How does Storyline online work?

Storyline Online is a literacy website for children. It is created by SAG-AFTRA Foundation which is an award-winning literacy site. The storyline is an amazing platform for parents and teachers.

Storyline online

The parents and teachers find many videos and resources that are helpful to inculcate reading and learning skills.  Storyline Online is a fun learning place for children.

Use of Storyline Online Videos

Storyline Online has a great collection of storytelling videos. You can watch their videos using YouTube, SchoolTube and Vimeo Channels. Storyline Online videos have copyrights that are reserved to the creator of books. So, these videos need permissions to use yet children can watch these videos anywhere. In short,

  • You can watch these videos
  • Teachers can use these videos for their students in classrooms.
  • Hospitals can use their videos in their children’s wards/ patients.
  • No one can reuse, publish, or use in their own videos without permission.
  • The use of Storyline Online videos in any program, service, website, or app is illegal.

These videos are easily accessible for parents, public schools and hospitals to watch because SAG-AFTRA is a nonprofit foundation that depends upon donations and funds.

Storyline Subscriptions

As it is known that SAG-AFTRA is a nonprofit foundation that depends upon donations, gifts, and funds, so they do not charge any type of subscription fee. It has a donation option where anyone who wants to donate, can donate as much as he/she wants but no one is bound to pay there.

Subtitle and Closed Captioning

Storyline Online is a platform for children, so parents and teachers need subtitles to make the videos understandable for kids. When a video is being played there is an option “CC” on the right side of the video. This option is used to turn the captions on and off.

For now, captioning and subtitles are available in English and Spanish.

Publishing Books on Storyline

The authors, illustrators, and publishers can publish their books on Storyline Online. The process is simple.

  • Write or create an original storybook
  • The story should have a positive message, healthy wording, and illustrations
  • The story should be long enough that it should take 7 to 15 minutes in reading aloud; too short and too long stories might be rejected.
  • The final decision will be of Storyline Online, you cannot claim to publish it anyway.

The publishing with Storyline depends upon the quality of content. If storybooks compete with the quality standards of Storyline Online then you have may a chance to get your book recorded there. 

Writers Example

Merry is a writer who writes children’s books. When she heard about the Storyline Online, she decided to submit her book there. After a few days, her story was live on Storyline Online.

It is an amazing platform for children literacy. It offers a great variety of storytelling videos. It’s free to watch videos on Storyline Online. Parents and teachers use these videos to enhance reading skills of their children.

Mrs. Bob was worried about her 7 years old son. Her son was not taking interest in reading instead he wanted to play games on his tab all the time. She discussed this issue with his teacher in the Parents Teacher meeting. His teacher advised her to use Storyline Online to foster reading interest.

At the start, she did not agree because she wanted to keep her child away from electronic gadgets as he already was consuming a great amount of his time playing games on his tab.

Her teacher convinced her to use his tab in a healthy way and it would be helpful to increase reading interest as well. After all, she was convinced and started using Storyline Online for her son. After few weeks child demanded his favorite story to read and then within few months there was a great collection of books in his book shelf. This is how Storyline Online help in developing reading interest among children. 

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