How To Share Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is one of the best features of Google Suit. With Google Calendar anyone can easily schedule his or her meetings, events, and plans.  It allows its user to share their schedules with their partners, team members, colleagues, and friends, etc. Once you have set up the schedule on Google Calendar, you will receive reminders by Google Calendar for your events, plans, meetings, or whatever you have schooled for.

Google calendar is basically designed for teams, so it’s more useful for all team members as only you but all those people with whom you shared the schedule for your events or meetings.

Another amazing thing about Google Calendar is that anyone can create more than one calendar that can be used by all team members. These multiple calendars allow you to prepare complex schedule for your organization or team.

How to share Google Calendar?

Sharing Google Calendar is as easy as sharing any other file. Follow the step by step instructions below.

  • Go to the page where you have created the Google Calendar i-e
  • Now you have to select the required calendar that you want to share. You may have more calendars like a meeting, event, person, or for anything else. So you need to select the calendar in Google Calendar that needs to be shared with others.
  • You will see a drop- arrow icon next to the selected calendar. The Drop-arrow button will lead you to what to do next by showing the options.
  • Among options, you will see an option as “Share the Calendar”
  • Then you have to fill in the email address or email addresses with which you want to share your calendar.
  • You will see a drop-down menu on the right side of the screen; from there you can decide the level of permissions that you want to grant. For example, if your objective is only to let the person know about any upcoming events or meetings or you want to allow the receiving person to make changes in the calendar.
  • After deciding the permission level, select the option “Add person”
  • “Save” the changes and now you have shared your Google Calendar successfully.

After doing the process of sharing calendar, the other person will receive an email with an invitation to view or edit (according to your permission level) the Calendar.

How to Control access level of Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is an important feature of Google Suit. It provides different types of access levels or permissions that are helpful in controlling access. These permissions let you decide what type of control you want for yourself and what type of access you want to grant the receivers or other persons. The following options are there to assign access to others while sharing the Google Calendar.

  • Owner rights: It will allow the receiver to make desirable changes and to share with others
  • The next level down: The receiver will be able to make changes but will not be allowed to share it.
  • Restricting Access: If you choose the restricted level the receiver will not be able to make changes or share but he could be able to view event details.
  • The lowest level: At this level, the receiver will not see any type of detail but you can let them know when you are busy or free. In other words, the receiver will have information about free and busy.

Google Calendar is an amazing feature. Last month we had a seminar which we have to postpone due to the unavailability of the chairperson. The invitations were shared with over 150 persons. So, we made changes in dates and shared the Google calendar with all participants selecting the restricted access.

So, anyone can share the Calendar or schedule using Google Calendar with ease and comfort.

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