IFSC Code Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank ,MICR Codes

In this article, you will find the ifsc code andhra pradesh grameena vikas bank ,micr codes. The list of andhra pradesh grameena vikas bank has 788 bank branches. For RTGS, IMPS and NEFT each andhra pradesh grameena vikas bank branch has its own code. The below code will allow you to use andhra pradesh grameena vikas bank netbanking , internet banking, online banking, enet, online payment like services.

Find list of andhra pradesh grameena vikas bank bank code with branch address, city, state:

IFSC Code MICR Code Branch Address Contact City District State
APGV00000SC NA Service Center 3rd Floor, Shekar Aracade, Opp Beeramguda Kaman, Ramachandrareddy Nagar, Ramachandrapuram, Hyderabad 502032 0 Hyderabad Hyderabad Telangana
APGV0001101 532779002 Srikakulam Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 001 9440903916 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001102 NA Saravakota Saravakota ,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 426 9490157001 Srikakulam Saravakota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001103 NA Calingapatnam Calingapatnam 1103 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 406 9490157002 Srikakulam Calingapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001104 NA Jarjangi Jarjangi 1104 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 197 9490157003 Srikakulam Jarjangi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001105 NA Kotturu Kotturu 1105 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 455 9490157004 Srikakulam Korada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001106 NA Seethampeta Seethampeta 1106 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 443 9490157005 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001107 NA Meliaputti Meliaputti 1107 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 215 9490157006 Srikakulam Pathapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001108 NA Baruva Barua 1108 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 263 9490157007 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001109 NA Polaki Polaki 1109 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 429 9490157008 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001110 NA Borivanka Borivanka 1110 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 294 9490157009 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001111 NA Mandasa Mandasa 1111 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 242 9490157010 Srikakulam Mandasa Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001112 532779007 Rajam Rajam 1112 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 127 9490157011 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001113 NA Burja Burja 1113 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 415 9490157012 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001114 NA Veeraghattam Veeraghattam 1114 Srikakulam Dist Pin 532 460 9490157013 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001115 532779006 Kasibugga Kasibugga 1115 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 222 9440903919 Srikakulam Kasibugga Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001116 NA Santhakaviti Santhakavati 1116, Srikakulam Dist, Pin 532 132 9490157014 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001117 NA L.n.peta L.n.peta 1117 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 458 9490157015 Srikakulam Krishnapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001118 NA Srimukhalingam Srimukhalingam 1118 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 428 9490157016 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001119 NA Tholapi Tholapi 1119 Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 413 9490157017 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001120 NA Pundi Pundi 1120, Via Amdvlsa, Srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 218 9490157018 Srikakulam Kasibugga Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001121 NA Nandigam Nandigam 1121,srikakulam Dist. 532 206 9490157019 Srikakulam Tekkali Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001122 NA Urlam Urlam 1122,srikakulam Dist. 532 425 9490157020 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001123 NA Tilaru Tilaru 1123,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 474 9490157021 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001124 NA Santabommali Santabommali 1124,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 195 9490157022 Srikakulam Jarjangi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001125 NA Unukuru Unukuru Panchayat & Branch,palakonda Taluk 9490157023 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001126 NA Kalivaram Kalivaram 1126,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 484 9490157024 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001127 NA Budithi Budithi 1127,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 427 9490157025 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001128 NA Sarubujjili Sarubujjili 1128,viaamaudalavalasa,srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 9490157026 Srikakulam Krishnapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001129 NA Priyaagraharam Priya Agraharam 1129,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 430 9490157027 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001130 NA Kanchili Kanchili 1130,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 290 9490157028 Srikakulam Kanchili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001131 NA Bathili Bathili 1131,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 456 9490157029 Srikakulam Korada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001132 NA Murapaka Kuppili Village And Postmurapaka,tehsilponduru 9490157030 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001133 NA Purushottapuram At & Postpurushothapuram Tehsrikakulam 9490157031 Srikakulam Krishnapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001136 NA Haripuram Haripuram 1136,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 243 9490157032 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001137 NA Krishnapuram At Krishnapuram,postamadalavalasa,tehamadalavalasa. 9490153754 Srikakulam Krishnapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001138 NA Korasavada Korasavada 1138,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 214 9490157033 Srikakulam Pathapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001139 NA Narasannapeta Narsannapeta 1139,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 121 9490157034 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001140 NA Ranasthalam Ranasthalam 1140,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 407 9490157035 Srikakulam Ranasthalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001141 NA Vandrangi Vandrangi 1141,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 168 9490157036 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001142 NA Tekkali Tekkali 1142,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 701 9490157037 Srikakulam Tekkali Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001143 532779003 Gujarathipeta Gujarathipeta 1143,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 005 9490153753 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001144 NA Vajrapukotturu Vajrapukotturu 1144,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 217 9490157038 Srikakulam Kasibugga Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001145 NA Korada Korada 1145,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 459 9490157039 Srikakulam Korada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001146 NA Palakonda Palakonda 1146,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 440 9440908394 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001147 NA Laveru Laveru 1147,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 407 9490157040 Srikakulam Cheepurupalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001148 NA Mattamsariapalli Mattamsariapalli 1148,srikakulam Dist,pin 532 291 9490157041 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001149 NA Guttavalli Guttavalli 1149,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 445 9490157042 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001150 NA Ragolu Ragolu 1150,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 484 9490157043 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001151 NA Karajada Karjada,bhairi Post, Srikakulam Dist.pin 532 405 9490157044 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001152 NA Dharmavaram Dharmavaram 1152,via Bonthala Konduru,srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 148 9490157045 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001153 NA Pydibheemavaram Pydibheemavaram 1153,srikakulam Dist,pin 532 409 9490157046 Srikakulam Pydibheemavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001155 NA Kurigam Kurigam 1155,via Nivagam, Srikakulam Dist,pin 532 457 9490157047 Srikakulam Pathapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001156 NA Pinnintipeta Pinnintipeta 1156,kodur Post, Srikakulam Dist,pin 532 430 9490157048 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001157 NA Ichapuram Ichapuram 1157,srikakulam Dist,pin 532 312 9490157049 Srikakulam Ichapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001158 NA Akkulapeta Akkulapeta 1158,post Amdalavalasa,srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 185 9490157050 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001159 532779004 Hb Colony New House,collector Bunglow Road,nakka Veedhi,srikakulam,532001 9490157051 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001160 532779005 Arasavilli Arasavilli 1160,srikakulam Dist.pin 532 401 9490157052 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001161 NA Balaga Balaga 1161,palakonda Road, Balaga,srikakulam Dist. Pin 532 001 9491035473 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001162 NA Sompeta Sompeta, Rajugaripeta Street, Sompeta, Sompeta, 532284 9491035477 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001163 NA Borubhadra Gudla Rajeshs House, Main Road, Borubhadra, Borubhadra, 532195 9491035481 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001164 NA Jalamuru H.no.140, Nagarala Street, Jalumuru, Jalumuru, 532432 9491035480 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001165 NA Mabbagam Mabagam Postmabagam Village,srikakulam Dist Pincode532421 9493126216 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001166 NA Tadivalasa Thadivalasa Village,branch Via Dusi,ponduru(m), Sklm(d)532484 9490157467 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001167 NA New Colony Skl Door No070412/p, Plot No.a14/p, Chowk Road, New Colony, New Colony, 532001 9490157460 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001168 NA Chilukapalem Plot No.1, Survey No.692,3, Main Road, Chilakapalem, Etcherla, 532410 7382632698 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001169 NA Pathapatnam Plot No.1, Ward No.10, Survey No.234/6, Main Road, Pathapatnam, Pathapatnam, 532213 7382632697 Srikakulam Pathapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001170 NA Srikurmam Drno94(1), Main Road Srikurmam, Gara (m), Srikakulam(d) 532404 8331011463 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001171 NA Pogiri Dr No1117, Near Pogir Center,main Raod, Pogiri,rajam(m), Srikakulam (d) 532148 8331011465 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001172 NA Kothapalli Kothapalli Village, Kotabommali (m), Srikakulam (d) 532201 8331010437 Srikakulam Tekkali Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001173 NA Nimmada Nimmada, Kotabommali (m), Srikakulam(d) 532430 8331010440 Srikakulam Narasannapeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001174 NA Kollivalasa Burja Mandal H. No. 1124, Main Road, Kollivalasa, Burja, 532445 8331010438 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001175 NA Palasa D.no.15752,main Raod,palasa(mandal),srikakulam532221. 8331010436 Srikakulam Palasa Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001176 NA Bhamini H.no. 352, Gram Panchayat Office Road, Bhamini, Bhamini, 532456 8331010439 Srikakulam Korada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001177 NA Ponnada H.no.3108, Bora Veedhi, Ponnada, Ponnada, 532408 8331010468 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001178 NA Gulla Seetha Rampuram H. No. 300, Main Road, Sopha Street, Gulla Seetha Ramapuram, Santhakaviti, 532123 8331010470 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001179 NA Sm Puram H. No 196, Bc Colony, Sm Puram, Sm Puram, 532402 8331010469 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001180 NA Seedhi H. No 197, Market Street Road, Peddaseedhi, Seedhi, 532214 8331010467 Srikakulam Pathapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001181 NA R.amadalavalasa Plot No.94, Police Station, Regidi Amudalavalasa, Vungarada, 532123 8332988658 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001182 NA Peddapadu Peddapadu,srikakulam Rural(mandal),srikakulam Dist 532401 8332988659 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001183 NA Nivagam Branchnivagam, Kotturu Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. A.p. Pin532457 8333989035 Srikakulam Korada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001184 NA Pallisaradhi Branch Pallisaradhi, Vajrapukotturu Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. A.p. Pin532222 8333989036 Srikakulam Kasibugga Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001185 NA Kaviti Branch Kaviti, Kaviti Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. A.p. Pin532322 8333989037 Srikakulam Ichapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001186 NA Tekkalipatnam Branch Tekkalipatnam, Palasa Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.a.p. Pin532220 8333989038 Srikakulam Kasibugga Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001187 NA M.singapuram Branch M.singapuram, Palakonda Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. A.p. Pin532462 8333989039 Srikakulam Palakonda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001188 NA Alikam Branch Alikam, Srikakulam Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.a.p. Pin532185 8333989040 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001189 NA Korlam Branch Korlam, Sompeta Mandal, Srikakulam Dist.a.p. Pin532264 8333989041 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001190 NA Honjaram Branch Honjaram, Santhakaviti Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. A.p. Pin532123 8333989042 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001191 NA Temburu Branch Temburu, Pathapatnam Mandal, Srikakulam Dist. A.p. Pin532203 8333989043 Srikakulam Pathapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001192 NA Old Bus Stand Branch Old Bus Stand Area, Srikakulam Town.dist Srikakulam. A.p. Pin532001 8333989044 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001193 NA Mamidipally H.no 1521, Road