How Do Organisms Reproduce? Questions

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List of how do organisms reproduce? Questions

Question No Questions Class
1 The production of offsprings by sexual or asexual process is called as
A. Division
B. Growth
c. Reproduction
D. All of the above
2 What is the age of puberty in boys and girls? 10
3 Why do girls grow faster than boys at
the age of ( 12 ? )
A. Girls reach puberty earlier than boys.
B. Boys reach puberty earlier than girls.
C. Girls normally take in more proteins at the age of 12.
D. Boys normally consume less food.
4 How the adolescents gets safe and
nurturing environment?
5 During growth period, many adolescence get excessive growth,
resulting in to a symmetrically giant body. Why it happens so?
6 Write the features or characteristics of
types of reproduction
7 Choose the correct sequence of events
occur in human reproduction.
A. Gametogenesis ( rightarrow ) gestation ( rightarrow ) insemination ( rightarrow ) fertilization ( rightarrow ) implantation ( rightarrow ) parturition
B. Gametogenesis ( rightarrow ) insemination ( rightarrow ) gestation ( rightarrow ) implantation ( rightarrow ) fertilization ( rightarrow ) parturition
C. Gametogenesis ( rightarrow ) insemination ( rightarrow ) fertilization ( rightarrow rightarrow ) implantation ( rightarrow ) gestation ( rightarrow ) parturition
D. Gestation ( rightarrow ) gametogenesis ( rightarrow ) insemination ( rightarrow ) implantation ( rightarrow ) fertilization ( rightarrow ) parturition
8 Very short answer type:
State one advantage and one disadvantage of cleistogamy.
9 Give the significance of fertilization. 10
10 Give a brief account on reproduction in animals 10
11 After attaining the puberty girls develop
A . Low
B. High pitched
c. Deep
D. Low pitched
12 Very short answer type.
Unlike of conventional breeding programme, it is possible to evolve a cytoplasmic hybrid from two different genera using tissue culture.
13 List changes in the body that take place
at puberty.
14 Which of the following statements is
A. Earthworms and leeches are hermaphrodite animals.
B. Young ones of animals showing external fertilisation receive little or no parental care.
C. If the egg is not fertilised, it is thrown out of the body along with the lining of the uterus as menstrual flow.
D. Sex organs in human beings are formed at puberty.
15 Acne and pimples on the face are due to the secretion of
A. Bile from liver
B. Oil glands during puberty
C. Enzymes in the digestive tract
D. Tear from tear glands
16 How do you say boys and girls the age of
17 After fertilization, ovule grows into
A. Seed
B. Fruit
c. Placenta
D. None of the above
18 Your school has been selected by the department of education to organise and host an interschool seminar on
‘Reproductive Health-Problems and
Practices’. However, many parents are reluctant to permit their wards to attend it. Their argument is that the topic is “too embarrassing’. Put forth four arguments with appropriate reasons and explanation to justify the topic to be very essential and timely.
19 Growth rate in childhood is controlled by
A. Thymosin
B. Thyroxine
c. Progesterone
D. Oestrogen
20 Voice is high pitched in
A. Aged persons
B. Adult males
c. Boys
D. Females
21 At the time of puberty, the hormone that
triggers changes is This question has multiple correct options
A. Testosterone
B. Estrogen
c. Adrenaline
D. Thyroxine
22 On reaching puberty, a woman’s ovaries usually release egg each month.
A. one
B. Two
c. Three
D. Many
23 Seed having the longest viability is
A. chenopodium
B. Quercus
C. Nelumbo
D. Eucalyptus
24 As opposed to primary sexual characteristics, changes in secondary sexual characteristics are mostly evident in changes in
