Forests: Our Lifeline Questions

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Forests: Our Lifeline Questions

List of forests: our lifeline Questions

Question NoQuestionsClass
1Write the importance of forest.7
2A renewable exhaustible natural
resource is:
A . coal
B. petroleum
c. minerals
D. forest
3What would happen if forest disappears?
A. Flood
B. Global warming
c. Extinction of animal
D. All of the above
4How deforestation will lead to ecological imbalance?7
5Taiga refers to
A. Temperate deciduous forest
B. subtropical semi-deciduous forest
C . Evergreen forest
D. North temperate coniferous forest
6Why are sacred groves highly protected?7
7The key elements that determine
differences in environmental conditions
of different habitats include
A. Temperature
B. Light
c. Soil
D. All of these
8Which one represents regulative
function of forests?
A. Production of wood
B. Conservation of soil and water
c. Production of essential oils
D. Storage and release of gases
9Ram was going through a forest and found many similar plants. What
amongst the given below could be
reason for the observed phenomenon?
The plants are
A. Of many genera
B. Of only one species
C. Capable of interbreeding
D. Capable of crossbreeding. Select the correct alternative from the
A. A and B
B. B and C
c. ( c ) and ( D )
D. A and D
10Trees are known as lungs of forest.
A. True
B. False
11If forest disappear
A. The amount of ( C O_{2} ) in air decrease
B. The amount of ( O_{2} ) in air will increases
C. The amount of ( C O_{2} ) in air increases
D. The Amount of nitrogen in air will increase
12Forest floor is known as the floor for the
animal habitat. Which of the following animals are present on the forest floor?
A. Parrot
B. Snakes
c. Pigeon
D. None of the above
13Write a note on how forests influence
the quality of our air, soil and water resources?
14Percentage of land covered by forests in India is
A . 9-18%
B . 18-27%
c. 27-36%
D. More than 50%
15Which of the following is called as dynamic living entity?
A. Oceans
B. Villages
c. cities
D. Forests
16If someone grew lots of trees close to each other, would this become a forest?7
17Forests take part in
A. Control of atmospheric pollution
B. Prevention of soil erosion
C. Maintenance of natural balance
D. All the above
18A social forest tree is
A. Teak
B. Sandal wood
c. Subabul
D. Rosewood
19( ln 1900, ) the forest cover of the world comprised
A. 2500 million ha
B. 7000 million ha
c. 5500 million ha
D. 1700 million ha
20Which of the following helps the soil to prevent the flood?
A. Forest
B. Animals
c. Fishes
D. None of the above
21Forest is a purifier of
A. Air
B. Water
c. Soil
D. All of the above
22Which of the following shape of the crown is common in plants of cold
A. Conical
B. Round
c. Broad
D. None of the above
23What happens if forest disappears?
A. Climate change
B. Flood
c. Soil erosion
D. All of the above
24In India coniferous forests are found in
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Himalayan region
c. Satpura hills
D. Rajasthan
25Name four categories of people who
depend on the forest resources
mentioning major needs of each
26The consequences of deforestation is
A. Global warming
B. Flood
C. Extinction of flora and fauna
D. All of the above
27Which of the following provides nutrients to the seedling to grow in forest?
A. Grubs
B. Beetles
c. Bacteria
D. Decaying animals dung
28National Forest Policy of India has recommended (i) forest cover for the plains and (ii) for the hills.
( A cdot ) (i) 33% (ii) 67%
B. (i) 67% (ii) 33%
c. (i) 50% (ii) 50%
D. (i) 40% (ii) 60%
29Study the following statements regarding food chains and select the
correct ones.
(i) Removal of ( 80 % ) tigers from an area resulted in greatly increased growth of vegetation.
(ii) Removal of most of the carnivores
resulted in an increased population of deers.
(iii) The length of food chains is generally limited to ( 3-4 ) trophic levels
due to energy loss.
(iv) The length of food chains may vary from 2 to 8 trophic levels.
( A cdot ) (i) and (ii)
B. (ii) and (iii)
c. (i) and (iii)
D. (iii) and (iv)
30Forest is also called as
A. Lung of Earth
B. Heart of Earth
C. Brain of Earth
D. None of the above
31Average per capita forest cover for the world is
A. 0.16 ha
B. 0.34 ha
( c cdot 0.64 ) ha
D. 1.06 ha
32Many forests in Jatray’s village did not
agree to move away their land and forest. Why? They had to leave even though they did not want to?
33The most rapidly depleting resource in the world is
A. water
B. Forest
c. wind
D. Sunlight
34What is petrol combustion? Explain in
your words
35Deciduous forests have
A. Variety of grasses
B. Broad-leaved trees
C. Narrow-leaved trees
D. Variety of crocodiles
36In India, per capita forest cover is
A . 1.06 ha
B. 0.06 ha
c. 0.6 ha
D. 1.6 ha
37Sal and teak is the dominant species in which of the following forests :-
A. Tropical dry deciduous forests
B. Temperate deciduous forest
c. Temperate rain forest
D. None of the above
38Deforestation causes climatic changes.
A. True
B. False
39Which of the following is the branchy part of a tree?
A. Stem tip
B. Apical stem
c. crown
D. Axillary stem
Forest influences local air circulation
and may thus retain solid suspensions and gaseous elements.
Forests control the wind velocity and air
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion
c. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect
41Identify the incorrect statement.
A. Forest prevents soil erosion.
B. Forest influences climate and water cycle.
C. Soil helps forest to regenerate.
D. Plants and animals in the forest are not dependent on one another.

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