Google Trends: SEO at your Fingertips

What exactly is Google Trends?

Google Trends, in general, is an SEO tool that shows in the form of rankings how often a particular search term has been looked up on Google’s search engine. With this tool, you can easily see the top news searches since the advent of Google’s search engine.

 The website has provided several categories that can be explored by the user. It offers features such as being able to see trends relevant to specific years and being able to compare terms to figure out which is more common. As the name suggests, with Google Trends you can search up almost anything to see where it stands in terms of popularity.

Users can simply search up to five words on Google Trends at once. The results are also illustrated in a graph deemed the “Search Volume Index”. There is yet another feature known as “Hot Searches” that tallies up a list of the day’s top forty searches made in your chosen region.

Normally the data that Google offers are updated on a daily basis. And despite that, Google still forewarns its users of potential inaccuracies that may occur due to several reasons. Data sampling issues can result in said inaccuracies as well as issues with other automated estimations used to yield results.

Entrepreneurs and Google Trends

Entrepreneurs can take full advantage of Google’s SEO tool to give their business a boost. Google Trends is an excellent tool for finding out the periodic trends of the products you want to endorse. If it is a certain niche you want to indulge in, Google Trends can also help with that. Below are the ways entrepreneurs can make use of what Google Trends has to offer.

Entrepreneurs and Google Trends

Keeping your store up to date with respect to seasonal trends

It is common knowledge that when seasons change, trends change with them too. Things lose and gain popularity all year round. You can take advantage of this information by adding items to your store that is selling fast that particular season. You can then continue to grow your business further by adding items that not only complement your store aesthetic but are also a popular item to sell.

Keeping your content fresh

Whether you have a blog associated with your store or are solely a content creator, Google Trends can also help with that. As you already know, you can search up the popularity of a term or topic. You may incorporate a term relevant to your content that is at its peak during that specific time. Using such popular terms will land your content among the top searches, giving your business and/or blog that needed boost.

Utilize the Top Charts section for content ideas

If you are a content creator still figuring out what kind of content attracts people, you can yet again use Google Trends to your advantage. The Top Charts feature comes in handy for the development of content ideas that will bring in more visitors as that is how SEO works. All types of content creators whether video-centric or writers can benefit from this.

Looking at trending keywords can aid in finding out which articles to write. Furthermore, clicking on Explore in-depth next to a keyword gives further information in the form of a summary.

Compare your business to your competitors

Provided that there is sufficient search data regarding your business, you can check to see how your business is doing compared to your competitors and which one of you is getting a higher search interest. This type of “competitor analysis” can help you to target your audience and attract them to your business

Categorize your products efficiently

Confusion can often arise from categorizing your products for your brand. With Google Trends you can compare terms to know which one will benefit you more. An example could be that if you happen to run a business selling makeup products, you might find that “blush” works better than “blush-on”.


Google Trends is a superb SEO tool that is not only helpful to businesses and content creators, the best part is that is free of cost and easy to use. It does not necessitate a lot of technical expertise to use it.

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