A. Reproductive capacity
B. The skeleton system
c. The circulatory system
D. External appearance
25 How does the height boys and girls change during puberty? 10
26 Adam’s apple is a
A. Large developed voice box in males
B. Apple which is eaten by Adam
c. special class of apple
D. None of the above
27 List two reasons for the appearance of
variations among the progeny formed by sexual reproduction
28 The first sign of puberty in female is
A. Breast development.
B. Menstruation.
c. High pitch of voice
D. sprouting of pubic hairs.
29 The link between parents and offspring
A. Gonads
B. Gametes
c. zooids
D. Hybrids
30 It is observed that simple organisms like algae and fungi normally reproduce asexually but before the onset of adverse conditions they shift to sexual reproduction. It is so because sexual reproduction
A. Saves time
B. Is rapid
c. Produces variations
D. All of the above
31 Voice is high pitched in
A. Ages persons
B. Adult males
c. Boys
D. Females
32 During adolescence, the body of a girl does not show which of the following changes?
A. Acne and pimple on face
B. Deep voice
c. Development of mammary gland
D. Growth of pubic hair
33 Hypochondria commonly occurs in adolescents with
A. Perceptual disturbance
B. Late development
c. Physiological aberration
D. Chronic mental and physical weakness
34 Ovules convert into in the
mature fruit.
A. Seeds
B. Fruits
c. stamens
D. All of the above
35 Very short answer type:
List two characters of pollen grains that
favour anemophily in plants.
36 Puberty is preceded by
A. Increased levels of androgen.
B. Increased levels of thyroxine.
C. Increased levels of insulin.
D. None of the above.
37 Larynx is also called as
A. Voice box
B. Sound box
( c . ) Black box
D. All of the above
38 External or accessory or secondary sexual characters first appear in
A. Childhood
B. Puberty
c. Foetus
D. Adulthood
39 Unscramble the underlined words in the
following sentences.
The overgrowth of sclemus in ynxlar leads to the hoarse voice in
adolescent boys.
A. The overgrowth of scmusle in rylanx leads to the hoarse voice in adolescent boys
B. The overgrowth of mulescs in lanxyr leads to the hoarse voice in adolescent boys
c. The overgrowth of lesmcus in xylran leads to the hoarse voice in adolescent boys
D. The overgrowth of muscles in larynx leads to the hoarse voice in adolescent boys.
40 Reproduction is essential for living organisms in order to
A. Keep the individual organism alive
B. Fulfiill their energy requirement
c. Maintain growth
D. continue the species generation after generation
41 Offspring formed due to sexual reproduction have better chances of survival. Why? Is this statement always true? 10
42 Enlargement of ( ldots ldots . . ) causes change in voice in children.
A . Larynx
B. Pharynx
c. Throat
D. Epiglottis
43 The features which help to distinguish the male from the female are called as
A. sex chromosomes
B. Primary sexual characters
c. Secondary sexual characters
D. All of the above
44 What is importance of sexual
reproduction in plant?
