Materials : Metals And Non-metals Questions

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Materials : Metals And Non-metals Questions

List of materials : metals and non-metals Questions

Question No Questions Class
1 Nonmetals react with hydrogen to form:
A. covalent compounds
B. ionic compounds
C. electrovalent compounds
D. coordinate compounds
2 State whether true or false:
Coins can be made up of pure metals.
A. True
B. False
3 A divalent metal with atomic number
12 reacts with an acid liberating a gas
( X . X ) on treatment with a non metal ( Y )
( operatorname{gives} Z, ) which on dissolution in water
produces the same acid. Identify ( boldsymbol{X}, boldsymbol{Y} )
and ( Z )
A ( cdot C l_{2}, H_{2}, H C l )
в. ( H_{2}, H C l, C l_{2} )
c. ( H C l, H_{2}, C l_{2} )
D. ( H_{2}, C l_{2}, H C l )
4 Which of the following is the most reactive non-metal?
A. Chlorine
B. Hydrogen
c. Fluorine
D. Selenium
5 In which of the following, use of non metals is more as compared to
A. human body
B. fertilisers
c. crackers
D. all of the above
6 When a base combine with metal it
forms metal salt/base and releases:
A. oxygen
B. hydrogen
c. carbon dioxide
D. nitrogen
7 Which was the first metal used?
A. Iron
B. copper
c. zinc
D. Gold
8 Name two non- metals whose oxides are
acidic in nature
9 Eventhough a cinema hall is a place prone to fire hazards, the interiors are mostly made of wood or wood based panels.Why is this so?
A. wood does not catch fire easily
B. Wood is opaque
c. wood can absorb sound
D. Wood is very commonly available
10 Which of the following non-metal is used for the manufacture of fertilizers?
A. Chlorine
B. Sulphur
c. Phosphorus
D. None of the above
11 Composition of gunpowder is :
A. ( S+ ) Charcoal ( +K N O_{3} )
B. ( S+ ) Coke ( +K N O_{3} )
c. ( S+ ) Coal ( +K N O_{3} )
D. all of the above
12 Copper metal is used in making:
A. electric wires
B. fuse wires
c. filling cavity in teeth
D. preparation of hydrogen
13 metal is a part of hemoglobin
a biomolecule.
A. Aluminium
B. copper
c. Iron
D. Calcium
14 Which of the following non-metal can be used as plant fertilizer and for plant fixation?
A. Nitrogen
B. Carbon
c. sulphur
D. lodine
15 5.
Which of the following are metalloids.
(a) Selenium
(b) Silicon
(c) Arsenic
(d) Antimony
c 11
16 The red or orange coating that forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air
and moisture for some time is called:
A. galvanisation
B. electroplating
c. rust
D. reduction
17 Which of the following metal is a micronutrient for plants?
A. Molybdenum
B. Copper
c. zinc
D. All of above
18 Which of the following mixtures is used in the preparation of tips of match
( mathbf{A} cdot S+K )
B. ( S b_{2} S_{3}+S )
c. ( K_{2} C r_{2} O_{7}+S+P )
D. ( P+K )
19 Which of these non-metals would be
most reactive?
A. ( P )
в. ( S )
c. ( C l )
D. ( H e )
E . ( N e )
20 is called a space age
metal and used in militaryjets and spacecrafts.
A. zinc
B. Platinum
c. copper
D. Titanium
21 The most active nonmetal has:
A. a high electronegativity
B. a low electronegativity
C. a medium electronegativity
D. large atomic radii
E . a deliquescent property
22 Which of the following is a use of metal gold?
A. Health supplement
B. Protection from the sun
c. Making jewellery
D. All of above
23 Which of the following non-metal is commonly used as pesticides and photography?
A. Bromine
B. Helium
c. Selenium
D. lodine
24 Which element is an important component of transistors?
A. sodium
B. copper
c. germanium
D. radium
25 Assertion
Copper is used to make hot water tanks
and not steel (an alloy of iron)
Copper does not react with cold water, hot water or steam. However, iron reacts
with steam. If the hot water tanks are
made of steel (an alloy of iron), then iron would react vigorously with the steam formed from hot water.
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is the correct explanation for Assertion
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect
26 To design the body of an aircraft,
aluminium alloys are used. Give
27 Aluminum is used to make electrical
A . True
B. False
28 Sulfur is used in vulcanisation of
A . True
B. False
29 Reactive metals react with dilute ( H C l )
to liberate:
A. water
B. hydrogen
c. carbon dioxide
D. oxygen
30 What is the nature of the following
( boldsymbol{C u}+boldsymbol{H} boldsymbol{C l} rightarrow )
