How To Start a Blog With 20 Minute Timer Stopwatch

Are you looking for a guide to learn how to start a blog for your extra income or building a business online with targeted traffic? Anyone set 20 Minute Timer Stopwatch for you to complete your task then this blog is for you.

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Hi Friends!

My name is the victor and have been working with blog indices for two years. I will share my experience here with you.

Blogindices is here ready to do any help on making your blog successful and has been blogging for over six years on different niches like affiliate marketing, blog monetization, money-making tips, and more.

In India, Hindi writers are looking to increase their blog website traffic. The blog indices will help you in how to write post in hindi in wordpress so, you will able to get the exact meaning of why people look for personal blog meaning in Hindi.

My Journey

When I was learning how to start a blog in 2013, it took me 2 years to get the correct knowledge about writing, how to get free unique content to your blog, and promoting online. You will ask, the reason why it takes 2 years? because first I had to learn about startup blogs to collect answers to my questions. Before that, I wrote a copied content on my website just changing the meaning of some words and use paid hosting without any experience, that was my blunder. I was losing my expectation of ranking & jobs that I had. After a 3 month when I lose everything in respect to ranking and the money that I was earned by online work. My friend who is a good Ranker on google let me about how to create a blog for free and earn money in India and give me, own written Yoast SEO wordpress tutorial pdf to learn about SEO.

The number of free domains for blogger is available but that may not help you to increase your business. You may need to know about how to start a blog and how to start writing content for the blog if you don’t want to do mistakes like me.

You can join me to get beginners book and get an idea about how to become a successful blogger on fashion blogs, hosting blog, and business blogs.

After a two-year experience, I can say I improved my knowledge and collect more information than needs before going to write any type of blog. So I thought about making a guide that will assist you in step-by-step blog development faster and easier.

I would like to suggest you before go read below, how to write a blog or how to start a blog that will help you a lot to increase writing skills.

How To Start A Own Business Blog In 7 Easy Steps

Step #1: Select a blog niche
Step #2: Choose a blogging platform
Step #3: Pick a domain name
Step #4: Get a web hosting account and start WordPress CMS
Step #6: Select a Free WordPress Theme Or Paid Theme to design your blog
Step #7: Write content and promote your blogs

Why Are You Starting A Blog?

Before getting online, you need to get an answer from you why are you looking online platform or why are you starting a blog with your choose niche?

If you will get an answer from you, is it right nic you have chosen and that is blogs to your interest then you will able to grow with your blog or write SEO friendly content for your website?

The right niche can help you increase your followers that will help you to increase your sales for your business or through monetization.

Before starting on any topic, you should explore the topic, niches, or things on which you are useful to write about that topic.

Step #1: Select your blog niche

Select a blog niche

Before write a blog on a self-hosted or blogger platform, you must have knowledge of those niches to get traffic from target readers. In short, niche topics are updated daily or weekly basis in your blogs. Some niche blogs have monetized and affiliate links to make money online. Hope it will take approx 2 minute timer in a stopwatch.

Step #2: Choose self or free blogging platform

In this step, we talk about hosting which is an important factor in increasing rank for any blog. If you will choose the wrong hosting then that will affect your website traffic and rank as well. I would like to suggest you, choose any self-hosted platform but Bluehost login panel is the best and has a good customer experience in terms of Bluehost review. Hoping it will take more 1 minute timer in a stopwatch because I am assuming you have already think about it or not then you may need to read about the below platform. Below we will talk about the free and self-hosted control panel.

Website Hosting Free Platform

Many new bloggers used free website hosting platforms to run their blogs. Free web hosting is a good blog platform such as a CMS site and you can download WordPress in one-click on hosting.

Free hosting has its own rules and restrictions so, if you go with this, you should ready for these restrictions. If you are serious about your blogging niche then you want to get away from free host sites.

Website Hosting Self-hosted Platform

Self-hosted platforms are the fully controllable hosting panel that you can manage according to yourself. Self-hosted cPanels structure and fee are different for the different hosting company. You need to pay according to your filesize, nodes, and available RAM.