45 Changes in growth of children can be determined through
A. Height
B. Weight
c. Both A and B
D. Length
46 Which light is most effective in seed
A. Green
B. Far red
c. Red
D. Blue
47 In girls, the muscles of the body grow more prominently than in the boys.
A. True
B. False
48 In Spirogyra, asexual reproduction takes
place by
A. Breaking up of filaments into smaller bits.
B. Division of a cell into two cells.
C. Division of a cell into many cells.
D. Formation of young cells from older cells.
49 Which of the following flowers are pollinated by wind?
A. sunflower
B. corn and willow
c. buttercup and rose
D. orchid and wall flower
50 At puberty stage mammary glands develop inside the breasts.
A. True
B. False
51 Which of the following is associated with reproduction?
A. Parthenogenesis
B. Fertilization
c. stos
D. All of the above
52 Why do young people get acne and pimples on face? 10
53 Height of a person depends on their
A. Genes
B. Blood
c. Habits
D. None of the above
54 After attaining puberty boys develop voice.
A . Low
B. High pitchedd
c. Deep
D. Low pitched
55 In the mechanism of action of a protein hormone, one of the second messengers is?
A. Cyclic AMP
B. Insulin
( c cdot T_{3} )
D. Gastrin
56 Which of the following statement can be related to puberty?
A. Is never ending
B. Is only for girls
c. Is only for boys
D. Ends at a certain age
57 Adam’s apple is prominent in
A. Boys of any age
B. Adolescent girls
c. Girls of any age
D. Adolescent boys
58 Which one is correctly matched
A. Tears – Excretion of salts
B. Sweat – Thermoregulation
C. Saliva – Testing food
D. Statolith – Sexual attraction
59 Ageing is characterised by
A. Decline in metabolic activity
B. Increased metabolic activity
C. Increased anabolism
D. Increased catabolism
60 How are the functions of the
reproductive organs in human beings controlled?
61 Which of the following options is
A. Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of the same flower-Autogamy
B. Transfer of pollen grains from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another flower of same plantGeitonogamy
C. Transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a genetically different plant of same speciesXenogamy
D. All of these
62 Give two floral adpatations of bird pollinated plants. 10
63 causes pimples in both boys and girls at puberty.
A. Increased activity of sweat and sebaceous gland
B. Decreased activity of sweat and sebaceous gland
C. Inactivity of sweat and sebaceous glan
D. Viral infection
64 Name the mode of reproduction that ensures the creation of new variants. 10
65 Adam’s apple is easily observed in
A. Boys
B. Girlss
c. Both boys and girls
D. None of the above
66 Generally, girls have a …………… voice whereas the voice in boys is
A. High pitched, low pitchedd
B. Low pitched, high pitched
c. sweet pitched, rough pitched
D. None of the above
67 Fertilisation is defined as the process
by which
A. a diploid spermatozoan unites with a haploid ovum to form a triploid zygote
B. a haploid spermatozoan unites with a haploid ovum to form a diploid zygote
C . a diploid spermatozoan unites with a diploid ovum to form a diploid zygote
D. a diploid spermatozoan unites with a haploid ovum to form a diploid zygote.
68 Which of the following statements is
A. Boys will reach puberty at an earlier age than girls.
B. At about the age of ( 12, ) girls will grow more rapidly than boys.
C. At the end of rapid growth, girls are normally heavier than boys.
D. Between the age of 4 to ( 12, ) girls will grow faster than boys
69 Plumed seeds occur in
A. Naravelia
B. Taraxacum
c. Calotropis
D. colutea
70 Name any two copper-releasing Intra Uterine Devices(IUDs). List two reasons
that make them effective
71 A narrow waistline, wide hip and oily
skin are the secondary signs of puberty in
A. Males
B. Females
c. Both A and B
D. Not gender-based
72 Which one is de novo mutation?
A. ( pi times pi rightarrow pi )
B. ( t t times t t rightarrow T t )
( mathbf{c} cdot mathbf{T} mathbf{t} times mathbf{t t} rightarrow mathbf{T} )
D. ( mathrm{Tt} times mathrm{Tt} rightarrow pi ), Tt, t ( mathrm{t} )
73 Differentiate between adolescence and
74 How does the creation of variations in a
species promote survival?
75 As compared to whole body, the head of new born human baby is
A. One-third
B. One-half
c. one-fifth
D. One-fourth
76 What is the difference between direct
and indirect development?
77 With the advancement of age, hair of males start thinning due to
A. Falling of hair
B. Low ATP formation
c. Reduced rate of protein synthesis
D. None of the above
78 At the time of fertilization, sperm head
enters in the egg from
A. Any where
B. Animal pole
c. vegetal pole
D. Lateral side of egg
79 Muscle growth during puberty occurs
A. only in males
B. Only in females
c. In both genders
D. Very slowly in females
80 Which of the following plant had developed an obligate symbiotic relationship with a moth called
Tagetecula, in relation to pollination
A. Amorphophallus
B. Ficus
c. Salvia
D. Yucca
81 Although sexual reproduction is a long, drawn, energy-intensive complex form
of reproduction, many groups of organisms in kingdom Animalia and Plantae prefer this mode of
reproduction. Give at least 3 reasons for
82 During adolescence, several changes occur in the human body. Out of the following, which change is associated with sexual maturation in boys?