A. Reacts vigorously
B. No reaction
c. Reacts modestly
D. Reacts slowly
31 Some non-metals are used in water
A. True
B. False
32 Mercury is used as a thermometric liquid.
A. True
B. False
33 Which of the following metal is found in
our body?
A. Iron
B. Calcium
c. Potassium
D. All of the above
34 The glass bulb of electric bulbs becomes black due to the deposition of vapour from the:
A. glass of the bulb
B. metal filament
c. gas in the bulb
D. joint in the glass
35 The metal used for making radiation
shield is:
A . ( A l )
в. ( F e )
( c cdot Z n )
D. ( P b )
36 The tip of the lead pencil is made of:
A. lead
B. graphite
c. zinc
D. charcoal
37 Tungsten filament is:
A. non-polar covalent substance
B. polar covalent substance
C. ionic substance
D. metallic substance
E. noble gas
38 Which of the following is not used as cooking utensils even being a metal?
A. copper
B. Leadd
c. silver
D. Iron
39 Which liquid metal is used for making thermometers?
A. Mercury
B. Bromine
c. lodine
D. Cadmium
40 Why is phosphorus stored in water?
A. It is very reactive
B. It does not react with water
C. It reacts with air and catches fire
D. All of the above
41 Liquid metals used for making
thermometer is:
A. zirconium
B. mercury
c. lead
D. none of the above
42 Which of the following compounds has
phosphorus atom in +1 oxidation
A ( . H_{3} P O_{3} )
в. ( H_{3} P O_{4} )
c. ( H_{3} P O_{2} )
D. ( H_{4} P_{2} O_{7} )
43 Guess who I am?
i) I am a cheap metal but highly reactive. Therefore, I sacrifice myself to save the objects made of iron.
ii) I am a solid solution. Dentists use me to fill cavities.
iii) 1 am a constituent of blood pigment. When I am less in quantity, the person is anaemic.
iv) I am formed when matrix and flux
44 Assertion: Germanium, arsenic and antimony are classified
as metalloids.
Reason: They possess some properties of metals and some
properties of metalloids.
45 Metals adsorb hydrogen. Explain. 8
46 Pratyush took sulphur powder on a
spatula and heated it. He collected the
gas evolved by inverting a test tube over it, as shown in the figure above.
(a) What will be the action of gas on
(i) dry litmus paper?
(ii) moist litmus paper?
(b) Write a balanced chemical equation
for the reaction taking place.
47 Quick silver is now known as:
A. lead
B. mercury
( c . ) tin
D. brass
48 Is used as a purple coloured antiseptic solution.
A. Bromine
B. Chlorine
c. lodine
D. Sulphur
49 Iqbal treated a lustrous, divalent element M with sodium hydroxide. He observed the formation of bubbles in
reaction mixture. He made the same
observations when this element
was treated with hydrochloric acid. He find that the produced gas is:
A ( . H_{2} )
в. ( C l_{2} )
( c cdot O_{2} )
D. None of the above
50 Nonmetals contain number
of electrons in their outmost shell
A .1,2 or 3
B. 8,9 or 10
c. 10,20 or 30
D. 5,6 or.7
51 Which of the following metals were used as money in ancient times?
A. Gold
B. Copper
c. Iron
D. All of the above
52 Which of these metals would be most
( mathbf{A} cdot K )
в. ( C a )
c. ( T i )
D. ( M n )
ह. ( C u )
53 Find the incorrect match.
A. Fine duct of aluminium – Paints and Lacquers
B. Reducing agent in the manufacture of dye-stuffs, paints, etc. – copper dust
C. For cutting tools and crushing machines – Chrome steel
D. For making cables, automobiles and aeroplane parts Nickel steel
54 Non-metal which is used to
sterilize water is :
A. iodine
B. bromine
c. chlorine
D. sulphur
55 Sulphur is used in:
A. welding
B. electroplating
C . vulcanising rubber
D. the manufacture of paints
56 Carbon in the form of ( ldots ldots . . . . . . . . . . . ) can be
used in preparation of pencil.
A. graphite
B. dry ice
( c . ) both a and ( b )
D. none of the above
57 The metal generally mixed with gold while making ornaments is:
A . zinc
B. iron
c. silver
D. copper
58 Metal which is silvery light, malleable and ductile and the boiling point is
around ( 2050^{circ} C ) is:
A . zinc
B. iron
c. aluminium
D. tin
59 A fire work gave bright crimson light. It probably contained a salt of
A . ( mathrm{ca} )
B. sr
c. Ва
D. Mg
60 Calculate ( left[boldsymbol{S}^{-2}right] ) in a solution originally
having ( 0.1 mathrm{M} H C l ) and ( 0.2 M H_{2} S . ) For
( boldsymbol{H}_{2} boldsymbol{S} boldsymbol{K} boldsymbol{a}_{1}=mathbf{1} . boldsymbol{4} times mathbf{1 0}^{-mathbf{7}} ) and ( boldsymbol{K} boldsymbol{a}_{2}= )
