How Many Quarts In A Gallon, Pints, Cup Niche To Make Money

In this article, we will tell you about the big idea of a special niche to make money through the on-page sites. You can add a calculator on your page for converting quarts in a gallon, pints, and to find how many quarts are in a cup.

Niche To Make Money

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Are you looking for a guide to creating a small niche with huge traffic? do you want to earn money online or make money ideas?

Niche To Make Money

In this article, we tell you about the top traffic niche that is a search on daily basis. You can get a lot of traffic without making any lots of backlinks. YOu can get a huge response with low Domain Authority(DA) and Page Rank(PR).

The lots of zero backlink websites getting millions of traffic through this niche and generating thousands of dollars without the big investment.

Here is a quick answer to your question about this topic:

convert gallons to quarts,pints,cups and fluid ounces
  • HOW MANY QUARTS IN A GALLON? – 4 quarts in a gallon
  • HOW MANY CUPS IN A QUART? – 4 cups in a quart
  • HOW MANY CUPS IN A QUART? – 4 cups in a quart
  • HOW MANY CUPS IN A PINT? – 2 cups in a pint
  • HOW MANY PINTS IN A QUART? – 2 pints in a quart

Websites Working On This Niche


These sites are working on many calculators that are used to make life simple and save lots of time. The site DA, PA automatically going to increase due to a lot of traffic and getting huge advertisers to show their ads. The sites are making lots of money through Google Adsense and other monetization programs.

Now let us talk on the above shared website where you can get more:


The site is running with 49 DA and 40 PA. The spam score is very less due to no infected backlinks are there so, the site is working fine and serving good services. The site has a converter for Quarts In A Gallon, Pints, Cup. It also has below converters:

  • Gallons to cubic centimeters
  • Gallons to cubic inches
  • Gallons to cubic meters
  • Gallons to cubic yards
  • Gallons to cups
  • Gallons to liters
  • Gallons to milliliters
  • Gallons to ounces
  • Gallons to pints
  • Gallons to tablespoons
  • Gallons to teaspoons
  • US gallons to UK gallons

You can make your niche on any above converter and earn money online sources.


The site is running with 58 DA and 41 PA that is higher than the above-shared website. The spam score is less than with other sites so, google gives more priority to this site and make always on top. The site has a lot of converters like math, banking, wealth, fitness, and more. If we will show you the list of converters of the site you can’t believe, the has 90+ converters that are:

  • Finance Calculators
  • Compound Interest
  • CAGR Calculator
  • Car Loan Calculator
  • Credit Card Repayment
  • Currency Converter
  • Hourly Wage to Salary
  • Interest Rate Calculator
  • IRR Calculator
  • Loan Calculator
  • Square feet to cubic yds
  • Stones to pounds & oz
  • Watts to amps
  • Savings Goals
  • Simple Interest Calc
  • Time Card Calculator
  • Unit Conversions
  • Acceleration
  • Area
  • Data Storage
  • Data Transfer Rate
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Height
  • Length and Distance
  • Liquid Volume
  • Handy Calculators
  • Age Calculator
  • Birthday Calculator
  • Cubic yards to tons
  • Gallons to pounds
  • Grams to ounces
  • Grams to pounds
  • Inch-pounds to ft-lb
  • Inches to cm
  • Kilos to stones & lb
  • Kilos to pounds
  • Liters to gallons
  • Liters to tons
  • BMI Calculator
  • BMR Calculator
  • Chronological Age
  • Cubic Feet CalculatorLoan Payoff Calculator
  • Mulch Calculator
  • Percentage Calculator
  • Pregnancy Calculator
  • Roman Numerals
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Square Footage
  • Steps to Miles Calc
  • WHR Calculator
  • Cooking Converters
  • Baking Conversions
  • Cups to Grams
  • Cups to mL
  • Cups to Ounces
  • Grams to Tablespoons
  • Grams to Teaspoons
  • ML to Grams
  • Ounces to mL
  • Oven Temperatures
  • Margin Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Savings CalculatorsMass and Weight
  • Time
  • Velocity
  • Weight to Volume
  • cm to inches
  • cm to feet & inches
  • Cubic feet to gallonsCubic Yards Calculator
  • Date Calculator
  • Days Between Dates
  • Decimals to Fractions
  • Meters to feet & inches
  • Micrograms to mg
  • Micrograms to grams
  • MM to inches
  • Newton-Meters to ft-lb
  • Ounces to troy ounces
  • Square feet to cubic feetDensity Calculator
  • Fractions Calculators
  • Hex to Decimal
  • LED Savings CalculatorPounds and Cups
  • Quarts to Cups
  • Teaspoons to Grams
  • Teaspoons to mL

You need to give a lot of time to make all but you can choose one or 2 among these and make your small niche to earn money.

Calculateme and Inchcalculator

This is a small niche compared to the above two sites. you can make the same site step by step so, you can get money to enhance the website.


You can make a lot of money through some niches that have huge traffic in daily life. Generally, we though who uses this website but actually inn real-life small things have a lot of change to earn money. Hope you will think about this article and like us on Facebook to get more articles like this. you can comment on us to give your feedback on this topic.

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