A. Loss of milk teeth
B. Increase in height
c. cracking of voice
D. weight gain
83 Accessory sexual characters first appear in
A. Childhood
B. Puberty
c. Fetus
D. Adulthood
84 Very short answer type:
Why are pollen grains produced in enormous quantity in maize?
85 34. How many chromosomes pair
are in a human body?
(1) 24
(2) 19
(3) 22 (4) 23
86 Which of the following pairs are
correctly matched?
a. spirogyra Fragmentatio an –
b. ( quad ) Regeneration Hydra, Planari
and sponges
( mathrm{c} )
Scion an ( – ) The part of the
plant that is
grafted to other
Development of
d. Parthenogenesis organisms
from an
unfertilized degg
The correctly paired ones are given
( A cdot a, c ) and ( d )
B. ( a, b, c ) and ( d )
( c . b, c ) and ( d )
D. a, b and d
87 Which of the following organisms reproduce by the fragmentation method?
A. Rhizopus and Penicillium
B. Hydra and Amoeba
c. Paramecium and Plasmodium
D. Spirogyra
88 Define regeneration and fragmentation. 10
89 Reproduction is the characteristics of
living organisms, but it cannot be regarded as defining property because
A. Asexual reproduction involves only single parent
B. Lower organisms do not reproduce under stressful environmental conditions
c. All living beings do not have the capacity to reproduce
D. For lower plants growth and reproduction are mutually inseparable phenomenon
90 What are the major change significant at the stage of adolescents? 10
91 Drones are specified for:-
A. Collection of food
B. Fertilization of eggs
C. Protection
D. Egg laying
92 Age at which puberty begins in individuals generally is
A . ( 10-13 )
B. 15 – 25
( c cdot 2-4 )
D. 50 – 70
93 What is the transition period from childhood to adulthood? 10
94 During puberty, the testes of boys ……. in size.
A. Enlarges
B. Shortens
c. Lengthens
D. Thickens
95 Define the term pollination. Differentiate between self pollination
and cross pollination. What is the
significance of pollination?
96 In which of the following plant, the fruit is a drupe, seed coat is thin, embryo is inconspicuous and endosperm is edible?
A. Groundnut
B. Wheat
c. Apple
D. coconut
97 Why adolescence is also called
98 In adolescents, acne develops into
A. Males in response to androgen
B. Females in response to oestrogen
C. Both males and females in response to androgen
D. Both males and females in response to oestrogen
99 Give the scientific term used for insect
pollinated plants and one example.
100 The structure meant for the
nourishment of developing embryo in case of plants is
A. Pollen tube
B. Endosperm
c. Both A and B
D. None of the above
101 Name the type of Pollination mechanism found in members of
102 Plants are able to produce fruits with the help of insects as they are
A. Help in aestivation
B. Help in pollination
c. Help to overcome dormancy
D. None of the above
103 During adolescence, an adult gains in height and ( ldots ldots . . . ) in weight.
A . ( 10 %, 20 % )
B. 30%, 60%
c. 25%, 50%
D. 40%, 80%
104 Reproduction, unlike other life processes, is not essential to maintain the life of an individual organism.
A. True
B. False
105 Define reproduction. 10
106 Out of the seven characters of pea
studied by Mendel,gens for three were situated on chromosome number four
(flower position,pod shape and plant height.) Suppose if they were closely situated and were linked then which of
the following rule would not have been discovered or explained Mendel?
A. Law of dominance
B. Law of seggregation
c. Law of independent assortment
D. Law of purity of gametes
107 During adolescence, several changes occur in the human body. Find out the change which is associated with sexual maturation in boys.