Point, Mamidipally, , Mamidipally, Mamidipally, 532264 8331043831 Srikakulam Sompeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001194 NA Naupada Assesment No 913/201314, Opp Police Station, , Santhabommali, Santhabommali, 532211 8331043833 Srikakulam Tekkali Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001195 NA Kallepalli H.no 22/1/a, Borapeta, Kallepalli, , Kallepalli, Kallepalli, 532401 8331043830 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001196 NA Arasada Near Panchayat Office , Arasada Village, , Arasada, Arasada, 532122 8331043829 Srikakulam Rajam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0001197 NA Muddada H.no 1131, Rama Mandiram Veedhi, Muddada (v), , Muddada, Muddada, 532005 8331043832 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002201 NA Badangi Badangi 2201,vizianagaram Dist,pin 535 578 9490157053 Vizianagaram Badangi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002202 NA Denkada Denkada 2202,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 202 9490157054 Vizianagaram Denkada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002203 NA Alamanda Alamanda 2203,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 240 9490157055 Vizianagaram Alamanda Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002204 NA Bhadragiri Bhadragiri 2204, Vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 523 9490157056 Vizianagaram Bhadragiri Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002205 NA Makkuva Makkuva 2205,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 547 9490157057 Vizianagaram Makkuva Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002206 NA Gantyada Gantyada 2206,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 215 9490157058 Vizianagaram Gantyada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002207 NA Kottavalasa Kothavalasa 2207,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 183 9490157059 Vizianagaram Kottavalasa Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002208 NA Bonangi Bonangi 2208,vizianagaram Dist,pin 531 160 9490157060 Vizianagaram Srungavarapukota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002209 NA R.b.puram R.b. Puram 2209,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 579 9490157061 Vizianagaram R.b.puram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002210 NA Pedamanapuram Pedamanapuram 2210,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 580 9490157062 Vizianagaram Pedamanapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002211 NA Gurla Gurla 2211,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 217 9490157063 Vizianagaram Gurla Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002212 NA Chinthada Chinthada 2212,vizianagaram Dist,pin 532 564 9490157064 Vizianagaram Chinthada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002213 NA Cheepurupalli Cheepurupalli 2213,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 128 9490157065 Vizianagaram Cheepurupalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002214 NA Pachipenta Pachipenta 2214,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 592 9490157066 Vizianagaram Pachipenta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002215 NA Garugubelli Garugubelli 2215,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 468 9490157067 Vizianagaram Garugubelli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002216 NA Chinamerangi Chinamerangi 2216,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 526 9490157068 Vizianagaram Chinamerangi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002217 NA Govindapuram Govindapuram 2217,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 239 9490157069 Vizianagaram Govindapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002218 NA Sathiwada Sathiwada 2218,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 218 9490157070 Vizianagaram Sathiwada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002219 NA Jami Jami 2219,(via Gantyada), Vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 250 9490157071 Vizianagaram Jami Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002220 535779003 Parvatipuram Parvatipuram 2220,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 501 9490157072 Vizianagaram Parvatipuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002222 535779004 Bobbili Bobbili,vizianagaram Dist. 535 558 9490157073 Vizianagaram Bobbili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002223 535779002 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram 2223,main Branch, M.g. Road,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 535 002 9440903924 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002224 NA Garbham Garbham 2224,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 102 9490157074 Vizianagaram Garbham Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002225 NA Vepada Vepada,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 281 9490157075 Vizianagaram Vepada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002226 NA Thotapalli Thotapalli 2226,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 525 9490157076 Vizianagaram Thotapalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002227 NA Komarada Komarada 2227,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 521 9490157077 Vizianagaram Komarada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002229 NA Boddam Boddam 2229,via Srungavarapukota, Mdl. Vepada,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 531 145 9490157078 Vizianagaram Srungavarapukota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002230 NA Budathanapalli Budathanapalli 2230, Via Gajapathinagaram ,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 531 9490157079 Vizianagaram Budathanapalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002231 NA Mentada Mentada 2231,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 273 9490157080 Vizianagaram Gajapathinagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002232 NA M.mamidipalli M. Mamidipalli 2232,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 593 9490157081 Vizianagaram M.mamidipalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002233 NA Bondapalli Bondapalli 2233,post & Mdl Bondapally,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 531 220 9490157082 Vizianagaram Bondapalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002234 NA Piridi Piridi,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 568 9490157083 Vizianagaram Piridi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002235 NA Konada Konada 2235,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 213 9490157084 Vizianagaram Konada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002236 NA Kumili Kumili 2236,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 234 9490157085 Vizianagaram Kumili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002237 NA Pinapenki Pinapenki 2237,post Badangi, Vizianagaram Dist,pin 535 568 9490157086 Vizianagaram Pinapenki Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002238 NA Nellimarla Moida 2238,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 280 9490157087 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002239 NA Garividi Garividi 2239,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 101 9490157088 Vizianagaram Garividi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002240 NA Merakamudidam Merakamudidam 2240,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 102 9490157089 Vizianagaram Merakamudidam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002241 NA Pedamajjipalem Pedamajjipalem 2241,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 221 9490157090 Vizianagaram Gantyada Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002244 NA Vedullavalasa Vedulavalasa 2244,via Cheepurupalli,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 535 128 9490157091 Vizianagaram Vedullavalasa Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002245 NA Lakkavarapukota Lakkavarapukota 2245,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 161 9490157092 Vizianagaram Lakkavarapukota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002247 NA Jiyyammavalasa Jiyyammavalasa 2247,post & Mdl Jiyyammavalasa,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 535 526 9490157093 Vizianagaram Jiyyammavalasa Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002248 NA Srungavarapukota Srungavarapukota 2248,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 145s 9490157094 Vizianagaram Srungavarapukota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002249 NA Pedabondapalli Pedabondapalli 2249,vizianagaram Dist,pin 532 527pedabondapalli 2249 9490157095 Vizianagaram Pedabondapalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002252 NA Chintalavalasa Chintalavalasa 2252,apsp 5th Battalian Post, Denkada Mdl,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 535 005 9490157096 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002253 NA Mettapalli Mettapalli 2253,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 125 9490157097 Vizianagaram Mettapalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002254 NA Gajapathinagaram Gajapathinagaram 2254,vizianagaram Dist.pin 531 270 9490157098 Vizianagaram Gajapathinagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002255 NA Uttaravalli Uttaravalli 2255,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 124 9490157099 Vizianagaram Uttaravalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002256 NA Gutchimi Gutchimi 2256,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 546 9490157100 Vizianagaram Gutchimi Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002257 NA Kurupam Kurupam 2257,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 524 9490157101 Vizianagaram Kurupam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002258 NA Galavalli Galavilli 2258, Via Unukuru ,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 532 122 9490157102 Vizianagaram Galavalli Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002259 535779005 Salur Saluru 2259,vizianagaram Dist.pin 532 591 9490157103 Vizianagaram Salur Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002260 NA Poram Poram 2260, Via Gajapathinagaram ,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 531 270 9490157104 Vizianagaram Poram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002261 NA Bhogapuram Bhogapuram 2261,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 216 9490157105 Vizianagaram Bhogapuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002262 NA Vzm Dasannapeta Dasannapeta 2262,near Rythu Bazar,vizianagaram Dist. Pin 535 502 9490157106 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002263 NA Vzm Contonment Contonment 2263,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 003 9490153761 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002264 NA Kothapeta Drno2141,plot No57, Vijayalaxminagar, Kothapeta,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 002 9491306859 Vizainagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002265 NA Pusapatirega Hno4111, Rajulavari Veedhi, Pusapatirega,vizianagaram Dist. 535204 9491035475 Vizainagaram Pusapatirega Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002266 NA Balajinagar Vzm Hno82412, Balijinagar, Opp Satya Degree College, Thotapalem Jn, ,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 003 9491035476 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002267 NA Devupalle Devupalle,devupalle Village ,bondapalli (m), Vizianagaram Dist.pin 535 003 9440903934 Vizianagaram Gajapathinagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002268 NA Balijipeta Hno2164,balijipeta Branch,near Bengapuram, Balijipeta (m),vizianagaram Dist.pin 535557 7382632702 Vizianagaram Balijipeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002269 NA Arikathota Rama Mandiram Street,main Road,rambhadrapuram (m), ,vizianagaram Dist.pin 535579 7382632703 Vizianagaram Arikathota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002270 NA Palakonda Road H. No. 17174, Palakonda Road, Near Old Busstand, Parvathipuram, Parvatipuram, 535501 8331011456 Vizianagaram Palakonda Road Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002271 NA Terlam Door No. 389, Tana Junction, Terlam, Therlam, 535126 8331011458 Vizianagaram Terlam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002272 NA Panchali H.no 484, Main Road, Panchali, Panchali, 535591 8331010451 Vizianagaram Panchali Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002273 NA Fort Bobbili Door No 13200, Head Post Office Road, Rama Talkies Centre, Bobbili, Bobbili, 535558 8331010450 Vizianagaram Fort Bobbili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002274 NA Chinabhogila H.no312/a,main Road, Seetanagaram Mandal, Vzm Distt 535546 8331010448 Vizianagaram Chinabhogila Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002275 NA Jarajapupeta Assessment No 859, C/o.m.sanyasi Rao (teacher), Near Rice Mill, Nellimarla Mandal, Vzm Distt 535217 8331010452 Vizianagaram Jarajapupeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002276 NA Main Road Salur Door No 34 15 A, Kanyakaparameshwari Temple, Main Road, Main Road, Salur, Salur, 535591 8331010449 Vizianagaram Main Road Salur Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002277 NA Kumaram H. No. 180, Main Road, Kumaram, Ss Korukonda, 535214 8331010477 Vizianagaram Kumaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002278 NA Dharmapuri R H. No 202336, 2nd Lane, Padmavathinagar, Dharmapuri, Vizianagaram, 535002 8331011393 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002279 NA Jagannadhapuram Jonnavalasa Jagannadapuram – Jonnavalasa,vizainagaram Mandal ,vizianagaram Dist 535004 8332988663 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002280 NA Dharmavaram H. No. 121021/3, Chinna Veedhi, Dharmavaram, Dharmavaram, 535148 8332988664 Vizianagaram Srungavarapukota Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002281 NA Pedavemali Branch Pedavemali, Mandal Gantyada, ,district Vizianagaram. A.p. Pin535215 8333989032 Vizianagaram Pedavemali Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002282 NA Sambara Branch Sambara, Mandal Makkuva, ,district Vizianagaram. A.p. Pin535593 8333989033 Vizianagaram Sambara Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002283 NA Kotha Agraharam Branch Kotha Agraharam,town Vizianagaram1, ,district Vizianagaram. A.p. Pin535001 8333989034 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002284 NA Ramatheertham D.no.320, Brahmin Street, Ramathirtham(vi), Nellimarla(mandal), Vizianagaram Dist. Andhrapradesh Pin535218 8332040928 Vizianagaram Ramatheertham Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002285 NA Vizianagaram K L Puram D.no.1117/4, Main Road, K.l.puram, Vizianagaram Andhrapradesh Pin535001 8332040913 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002286 NA Vizianagaram V T Agraharam D.no.818884, Ganesh Nagar, V.t.agraharam, Vizianagaram 535004 8332040704 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002287 NA Pakki Milk Producers Co-operative Society Building,pakki(village & Post), Bobbilli Mandal 9490001392 Vizianagaram Pakki Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002288 NA Paul Nagar Plot No. 1, Vsn Colony, Old Andhra Bank (duppada) Premises, Paul Nagar, Vizianagaram – 535003 8332969752 Vizianagaram Paul Nagar Andhra Pradesh
