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Google Blogger is a free service that anyone with a Google account can use. Google Blogger is a great place for content writers and developers as well. Millions of people in the using Google Blogger for different purposes; some are using to post their content, some are using to promote their product by sharing information, and so on.

Google Blogger

You can create your own blog on Google Blogger and it is completely free. But you are assigned with a subdomain that you can customize after making a purchase. Google Blogger is an amazing service for everyone.

 How to use Google Blogger?

For using Google Blogger the very first thing you need to have is a Google account. Then you can create your own blog for free about any topic. You will get all features that a professional blog requires like domain name, templates, gadgets, HTML editing, etc. In short, you will have complete access to your blog including analytics and Google Adsense. There is a step by step instructions to create and manage a blog on Google Blogger.

  • Sign in to your Google Blogger account. If you are using a Google account then simply go to apps and you will see the Blogger icon there, click it, and get signed in to your Google Blogger account.
  • After signing in to your account click the option “Create Blog”
  • Then fill in required information like domain name and other info that the blogger is asking for.
  • When you will successfully create your blog you will get access to the dashboard where you will see all necessary features to customize and run your blog. These features include; posts, stats, comments, earnings, pages, layout, themes, settings, and reading lists,s, etc.
  • For writing a post you need to click the ‘new post’ option. There you will see all formatting features for writing a post-i-e font, font size, insert image, links, alignments, and so on. After writing and formatting your post hit the ‘publish’ and your post will be published.
  • From the theme option, you can use your desirable theme for your blog and can customize it as well. Blogger offers a good variety of themes to users. You can upload your own themes as well. There is a template available from where you can get more themes for your blog and can add these to your blog.
  • From the ‘layout’ option you can customize the display of your blog by adding or editing the header, page list, gadgets, about me, archives, and many more. These things are very important because when a reader visits your blog the first thing is the layout and theme that attract them to read what you have written.
  • ‘Page’ options used to add pages to your blog. For example, you have a recipe blog then you can create pages to share additional information like nutrition facts, events, special recipes, and so on.
  • Earning option may do not benefit you in the beginning but once you get established with your blog and are having a good amount of traffic then you can apply for an Adsense account and can display relevant ads to your blog to share your audience with others and get paid for it.
  • Above ‘earning’ you will see the ‘stat’ option. From the stats option, you will get insight into your blog. For example, you will see how many views are you having on a daily basis and which posts are getting more engagement. Even you will see the visitor type and location as well. Such as, if your more visitors are from the USA then it means people of the USA are taking an interest. In this way, you can manage the content on your blog.

In short, Google Blogger is amazing place writers and content creators where they can share their ideas, experiences, and tips or what so ever they want to publish.

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