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Hello Friends! Today we will talk about the best articles writing suitable WordPress theme, Generatepress. The theme will help you to write your content formatting well and give good speed to your blogs. We have made many speed tests with this theme on that we are going to describe the full story below.

wordpress theme free

But before this, I want to ask you one question you.

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Why we choose this theme?

Here you are thinking about, Why we choose this theme name as an article writing a suitable WordPress theme? your question is right because I didn’t belove this theme features before using on our other blogs that have a lot of images and content. The blogs need a fast speed theme and we have tested many but this theme gave us a solution.

The theme has a low number of scripts and stylesheet with optimized code which make theme best in all speed test. The theme is easy to customize with the pre-build customizer section. The section has a lot of options but if you want to customize more that is easy rather then other themes. You can make the best layout for your blog without any customization.

you can also use this theme in woocommerce eCommerce sites for a fast optimized website. The theme code surprised us, how to optimize website speed with a number of animation and jQuery based sites that have a lot of script files so, we can say, The perfect lightweight theme for your next project.

Now we will talk about the full feature details below to know more about this theme.

First, we will talk on focused performance in this theme of wp which builds an eye-catching theme for us and once you will be used, you will like this theme.

User-Friendly Features

Colors & Typography

The theme customization section provides you to adjust the theme colors and typography from the backend. The premium version of the theme has lots of options in this section.

Layout Control

in the free theme, you will get one or two options for control your site layout for desktop and mobile devices but the premium has lots of options like padding, margins, sidebar layouts and much more!

Page Builder Friendly

The in build favorite page builder will work great with GeneratePress as per page layout controls.

Plugin Compatible

The theme is compatible with each plugin and runs only necessary files that you can rest easy to play nice with such a theme.

Hooks & Filters

If you want to enhance your site functionality or want to add more sections, you will get a number of hooks & filters in this theme to manage by function.php of the theme.

Translation & RTL

The theme has over 20 languages so, you will also get full support RTL languages.

Performance Features

Secure & Stable

As we told you above the code of theme independently reviewed their leaders in the WordPress community, and they try to use WP coding standards.


The theme has less script and styling so with the default WordPress it will give you less than 30 KB page HTML in terms of optimization.

Top-Tier Speeds

Theme best part is the speed of the theme so, the clean code makes sure your website runs as fast as possible.

No Dependencies

The theme all section code has been optimized with the tested document so, only needful code will run on a single page that needs so, no dependencies will come, no more render block will load at the same time!

SEO Optimized

Validated HTML, meta tags, descriptions, and optimized images code lightning-fast load times.

Accessibility Ready

Accessibility is the crucial point for everyone for their website. The heme follows WCAG 2.0 standards to make sure when your visitor will browse your website, no issue will come.

Explore premium modules

Although this theme free feature is good and made the whole website as you want but sometimes you need more options because you don’t know about coding and need a backend manageable option for site management. You can go with a premium theme and get below more features.

generatepress wordpress theme free
  • Site Library
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Elements Module
  • WooCommerce
  • Menu Module
  • Spacing Module
  • Blog Module
  • Secondary Nav Module
  • Backgrounds Module
  • Sections
  • Disable Elements Module
  • Copyright Module
  • Import/Export Module

Generatepress Theme Demo

My WordPress Blog 1
free wordpress theme


The has a lot of free WordPress themes but Generatepress is the one among themes that give you full control for small business theme layout and premium for large scale online business. You can get a more paid keyword search tool for meta tags which is provided by theme in well schema structure and increase your blog/article writing & site traffic. You can use Grammarly as a writting tool for your blog.

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