APGV0002289 NA Kondakarakam Plot No. 2890, C/o Thota Ramesh, Ysr Nagar, Kondakarakam, Vizianagaram District, Pin-535005 8332969752 Vizianagaram Kondakarakam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003301 530779008 Kancharapalem Kancharapalem 3301,visakapatnam Dist.pin 530 008 9440903923 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003302 NA Paderu Paderu 3302,visakapatnam Dist. 531 024 9490157107 Visakhapatnam Paderu Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003304 NA Arakuvaley Araku Valley 3304,visakapatnam Dist. 531 045 9490157108 Visakhapatnam Arakuvaley Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003305 NA Parawada Parawada,vsp Dist.531 021 9440908386 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003306 NA Chittivalasa Chittivalasa ,vsp Dist.531 162 9490157109 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003307 NA Tallapalem Thallapalem Visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 037 9490157110 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003308 NA K.kotapadu K. Kotapadu,vsp Dist. 531 034 9490157111 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003309 NA Gadicherla Godicherla,vsp Dist. 531 126 9490157112 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003310 NA Madugula Dno57182,near Girijan Corporation,jayalaxmi Shopping Complex,madugula,vsp Dist.pin 531 027 9490157113 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003311 NA Ravikamatam A.p. Grameena Vikasbank Drno3143/6,ravikamatam,visakapatnam Dist. 531 025 9490157114 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003312 NA Sontyam Sontyam 3312,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 173 9490157115 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003314 NA Pedagummuluru Drno34,devi Plaza,pedagummuluru, Visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 083 9490157116 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003315 NA Koyyuru P.o.&village Koyyuru,narsipatnam Taluk 9490157117 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003316 NA Thummapala Thummapala 3316,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 032 9490157118 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003317 NA Sirasapalli Sirasapalli Panchayat & Branch,anakapalle Taluk 9490157119 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003318 NA Nathavaram Drno276,main Raod,nathavaram 3318,post & Mdl Nathavaram,visakapatnam Dist. Pin 531 115 9490157120 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003319 NA G.madugula Dr No11,behind Saibaba Temple,near Police Station,g. Madugula 3319,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 029 9490157121 Visakhapatnam Paderu Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003320 NA Haripalem Haripalem 3320,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 033 9490157122 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003321 NA K.j.puram K.j. Puram 3321,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 028 9490157123 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003322 530779013 Madhurawada Madhurawada 3322,visakapatnam Dist.pin 530 041 9490153757 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003323 NA Vemulapudi Vemulapudi 3323,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 117 9490157124 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003324 NA K.agraharam K. Agraharam 3324,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 120 9490157125 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003325 NA V.r.r.peta K. Agraharam 3324,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 120 9490157126 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003326 NA Bhogapuram Bhogapuram 3326,post Dharapalem,visakapatnam Dist. Pin 531 216 9490157127 Visakhapatnam Yellamanchili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003327 530779002 Dabagardens Daba Gardens 3327,dr No30725/2,saraswathi Park Junction,incometax Office Road,visakapatnam Dist. Pin 530 020 9440908385 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003328 530779007 Chinagantyada Chinagantyada, Gajuwaka, Teh.visakhapatnam, , , P.o.pendurti, 9490157128 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003329 NA Gavaravaram Gavaravaram ,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 075 9490157129 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003330 NA Rolugunta Dno53,wardno8,rolugunta 3330,post & Mdl. Rolugunta,visakapatnam Dist. Pin 531 114 9490157130 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003331 NA Lankelapalem Lankelapalem 3331,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 021 9490157131 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003332 NA K.d.peta K.d. Peta 3332,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 084 9490157132 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003333 NA Chowduwada Chowduwada 3333,visakapatnam Dist,pin 531 034 9490157133 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003334 NA Bheemunipatnam Bheemunipatnam 3334,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 163 9490157134 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003335 530779014 Chinamushidivada Chinamushidiwada 3335,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 173 9490157135 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003336 NA Sabbavaram Sabbavaram 3336,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 035 9490157136 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003337 NA Narsipatnam Narsipatnam 3337,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 116 9440903925 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003338 NA Yellamanchili Drno3482, Mainroad,yelamanchili 3338,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 055 9490157137 Visakhapatnam Yellamanchili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003339 NA Chinthapalli Chinthapalli 3339,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 111 9490157138 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003340 530779009 Kurmannapalem Kurmannapalem 3340,visakapatnam Dist.pin 530 046 9490157139 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003341 NA Vemulavalasa Opp Bajaj Showroom,bypass Road,vemulavalasa Village,anandapuram M ,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 163 9490157140 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003342 NA Payakaraopeta Payakaraopeta 3342,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 126 9490157141 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopeta Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003343 530779015 Anakapalle Anakapalle 3343,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 001 9490157142 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003344 NA Pedabayalu Pedabayalu 3344,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 040 9490157143 Visakhapatnam Paderu Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003346 NA Gunupudi Devarapalli 3346,visakapatnam Dist. Pin 531 030 9491035493 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003347 NA Devarapalli Devarapalli 3347,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 035 9490157145 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003348 NA Satyavaram Satyavaram 3348,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 035 9490157146 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003349 NA Chodavaram Hno 1919,p.s.peta Road,chodavaram,visakapatnam Dist.pin 531 036 9490157147 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003350 530779005 Seetammadara Hno50512/1, North Extension, Seethammadhara, P&t Colony (vm), 530013 9490157148 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003351 530779003 Allipuram 313295,dabagardens,visakhapatnam P.o.allipuram, 9490157149 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003354 530779004 Baji Jun Opp To Postoffice,gopalapatnam,baji Junction 3354,visakapatnam Dist.pin 530 027 9490157150 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003355 530779006 Sriharipuram Sriharipuram 3355,post Malkapuram,visakapatnam Dist. Pin 530 011 9490157151 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003357 NA Buchaiahpeta Drno 19,via Vaddadi,butchaiah Peta(m),butchaiahpeta,vsp Dist. Pin 531026 8333982569 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003358 NA Kotavurutla Kotauratla 3358,sainagar, Kotauratla(mdl),dist. Visakhapatnam. Pin 531085 9490157154 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003359 NA Padmanabham Padmanabham 3359,padmanabham (mandal),dist. Visakhapatnam. Pin 531219 9490157158 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003360 530779011 Arilova Arilova 3360, 131504/1, 1st Floor, Secii, Arilova,dist Visakhapatnam Pin 530 040 9490157156 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003361 NA Cheedikada Cheedikada 3361,opp. Old High School, Cheedikada,visakhapatnam Dist. Pin 531 028 9490157152 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003362 530779013 Murali Nagar D.no.39151, Madhavadhara, Visakhapatnam, Muralinagar, 530007 9490157157 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003363 530779010 Adivivaram Adivivaram 3363, 777, Adivivaram,vsp Dist. Pin 530 028 9490157155 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003364 NA Kasimkota Kasimkota,h.no. 3139, Kasimkota,visakhapatnam Dist. Pin 531 031 9491035486 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003365 NA S.rayavaram House Of D. Ramakrishna Raju, Main Road, S.rayavaram, S.rayavaram, 531060 9490157153 Visakhapatnam Yellamanchili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003366 NA M.jagannathapuram Hno362, Bhiminivari Veedhi, Melupaka Jagannadhapuram, Jagannadhapuram, 531055 9493174768 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003367 NA Vempadu Opp Elimentary School,nakkapalli Mandal.vishakapatnam.531081 7382632700 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003368 NA Peddaboddepalli Hno11275, Main Road, Pedaboddepalli, Narsipatnam, 531116 7382632701 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003369 NA Kothakota Door No. 956, Sivalayam Street, Kothakota, Kothakota, 531114 8331010441 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003370 NA Padarachapalli Survey No. 34, Main Road, Peda Rachapalli Junction, Rachapalli, 531113 8331010442 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003371 NA Atchutapuram Door No. 3255/g Ssv Shopping Complex, Elamanchili Road, Atchutapuram, Atchutapuram, 531011 8331010445 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003372 NA Govada Above Milk Center, Near Hanuman Temple, Ambherpuram, Govada Post, Chodavaram Mandal, Vsp Distt 531203 8331010443 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003373 NA Kothur Junction 763/1, A.m.a.l. College Junction, Bypass Road, Kottur, Anakapalle 532001 8331010446 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003374 NA Narsingibilli Opp. To Zilla Parishad High School, Jattapureddy Tuni, Narsingibilli Branch Office, Yellamanchili Sub Office, Vsp Dist 531055 8331010447 Visakhapatnam Yellamanchili Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003375 NA Munchini Puttu Quarter No.1, Itda Quarters, Main Road, Munchingputtu, Munchingputtu, 531040 8331010475 Visakhapatnam Paderu Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003376 NA Sare Palli Sare Palli,pendurthi(mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 531173 9490157144 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003377 NA Anandapuram Ananda Puram,k. Kotapadu Mandal(mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 531034 8331010471 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003378 NA Nakkapalle Nakkapalle,nakkapalle(mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 531081 8331010476 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003379 NA Tallavalasa H. No. 891, Rajula Veedhi, Beside High Way, Tallavalasa, Tallavalasa, 531162 8331010474 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003380 NA Nehru Chowk Anakapalli Anakapalli 2nd Branch,anakapalli(mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 531001 8331010472 Visakhapatnam Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003381 NA Rajugari Beedu Payakaraopet Rajugari Beedu, Payakaraopeta,payakaraopeta(mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 531126 8331010473 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003382 NA Akkayyapalem Akkayyapalem, Visakhapatnam (mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 530013 8332988660 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003383 NA Mvp Colony Mvp Colony, Visakhapatnam (mandal),visakhapatnam Dist 530013 8332988661 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003384 NA Ramnagar D.no.10366/1, Dhanush Guest House Road, Vishakhapatnam, Vishakhapatnam, 530003 8332988662 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003385 NA Nathayyapalem Branch Nathayyapalem, Near Visakha Diary Plant, Gvmc Limits, City Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam.a.p. Pin530016 8333989021 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003386 NA Narava Branch Narava, Near Baji Junction, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam.a.p. Pin530027 8333989022 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003387 NA Seethampeta V Branch Seethampeta, Near Dwarakanagar, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam. A.p. Pin530016 8333989023 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003388 NA Chinna Waltair Branch Chinna Waltair, Near Lawsons Bay Colony, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam. A.p. Pin530017 8333989024 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003389 NA H.b.colony Vsp Branch H.b.colony, Near Venkojipalem, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam. A.p. Pin530022 8333989025 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003390 NA P.m.palem Branch P.m.palem, Near Madhurawada, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam.a.p. Pin530041 8333989026 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003391 NA Vishalakshi Nagar Branch Vishalakshi Nagar, Near Hanumanthawaka, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam. A.p. Pin530007 8333989027 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003392 NA Town Kotha Road Branch Town Kotha Road, Near Poorna Market, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam, ,district Visakhapatnam. Ap. Pin530001 8333989028 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003393 NA Pedagantyada Branch Pedagantyada, Near Parawada, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam. Ap. Pin 530044 8333989029 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003394 NA Pamulavaka Branch Pamulavaka, Near Vemulapudi, Mandal Kotavarutla,district Visakhapatnam. A.p. Pin531117 8333989030 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003395 NA Kailasapuram Kailasapuram, Branch Near Salagramapuram, ,gvmc Limits, ,city Visakhapatnam,district Visakhapatnam. A.p. Pin 530024 8333989031 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003396 NA Kommadi Andhra University Teachers Layout, Mig18, Ne, , Kommadi, Kommadi, 530048 8331043837 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003397 NA Sagarnagar H.nohigli35, Sagar Nagar, Vuda Colony, , Sagar Nagar, Vuda Colony Sagar Nagar, 530045 8331043843 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003398 NA Yendada H.no.14/1/3, Plot No.62, Varahagiri Nagar Near Nh5 Road, Yendada, Yendada, 530045 8331043845 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003399 NA Sujathanagar New Building, Sujatha Nagar, Beside State Ban, , Pendurthy, Pendurthy, 531173 8331043844 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003400 NA Maddilapalem H.no.5327, P&t Colony, Maddilapalem, , Maddilapalem, Maddilapalem, 530013 8331043839 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003401 NA Maharanipeta H.no.143733,krishna Nagar, Near Vijaya Medi, , Maharanipeta, Krishna Nagar, 530002 8331043840 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003402 NA Railway New Colony H.no.442734, R.k Towers, Beside Shivalayam , Railway New Colony, Railway New Colony, 530016 8331043842 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0003403 NA R.k.beach H.no .22/39/25, Kanchara Street, Beach Road, , R.k.beach, Vishakhapatnam, 530001 8331043841 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004101 507779002 Khammam Khammam 4101,mandal Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 001 9440903935 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004102 NA Bonakal Bonakal 4102,mandal Bonakal,dist Khammam. Pin 507 204 9490157159 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004103 NA Penuballi Penuballi,mandal Penuballi,dist Khammam. 507 302 9490157160 Khammam Sathupally Telangana
