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The article is for those looking for a book that gives challenge and adventure like stories. The beginning after the end books all Editions includes such challenges and experiences with the Find My Kindle amazon book series.

The Beginning After The End Book

Below, you will get all series of name that will give you the full information of the series. Although with the amazon, you will find more books like the neverending story book, bicycle blue book etc. 

Here we specially added all short stories for book that you will see below with us and hoping the book value per share will increase. The book already make the place in 365 days book selling section.

The Beginning After The End: Divergence

Not every human, elf or dwarf may be equally relevant to me, and this is a fact I admitted long ago. I was here to play my part, to help end this war, but it was not to save world peace or humanity – it was like, one day, I could live a joyful and peaceful life with those characters. I could live the ones I loved and worried for.

Arthur Levine has encountered two lifetimes of difficulty and venture. He has been in the form of a gladiator, a magician, a gambler and a leader. Now their two lives, old and new, will crash, exposing the connection between King and Levine, but at what cost? Enemy forces endangered bordering cities, imaginary jungles and hidden mountain tracks. Arthur may be the last expectation for his people, but when he is obliged to choose between parents and country, where will his duty lie?

The other related book of the beginning after the end (TBATE) parts of a book is below:

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  • TBATE: New Heights, Book 2 
  • TBATE: Beckoning Fates, Book 3
  • TBATE: Horizon’s Edge, Book 4 
  • TBATE: Convergence, Book 5
  • TBATE: Transcendence, Book 6
  • TBATE: Ascension, Book 8

 The book language is English and available for 13 to 18 years reading age children’s. The review rating of the book is very high so, I am sure you will also like this book. The author of the book is TurtleMe.

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