Is WordPress Free? Blogger vs WordPress Compression

Is WordPress Free? Difference between Blogger vs WordPress? It’s a common question that is asked for blogging purposes. And with such a lot of blogging platforms accessible this question is ultimately right. However, what suits one blogger, may not suit the other. So to assist you to overcome your choice headache here is a comparison of WordPress and Blogger. It will be helpful to choose the best according to your requirements, skills, and resources.

Is WordPress Free? Blogger vs WordPress


Blogger is a free blogging service hosted by Google. On blogger, you can publish your content without paying anything. Blogger provides all the necessary features that are required for a professional and catchy blog. Even though your blog owns a subdomain with BlogSpotextension but you can purchase a domain if you want to get rid of a subdomain as many professionals think that a subdomain does not convey a good impression to the visitors because visitors do not take a blog with a free domain or subdomain serious.

On Blogger you will find different types of templates, layout to customize your blog, and HTML editing options to make desired changes or to install the necessary or required codes. Blogger provides you a detailed insight of traffic at your site. You are informed about the reach for each post that you publish. You get access to Google Analytics and Google Adwords because it is offered by Google.

Besides Blogger templates you can upload your own template for your blog as well. Blogger is easy to manage and easy to control. In other words, it is a user-friendly platform for bloggers. You can earn money by displaying ads on blogs as well.
In this way, we can say that Blogger is one of the best blogging services which is free and offer a complete package of features for the people who are desired to use Blogger for publishing their content as a blog.


WordPress is another great blogging platform. It also starts with a free plan. The free plan at WordPress offers 3GB storage, a basic design that you can customize, and a subdomain as (.wordpress). WordPress offers other plans to its users as well. Other blogging plans include personal plans, premium plans and business plans. Each plan has different features according to its rates such as a personal plan will cost you $36 yearly and a business plan will cost you $299 yearly.

In this way, you will get more features with a wide range in the business plan as compared to a personal plan. For example, if you will subscribe to a personal plan you will get a custom domain, 6GB storage, and you will not be forced to display ads by WordPress. But if you will subscribe to a business plan you will unlimited storage, SEO tools, Google analytic support, and your own themes maybe by a third party.

WordPress is also easy to manage especially for people with technical backgrounds. Yet WordPress may need the help of a specialist if you are new to WordPress and do not have a technical or digital background.

Which is the Best?

If we compare both blogging services i-e Blogger and WordPress then the Blogger is the best option for beginners and common bloggers who want to publish their content for common purposes such as promotions, personal experiences, tips and tricks etc. Blogger is pretty much easy to manage and handle for everyone. But if you are a professional or using it for business purposes the WordPress will be the best option for you.

With WordPress, You can use prebuild top WordPress themes to give the best design to your blog or business. Here the best point is you have if you download WordPress and upload it to your own domain with your own self-hosting plans to give boost your business/blog without any downtime after getting a huge traffic load.

In short, Blogger and WordPress both are great blogging platforms with great features that will be helpful for you in your blogging journey. Hope you have got an answer on “Is WordPress Free or not” and you will join us on our social channels.

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