APGV0004104 NA Nagulavancha Nagulavancha 4104,mandal Chintakani,dist Kmm. 507 208 9490157161 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004105 NA Yerrupalem Yerrupalem 4105,mandalyerrupalem,dist Khammam. Pin 507 201 9490157162 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004106 NA Kusumanchi Kusumanchi 4106,mandal Kusumanchi,dist Khammam. Pin 507 159 9490157163 Khammam Kusumanchi Telangana
APGV0004107 NA Sathupally Su House No 171/122,main Rd,sattupalli,kristaram,507303 9490157164 Khammam Sathupally Telangana
APGV0004108 NA Patwari Gudem Patwarigudem,mandal Dammapeta,dist Kmm 507 306 9490157165 Bhadradri Kothagudem Dammapeta Telangana
APGV0004109 NA Kampelly Kamepalli,mandal Kamepalli,distkhammam.507122 9490157166 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004110 NA Aswapuram Aswapuram ,mandal Aswapurm,dist Kmm 507 116 9490157167 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004111 NA Chintoor Chintoor,mandal Chintur,dist Khammam. 507 126 9490157168 East Godavari Chintoor Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004112 NA Dummugudem Dummugudem,mandal Dummugudemdist Khammam. 507 137 9490157169 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004113 NA A R Pally Annapureddipalli,mandal Chandrugonda,dist Khammam. 507 316 9490157170 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004114 NA Vemsoor Vemsoor ,mandal Vemsoor,dist Khammam. 507 164 9490157171 Khammam Sathupally Telangana
APGV0004115 NA Palvancha Paloncha 4115,mandal Palvancha,dist Khammam. 507 115 9490153738 Bhadradri Kothagudem Palvancha Telangana
APGV0004117 NA Bhadrachalam Dtro Bhadrachalam ,mandal Bhadrachalam,dist Khammam. 507 111 9440908389 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004118 NA Seethapuram Seethapuram,mandal Bhadrachalam,dist Khammam. 507 134 9490157172 East Godavari Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004119 NA Burgampahad Su Burgampahad,mandal Burgampahad,dist Khammam 507 114 9490157173 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004120 NA Enkoor Enukoor,mandal Enukur,dist Khammam. 507 168 9490157174 Khammam Enkoor Telangana
APGV0004121 NA Madhira Madhira 4121,mandal Madhira,dist Khammam. Pin 507 203 9440908391 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004122 NA Bayyaram Bayyaram ,mandal Bayyaram,dist Khammam. 507 211 9490157175 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0004123 NA R Kothagudem R. Kothagudem 4123,mandal Cherla,dist Khammam. 507 140 9490157176 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004124 NA Chandrugonda Chandrugonda 4124,mandal Chandrugonda,dist Khammam. 507 166 9490157177 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004125 NA Thirumalayapalem Tirumalayapalem 4125,mandal Tirumalayapalem,dist Khammam. Pin 507 164 9490157178 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004126 NA Rebbavram Rebbavaram 4126,mandal Wyra,dist Khammam. 507 165 9490157179 Khammam Wyra Telangana
APGV0004127 NA Venkatapuram Venkatapuram 4127,mandal Venkatapuram,distkhammam507136 9490157180 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Eturu Nagaram Telangana
APGV0004128 NA Vr Puram V.r.puram 4128,mandal V.r.puram,dist Khammam. 507 135 9490157181 East Godavari Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004129 NA Aswaraopet Su Aswaraopeta 4129,mandal Aswaraopeta,dist Khammam. 507 301 9440908388 Bhadradri Kothagudem Aswaraopet Telangana
APGV0004130 NA Tekulapally Tekulapally 4130,mandal Tekulapalli,dist Khammam. 507 123 9490157182 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004131 NA Sublaid Sublaidu 4131,mandal Thirumalayapalem,dist Khammam. Pin 507 164 9490157183 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004132 NA Konijerla Konijerla 4132,mandal Konijerla,dist Khammam. 507 305 9490157184 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004133 NA Ch Madaram Ch. Madharam 4133,mandal Nelakondapally,dist Khammam. Pin 507 160 9490157185 Khammam Nelakondapalli Telangana
APGV0004134 NA Chennoor Chennoor 4134,mandal Kallur,dist Khammam. 507 209 9490157186 Khammam Khankhanpeta Telangana
APGV0004135 NA Tallada Tallada 4135,mandal Tallada,dist Khammam. 507 167 9490157187 Khammam Tallada Telangana
APGV0004136 NA Pandithapuram Pandithapuram 4136,mandal Kamepalli,dist Khammam. 507 122 9490157188 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004137 NA Velerupadu Velairpad 4137,mandal Velairpad,dist Khammam. 507 121 9490157189 West Godavari Aswaraopet Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004139 NA Pinapaka Apakamandal Apaka,dist Kmm, 507 117 9490157190 Bhadradri Kothagudem Manuguru Telangana
APGV0004140 NA Kunavaram Kunavaram ,mandal Kunavaram,dist Khammam. 507 121 9490157191 East Godavari Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004141 NA Kukunoor Kukunur,mandal Kukunur,dist Khammam. 507 114 9490157192 West Godavari Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004142 NA Mulakapally Mulkalapalli 4142,mandal Mulkalapally,dist Khammam. 507 115 9490157193 Bhadradri Kothagudem Palvancha Telangana
APGV0004143 NA Wazeed Wazeed Nagaram,mandal Wazeed Nagaram,dist Khammam. 507 136 9490157194 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Eturu Nagaram Telangana
APGV0004144 NA Bandaru Gudem Bandarugudem,mandal Manuguru,dist Khammam. 507 117 9490157195 Bhadradri Kothagudem Manuguru Telangana
APGV0004145 NA B Gangaram B. Gangaram,mandal Sattupally,dist Khammam. 507 303 9490157196 Khammam Sathupally Telangana
APGV0004146 NA Nelakondapalli Nelakondapalli 4146,mandal Nelakondapalli,dist Khammam. Pin 507 160 9490157197 Khammam Nelakondapalli Telangana
APGV0004147 507779006 Yellandu X Road Yellandu X Road 4147,mandal Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 002 9440903936 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004148 NA Warangal X Road Warangal X Roads 4148,post Gandhi Chowk, Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 003 9490157198 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004149 NA Chinthakani Chintakani 4149,mandal Chintakani,dist Khammam. Pin 507 208 9490157199 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004150 507779003 Burhanpuram Burhanpuram 4150,mandal Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 001 9440908390 Khammam Burhanpuram Telangana
APGV0004151 507779004 Psr Road P.s.r. Road, Kmm 4151,mandal Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 003 9490153736 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004152 NA Mudigonda Mudigonda 4152,mandal Mudigonda,dist Khammam. Pin 507 158 9490157200 Khammam Nelakondapalli Telangana
APGV0004153 NA Pedhagopathy Pedagopathy 4153,mandal Konijerla,dist Khammam. Pin 507 305 9490157201 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004154 NA Khankhanpeta Su Main Road,at & Postkhankhanpet,tehsathupally. 9490157202 Khammam Khankhanpeta Telangana
APGV0004155 507779007 Church Road Church Road, Kmm 4155,mandal Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 001 9490157203 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004156 NA Nellipaka Nellipaka ,mandal Bhadrachalam,dist Khammam. 507 129 9490157204 East Godavari Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004157 NA Julurpad Julurpad ,mandal Julurpad,dist Khammam. 507 166 9490153737 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004158 NA Sujatha Nagar Sujathanagar,mandal Kothagudem,dist Khammam. 507 120 9490157205 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004159 NA Dammapeta Dammapeta ,mandal Dammapeta,dist Khammam. 507 306 9490157206 Bhadradri Kothagudem Dammapeta Telangana
APGV0004160 NA Yellandu H No 51125,near New Bus Station,yellandu,507123 9490157207 Bhadradri Kothagudem Yellandu Telangana
APGV0004161 NA Patharlapadu Patharlapadu 4161,mandal Thirumalayapalem,dist Khammam. Pin 507 164 9490157208 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004162 NA Mamunuru Mamnur 4162,mandalyerrupalem, Dist Khammam. Pin 507 201 9490157209 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004163 NA B.p.agraharam Wyra Su Br. Agraharam 4163,mandal Wyra,dist Khammam. 507 165 9490157210 Khammam Wyra Telangana
APGV0004164 NA Ramavaram Ramavaram 4164,mandal Kothagudem,dist Khammam. 507 118 9490157211 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004165 NA Thimmaraopeta Thimmaraopeta 4165,mandal Enkur,dist Khammam. 507 168 9490157212 Khammam Enkoor Telangana
APGV0004166 NA Upperu Upperu 4166,mandal Kukkunuru,dist Khammam. 507 114upperu 4166 9490157213 West Godavari Bhadrachalam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0004167 NA Narsapuram Narsapuram 4167,mandal Dummugudem,dist Khammam. 507 111narsapuram 4167 9490157214 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004168 507779008 Kothagudem Kothagudem 4168,mandal Kothagudem,dist Khammam. 507 101kothagudem 4168 9490157215 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004169 NA Palair Palair 4169,mandal Kusumanchi,dist Khammam. Pin 507 157 9490157216 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004170 NA Kalakota Kalakota 4170,mandal Bonakal,dist Khammam. Pin 507 304 9490157217 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004171 NA Beerapally Beerapally 4171,mandal Vemsoor,dist Khammam. 507 164beerapally 4171 9490157218 Khammam Sathupally Telangana
APGV0004172 507779005 Gm Road Grain Market Road 4172,mandal Khammam,dist Khammam. Pin 507 003 9490157219 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004173 NA Garla Garla 4173,garla (mandal),khammam Dist. 507210garla 4173 9490157220 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0004174 NA Dammapeta X Road Dammapeta X Road, Palvoncha 4174,naik Complex, Palvoncha,dist Khammam507115 9490157221 Bhadradri Kothagudem Palvancha Telangana
APGV0004175 NA Sarapaka Su Sarapaka 4175,sarapaka, Mdl Burgumpahad,dist Khammam. 507128sarapaka 4175 9490157222 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004176 NA Raparthynagar Raparthinagar Khammam 4176,raparthinagar,dist. Khammam, 507001 9490157224 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004177 NA Srinagar Colony Srinagar Colony Khammam 4177, Srinagar Colony, Wyra Road,dist. Khammam. Pin 507002 9490157223 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004178 NA Prakash Nagar 4248, Srinivas Nagar, Khammam. Mandal Khammam Dist Khammam 507 003 9490157452 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004179 NA Banjara Colony Near Petrol Bunk,wyra Road,madhira,khammam507203 9490145995 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004180 NA Vinayakapuram H.no. 23, Bhadrachalam Road, Vinayakapuram, Vinayakapuram, 507301 7382620363 Bhadradri Kothagudem Aswaraopet Telangana
APGV0004181 NA Buggapadu The Branch Manager Nagupally Post,sathupalli(m) Khm( D) 507303 7382620364 Khammam Sathupally Telangana
APGV0004182 NA Proddutur Hno662, Grama Panchayat Office Road, Prodduturu, Prodduturu, 507208 7382632688 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004183 NA Madupalli 1114, Main Road, Madupalli, Madupalli, 507203 7382632689 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004184 NA Venkateswara Colony Bcm Venkateswara Colony Branch, 9159, Gollagatta Road, Venkateswara Colony, 507111 7382632686 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004185 NA Pandurangapuram Hno 528/a, Rehana Memorial Itc Road, Pandurangapuram, Ballepally, 507002 7382632687 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004186 NA Jagannadhapuram Jagannadhapuram,jagannadhapuram (p.o),mulakalapalli (mandal),khammam District,pin 507115 8331011467 Bhadradri Kothagudem Palvancha Telangana
APGV0004187 NA Chunchupalli Chunchupally Branch,beside Pattabhiramarao Hospital Chunchupally, Kothagudem (mandal), Khammam District, Pin507101 8331011468 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004188 NA Morampally Banjar Morampally Banjar, H No 137, Morampally Banjar, Burgampad(mandal), Khammam District, Pin507114 8331011462 Bhadradri Kothagudem Palvancha Telangana
APGV0004189 NA Jagadamba Centre Yellandu H. No. 419, Government Hospital Road, Jagadamba Centre, Yellandu, 507123 8331010407 Bhadradri Kothagudem Yellandu Telangana
APGV0004190 NA Laxmidevipallyktdm H. No. 535/6, Maheswari Theater Road, Laxmidevipalli, Laxmidevipalli, 507101 8331010406 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004191 NA Thanikella H.no. 945/23, Main Road, Tanikella, Tanikella, 507305 8331010409 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0004192 NA Korrajulagutta Dtro H.no. 161142, Main Road, Korrajulagutta, Korrajulagutta, Bhadrachalam, 507111 8331010453 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004193 NA Karakagudem Pinapaka H.no. 133/d4, Main Road, Karakagudem, Karakagudem, 507117 8331010454 Bhadradri Kothagudem Manuguru Telangana
APGV0004194 NA Karepally H.no.118, Main Road, Karepally, Karepally, 507122 8331010456 Khammam Yellandu Telangana
APGV0004195 NA Charla H. No. 1149/1, Bustand Road, Charla, Charla, 507133 8331010455 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0004196 NA Dendukur H. No. 294, Main Road, Dendukuru, Dendukuru, 507203 8331010457 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004197 NA Shanthinagar Wyra Su H. No. 7141, Hp Petrol Bunk Road, Shnathinagar, Wyra, 507165 8332988641 Khammam Wyra Telangana
