How To Earn Money From Facebook Log In To My Account

Facebook is a top worldwide social media and business community. To earn money from Facebook you need an account on FB that is totally free for anyone. For business purposes you have to make a business profile on it so, you can make $100 daily money online through Facebook login. keep in mind this is also a part of the blogging tool because many bloggers use FB page as a tool for finding trending keywords.

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How Do I Set up a Facebook Account?

facebook sign in
  • Go to the Facebook homepage where you will get the login and sign up / Facebook sign in section. You can register wit FB but you have to be at least 13 years old to sign up a Facebook account. Only one email will be allowed to use a lifetime for one FB account.

  • Fill all the required information at the homepage that includes first name, last name, email, password, birth date, and gender.

  • Now click on the “Sign Up” button to get a verification email to the email address you have entered.

  • After verification of a few minutes, you will able to work properly on your Facebook account otherwise you may be blocked by them due to the act of illegal activity.

How Do I Setup My Profile?

  • First, you need to add a profile picture that may show who are you and by that picture, you can identify by your friends, customer, or profile visitors.
facebook user profile
  • The second step will come to add friends for a chat, share, and business relation. You can import people by their name or email through your contact lists, and invite friends.
  • In the manage, your privacy settings block peoples and set other important settings that help you to manage others are able to see your profile or limit sharing. that is an important part of FB so, take some time to set up your privacy.
  • For extra security on FB, you can set up two-factor authentication.

How Do I create a business page?

Once your account has been created and profile setup you will eligible to create your business page. for this you need to follow the below steps:

  • At the top of your profile page, you need to click on the dropdown, here you will see create and choose page option.
  • Fill your desired page name and check it is available or not for you if that will available your business page is 2 steps far.
  • Add a category for your page in which you are targeting your business.
facebook amzdeal page
  • Now enter your business page and fill all required information like online business address and contact information.

  • You can also change the business cover photo which you have for showing to your customers. yours suggest you, your cover photo should have modern look or eye-catching so, it will also help you to increase page likes and followers.

  • Now your main aim is to earn the money from the Facebook page, for this, you need to share daily basis articles, informational knowledge, ask questions, give an answer, upload videos, and share website blogging ideas for your page visitors.
  • Once you have some posts or other things you should reshare.
  • Try to reach your visitor’s problems and solve them ASAP. If the solution is not available at your end then try to give another resource who can solve that.
  • Use respective hashtags for your shared post so, you can reach those users who are not in your touch.
  • More likes and followers will not only increase your traffic that will also help you to earn money through Facebook as we mentioned in the title.


The Facebook page is a must nowadays because that will not only page for your business that will also increase traffic on your website and if your site has affiliate links then it will increase your revenue. You can also share those affiliate links to your page and get direct traffic on your affiliate page. Hope this article you will like and you will go into your Facebook Log In To My Account and like my FB page.

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