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Google My Business is one of the major platforms that are free to use and easy to manage. It is an awesome place for business organizations where they can handle their online presence easily. Google My Business offers a useful set of tools like maps and search that can be helpful in managing the online presence.

Google My Business

How to get access to Google My Business?

Getting access to Google My Business is very easy. It is a free platform so you do not need to be concerned about money problems. Follow the step below to set up an account for Google My Business.

  • Go to the Google Business web page and click “Sign in”
  • There you will see “Add your Business” so fill in the required field like business name, business type and location etc.
  • After providing the business info, fill in your contact information
  • After filling in your business and contact info, now get ready to manage the listings.

This is how you can set up your account for Google Business. It is an easy process with great benefits.

Verification of the Business

After getting access to your Google Business you need to verify your business. It is necessary to get your business verified to get certified. In this way, spam and fraud people cannot get access as it is a matter of trust. For this purpose;

  • Sign in to your Google Business account.
  • Click the “Verify Now” option
  • There you will see the options for how do you want to get verified.
  • Select your desired way to get your business verified i-e phone verification, email verification, or postcard by mail
  • After selecting your desired way for verification, you need to fill in the required details.
  • Then, in most cases, you will receive a verification code, you need to put verification and then your business will be verified.
  • Verification through Postcard takes more time, in most cases; it takes a few weeks to receive the postcard. After receiving the postcard you need to put the given code and your location for Google account business will be verified.

While verifying your business on Google Business, keep in your mind that the verification through a postcard is a default verification option. And you must have to verify your location on Google Business especially when your business is having a physical presence.

Claiming the business on Google

If you already have a business on Google my account business, you can claim it as well. For claiming your business there are three options through which you can claim that you are the real owner of a business.

  1. Sign in to your account, find the registered business and you will see steps to get confirmed. Follow those steps; if you successfully follow the steps then you can claim your business as an owner.
  2. 2nd option offers you to locate a listing; if your business location is verified on a business account. Then simply go to “manage these listings”. Follow the required steps and be the owner of your business.
  3. In option 3, simply search your business in Google search and go to the “Own this business?” and get verified after a verification process.

You not need to get frustrated if really own a business. The thing you need is to edit the details; you can edit the details in Google me business. After that, you need to be get verified and then you not only can claim your business but you can manage it as well.

In short, Google My Business is an awesome place for the business owners. It is easy to use and easy to manage.

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