APGV0004198 NA Pv Colony Samithisingaram H.no.71325/3, Main Road, Pv Colony, Samathsingaram, Manuguru, 507117 8332988642 Bhadradri Kothagudem Manuguru Telangana
APGV0004199 NA Navbharat Nagar Palvancha H. No. 54140, Main Road, Navabharath Nagar, Paloncha, Paloncha, 507115 8332988643 Bhadradri Kothagudem Palvancha Telangana
APGV0004200 NA Maturu H. No. 283, Main Road, Maturu, Maturu, 507203 8332988644 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004201 NA Ab Centre H.no743, Ambedkar Center, Rayapatnam Road, Madhira Dist Khammam , Pincode 507203 8332988645 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004202 NA Siripuram H.no.193, Main Road, Siripuram (village), Madhira Mandal, Khammam District 507304 8332041054 Khammam Madhira Telangana
APGV0004203 NA Bodu H.no.1144, Bodu, Tekulapally Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem District Telangana 507124 8332041171 Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004204 NA Edulla Bayyaram H.no.676/11/c, Main Road Edulla Bayyaram ( Village) Pinapaka Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem Telangana Dt Pin 507117 8332041158 Bhadradri Kothagudem Manuguru Telangana
APGV0004205 NA Peddyreddy Gudem H.no. 457/1 Main Road, Erragunta, Chandragunta Mandal, Khammam District Telangana 507316 8332041150 Khammam Kothagudem Telangana
APGV0004206 NA Gollapalli Apgvb, Gollapalli Post, Bommanapalli Village, Tekulapally Mandal, Bhadradei Kothagudem District – 507101 8332969754 Bhadradri Kothagudem Tekulapally Telangana
APGV0004207 NA Nagineniprolu H.no – 2-42/5, Near Hanuman Temple, Nagineniprolu, Burgampahad Mandal, Bhadradri Kotahgudem – 507114 8332969754 Bhadradri Kothagudem Burgampahad Telangana
APGV0004208 NA Papakollu Door No. 1-5, Papakollu Village, Julurpadu Mandal, Bhadradi Kothagudem District, Telangana – 507166 8332969754 Bhadradri Kothagudem Julurpadu Telangana
APGV0005101 NA Aknepally Akenepally 5101,mandal Mogullapally,dist Warangal. Pin 506 366 9490157412 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Jammikunta Telangana
APGV0005102 NA Akulavarighanpur Akulavari Ghanapur 5102,mandal Eturnagaram,dist Warangal. Pin 506 165 9490157413 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Eturu Nagaram Telangana
APGV0005103 NA Azamnager The Branch Manager,azamnagar 5103,mandal Bhupalpally, Dist Warangal. Pin 506 168 9490157414 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Bhupalpally Telangana
APGV0005104 NA Bachannapet Bachannapet 5104,mandal Bachannapet, Dist Warangal. Pin 506 221 9490157415 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005105 NA Balapala Balapala 5105,mandal Korivi,dist Warangal. 506 381 9490157416 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0005106 NA Bhupalpally 1 St Floor, Near Anand Theatre,bhupalpally 5106,mandalbhupalpally,distwarangal. 506169 9440908395 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Bhupalpally Telangana
APGV0005107 NA Budharaopet Budharaopet5107 O/o At Narsampet,mandal Narasampet,dist Wgl. 506 132 9490157417 Warangal Rural Narasampet Telangana
APGV0005108 NA Challagarige Challagarige 5108,mandal Chityal,dist Warangal, 506 356 9490157418 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Parkal Telangana
APGV0005109 NA Damera Damera 5109,gopalaswamy Temple,warangal. 506 002 9490157419 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005110 NA Ellanda Ellanda 5110,mandal Wardhannpet,dist Warangal. Pin 506 132 9490157420 Warangal Rural Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005111 NA Fortwarangal Fort Warangal 5111,opp. Sunil Theatre, Warangal. 506 002 9440908392 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005112 NA Ghanpur Station Ghanpurstation5112,mandal Ghanpurstn ,dist Wgl 506 144 9490157421 Jangaon Ghanpur Station Telangana
APGV0005113 506779002 Hanamkonda Hanamkonda 5113,subedari, Hanamkonda,dist Warangal. Pin 506 010 9440903955 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005114 NA Jangaon Janagaon 5114,opp.to Dsp Office, Janagaon,dist. Warangal. Pin 506 167 9490153768 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005115 NA Kashibugga Kashibugga 5115,mandi Bazar, Warangal,dist Warangal. Pin 506 002 9440908387 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005116 NA Khazipet Kazipet 5116,near Police Station, Kazipet,dist. Warangal. Pin 506 003 9490157422 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005117 NA Kesamudram Kesamudram 5117,mandal Kesamudram,dist Warangal. Pin 506 112 9490157423 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0005118 NA Komuravelly Komuravelly 5118,via. Marrimuchal, Mdl Cherial,dist Warangal. Pin 506 355 7382620371 Siddipet Komuravelly Telangana
APGV0005119 NA Korivi Korivi 5119,via Mahabubabad,distwarangal. 506 105 9490157425 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0005120 NA Kothapally Gori Kothapally Gori 5120,via Regondaparkal,mdl Regonda,dist Warangal. Pin 506 348 9490157426 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Parkal Telangana
APGV0005121 NA Lingalaghanpur Lingala Ghanapur 5121,via Pemberthi, Mdl Jangaon,dist Warangal. Pin 506 201 9490157427 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005122 NA Mahabubabad Mahabubabad 5122,mandal Mahabubabad,dist Warangal. Pin 506 101 9440908396 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0005123 NA Mallampally Mallampally 5123,mandal Mallampaly,dist Warangal. Pin 506 349 9490157428 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Mulugu Telangana
APGV0005124 NA Mallur Mallur 5124,mdlkamalapureturnagaram ,dist Warangal. Pin 506 172 9490157429 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Eturu Nagaram Telangana
APGV0005125 NA Mandapally Mandapally 5125,via. Togarrai, Mdl Narasampet,dist Warangal. Pin 506 331 9490157430 Warangal Rural Narsampet Telangana
APGV0005126 NA Maripeda Maripeda 5126,mandal Maripeda,dist Warangal. 506 315 9490153769 Mahabubabad Maripeda Telangana
APGV0005127 NA Mucherla Mucherla 5127,mandal Hasanparthy,dist Warangal. Pin 506 015 9490157431 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005128 NA Mulugu Mulugu 5128,mandal Mulugu,dist Warangal. 506 343 9440908393 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Mulugu Telangana
APGV0005129 NA Nallabelly Nallabally 5129,via. Malampally, Mdl Nallabally,dist Warangal. Pin 506 349 9490157432 Warangal Rural Mulugu Telangana
APGV0005130 NA Nancharimadur Nancharimadur 5130,via. Pedavangara, Mdl Kodakandla,dist Warangal. Pin 506 317 9490157433 Mahabubabad Thorrur Telangana
APGV0005131 NA Nekkonda Nekkonda 5131,mandal Nekkonda,dist Warangal. Pin 506 122 9490157434 Warangal Rural Nekkonda Telangana
APGV0005132 NA Oorugonda Oorugonda 5132,mandal Atmakur,dist Warangal, 506 342 9490157435 Warangal Rural Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005133 NA Palakurthy Palakurthy 5133,via. Ippaguda, Mdl Palakurthy,dist Warangal. Pin 506 252 9490157436 Jangaon Palakurthy Telangana
APGV0005134 NA Parkal Parkal 5134,mandal Parkal,dist Warangal. 506 164 9490153765 Warangal Rural Parkal Telangana
APGV0005135 NA Pasara Pasara 5135,mandal Mulugu,dist Warangal. 506 347 9490157437 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Mulugu Telangana
APGV0005136 NA Regonda Regonda 5136,mandal Regonda,dist Warangal, 506164 9490153766 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Parkal Telangana
APGV0005137 NA Tharigoppula Tarigopulla 5137,via. Mustial, Mandal Cherial,dist Warangal. Pin 506 224 9490157438 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005138 NA Tekumatla Tekumatla 5138,mandal Chityal,dist Warangal. 506 356 9490157439 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Parkal Telangana
APGV0005139 NA Thorrur Thorrur 5139,mandal Thorrur,dist Warangal. 506 163 9490153764 Mahabubabad Thorrur Telangana
APGV0005140 NA Venkatapur Venkatapur 5140,via Jangalapalli, Mdl Venkatapur,dist Warangal. Pin 506 352 9490157440 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Mulugu Telangana
APGV0005141 NA Sangem Sangem 5141,sangem (mandal),warangal Dist. Pin 506330 9490157441 Warangal Rural Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005142 NA Enugallu H.no.497/1 Grampanchayat Building, Main Road, Enugallu, Enugallu, 506369 9490157442 Warangal Rural Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005143 NA Zafferghad Zafferghad 5143,zaffarghad (mdl),dist. Warangal Pin 506316 9490157443 Jangaon Ghanpur Station Telangana
APGV0005144 NA Ghanpur Mulugu Ghanpur (mulugu) 5144,ghanpur (mulugu) (mdl),dist. Warangal Pin 506345 9490157444 Bhupalapalli(jaishanker) Bhupalpally Telangana
APGV0005146 NA Raghunathpally Raghunadhapally 5146,main Road, Raghunadhapally,dist. Warangal. Pin 506244 9490157445 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005147 NA Hasanparthy Hasanparthy 5147,main Road, Hasanparthy,dist. Warangal. Pin 506371 7382620372 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005148 NA Khanapur The Branch Manager,khanapur 5148,khanapur,mandal ,dist.warangal. 506132 9490157447 Warangal Rural Narasampet Telangana
APGV0005149 NA Chelpur Chelpur 5149,chelpur, Ghanpurmulugu Mdl ,dist. Warangal. Pin 506168 9490157448 Bhupalapalli Jaishanker Bhupalpally Telangana
APGV0005150 NA Mamnoor Mamnoor Apsp Iv Batallian Camp,qr. No. B481&482, Mamnoor,dist. Warangal. Pin 506 166 9491035471 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005151 NA D.p.o. Dist. Police Officers Assn. Building, Public Gardens, District Police Office Campus, Hanmakonda, 506001 9491035470 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005152 NA Dharmasagar Dharmasagar 5152,main Road, Dharmasagar (mdl),warangal Dist. Pin 506 142 9490157449 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005153 NA Ngos Colony Hno39999,first Floor,waddepally Peta,100 Feet Road,hanumakonda,warangal Dist506010 9491306855 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005154 NA Rangasaipet Hno196269,main Road Shambunipeta,rangasaipeta,wgl506002 9491306856 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005155 NA Jangaon Ii Court Road Br Hno12263/1, Siddipet Road, Court Road, Jangaon, Jangaon, 506167 7382620374 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005156 506779003 Gudur Hno2066d, Nekkonda Road,gudur Mandal,wgl(d) 506134 7382620375 Mahabubabad Narasampet Telangana
APGV0005157 NA Mahabubabad Ii Nspt Road Br Hno3511&2, Narsampet Road, Mahabubabad, Mahabubabad, 506101 7382620376 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0005158 NA Gavicherla Mens Cooperative Spciety Building, Main Road, Gavicherla, Gavicherla, 506310 7382620378 Warangal Rural Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005159 NA Dornakal Opp Post Office,near Fish Market,dornakalm ,dist. Warangal. Pin 506381 7382620390 Mahabubabad Mahabubabad Telangana
APGV0005160 NA Yadavanager Opp Post Office,near Fish Market,dornakal (m), Dist. Warangal. Pin 506382 8331011469 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005161 NA Madikonda Hno2256/4,main Road,madikonda,nehrunagar Street,hanamkonda,warangal(d) 506331 8331010405 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005163 NA Gopalpur Andhrapradeshgrameena Vikasbank ,d No 261/1, Devraj Colony, Gopalpur Village, Hanamkonda Mandal,warangal(d) 506015 8331010402 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005164 NA Bheemaram H. No. 1138, Main Road, Bheemaram, Bheemaram, 506015 8331010400 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005165 NA Cherial H. No. 2440/a, Nethaji Nagar, Cheriyal, Chiryal, 506223 8331010403 Siddipet Cherial Telangana
APGV0005166 NA Kumarpally H.no. 3428/1, Amrutha Theater Road, Kumarpally, Hanamkonda, 506001 8331010401 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005167 NA Nidigonda Nidigonda,raghunath Pally(mandal),warangal Dist 506244 8332988665 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0005168 NA Maddur H.no 981/2, Main Road, Maddur, Maddur, 506367 8332988667 Siddipet Maddur Telangana
APGV0005169 NA Newshayampet H. No. 23674, Hunter Road, Hunter Road, New Sayampet, Hanamkonda, 506001 8332988668 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005170 NA Rayaparthy H. No. 7239/2/1, Main Road, Raiparthy, Raiparthy, 506314 8332988669 Warangal Rural Thorrur Telangana
APGV0005171 NA Machapur Machapur,h.no 349,po &village Machapur, Mandal Geesukonda, Dist Warangal,pincode 506330. 8332988670 Warangal Rural Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005172 NA Danthalapally H.no.182/10/2 & 2a, Main Road, Danthalapally, Danthalapally, 506324 8332988671 Mahabubabad Thorrur Telangana
APGV0005173 NA Ramnagar H No 24646,ist Floor,abk Mall,ramnagar,hana, , Ramnagar, Hanamkonda, 506001 8333923832 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005174 NA Warangal Julywada H.no 19547, Basith Nagar, Julywada, Hanamkonda, Warangal Urbantelangana506001 8332040677 Warangal Urban Hanamkonda Telangana
APGV0005175 NA Singarajpalle H.no. 622, Singarajupally, Mdevaruppula, Dist Jangaon Pin 506303 8332040778 Janagaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0006201 NA Thungathurthy Thungathurthy 6201,mandal Thungathurthy,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 280 9490157225 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006202 508779002 Nalgonda Main Nalgonda 6202,nalgonda(m),dist Nalgonda, 508 001 9440903937 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006203 NA Mothkur Mothukur,mandal Mothukur,dist Nalgonda. 508 277 9490157226 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Mothukuru Telangana
APGV0006204 NA Ad Pally A.d. Pally,mandal Dameracharla,dist Nalgonda. 508 207 9490157227 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Telangana
APGV0006205 NA Peddavoora Pedavoora ,mandal Pedavoora,dist Nalgonda. 508 243 9490157228 Nalgonda Pedavoora Telangana
APGV0006206 NA P A Pally P.a. Pally,mandal P.a. Pally,dist Nalgonda. 508 266 9490157229 Nalgonda P.a.pally Telangana
APGV0006207 NA Gundlapally Dindi Gundlapallydindi ,mandal Gundlapally,dist Nalgonda. 508 258 9490157230 Nalgonda Gundlapally Telangana
APGV0006208 NA Chinthapally Chinthapally 6208,mandalchinthapally,distnlg.508 250 9490157231 Nalgonda Chintapally Telangana
APGV0006209 NA Nampally Nampally ,post Nampally,dist Nalgonda. 508 273 9490157232 Nalgonda Nampally Telangana
APGV0006210 NA Munagala Munagala 6210,mandal Munagala,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 233 9490157233 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006211 NA Pochampally Pochampally ,mandal Pochampally,dist Nalgonda. 508 284 9490157234 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Pochampally Telangana
APGV0006212 NA Thirumalagiri Tirumalagiri 6212,mandal Tirumalagiri,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 223 9490157235 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006213 NA S Narayanpur Narayanapurn ,mandal Narayanapur,dist Nalgonda. 508 253 9490157236 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Narayanapur Telangana
APGV0006214 NA Damaracherla Dameracharla ,mandal Dameracharla,dist Nalgonda. 508 207 9490157237 Nalgonda Dameracherla Telangana
