Folate – Vitamin B9 Folic Acid Foods deficiencies

Folic acid is one of the important ingredients that work for blood.  It is a well-known ingredient. Deficiency of folic acid causes anemia as it helps the body to produce new cells. Especially for red blood cells, a suitable proportion of folic is required.

Folic Acid Foods

If you or your child is suffering from a high-level deficiency of folic acid then you need to overcome it by using particular supplements. While using folic acid supplements keep in mind that must take the advice from an expert before getting started because an overdose can increase the risk of prostate and lung cancer.

In the same way, an overdose of folic acid is also risky for heart patients and for those who don’t have stable blood pressure.

So, in short, move to the medication and folic supplements according to an expert’s advice as it can be risky and harmfulfor your health issues. So try your best to control your folic acid deficiency with the foods that are rich in folic acid.

And if there is a minor deficiency of folic acid then you do not need medication or supplements in any way you can simply fulfill it with the foods rich in folic acid. Especially, pregnant women badly need to use folic acid to save babies from birth defects.

Many babies die before their first birthday because of birth defects and 90% of those birth defects are caused by the deficiency of folic acid in mothers. Even many of these babies get expired in the first month of their life. So, if an expecting mother successfully maintains the level of folic acid during the first three months of her pregnancy then they can save their babies from the highly risked birth defects of the brain and spine.

Folic Acid Foods

There are many types of foods available that can help to maintain the level of folic acid in your body. These foods not only help in improving the folic acid level in your body but these foods can help you to avoid the risk of folic acid deficiency.

  • Orange is a fruit that possess a high amount of folate or folic acid. Just taking one orange a day can fulfill the ten percent of daily requirement. In the same way, a glass full of orange juice can contribute more.
  • Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are also very rich in folic acid and add a handsome amount of folic acid in your body.
  • Leafy green vegetables are also good source of the folic acid.
  • Beans, peas and lentils can supply a good amount of folic acid to your body.  
  • Chick pea and kidney beans have a good amount of folic acid.
  • Fortified foods like bread, cereals and pastas also contain a good amount of folic acid.

These are the main foods that can provide an appropriate amount of folic acid to your body. As you can see, these are different types of food with a variety of tastes. You can make a diet chart in which you can choose what to take, when to take and how to take these folic acid rich foods so that you can get the required amount of with the combination of other useful ingredients.

For example, Orange and lemon that are very rich in folic acid also contain other important nutrients that are also the need of your body. In the same way, leafy green vegetables are not only rich in folic acids but also have other vitamins as well. So, you can consume these folic acid foods according to your choice of taste and food. In this way, you can manage to take a balanced diet that is rich in folic acid.

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