Self-hosted panel provides you several options to make a blog design with your own template and access from anywhere.

Huge paid WordPress themes are available with vast functionality for self-hosted host sites. We recommend you, you should have USA based hosting for huge USA traffic.

Step #3: Pick business related domain name

Your domain name will be the name of your brand which is a unique address on the Internet and easily reachable by target visitors. For a unique address, you will pay the annual fee to keep your domain yours. Users will be able to find you from any search engines like Google, Bing, and Bing. It will take 5 minutes to select.

domain name get or cname or domain name search

If you want to find domain name suggestions then the domain lookup websites will help you.

Step #4: Get a web hosting account

After selecting your brand name, you need reliable web hosting services with the best performance. The host support should provide 24/7 hour services to solve your hosting related issues.

According to my experience and bloggers survey, Bluehost and SiteGround is the best web hosting for WordPress to start a blog. It will take more 5 minutes to register with your hosting.

Step #4.1: Start Bluehost for WordPress

here we will talk about Bluehost for WordPress detailed hosting information to help you “how to sign up web hosting account and how to set up a WordPress blog” in a few steps. Find below example with the screenshot:

Get started with Bluehost

Click Here to get started with Bluehost WordPress hosting and click on the “Get Started Now” button from your screen that you can see in the below screenshot.

bluehost login

Select your blog hosting plan

You should start with a basic plan of hosting but if your website as well as gets much traffic or increasing files, you would need a higher plan of hosting. The hosting plan also depends on your business type to start, if the business needs a higher plan then you should buy the same.

bluehost pricing

Choose your domain name

You must select your domain name which you buying the hosting. The domain name will be your primary domain name and hosting will renew with that domain name also if you will get any problem with hosting in the future the primary domain will help to support guys to identify your hosting to start a blog and make it easy to solve your issue.

bluehost domain name

Register for Bluehost and select package

After your primary domain name chooses, you will redirect on the registration page where you will complete the required information for billing data.

The monthly and yearly packages are available but a 12-month/yearly package has the lowest price if you want to make a long term investment.

bluehost register

WordPress Blog is ready to launch

Now, you have been done almost done process for hosting you just need to use one-click WordPress install process in your hosting account using below instructions:

  • Go to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  • Find the ‘My Sites’ section,
  • And click Install WordPress with a one-click set-up option.
  • Now set up your design and layout of the website to go live.

Step #4.2: Launch WordPress blog with SiteGround

SiteGround is the number one hosting for small business to start a blog for beginners. The hosting provides 24/7 hour support services with a reliable amount as compared to other hosting and now getting 99.9% up-time.

In this part, I will talk about “how you can purchase the domain and host from Siteground”.

  1. Click HERE, To Start With SiteGround Plans.
  2. Choose Your Domain name: Pick your domain name as I show you in the above guide.
  3. Fill our Account Information

You have to fill your account information for auto-renew; with card details to purchase your choose domain and hosting plan.

Step #6: Select a free Or paid WordPress theme to design your blog

The blog’s first important thing is frontend design that needs an attractive layout. Search your WordPress Theme Or Paid Theme to design your site. Your readers will take attention if your site’s overall appearance looks good and match their searched content. So you should choose a theme or WordPress plugin design builder that is compatible with your niche. Hoping it will take 7 minute timer in the stopwatch to complete the general setting to start the blog.

Step #7: Write content and promote your blogs

After setting up the domain name, hosting setup, and blog site launched, You learn about how to write blog content or hire a content writer for your blog site. Content will allow you to interact with targeted people.

This is the next step to find out what content you will need to create for your niche. I would like to suggest, You should use the target keyword in your content and those related keywords to increase organic traffic.

Here are some steps to promote your blog:

  • Tell your friends about your blog
  • Submit blogs to search engines
  • Submit blogs to bookmarking sites
  • Be active on your niche
  • Be active on social networks like Facebook
  • Comment on other bloggers blog
  • Guest blogging
  • Start building emailing list
  • Advertising on the web (paid traffic)

Hope this article will help you to start your blog from start to end and you will follow us on Facebook page or telegram to get more updates from us.

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