OPD Full Name, What is the OPD Full Form?

OPD full name of this acronym or stands for the Outpatient Department. The short form refers to the medical field. The outpatient department plays an important role in the hospital.

Those patients considered in this field, who feels unwell. If any type of small injuries done or health conditions not good in the body then the patient should go to visit in OPD.

There are more full forms are available on it. Below are:

Orlando Police Department

OPD also stands for the Orlando Police Department which is accountable for law enforcement of Orlando, Florida. The OPD has over 800 sworn officers and over 150 civilian employees for crime prevention, criminal investigations, and apprehension, and much more delivery of police services.

Orlando Police Department Delivers Enforcement:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Mounted Patrol
  • Criminal Investigation Units
  • Marine Patrol
  • Airport Division
  • Bike and Gang Unit
  • SWAT
  • International Drive Team
  • DUI Enforcement Team
  • Taxi Cab Code Enforcement Team

Object Process Diagram

OPD stands for Object Process Diagram or Object Process Methodology (OPM), which is a conceptual modeling language. The OPM made for the methodology for capturing knowledge, designing systems, specify the function, structure, behavior of artificial and natural systems in a large variety of domains.

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