How To Use SEO SEMrush Writing Assistant In WordPress

Many of our readers are commenting on us to ask about how to write SEO content with SEMrush writing assistant? They asked about Yoast and SEMrush tool difference.

SEMrush login screen

Well, let me told you if you are taking about Yoast then you are adding SEO content and making the website ready for search engine but the SEMrush tool gives you whole information about your write content like how many times you have used keywords and where you need to add headings, etc.

It helps you optimize content and rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

In this article, we will talk about how to use the SEMrush Writing Assistant in WordPress blogging CMS to improve SEO and make better content for your website readers.

What is SEMrush Writing Assistant?

This is the best content optimization tool in the market that allows you to check your website related content and give real-time suggestions to improve the overall writing SEO score.

How Writing Assistant Tool Works?

  • You need to focus on the keywords that you want to involve in content templates based on competitor website top-10 results.
  • It includes those keywords in your article.
  • Improve your content readability score
  • Optimize headline of an article
  • Give article-length suggestion
  • Check for plagiarism on the same page of your website
  • If your website has a multi-author site, then it allows all sites to follow the same SEO across all content.

To use SEMrush writing assistance, you need to make an account on semrush. You can choose free or paid both accounts but the paid account can be used unlimited times and the free account has a daily limit.

How do perform account sign up?

  • You need to go on the SEMrush website and click on the register account button.
  • Now go to your website backend and go in any post.
  • At the bottom of the post Writing assistance section, you will need to log in to the analysis post.
  • We are thinking you have already installed SEMrush SEO writing Assistance.
  • Once signed in with the tool it will ask you to give permission to access your website backend and you need to click on the ‘Approve’ button.
  • Now, your SEO plugin connected to your SEMRush account to move forward.
SEMrush login screen

How SEMRush gives results?

How to use LSI keywords

If you already entered your focus keywords for your site, then you will see them into the list of suggestions. Otherwise, you can make a new list with click on the ‘Create new recommendations’ button.

SEMRush checks your top results with the given keywords to generate a list of related keywords to include in the page content.

Keywords if already have in your article, the tool will show a green background. you can use these keywords into new sections when necessary.

Checking Website Tone of Voice

All SEO experts advise and work on a simple tone of articles but by using this tool you will able to change your content tone as your user and visitor want to listen from your articles.

Search engines give preference to those articles which are to be more engaging and useful for shouters.

SEO Writing Assistant tool changes the article tone if found needful requirements.

Checking for Internal Links

The internal or outside links play an important role in SEO and the SEMRush assistant keeps track of these links inside your article. It will give you recommendations if your page articles need any number of internal links.

Check Plagiarism On Website

Grammarly Premium Login To Unlock Advanced Features

If you are not writing the article’s own and want to heck your hired writers’ content, then you will need to make sure before uploading on your website that the articles they are providing you that is original content. This tool will help you to check your writer content is acceptable for your site and search engine or not.

For a plagiarism check, you need to go on other sites that are providing these options but this toll will check plagiarism on your website to save your time.

Get Perfect SEO Score Article

The overall green score bar of tools WordPress plugin takes into account all the parameters and suggestions. You have to make sure you have done better SEO for good rankings.

Sometimes the plugin will suggest you LSI keywords (supporting keyword for the main keyword), you should ignore those keywords because that may not relevant for your article content.

semrush seo score writing assiatant LSI keyword tool

Tracking SEO Performance

You can track how your keyword affecting your website’s positions in search using seo writing assistant tools. We have already shared a detailed guide on the SEMRush keyword tool for blogging, you can read if you have no idea about this tool.


The SEMRush tool has a lot of tools that enable you to increase site ranking and search engine position. Although this is the 3rd party tool on that we have no control if you have any questions on this tool, You can contact us we’ll try to help you to solve.

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