APGV0006215 NA Shaligouraram Shaligowraram 6215,mandal Shaligowraram,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 210 9490157238 Nalgonda Nakrekal Telangana
APGV0006216 NA Yadagirigutta Yadagirigutta ,mandal Yadagirigutta,dist Nalgonda. 508 115 9490157239 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Yadagirigutta Telangana
APGV0006217 NA Valigonda Valigonda ,mandal Vaiigonda,dist Nalgonda. 508 112 9490157240 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Valigonda Telangana
APGV0006218 NA Narkatpally Narketpally ,mandal Narketpally,dist Nalgonda. 508 254 9490157241 Nalgonda Narketpally Telangana
APGV0006219 NA Mellacheruvu Mella Cheruvu 6219,mandal Mella Cheruvu,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 212 9490157242 Suryapet Mellacheruvu Telangana
APGV0006220 NA Thipparthy Thipparthy ,mandal,thipparthy,dist Nalgonda.508 247 9490157243 Nalgonda Tipparthy Telangana
APGV0006221 NA Gurrampode Gurrampodu,mandal Gurrampodu,dist Nalgonda. 508 256 9490157244 Nalgonda Gurrampode Telangana
APGV0006222 NA Nuthankal Nuthanakal 6222,mandal Nuthanakal,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 221 9490157245 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006223 NA Nakrekal Nakrekal 6223,mandal Nakrerkal,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 211 9440903938 Nalgonda Nakrekal Telangana
APGV0006224 508779007 Kodada Kodada 6224,mandal Kodada,dist Nlg 508 206 9490157246 Suryapet Kodada Telangana
APGV0006225 NA Atmakur Atmakur,mandal Mothukur,dist Nalgonda. 508 111 9490157247 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Atmakur Telangana
APGV0006226 NA Agamothkur Agamothkur,mandal Vemulapally,dist Nalgonda. 508 374 9490157248 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Telangana
APGV0006227 NA Aleru Alairmandal Alair,dist Nalgonda. 508 101 9490157249 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Alair Telangana
APGV0006228 NA Bibinagar Bibinagar,mandal Bibinagar,dist Nalgonda. 508 126 9490157250 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bibinagar Telangana
APGV0006229 NA Rajapet Rajapeta 6229,post Rajapeta, Via Raghunathapur,dist Nalgonda. 508 105 9490157251 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Rajapeta Telangana
APGV0006230 NA Mothey Mothe 6230,mandal Mothe,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 212 9490157252 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006231 508779006 Suryapet Suryapeta 6231,mandal Suryapeta,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 213 9490157253 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006232 NA Nereducherla Nereducherla 6232,mandal Nereducharla,dist Nalgonda. 508 218 9490157254 Suryapet Nereducharla Telangana
APGV0006233 NA Eduluru Edulur 6233,mandal Kattangur,dist Nalgonda. 508 205 9490157255 Nalgonda Kattangoor Telangana
APGV0006234 NA Mariyala Mariyala 6234,mandal Bommala Ramaram,dist Nalgonda. 508 116 9490157256 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bommalaramaram Telangana
APGV0006235 NA Ammanbole Ammanabolu,mandal Narketpally,dist Nalgonda. 508 254 9490157257 Nalgonda Narketpally Telangana
APGV0006236 NA Nidamanoor Nidamanoor,mandal Nidamanoor,dist Nalgonda. 508 274 9490157258 Nalgonda Nidamanoor Telangana
APGV0006237 NA Devarakonda Devarakonda ,mandal Devarakonda,dist Nalgonda. 508 248 9490157259 Nalgonda Devarakonda Telangana
APGV0006238 NA Garidepalli Garidepalli 6238,mandal Garidepalli,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 207 9490157260 Suryapet Huzurnagar Telangana
APGV0006239 NA Kanegal Kanagal,mandal Kanagal,dist Nalgonda. 508 001 9490157261 Nalgonda Kanegal Telangana
APGV0006240 NA Gundrampally Gundrampally 6240,mandal Chityala,dist Nalgonda. 508 114 9490157262 Nalgonda Chityala Telangana
APGV0006241 NA Vijayapuri North Vijayapurin ,mandal Nagarjuna Sagar,dist Nalgonda. 508 203 9490157263 Nalgonda Pedavoora Telangana
APGV0006242 NA Anjanapally Anjanapally 6242,mandal Tripuraram,distnalgonda508207 9490157264 Nalgonda Thripuraram Telangana
APGV0006243 508779005 Miryalaguda Miryalaguda,mandalmiryalaguda,dist,nalgonda508207 9490153747 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Telangana
APGV0006245 NA Raghunadhapalem Raghunadhapalem 6245,mandal Matampalli,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 204 9490157265 Suryapet Huzurnagar Telangana
APGV0006246 NA Huzurnagar Huzurnagar 6246,mandal Huzurnagar,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 204 9490157266 Suryapet Huzurnagar Telangana
APGV0006247 NA Penpahad Penpahad 6247,mandal Penpahad,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 214 9490157267 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006248 NA Pedhaveedu Pedaveedu 6248,mandal Matampalli,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 204 9490157268 Suryapet Huzurnagar Telangana
APGV0006249 NA Koyyalagudem Koyyalagudem 6249,mandal Choutuppal,dist Nalgonda. 508 252 9490153744 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Choutuppal Telangana
APGV0006250 NA Motakondur Motakondur 6250,post Motakondur, Via Vangapally,dist Nalgonda. 508 276 9490157269 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Yadagiri Gutta Telangana
APGV0006251 NA Bommalaramaram Bommala Ramavaram 6251,mandal Rammannapeta,dist Nalgonda. 508 126 9490157270 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bommalaramaram Telangana
APGV0006252 NA Mall Godakondla Nagarjuna Grameena Bank,mall 6252,mandal Chanthapally,dist Nalgonda. 508 245 9490157271 Nalgonda Chinthapally Telangana
APGV0006253 NA Gattuppal Gattuppal 6253,mandal Gattuppal,dist Nalgonda. 508 253 9490157272 Nalgonda Chanduru Telangana
APGV0006254 NA Kethepalli Kethepalli 6254,mandal Kethepalli,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 211 9490157273 Nalgonda Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006255 NA Kattangur Kattangur 6255,mandal Kattangur,dist Nalgonda. 508 205 9490157274 Nalgonda Kattangoor Telangana
APGV0006257 NA Aravapalli Arvapalli 6257,mandal Jagireddygudem,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 222 9491035483 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006258 NA Chityala Chityala,mandal Chityala,dist Nalgonda. 508 114 9490157276 Nalgonda Chityala Telangana
APGV0006260 NA Chilkuru Chilukur 6260,mandal Chulukur,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 206 9490157277 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006261 NA Halya Halia 6261,mandal Halia,dist Nalgonda. 508 202 9440908401 Nalgonda Haliya Telangana
APGV0006262 NA Konda Mallepally K. Mallepally 6262,mandal Devarakonda,dist Nalgonda. 508 243 9490157278 Nalgonda Devarakonda Telangana
APGV0006263 NA Tripuraram Tripuraram 6263,mandal Tripuraram,dist Nalgonda. 508 207 9490157279 Nalgonda Tripuraram Telangana
APGV0006265 NA Perikikondaram Perika Kondaram 6265,mandal Shaligowraram,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 213 9490157280 Nalgonda Nakrekal Telangana
APGV0006266 NA Nemmikal Nemmikal 6266,mandal Atmakurs ,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 212 9490157281 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006268 NA Aipoor Aipoor 6268,mdl Atmakur (s), Via Nuthanakal,dt Nalgonda. Pin 508 221 9490157282 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006269 NA Bhongir Bhongiri 6269,mandal Bhongiri,dist Nalgonda. 508 116 9490153743 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bhonagiri Telangana
APGV0006270 NA Yendlapalli Yendlapally 6270,mandal Suryapet,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 213 9490157283 Suryapet Nakrekal Telangana
APGV0006271 NA Urlugonda Urlugonda 6271,mandal Mothe,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 212 9490157284 Suryapet Urlugonda Telangana
APGV0006272 508779003 M.g.road M.g. Roadnlg6272,mandal Nalgonda,dist Nalgonda. 508 001 9490157285 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006273 508779004 Vt Nagar V.t. Nagar.nlg6273,mandal Nalgonda,dist Nalgonda. 508 001 9490157286 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006275 NA Choutuppal Choutuppal 6275,mandal Choutuppal,dist Nalgonda. 508 252 9490153745 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Choutuppal Telangana
APGV0006276 NA Bollepally Bollepally 6276,mandal Bhongiri,dist Nalgonda. 508 285 9490157287 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bhonagiri Telangana
APGV0006277 NA Ramannapet Ramannapeta 6277,mandal Ramannapeta,dist Nalgonda. 508 113 9490157288 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Ramannapeta Telangana
APGV0006278 NA Chandur Chandur 6278,mandal Chandur,dist Nalgonda. 508 255 9490157289 Nalgonda Chanduru Telangana
APGV0006279 NA Munugode Munugode 6279,mandal Munugode,dist Nalgonda. 508 244 9490157290 Nalgonda Munugodu Telangana
APGV0006280 NA Kmm X Road Kmm x Roads, Kodada 6280,mandal Kodada,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 206 9490153746 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006281 NA Psr Centre Psr Centre, Suryapet 6281,mandal Suryapet,dist Nalgonda. Pin 508 213 9490157291 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006282 NA H.b.colony H.b. Colony.mlg6282,mandal Miryalaguda,dist Nalgonda. 508 207 9490157292 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Telangana
APGV0006283 NA Jd Pur X Road Jagdevpur X Road, Bhonagiri 6283,pahadi Nagar, Bhongir (mdl),dist Nalgonda. 508116 9490157295 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bhonagiri Telangana
APGV0006284 NA Kondamadugu Kondamadugu 6284,mandal Bibinagar,dist Nalgonda. 508126 9490157296 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bibinagar Telangana
APGV0006285 NA Marriguda Marriguda 6285,marriguda (post&mandal),dist Nalgonda. 508245 9490157294 Nalgonda Marriguda Telangana
APGV0006286 NA Vemulapally Vemulapally 6286,vemulapalli (post& Mandal),dt Nalgonda. 508217 9490157293 Nalgonda Vemulapally Telangana
APGV0006287 NA Cherlapally Hno1135, Main Road, Cherlapalli, Cherlapalli, 508001 9493174767 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006288 NA Thurkapalli Gramapanchayath Building, Main Road, Turkapalli, Turkapalli, 508116 9491035485 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Thurakapalli Telangana
APGV0006289 NA Akkenapally Hno54/1, Main Road, Akkenepally, Akkinepally, 508254 7382632692 Nalgonda Narketpally Telangana
APGV0006290 NA Pasnur Hno152, Main Road, Pasnur, Pasnoor, 508373 7382632693 Nalgonda Nampally Telangana
APGV0006291 NA Dindi X Road H No203, Dindi X Road, Devarakonda, Devarakonda, 508248 7382632694 Nalgonda Devarakonda Telangana
APGV0006292 NA Kuda Kuda Road H. No. 11511/a, Main Road, Sri Sri Nagar, Suryapet, Suryapet, 508213 8331011461 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006293 NA Nallabandla Gudem Andhrapradesh Grameena Vikas Bank,nallabandlagudem,kodadmandal ,nalgondadistrict ,pin 508206 8331011460 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006294 NA Venkiryala H. No.48/2, Main Road, Venkiryala, Inkriyala, 508126 8331010415 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bibinagar Telangana
APGV0006295 NA Ramapuram H.no.118, Boddurai Bazar, Ramapuram, Ramapuram, 508246 8331010410 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006296 NA Kkg Road D.no. 12/18a/1, Sub Registrar Office, Katakommugudem Road, Kodad, Kodad, 508206 8331010408 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006297 NA Angadipeta Survey No. 1238, Main Road, Angadipeta, Pedaadisarlapally, 508243 8331010416 Nalgonda P.a Pally Telangana
APGV0006298 NA Nadigudem Andhrapradesh Grameenavikas Bank,nadigudem(m),nalgonda(d) 508234 8331010412 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006299 NA Madugulapally H. No. 148/1, Main Road, Madugulapally, Thipparthi, 508247 8331010414 Nalgonda Thipparthy Telangana
APGV0006300 NA Tp Road Nakerekal Door.no. 127/2, Thipparthy Road, Nakrekal, Nakrekal, 508211 8331010411 Nalgonda Nakrekal Telangana
APGV0006301 NA Veliminedu H.no. 913, Main Road, Veliminedu, Veliminedu, 508114 8331010417 Nalgonda Chityala Telangana
APGV0006302 NA Vangapally H.no. 134/3, Temple Road, Vangapally, Yadagirigutta, 508115 8331010418 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Yadagiri Gutta Telangana
APGV0006303 NA Hanumanpet H. No. 181711, Sagar Road, Hanumanpet, Miryalaguda, 508207 8331010419 Nalgonda Miryalaguda Telangana
APGV0006304 NA Gundala Nlg Sy. No. 908, Main Road, Gundala, Gundala, 508277 8331010413 Jangaon Jangaon Telangana
APGV0006305 NA Julur Julur,bhudan Pocham Palli(mandal),nalgonda Dist 508284 8331010461 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Pochampally Telangana
APGV0006306 NA Kothapally H.no 4122/4, Alwal X Road, Kothapally, Alwal, 508377 8331010463 Nalgonda Haliya Telangana
APGV0006307 NA Cheekatimamidi Cheekatimamidi,bommala Ramaram(mandal),nalgonda Dist 508 126 8331010462 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bommalaramaram Telangana
APGV0006308 NA Dondapadu H. No 5100, Main Road, Dondapadu, Dondapadu, 508246 8331010458 Suryapet Mellacheruvu Telangana
APGV0006309 NA Mamillagudem H.no.281/26/a, Main Road, Mamillagudem, Mamillagudem, 508212 8332988646 Suryapet Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006310 NA Survail H. No. 4162, Main Road, Sarvail, Survail, 508253 8332988653 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Narayanapuram Telangana
APGV0006311 NA Bheemaram H. No. 449, Main Road, Bheemavaram, Bheemavaram, 508374 8332988647 Nalgonda Suryapet Telangana
APGV0006312 NA Bts Colony H.no. 512705/2/1, Miryalaguda Road, Bts Colony, Nalgonda, 508001 8332988654 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006313 NA Savarkar Nagar H. No. 798, Panagal Road, Sriramnagar Colony, Savarkar Nagar, Nalgonda, 506001 8332988655 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006314 NA Munugode X Road H. No. 411572/1, Devarakonda Road, Munugode X Roads, Nalgonda, Naglonda, 508001 8332988656 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0006315 NA Gp Centre Huzurnagar H. No 1142, Main Road, Gandhi Park Centre, Huzurnagar, Huzurnagar, 508204 8332988648 Suryapet Huzurnagar Telangana
APGV0006316 NA Malkapur H. No. 286, Main Road, Malkapur, Malkapur, 508252 8332988657 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Choutuppal Telangana
APGV0006317 NA Lenkalapally H.no. 241, Lenkalapally, , Lenkalapally, Lenkalapally, 508245 8331043828 Nalgonda Marriguda Telangana
APGV0006318 NA Gokaram H.no. 428/2, Pochampally Road, Gokaram(v), , Valigonda, Valigonda, 508252 8333923833 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Valigonda Telangana
APGV0006319 NA Narammagudem H.no. 370, Narammagudem(v), , Nidamanur, Nidamanur, 508278 8333923834 Nalgonda Nidamanoor Telangana
APGV0006320 NA Kannekal H.no 1194, R/o Kannekal, Via Madgulapally, Nidmanur Mandal, Nalgonda District 508374 8332040951 Nalgonda Thipparthy Telangana
APGV0006321 NA Addaguduru Hno 890,r/o Addaguduru,addaguduru Mandal, Yadadri Bhongir District 508277 8332040916 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Mothukuru Telangana
APGV0006322 NA Velidanda H.no.517, Near Bus Stand, Velidanda (village), Garidepalli Mandal, Suryapeta District??, Telangana Pin 508201 8332041029 Suryapet Kodad Telangana
