Guide Of Kindle Direct Publishing Or KDP

Kindle Direct Publishing is a Book publishing service offered by Amazon. Publishers from all over the world can publish their book on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Kindle Direct Publishing Or KDP

Kindle Direct Publishing offers publishing in three ways; eBooks, Paper pack (printed books), and Audio Books. So, on Kindle Direct Publishing anyone who owns the rights of content can publish the content in the form of a book. All you need to have the original content and copyrights of the book you want to publish.

Kindle Direct Publishing is an open platform and is available worldwide. Billions of users use amazon and if you are going to publish quality content, no doubt it will bring handsome revenue to you with a normal promotional campaign. Mainly, fiction books, cookbooks, children books, and technical or how-to, books are most popular among buyers on Kindle Direct Publishing. Especially, in the audiobook category, fiction books like novels, romance stories, and short stories get more reach.

How to get started with Kindle Direct Publishing?

Kindle direct publishing is the most popular platform among booklovers and readers. Now, the question is, if you want to publish with Kindle Direct Publishing then “how to do it?”  Here are some considerable points that may make your work easier.

First of all, select the niche on which you want to write a book then select the categories within your niche. For example, if you decide to publish fiction books then what will be in fiction that will be offering to your readers? Possible categories can be historical romance or adventure, suspense, and thrill, erotic stories, or anything else that may get reach and arouse the interest of the readers.

After selecting possible niche and categories, you need to plan

  • How these books will written.
  • What should be the minimum word count
  • In which language or languages you want to publish
  • What will be the format of the book i-e eBook, audiobook, or paper pack
  • How do will I promote these books.
  • What will be the minimum budget from starting to publishing and promoting?
  • Content creation for promotion purposes.
  • What will be the price of the book?
  • Discounts or promo codes and vouchers etc.

If you are preplanned are clear with your targets and achievements then it will bring success to you.

How to Publish with Kindle Direct Publishing?

When you are with your book or books then you need to publish it Kindle Direct Publishing. Here are step by instructions to publish your books.

  • Sing in to your Amazon account
  • Go Kindle Direct Publish
  • There you will see the option “ Your Book Shelf”, click that option and you will get access to the “Book Shelf”
  • Enter necessary details like “Title”, and go to “Kindle eBook Action”
  • Go to “edit eBook content”
  • Now upload your book through “Upload manuscript”
  • Now create book cover (You can upload your book cover)
  • Decide or mention the price of your book
  • Enter other necessary details like eBook description, subtitle, if you have, and other required information.
  • Select keywords or tags so that your book can be accessed through search.
  • Now, your book is ready to publish.

After publishing, you have to move to your promotion plan either organic or paid. Try to get reviews from the readers who have read your book. You can get reviews from the team members who have helped you in developing your book. While deciding about price, try to offer competitive price as compared to your competitors who are selling the books with same niche. In this way, you can self-publish with the Kindle Direct Publishing and can earn fame and money through your content.

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