IVR Full Name, What is the IVR Full Form?

IVR full name of this acronym or stands for Interactive Voice Response.

What Is IVR?

Interactive voice response (IVR) services are provided by all types of businesses and organizations that have customers who are looking to obtain information by phone.

Such a type of service is a computerized phone system that is mostly used by telephone caller. The response is made using voice responses and the system plays pre-recorded voice prompts that come after presses a number on a telephone keypad.

Other IVR Full Form

The ivr full form has number of more option if you are looking for that then you can get from below:

Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Recognition
International Vehicle Register
Interactive Virtual Reality
Intelligent Voice Recognition
Live Picture Virtual Reality world
Inverell, New South Wales, Australia
Immediate Value Returned
Incline Vacation Rental
Idio-Ventricular Rhythm
Iguanamobile Voice Response
Immersive Virtual Reality
Institute for Volunteering Research
Initial Voice Report
Integrated Voice Response
Intramolecular Vibrational Relaxation
Institute for Vision Research
Institute of Vehicle Recovery
Interactive Voice Reponse

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