APGV0006323 NA Suryapeta Thallagadda H.no.1159, Thallagadda, Suryapeta District, Telangana Pin 508213 8332040966 Suryapet Suryapeta Telangana
APGV0007101 509779002 Mahabubnagar 14130/18,opp Government H Q Hospital,mahbubnagar,509001 9440903944 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007102 NA Telakapalli Telkapally 7102 ,nagarkurnool Tq,mbnr Dist 509 385 9490157297 Nagarkurnool Telakapalli Telangana
APGV0007103 NA Rajapur Rajapur 7103,via Balanagar,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 202 9490153741 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007104 NA Thummanpet Thummanpet 7104,achampet Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 375 9490157298 Nagarkurnool Thummanpet Telangana
APGV0007105 NA Gundumal Gundumal 7105,kosigi Tq, Mahabubnagar Dist,pin 509 339 9490157299 Mahabubanagar Kosgi Telangana
APGV0007106 NA Talakondapally Talakondapally 7106,kalwakurthy Tq,mbnr Dist 509 328 9490157300 Rangareddy Talakondapally Telangana
APGV0007108 NA Gangapur Gangapur 7108,jadcherla Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 302 9490157301 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007109 NA Tandur Tadur 7109,nagarkurnool Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 209 9490157302 Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool Telangana
APGV0007110 NA Padra Padra,achampet Tq,mbnr Dist 509 201 9490157303 Nagarkurnool Padra Telangana
APGV0007111 NA Chowdarigudem Chowdergudem 7111,shadnagar Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 207 9490157304 Rangareddy Chowdarigudem Telangana
APGV0007112 NA Pedakothapalli Pedda Kothapally 7112,kollapur Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 412 9490157305 Nagarkurnool Pedakothapalli Telangana
APGV0007115 NA Kadukuntla Kadukuntla 7115,kothakota Via,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 381 9490157306 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007116 NA Bonkur Bonkur 7116,via Manopad,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 128 9490157307 Gadwal Jogulamaba Kurnool Telangana
APGV0007117 NA Akuthotapally Akuthotapally 7117,kalwakurthy Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 362 9490157308 Rangareddy Akuthotapally Telangana
APGV0007118 NA Midzil Midjil 7118,mbnr Dist, 509 357 9490157309 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007119 NA Elkur Elkur 7119,gadwal Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 132 9490157310 Gadwal Jogulamaba Gadwal Telangana
APGV0007120 NA Dharur Dharur 7120,gadwal Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 133 9490157311 Gadwal Jogulamaba Gadwal Telangana
APGV0007121 NA Gopalpet Gopalpet 7121,via Wanaparthy,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 206 9490157312 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007122 NA Avancha Avancha 7122,via Thimmajipet,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 406 9490157313 Nagarkurnool Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007123 NA Uppunuthala Hno8199,jagan Mohan Reddy Complex,uppunuthala ,achampet Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 376 9490157314 Nagarkurnool Uppunuthala Telangana
APGV0007124 NA Pedda Mandadi Pedda Mandadi 7124,kothakota Via,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 381 9490157315 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007125 NA Irvin Thebranchmanager,a.p.grameenaikasbank, Hno19177/1/2/3, 1st Floor, Gsr Complex,v,irvinkalwakurthy Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 324 9490157316 Rangareddy Irvin Telangana
APGV0007126 NA Remaddula Remaddula 7126,gopalpet Via,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 206 9490157317 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007127 NA Kolkulpally Kolkulpally,via Madgul,mbnr Dist 509 327 9490157318 Rangareddy Kolkulpally Telangana
APGV0007129 NA Bhootpur Bhoothpur 7129,mahabubnagar Dist.pin 509 382 9490157319 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007131 NA Kosgi Kosigi 7131,kodangal Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 339 9490157320 Mahabubanagar Kosgi Telangana
APGV0007132 509779007 Jadcherla 763,near New Busstand,jadcherla,teh.jadcherla,509302 9493545532 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007133 NA Alampur 6139,main Bazar,alampur,teh.alampur,509152 9490157322 Gadwal Jogulamaba Kurnool Telangana
APGV0007134 NA Kaukuntla Kaukuntla 7134,via Devarkadra,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 219 9490157323 Mahabubanagar Devarkadra Telangana
APGV0007135 NA Balampet Balampet 7135,kodangal, Mahabubnagar Dist,pin 509 336 9490157324 Vikarabad Kosgi Telangana
APGV0007136 NA Kodangal Kodangal 7136,mahabubnagar Dist.pin 509 338 9440908400 Vikarabad Kodangal Telangana
APGV0007137 NA Singavatnam Singavatnam 7137,kollapur Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 107 9490157325 Nagarkurnool Kollapur Telangana
APGV0007138 509779004 Shadnagar Market Road,farooqnagar,teh.shadnagar,509216 9440903945 Rangareddy Shadnagar Telangana
APGV0007139 NA Vepur Vepur 7139,hanwada Via,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 334 9490157326 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007140 NA Kothakota Kothakota 7140,mahabubnagar Dist,pin 509 381 9490153739 Wanaparthy Kothakota Telangana
APGV0007141 NA Velijerla Veljerla,shadnagar Tq,mbnr Dist509 216 9490157327 Rangareddy Velijerla Telangana
APGV0007143 NA Amangal Thebranchmanager,a.p.grameenaikasbank, Hno178,adarshnagar,hyderabadroad, Amangal, Kalwakurthy Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 312 9440908399 Rangareddy Amangal Telangana
APGV0007145 NA Kondanagula Kondanagula ,achampet Tq, Mbnr Dist 509 401 9490157328 Nagarkurnool Kondanagula Telangana
APGV0007146 NA Urukondapet Oppgrampanchayatbuilding,urukondapet, Kalwakurthy Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 320 9490157329 Nagarkurnool Urukondapet Telangana
APGV0007147 NA Chinnaporla Chinnaporla 7147,makthal Via,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 311 9490157330 Mahabubanagar Makthal Telangana
APGV0007148 NA Elkicherla Elkicherla 7148,thimmajipet Via,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 406 9490157331 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007149 NA Pedda Adiryala Pedda Adiryala 7149,jadcherla Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 408 9490157332 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007150 NA Achampet The Branchmanager, Plotno5,7teacherscolony, Mainroad,achampet,mbnr Dist. 509 375 9440908397 Nagarkurnool Achampet Telangana
APGV0007151 NA Maganoor Maganoor 7151,makthal Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 308 9490157333 Mahabubanagar Makthal Telangana
APGV0007152 NA Gummadam Gummadam 7152,pebbair, Mahabubnagar Dist,pin 509 104 9490157334 Wanaparthy Pebbair Telangana
APGV0007153 NA Sindanoor Sindhanoor 7153,gadwal Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 129 9490157335 Gadwal Jogulamaba Ieeja Telangana
APGV0007154 502779014 Pothireddipally Pothireddypally 7154,via Palem,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 215 9490157336 Nagarkurnool Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007155 NA Kondapur Kondapur 7155,via Koilkonda,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 371 9490157337 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007157 NA Jupally Jupally,kalwakurthy Tq,mbnr Dist 509 324 9490157338 Nagarkurnool Jupally Telangana
APGV0007158 NA Mandoddi Mandoddi 7158,alampur Tq,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 135 9490157339 Gadwal Jogulamaba Shanthinagar Telangana
APGV0007159 NA Moosapet Moosapet 7159,mahabubnagar Dist,pin 509 380 9490157340 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007160 NA Ramchandrapur Ramachandrapur 7160,via Devarkadra,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 204 9490157341 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007161 NA Karvanga 297,bus Stand Rd,karvanga,teh.nagarkurnool,509385 9490157342 Nagarkurnool Karvanga Telangana
APGV0007162 NA Jinnaram Jinnaram 7162,lalkotavia,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 409 9490157343 Mahabubanagar Marikal Telangana
APGV0007164 NA Kalwakole Kalwakole,kollapur Tq,mbnr Dist. 509 102 9490157344 Nagarkurnool Kalwakole Telangana
APGV0007165 NA Sasanool Sasanool 7165,via Gadwal, Kondair Post , Mahabubnagar Dist,pin 509 125 9490157345 Gadwal Jogulamaba Gadwal Telangana
APGV0007166 NA Kothur H.no.4157&158,n.h.rd,kothur,509228 9490153740 Rangareddy Kothur Telangana
APGV0007167 NA Kalwakurthy H.no.71000/1suryacomplex,kalwakurti,509324 9440903946 Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy Telangana
APGV0007168 509779006 Gadwal H.no.710117/1,rajiv Marg,gadwal,509125 9440903948 Gadwal Jogulamaba Gadwal Telangana
APGV0007169 509779003 Wanaparthy H.no.42/250/8a,prajavaaidhyasala Rd,wanaparthi,509103 9440903947 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007170 NA Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool 7170,mahabubnagar Dist.pin 509 209 9490153742 Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool Telangana
APGV0007171 509779005 Narayanpet Door No.4873,main Road,narayanpet, P.o.narayanpeta,509210 9490157347 Mahabubanagar Narayanpet Telangana
APGV0007172 NA Old Palamoor Old Palamur 7172,near 1 Town Police Station,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 001 9440908398 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007173 509779008 Badepally Badepally 7173,netaji Chowk,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 301 9490157465 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007174 NA Marikal Marikal 7174,post Marikal,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 351 9490157346 Mahabubanagar Marikal Telangana
APGV0007175 NA Devarkadra Devarakadra 7175,mahabubnagar Dist.pin 509 204 9490157348 Mahabubanagar Devarkadra Telangana
APGV0007176 NA Pebbair , National Highway 7, Kurnool Road, Pebbair, 509104 9490157349 Wanaparthy Pebbair Telangana
APGV0007177 NA Leeja Ieeja 7177,mahabubnagar Dist.pin 509 129 9490157350 Gadwal Jogulamaba Ieeja Telangana
APGV0007178 NA Padmavathi Colony 75114/6/b, Hyderabad Road, Opp. Padmavathi Colony Bus Stop, Padmavathi Colony, 509001 9490157351 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007179 NA Kadthal , Hyderabad Srisailam Road, , Kadthal, 509358 9490157352 Rangareddy Kadthal Telangana
APGV0007180 NA Kothapeta H.no.22/a, Kashipuram Colony, , Kothapeta, 509408 9490157353 Rangareddy Kothapeta Telangana
APGV0007181 NA Addakula Addakal 7181,addakalmdl ,dist. Mahabubnagar. Pin 509382 9490157354 Mahabubanagar Kothakota Telangana
APGV0007182 NA Nandigaon Nandigaon 7182nandigaon (vill.),kothur (mdl),dist. Mbnr 509228 9490157355 Rangareddy Nandigaon Telangana
APGV0007183 NA Chatanpalli Chatanpally,chatanpally, Farooqnagar (mdl),dist. Mbnr. 509216 9490157356 Rangareddy Shadnagar Telangana
APGV0007184 NA Balanagar Balanagar 7184, 925, Nh7, Mdl Balanagar,dist Mahabubnagar. Pin 509 202 9490157357 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0007185 NA Killaghnapur H.no.3116/a, Bharathi Nagar Colony, Khilla Ghanpur, Ghanpur, Khilla Ghanpur, 509380 9490157359 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007186 NA Bijinepally Bijinepally,near New Bus Stand, Bijinepally,mahabubnagar Dist. Pin 509 203 9490157360 Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool Telangana
APGV0007187 NA Atmakur H.no. 1020, Main Road, Atmakur, Atmakur, 509131 9491306858 Wanaparthy Atmakur Telangana
APGV0007188 NA Maddur Ravulapalli Road, Maddur Branch,maddur(m), Mahabubnagar (d) 509411 9491306857 Mahabubanagar Narayanpet Telangana
APGV0007189 NA Kodair H.no563, Santha Bazar, Kodair, Kodair, 509102 9491035489 Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool Telangana
APGV0007190 NA Makthal Bapuji Nagar Colony,maktal.509208. Mahabubngar Dist 7382620367 Mahabubanagar Makthal Telangana
APGV0007191 NA Nawabpet Mudiraj Sangam Building,villnawabpet.kondurg Road,mahabubngar Dist509340 7882632690 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007192 NA Burgula Hno111/a/1, Main Road, Burgula, Burgula, 509202 7382632685 Rangareddy Burgula Telangana
APGV0007193 NA Achamkpet Old Bzr Old Bazar Branch, Hno 23, 1st Floor, Block No 2, Main Road, Market Street, Achampeta 509375 8331011459 Nagarkurnool Achamkpet Telangana
APGV0007194 NA Kalwakurthy X Rd Plot No. 4 To 8, Survey No. 11, Hyderabad X Road, Kalwakurthy, Kalwakurthy, 509324 8331010421 Nagarkurnool Kalwakurthy X Rd Telangana
APGV0007195 NA Tudukurthy Tudukurthy,nagarkurnool(mandal),mahabubnagar (dist) 509001 8331010423 Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool Telangana
APGV0007196 NA Pentlavelly Hno127/1, Pentlavally,kollapur(mandal),mahabubnagar (dist) 509105 8331010424 Nagarkurnool Kollapur Telangana
APGV0007197 NA Narwa H.no3/53, Main Road, Narva, Narva, 509130 8331010422 Mahabubanagar Marikal Telangana
APGV0007198 NA Shanthinagar H.no9108,109, Koviladinne Road, Shanthinagar, Shantinagar, 509126 8331010427 Gadwal Jogulamaba Shanthinagar Telangana
APGV0007199 NA Veltoor Veltoor, Uppunuthala(m), Mahaboobnagar (d) 509376 8331010420 Nagarkurnool Veltoor Telangana
APGV0007200 NA Gc Wanaparthy H.no.20124, Main Road, Gandhi Chowk, Wanaparthy, Wanaparthy, 509103 8331010426 Wanaparthy Wanaparthy Telangana
APGV0007201 NA Kr Road Gadwal H.no.143, Krishna River Road, Bheemnagar, Gadwal, Gadwal, 509125 8331010425 Gadwal Jogulamaba Gadwal Telangana
APGV0007202 NA Pamapur Pamapur,kothakota(mandal),mahabubnagar Dist 509381 8331010459 Wanaparthy Kothakota Telangana
APGV0007203 NA Koilkonda H.no. 8126/51/t, Main Road, Bc Colony, Koilkonda, Koilkonda, 509371 8331010460 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007204 NA Padkal Padkal,talakonda Pally(mandal),mahabubnagar Dist 509328 8332988635 Rangareddy Padkal Telangana
APGV0007205 NA Immul Narva H.no 390, Jp Darga Road, Inmulnarva, Inmulnarva, 509228 8332988636 Rangareddy Immul Narva Telangana
APGV0007206 NA Ravulapally Plot No. 1, Mahalaxmi Temple, Ravalpally, Ravalpally, 509336 9985247632 Vikarabad Kodangal Telangana
APGV0007207 NA Dhanwada H. No. 10110, Sri Ram Nagar, Dhanwada, Dhanwada, 509205 9966771493 Mahabubanagar Narayanpet Telangana
APGV0007208 NA Yenugonda H. No. 416/4/1/a, Hyderabad Road, Yenugonda, Yenugonda, 509001 8332988651 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007209 NA Kollapur H. No. 1751, College Road, Kollapur, Kollapur, 509102 8332988652 Nagarkurnool Kollapur Telangana
APGV0007210 NA Bhageeratha Colony H.no.2121/1, First Floor Near Bhageeratha C, , Bhageeratha Colony, Bhageeratha Colony, 509001 8331043825 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007211 NA Hakeempet Gramapanchayat Building , Hakeempet, , Hakeempet, Hakeempet, 509350 8331043826 Mahabubanagar Kosgi Telangana
APGV0007212 NA Hanwada H.no.451/2, Main Road,near Hanwada Maszeed, , Hanwada, Hanwada, 509334 8331043827 Mahabubanagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0007213 NA Ngkl Road Badepally H.no. 12101 To 105 Sy.no.88,92,ground Floor , Badepally, Badepally, 509301 8331043824 Mahabubanagar Jadcherla Telangana