A. Loss of milk teeth
B. Increase in height
c. cracking of voice
D. weight gain
108 The stage when the reproductive organs reach sexual maturity is called as
A. Puberty
B. Menstruation
c. Gestation
D. Fertilization
109 Period of adolescence means the
Period between
A . 12 to 18 years age
B. 15 to 45 years age
c. 15 to 24 years age
D. 45 to 80 years age
110 After attaining puberty, the boys develop a voice.
A. Heavy
B. Light
c. Thinner
D. High pitched
111 Leyding cells produce a group of hormones called.
A. Androgens
B. Estrogen
c. Aldosterone
D. Gonadotropins
112 Mark the correct statement for algae.
A. Chlorophyllous, thalloid and complex body
B. Algae shows limited size and forms
C. Reproduce by fragmentation. Each fragment develops into a thallus
D. Most common spores produced are the zoospores that are non-flagellated.
113 What change occur among boys and
girls during adolescence?
114 State whether the following statements are true or false.

Accessory glands like seminal vesicles
contribute to the fluid substance of the
seminal fluid.
A. True
B. False

115 Stage of life between childhood and
adulthood is known as
116 What are the symptoms of puberty?
A. Growth spurt
B. High pitch voice
c. sprouting of pubic hairs
D. All of the above
117 Pollination by bat is called
A. Ornithophily
B. Chiropterophily
c. Malacophily
D. Anemophily
118 Cotyledon of maize grain is called as
A. Plumule
B. Coleorhiza
c. coleoptile
D. Scutellum
119 Which of the following process of maintains the existence of the species
on the earth?
A. Metabolism
B. Reproduction
c. Adaptation
D. None of the above
120 What are the risk factors for
121 Offspring formed due to sexual
reproduction have better chances of survival. Why?
122 The process of propagation of new
individual from the existing one is called as
A. Fertilization
B. Syngamy
c. Reproduction
D. Propagation
123 The most conspicuous visible change that occurs in boys during puberty is
A. Breast development
B. Increase in height
c. Production of sperms
D. None of the above
124 Which of the following is a ductless gland?
A. Exocrine gland
B. Endocrine gland
c. Thyroid gland
D. Pituitary gland
125 At puberty,
A. Thigh bones elongate
B. Skull bones expand
C. Increase in number of bones of rib cage
D. Hip joint grows bigger
126 The human body undergoes several changes during adolescence. These changes mark the onset of
A. Puberty
B. Prematurity
c. Post adolescence
D. Ageing
127 Beer is prepared from
A. Maize
B. Barley
c. sugarcane
D. Grape
128 Reproduction is one of the most important characteristics of living
beings. Give three reasons in support of the statement.
129 Estradiol is known as the
A. Primary female sex hormone
B. Primary male sex hormone
c. secondary female sex hormone
D. Secondary sex hormone
130 Decline in hearing power begins after the age of
A. 50 years
B. 35 years
c. 45 years
D. 10 years
131 Which of the following is a sign of adolescence?
A. Increase in the volume of head hair
B. Decrease in body weight
c. sudden growth of height
D. Increase in energy
132 What is follicular atresia? 10
133 The megasporangium of the angiosperms on maturation gives rise
A. cotyledons
B. Seed
c. Fruit
D. Endosperm
134 At puberty women start producing
A. Sperms
B. Urine
c. Young ones
D. ova
135 The stage during which the body becomes capable of reproduction is called
A. menstruation
B. puberty
c. menopause
D. adulthood
136 Which statement describes human
cells formed by meiosis?
A. They are genetically identical and they become gametes.
B. They are genetically identical and they become tissues.
C. They are not genetically identical and they become gametes.
D. They are not genetically identical and they become tissues.
137 The transfer of pollens from anther to stigma of the same flower is called as
A. Cross pollination
B. Self-fertilization
c. cross breeding
D. Hybridization
138 Pubertal changes in boys include
A. Development of gonads
B. Voice change
C. Facial hair
D. All of the above

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