you have misplaced your device inside your home. Nowadays you can also ask Google Assistant to ring your device that is used by many peoples to find their queries and it can help you find your phone.

Apps you can use to find my iPhone

  1. Google Find My Device by Google LLC
  2. Family Locator – GPS Tracker by Life360
  3. Where’s My Droid by Alienman Technologies LLC
  4. Anti-theft security and alarm system by MOSI Apps
  5. Security & Antivirus – Lookout by Lookout Mobile Security
  6. Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security
  7. Mobile Security: Antivirus, Anti-Theft and Safe Web by McAfee
  8. Cerberus Phone Security (Antitheft) by LSDroid
  9. Find My Phone Android: Lost Phone Tracker by Salvilee Technologies
  10. Lost Phone Remotely Access by Appex Valley Apps

Remotely erase data

Since Find My Device or iPhone depends on location services so, if your phone is connected with a Wi-Fi network or using cellular data then finding services will able to track accurate positions. In some cases you have been forgotten to on your location or in some case your iPhone location is not working like battery lost or internet connection lost or it’s been stolen, then the only option you have, you have to remotely erase all data from the device.

The remote erase command will help you to deletes all data from connected SD cards or from phone memory. If your phone is switched off or getting an issue with the command, it automatically drives when the device goes online.

Set Up Android TV

To set up android tv remotely you need an internet connection and a Google account. now you need to follow the below steps:

set up my device

Step #1 – Connect your Android TV

If Android TV is already installed on your regular TV then you need to plug it into an outlet and turn it on if you don’t have android tv, you will need to connect the android device to the TV monitor with the HDMI cable.

Step #2 – Pair your remote

After connecting the device to the TV, select the input for the Android TV device that is compatible with your system and press the source or input. Now You are able to see an image of a TV, a remote, and a timer with instructions to pair your remote. After paring you will get a checkmark to inform you, you are connected otherwise you have to do all steps again.

Step #3 – Set up your Android TV

YOu can take remote on your Android phone or computer from where you can handle your device. If you complete all steps then you need to choose your language before starting the sign-up process.

Hope this article will help you to find your device, set up your device on remote, find your iPhone with the set up finding service, or using a shared third-party finder app. You can join us on FB or telegram to get more knowledgeable news.

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