Free Web Hosting Best Options For WordPress

In the article, we will focus on free web hosting that is giving us the best options to run WordPress like CMS. Some web hosting companies provide on click option also in the trail or free lifetime version. Using such a web hosting package you can establish your blog site or small eCommerce store.

free web hosting

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As we told you in the title we will focus on free web hosting for your earning site because hosting is a top priority for running any users as they want low downtime. The high uptime increase the value and change to stay there for a long time and the lead conversion changes goes high.

In the below points we will tell you about some web hosting that is best rather than other but it may charge after some time. But if you will go with these hosting companies you will get the best experience.

The first two web hosting we highly recommend to our clients because that gives massive options to up site and backing up a site with other facilities.

We also recommend you, don’t use free web hosting because that is not a good idea for your top ranked website. You can use free hosting services for testing purposes but for living you should use recommend hostings.

free web hosting

Let’s talk about hostings one by one:

Bluehost (recommend)

Bluehost is a top web hosting and we already discussed this web hosting in our previous article. If you want to learn to explain you can read our “Bluehost Login Features, Pricing, and Bluehost’s Support” article. This hosting is also recommended by the site because of 99% uptime and faster than other web hosting companies’ services. The one site hosting setup plan starts from $3.95 per month and you can choose a higher plan as per your website needs. The one more benefit of this hosting is you will get one free domain name with any plan if you go with a 12-month plan.

SiteGround (recommend)

Siteground is the best alternative to Bluehost web hosting and free website hosting. They provide awesome support and known for it. It is also recommended WordPress hosting form who is an officially WP CMS website.

They are offering up to a 60% discount on any package hosting and will be able to $3.95 per month to get started.

The hosting plans include website builder, one-click installer, unlimited email addresses, and more.

Want to learn more on this hosting you can read our “start a blog” article.


This Webhosting is completely free and provide the below configuration in their plans:

  • Disk space: Unlimited
  • Domain hosting: Unlimited
  • Monthly traffic: Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Email accounts: 10
  • FTP accounts: 1
  • MySQL databases: 400

The hosting has a huge option but still, we don’t recommend this website hosting because the hosting doesn’t provide good load time and has higher downtime as per our clients.


The hosting is easy handling hosting and has the below features:

  • Disk space: 5GB
  • Domain hosting: 1
  • Monthly traffic: Unlimited
  • Subdomains: 7
  • Email accounts: 5
  • FTP accounts: 1
  • MySQL databases: 5

With the number of features, it provides limited server space so, this hosting is only feasible for small blogs or business sites. We don’t recommend due to limited space because for proper running a website need at least 20 GB space otherwise, you have to switch hosting after full space.


This is also a free hosting and proving cPanel, Cloudflare, and more. It has below features:

  • Disk space: 1GB
  • Domain hosting: 1
  • Monthly traffic: Unlimited
  • Subdomains: 2
  • Email accounts: 2
  • FTP accounts: 2
  • MySQL databases: 2

Besides that above feature it isn’t able to make trust in their client and has many security errors so, we are not recommending it.


You can go with this website hosting because due to a controversial choice you can’t be ignored this hosting and you can use it for testing purposes. The hosting has:

  • Disk space: 300MB
  • Domain hosting: 1
  • Monthly traffic: 3GB
  • Subdomains: 0
  • Email accounts: 0
  • FTP accounts: 1
  • MySQL databases: 1


DreamHost is another website hosting service provider which is the oldest web hosting company. They are currently handling more than 1.5 million sites on their server. You can go with this hosting because the hosting has a good review but we haven’t tested or got any review yet. We are saying to test due because we have tried to get some information before adding the name here.

The hosting starter plan stat with $2.59 per month and includes a free domain, domain privacy, SSL, unlimited emails, one-click installers, and more.

This is a popular hosting platform and free for one starting year till 3 GB storage. It is also a well-known self-hosted website builder. The hosting gives you a subdomain ( ), access to free templates and a free blog publish section.

Google Cloud Hosting

Google offers small businesses and students hosting plans who are looking to start their business with a wide variety of free website hosting. The hosting includes powerful features that you can’t expect in free hosting.

Some hosting plans are based on pay-per-use and available $300 free credit for new customers to test their sites.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is the top class hosting in the world and also known as AWS powers. The hosting is generally built for big size business for a small website or small business we don’t recommend because it cost is very high compare to other hosts. The server comes with high security and needs to verify before doing any changes.

If you want to know about AWS hosting, then we will let you in our upcoming articles and you need to comment on us in the comments section for this.


You should use only recommend hosting for the best performance or security. if you are using a self-hosting server than you must get extra advantage to explore your business.

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