How YouTube Trends Works And Trending Videos Research

Trending videos on YouTube

YouTube as we know it, is arguably the most popular video platform in the world. It is home to countless creators creating content for their audiences. And with the changing seasons comes changing trends, YouTube’s response to that is its very own Trends section.

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YouTube Trends is basically a section within YouTube that shows you what is happening around the world. It curates videos that are sure to garner a vast range of people who would be interested in watching. Some trends are unpredictable, such as an unsuspecting viral video, while some are sure to make it to the YouTube Trends section as its either a trailer for a big new movie or a new song released by a popular artist.

The YouTube Trending page showcases a huge variety of videos that show the current events around the world. The page generates trending videos with respect to the country the viewer resides in. India, however, has it different as YouTube Trending displays trending videos for each of the nine most commonly spoken Indic tongues.

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You can also watch region-specific videos from another country by changing it in the settings. Video rankings change approximately every fifteen minutes.

How videos get ranked on YouTube trends

The YouTube Trends section shows a limited number of videos and that means the competition for content to make it to the trending page is intense. The videos that are ultimately curated are the ones that are bound to be the most appealing to a broad range of viewers.

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The videos also need to capture what is happening around the world, so the videos usually have an element of surprise or uniqueness. The criteria for videos to make it to trending depends on the following:

  • The growth rate in views
  • How old the video is
  • The total and changing view count of the video
  • Where the views are coming from (and that includes outside of YouTube)

All this data can be extracted by using either Keyword Tool for YouTube or Google Trends for YouTube. The tools provide you with further details including seasonal fluctuations. Understanding search behaviors with respect to the changing seasons can help in the long-term viewership of your videos. Creating popular content will only help in a short-term increase in views.

Utilizing the YouTube Trends Data

If you are a brand, a marketer, or a content creator you should be aware of the current happenings in your country, or your community, or even the whole world. This information will be enough to give you ideas on what content will gain popularity or successfully attract your target audience.

You will always find subjects for videos as something new happens every day in this big world we live in. Tools like Keyword Tool or YouTube provide invaluable data for you to use as a guide to creating new content. This is because the tool will help you study consumer behavior as well as the tastes and preferences of the viewers. The data displays results for current popular topics, seasonal fluctuations, and high-volume keywords.

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Seasonal content with YouTube Trends

Viral videos, while they may sound more promising, more often than not generate short-term views. By studying the seasonal fluctuations of viewers’ search behaviors, you can garner a more steady but sure growth for your videos.

Google Trend’s Keyword Tool can provide data that shows how many times a specific term or topic has been searched. You can choose to change the search results based on the countries that Keyword Tool supports, or even worldwide. The result is in the form of a graph displaying the relative search volumes of the past twelve months.

You may notice that some search terms gain popularity during certain seasons of the year. Once you stop the seasonal fluctuations of a term relevant to your business or niche, you can plan your content beforehand to produce time-appropriate videos.

Make an effort to apply the above strategies to any type of channel or business you are developing, and these will help with the exponential growth of your channel.

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