APGV0008101 502779007 Sangareddy Sangareddy 8101,sangareddy, Medak Dist. Pin 502 001sangareddy 8101 9493126205 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008102 NA Shivampet Shivampet 8102 Shivampet, Pulkal, Medak Dist. Pin 502 273 9490157361 Sangareddy Shivampet Telangana
APGV0008103 NA Pulkal Pulkal 8103 Pulkal, Medak Dist.pin 502 293 9490157362 Sangareddy Pulkal Telangana
APGV0008104 NA Terpole Terploe 8104 Post Terpole, Via Pothireddypalli X Roads,medak Dist. Pin 502 295 9490157363 Sangareddy Terpole Telangana
APGV0008105 NA Chitkul Chitkol 8105 Chitkol, Andole, Medak Dist.pin 502 270 9490157364 Medak Chitkul Telangana
APGV0008106 NA Dubbaka Dubbak 8106,dubbak, Dubbak, Medak Dist. 502 108 9490157365 Siddipet Dubbaka Telangana
APGV0008108 NA Chegunta Chegunta 8108,chegunta, Medak Dist.pin 502 255 9490157366 Medak Chegunta Telangana
APGV0008109 NA Doulthabad Doultabad 8109,doultabad, Doultabad,medak Dist. 502 247 9490157367 Siddipet Doulthabad Telangana
APGV0008110 NA Jinnaram H.no.178,jinnaram,teh.narsapur,502319 9490157368 Sangareddy Jinnaram Telangana
APGV0008111 NA Kukunurpally Kukunurpally 8111,kukunurpally, Medak Dist.pin 502 301 9490157369 Siddipet Kukunurpally Telangana
APGV0008112 NA Kajipur Khajipur 8112,khajipur, Mirdoddi,medak Dist. 502 102 9490157370 Siddipet Kajipur Telangana
APGV0008113 NA Singtham Singtham 8113,singtham, Raikode, Medak Dist.pin 502 257 9490157371 Sangareddy Singtham Telangana
APGV0008114 NA Raikode Raikode 8114,raikode, Medak Dist,pin 502 257raikode 8114 9490157372 Sangareddy Raikode Telangana
APGV0008115 502779002 Ashoknagar Ashoknagar,ashoknagar, Rc Puram,medak Dist. 502 032 9440903959 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008116 NA Laxmapur Laxmapur 8116,laxmapur, Akkannapet,medak Dist. Pin 502 115 9490157373 Medak Laxmapur Telangana
APGV0008117 NA Tunki Bollaram T. Bollaram, Mulugu,medak Dist. 502 279 9490157374 Siddipet Tunki Bollaram Telangana
APGV0008119 NA Pregnapur Plot Bi25,26,58,sy No178/1,hno105/2,pragnapur, Gajwel,medak Dist. 502 311 9490153752 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008120 NA Ananthasagar Ananthasagar 8120,ananthasagar, Kondapur,medak Dist. Pin 502 306 9490157375 Sangareddy Ananthasagar Telangana
APGV0008121 NA Toguta Toguta 8121,post Toguta,medak Dist. Pin 502 372toguta 8121 9490157376 Siddipet Toguta Telangana
APGV0008122 NA Kangti Main Road,kangti,teh.narayankhed,502287 9490157377 Sangareddy Kangti Telangana
APGV0008123 NA Budhera Budhera 8123,budhera, Munipally,medak Dist. Pin 502 345budhera 8123 9490157378 Sangareddy Budhera Telangana
APGV0008125 502779009 Indrakannu Indrakannu 8125,indrakannu, Medak Dist.pin 502330 9440903966 Sangareddy Indrakannu Telangana
APGV0008126 502779016 Zaheerabad Arya Nagar, Near Kumar Hotel, Zaheerabad,medak Dist 502 220 9440903961 Sangareddy Zaheerabad Telangana
APGV0008127 NA Nacharam Shop No678151617,opp Ttd Kalyana Mandapam,nacharam,toopran,medak Dist502334 9490157379 Siddipet Medchal Telangana
APGV0008128 NA Manoharabad Manoharabad,manoharabad, Kallakal,medak Dist. 502 336 9490157380 Medak Medchal Telangana
APGV0008130 NA Chittapur Chittapur 8130,chittapur, Dubbak,medak Dist. Pin 502 108 9490157381 Siddipet Chittapur Telangana
APGV0008131 NA Yeldurthy Yeldurthy 8131,post Yeldurthy,medak Dist. Pin 502 255 9490157382 Medak Yeldurthy Telangana
APGV0008132 NA Pullur Pullur, Siddipet, Medak Dist.pin 502 107 9490157383 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008133 NA Chalki Chalki 8133, Nyalakal, Medak Dist,pin 502 256chalki 8133 9490157384 Sangareddy Nalkal Telangana
APGV0008134 NA Papannapet Main Rd,papannapet,teh.andole,502303 9490157385 Medak Papannapet Telangana
APGV0008135 NA Regode Main Rd,regode,teh.andole,502290 9490157386 Medak Regode Telangana
APGV0008138 NA Chowtkur Main Rd,chowtkur,teh.andole,502273 9490157387 Sangareddy Jogipet Telangana
APGV0008139 502779020 Medak Municipal Mktg.complex,medak,502110 9440903962 Medak Medak Telangana
APGV0008140 NA Shankarampet Main Rd,cheekode,p.o.lingaipally,teh.andole,502303 9490157388 Medak Shankarampet Telangana
APGV0008141 NA Sanjivanraopet Sanjivanraopet, Narayankhed,medak Dist. Pin 502 286 9490157389 Sangareddy Narayankhed Telangana
APGV0008142 NA Manur Main Rd,manur,teh.narayankhed,502286 9490157390 Sangareddy Manur Telangana
APGV0008144 NA Watpally Watpally 8144,post Watpally, Via Alladurgam,medak Dist. Pin 502 269 9490157391 Sangareddy Watpally Telangana
APGV0008147 NA Yousufpet Yousufpet, Papannapet,medak Dist. Pin 502 331 9490157392 Medak Papannapet Telangana
APGV0008148 NA Ibrahimnagar Ibrahimnagar, Chinnakodur,medak Dist. Pin 502 267 9490157393 Siddipet Ibrahimnagar Telangana
APGV0008149 NA Gouraram Main Road,pamulparthi,teh.gajwel,502279 9490157394 Siddipet Gouraram Telangana
APGV0008150 NA Marvelly Marvelly, Andole, Medak Dist,pin 502 270 9490157395 Sangareddy Watpally Telangana
APGV0008151 NA Jharasangam Jharasangam, Medak Dist.pin 502 321 9490157396 Sangareddy Jharasangam Telangana
APGV0008152 NA Nizampet Main Road,nizampet,teh.ramayampet,502371 9490157397 Medak Ramayampet Telangana
APGV0008153 NA Jogipet Jogipet, Andole, Medak Dist.pin 502 270 9440908402 Sangareddy Jogipet Telangana
APGV0008154 502779011 Sadashivapet Sadasivpet 8154sadasivpet, Medak Dist.pin 502 291 9440903960 Sangareddy Sadashivapet Telangana
APGV0008155 NA Waddepally Waddepally,via Ismail Khanpet, Narsapur,medak Dist. 502 298 9490157398 Sangareddy Doultabad Telangana
APGV0008156 NA Bilalpur Main Road,bilalpur,teh.zaheerabad,502210 9490157399 Sangareddy Zaheerabad Telangana
APGV0008157 NA Narayankhed Main Road,narayankhed,teh.narayankhed,502286 9490153748 Sangareddy Narayankhed Telangana
APGV0008158 NA Ramayampet Ramayampet 8158,ramayampet, Medak Dist,pin 502 101 9490153749 Medak Ramayampet Telangana
APGV0008159 502779017 Siddipet Main Road,siddipet,teh.siddipet,502103 9440903964 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008160 NA Gajwel Survery No248, Opp Munsif Court, Main Road,gajwel, Medak Dist. 502 278 9440903965 Siddipet Gajwel Telangana
APGV0008161 NA Narsapur Main Road,narsapur,teh.narsapur,502313 9440908403 Medak Narsapur Telangana
APGV0008162 NA Dhanura Main Road,dhanura,teh.andole,502269 9490157400 Medak Jogipet Telangana
APGV0008163 502779010 Patancheru Main Road,peddakanjarla,teh.sangareddy,502319 9440903958 Sangareddy Patancheru Telangana
APGV0008164 502779005 Ida Bollaram Main Road,behindppl,ida Bollaram,jinnaram,medakdist. 502 325 9440903922 Sangareddy Ida Bollaram Telangana
APGV0008165 502779008 Shanthinagar Main Road,shantinagar,sangareddy, P.o.head Post Office,502001 9440903963 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008166 502779018 Saraswathi Nagar Medak Road,saraswathinagar,siddipet, P.o.head Post Office,502103 9440903957 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008167 502779003 Isnapur Isnapur 8167 Post Pasam Mylaram, Mdl. Patancheru, Medak Dist. Pin 502 307 9490153751 Sangareddy Isnapur Telangana
APGV0008168 NA Toopran Hno13158,opp Zp Highschool,main Road,toopran, Medak Dist. 502 334 9490157401 Medak Gajwel Telangana
APGV0008170 502779021 Medak Ma H.no.1329/4/7, Nr.sbh Main Branch, Ramayampet Rd, Medak 502110 9490157402 Medak Medak Telangana
APGV0008171 502779004 Bhel Ts Shop Ct.921 E,nr.main P.o,bhel Township,ramchandrapuram (bhel)502032 9440908404 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008172 502779006 Ramachandrapuram 1044,r.c.puram Village,r.c.sunday Mkt,ramachandrapuram(bhel) 502032 9490157403 Sangareddy Ramachandrapuram Telangana
APGV0008173 502779019 Siddipet Market Area Siddipet Market Area 8173 Siddipet Market Area,medak Dist. 502 103 9490157404 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008174 NA Zaheerabad Mr 753, N.h.9, Main Road, Zaheerabad Post Office,zaheerabad 502220 9490157405 Sangareddy Zaheerabad Telangana
APGV0008175 NA Pr Pally X Road Plot .no.111,rohini Complex, Pothireddypally X Road, Sangareddy, Pothireddypally, 502295 9490157406 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008176 502779013 Tellapur Plot No .310, S.no.323/1, , Tellapur, Thellapur, 502032 9490157407 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008177 NA Vantimamidi H.no.186, ,rohini Complex, , Ontimamidi, Ontimamidi, 502279 9490157408 Siddipet Vantimamidi Telangana
APGV0008178 NA Annaram H.no .569,opp I.a.force Academy Gate, Main Road, Jinnaram Mandal, Annaram, 502313 9490157409 Sangareddy Annaram Telangana
APGV0008179 NA Kallakal Kallakkal, Toopran(mdl)dist. Medak 502336 9490157410 Medak Kallakal Telangana
APGV0008180 502779012 Ameenpur Ameenpur8180 H.no. 16111, Beside Icrisat Colony,ameenpur, Dist Medak. 207 9490157411 Sangareddy Ameenpur Telangana
APGV0008181 NA Jagdevpur Hno1027, Police Station Road, Jagadevpur, Jagadevpur, 502281 9490157424 Siddipet Gajwel Telangana
APGV0008182 502779015 Rudraram Dno1/74,rudraram,patancheruvu Mandal.medak Dist.pin502329 9491035492 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008183 NA Gurralagondi The Branch Manager Chinna Koduru Mandal,medakdist502276 9491062127 Siddipet Doultabad Telangana
APGV0008184 NA Doultabad Doultabad,via Ismail Khan Pet,hathnoora Mandal,medak Dist, 502296 7382632684 Sangareddy Doultabad Telangana
APGV0008185 NA Mambojipally H.no 322, Shop No. 4&5, Main Road, Mumbojipally, Machavaram, 502109 7382632695 Medak Medak Telangana
APGV0008186 NA Toopran Road Hno12114, Toopran Road Gajwel Branch,toopran,medak(d) 502278 8331011457 Siddipet Gajwel Telangana
APGV0008187 NA Kotilingala H. No. 12174/1, Ngos Colony Road, Kotilingala, Siddipet, Siddipet, 502103 8331011464 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008188 NA Chinnakkodur Door. No. 7106, Main Road, Chinnakouru, Kodurkurd, 502276 8331011466 Siddipet Chinnakkodur Telangana
APGV0008189 NA Hb Colony H.no.18/97, Hyderabad Road, Housing Board Colony, Siddipet, 502103 8331010433 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008190 NA Narsingi H.no.71, Main Road, Narsingi, Narsingee, 502248 8331010434 Medak Medak Telangana
APGV0008191 NA Patancheru Ma H.no426/1, Market Road, Patancheru, Patancheru, 502319 8331010431 Sangareddy Patancheru Telangana
APGV0008192 NA Tadkal H. No. 2/51, Panduranga Temple Road, Tadkal, Tadkal, 502287 8331010432 Sangareddy Narayankhed Telangana
APGV0008193 NA Bollaram Village Plot No. 3 & 6 Survey. No. 160, Main Road, Bollaram, Aie Bollaram, 502325 8331010428 Sangareddy Bollaram Telangana
APGV0008194 NA Velimela Gram Panchayat Building, Main Road, Velimela, Elmela, 502300 8331010429 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008195 NA Gomaram Survey No. 593, Main Road, Gomaram, Gomaram, 502313 8331010430 Medak Narsapur Telangana
APGV0008196 NA Nangnoor H.no.799/22, Nangnoor, Nangnoor, Nangnoor, 502280 9493126215 Siddipet Nangnoor Telangana
APGV0008197 NA By Pass Road Sangareddy H.no.799/22, By Pass Road, Sangareddy, Manjeeranagar, Sangareddy, 502001 9491035494 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008198 NA Malkapur X Road H.no. 1026/1, Malkapur X Road, Jyothinagar, Malkapur, Malkapur, 502295 9491035495 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0008199 NA Banur H.no 581, Main Road, Bhanur, Bhanur, 502305 8331010464 Sangareddy Isnapur Telangana
APGV0008200 NA Raipally Road Nkd Raipally Road, Narayankhed,narayankhed(mandal),medak Dist 502269 8331010465 Sangareddy Narayankhed Telangana
APGV0008201 NA Ma Sadashivpet Market Area Sadasivapet,sadasivapet(mandal),medak Dist 502 291 8331010466 Sangareddy Sadashivpet Telangana
APGV0008202 NA Bandamkommu Bandamkommu, Ameenpur,patancheru(mandal),medak Dist 502032 8332988637 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008203 NA Madhavapuri Hills H. No. 19290/g2, Road No. 5, Madhavapuri Hills, Ameenpur, 502032 8332988638 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008204 NA Mig Colony H. No. 3049c, Mig Colony, Phaseii, Mig Colony, Phaseii, Tellapur, 502032 8332988639 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008205 NA Bonthapally H.no. 4104, Veerabhadranagar Colony Road, Bonthapally, Bonthapally, 502313 8332988640 Sangareddy Medchal Telangana
APGV0008206 NA Mirdoddi H.no. 321/1, Main Road, Mirdoddi V&m, , Mirdoddi, Mirdoddi, 502108 8331043834 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0008207 NA Karkapatla Gp Building Premises,karkapatla, , Karkapatla, Karkapatla, 502279 8331043823 Siddipet Karkapatla Telangana
APGV0008208 NA Lig Colony H.no. Lig 111, R C Puram, , Ramchandrapuram, Ramchandrapuram, 502032 8331043822 Sangareddy Lingampally Telangana
APGV0008209 NA Shankarampet R H.no.517/1, Gf, Shankarampet R,shankarampetr,shankarampetr,502248 8331043835 Medak Shankarampet Telangana
APGV0008210 NA Waser H.no. 148/2, Waser, , Waser, Waser, 502286 8331043836 Sangareddy Narayankhed Telangana
APGV0008211 NA Erravelly Ground Floor,ikp Building,erravelli,jagadevpu, , Erravelli, Jagadevpur, 502279 8331043821 Siddipet Siddipet Telangana
APGV0009000 NA Warangal 2-5-8/1, Ram Nagar, Hanmakonda, Warangal – 506001 9440903904 Warangal Urban Warangal Telangana
APGV0009001 NA Srikakulam Srikakulam Regional Office ,saraswathi Complex,baker Sahed Peta,srikakulam-532001 9440903911 Srikakulam Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0009002 NA Vizayanagaram Vizayanagaram Regional Office ,drno-8-12-64/1,himagiri Theatre,new Sp Bungalow,vizianagram-536002 9490153759 Vizayanagaram Vizayanagaram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0009003 NA Vishakapatnam D.no- 50-44-13/1, Tpt Colony,near Eenadu,seethamadara,visakhapatnam-530013 9440903918 Vishakapatnam Vishakapatnam Andhra Pradesh
APGV0009004 NA Khammam Khammam Regional Office, D.no- 5-1-543, Sai Prasanthi Complex,wyra Road,khammam-507002 9440903930 Khammam Khammam Telangana
APGV0009005 NA Warangal Abk Mall, Iii-floor, Ramnagar, Old Bus Depot Road,hanamkonda,warangal-506001 9440903914 Warangal Urban Warangal Telangana
APGV0009006 NA Nalgonda Opp Rdo Office ,ramgiri,nalgonda-508001 9440903968 Nalgonda Nalgonda Telangana
APGV0009007 NA Mahabubnagar Mettugadda,dr No-8-3-3/5/f,1st Floor,mahabunagar-509001 9440903940 Mahabubnagar Mahabubnagar Telangana
APGV0009008 NA Sangareddy Opp- Inspection Bungalow, 2nd Floor, Shathinagar,sangareddy,502001 9490153762 Sangareddy Sangareddy Telangana
APGV0009009 NA Ashoknagar Ashoknagar Ro, D No 25-35/3/d, 2 Rd Floor, Sekhar Arcade, Opp Beeramguda Kaman,ramachandra Reddy Nagar Ghmc , Rc Puram, Medak Dt, Hyderabad 9440903932 Sangareddy Ashoknagar Telangana
APGV0009010 NA Bhadrachalam D.no- 3-2-199, 2nd Floor, Vidya Nagar Colony, Chunchupally Village, Kothagudem Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem -507101 9440903943 Bhadradri Kothagudem Bhadrachalam Telangana
APGV0009011 NA Parvathipuram 1st Floor, D.no- 1435-27-112, Opposite To Sai Ram College, Bypass Road, Belagam,parvathipuram Vizianagaram Disit Pin-535501 8333982561 Vizayanagaram Parvathipuram Andhra Pradesh
APGV0009909 NA Hyderabad Apgvb Itcell, D No 25-35/3/d, 3 Rd Floor, Sekhar Arcade, Opp Beeramguda Kaman, Ramachandra Reddy Nagar Ghmc , Rc Puram, Medak Dt, Hyderabad,ramachandrapuram, Pin- 502032 9491065590 Sangareddy Hyderabad Telangana

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