( 1.0 times 10^{-14} )
A ( .2 .8 times 10^{-22} M )
В. ( 3 times 10^{-15} mathrm{M} )
( mathbf{c} .2 .8 times 10^{-21} M )
D. ( 4 times 10^{-10} M )
61 Tincture of iodine has antiseptic
properties. This solution is made by dissolving:
A. iodine in potassium iodide
B. iodine in vaseline
c. iodine in water
D. iodine in alcohol
62 Most balloons, tyres and footballs are made-of rubber. This is because rubber
A. naturally available
B. cheap
c. an electrical insulator
D. soft and flexible
63 Ruchi was given four unknown metals
( P, Q, R ) and ( S, ) the performed the
following experiments to check the reactivity of the unknown metals. If reaction occurred in only beaker 3
then which of the following metals is least reactive?
( A cdot P )
B. ( Q )
( c cdot R )
( D )
64 A metal carbonate ( X ) on reacting with an acid gives a gas which when passed through a solution Y gives the carbonate back. On the other hand, a
gas G that is obtained at anode during electrolysis of brine is passed on dry ( Y, ) it gives a compound Z,used for disinfecting drinking water. Identity ( mathbf{X} )
( Y, G ) and ( Z . ) Also,write the chemical
reactions involved.
65 Saloni took a piece of burning charcoal
and collected the gas evolved in a test
(a) How will she find the nature of the
(b) Write down word equation of all the reactions taking place in this process.
66 Silver is used in making mirrors.
A. True
B. False
67 Which of the following metals on reacting with sodium hydroxide solution produce hydrogen gas?
a. ( boldsymbol{C u} )
b. ( boldsymbol{A l} )
c. ( boldsymbol{F} boldsymbol{e} )
d. ( Z n )
A. b and c
B. b and d
( c . ) a and ( d )
D. bonly
68 Determine which of the following match
is correct:
( begin{array}{lllll} & text { List I } & & text { List II } & \ & & & & \ 1 & text { Phosphorus } & mathrm{a} & text { fuel } & \ 2 & text { Nitrogen } & mathrm{b} & text { lights } & \ 3 & text { Carbon } & mathrm{c} & text { crackers } \ 4 & text { Oxygen } & mathrm{d} & text { plant fertilizers } \ 5 & text { Neon } & mathrm{e} & text { respiration }end{array} )
( A )
1-e, 2-a, 3-d, 4-c, 5-b
, 4-e, 5-b
B. ( 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, )
( c cdot 1-b, 2-d, 3-e )
4-a, 5-c
D. ( 1-c, 2-d, 3-b, 4-e, 5-c )
69 18.
Which of the following metals are solid ?
(a) Sodium
(b) Potassium
(c) Mercury
(d) Manganese
70 Solutions of copper sulphate, iron
sulphate and zinc sulphate are prepared and marked I, II and III respectively. Few pieces of aluminium are added to each solution. After some
time a change will be observed in:
A. I and II
B. Il and III
c. III and
D. all the three
71 Four students ( A, B, C, ) and ( D ) noted the
initial colour of the solution in beakers
I, II, Ill and IV. After inserting zinc rods in
each solution and leaving it
undisturbed for two hours, noted the
colour of each solution again. The recorded observations in the form of
the table given below:
Which student noted the colour change
in all the four beakers correctly.
( A cdot(A) )
B. (B)
( c cdot(c) )
( D, quad O )
72 Iron filings and sulphur were mixed together and divided into two parts, ( A )
B. Part A was heated strongly while Part B was not heated. Dilute
hydrochloric acid was added to both the
Parts and evolution of gas was seen in both the cases. How will you identify the gases evolved?
73 Which one of the following nutrients is not available in fertilizers?
A. Nitrogen
B. Phosphorus
( c . ) Iron
D. Potassium
74 Aluminium foils are used to wrap food items.
A . True
B. False
75 Non-metals which are present in fertilizers and enhance the growth of
plants is:
A. nitrogen
B. phosphorus
c. potassium
D. both ( A ) and ( B )
76 Which of the following is/are use(s) of aluminium?
A. It is used in paints
B. It is used for packaging
c. It is used to make electrical wires
D. All of the above
77 Which of the following metal is used in atomic energy and space projects?
A . Titanium
B. Zirconium
c. sodium
D. All of above
78 Magnesium is used in fireworks.
A. True
B. False
79 Non-metals generally form:
A. cations
B. anions
c. anions and cations
D. do not form ions
80 State whether the statement is true or

Statement: Generally non-metals react
with acids.
A. True
B. False

81 Which two metals react with
concentrated alkalis?
A. ( A l, M g )
в. ( A l, Z n )
c. ( N a, K )
D. ( K, A l )

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