Middle School Near Me In Dc

Today, we will talk about the Middle School Near Me In Dc and You will able to find the comparison of gradescope detail of middle school grades calculator idea in detail.

Middle School Near Me In Dc

The below list of Middle School Near Me In Dc are for you or your childrens education. This will include the number of DC school teacher, DC department of education phone number, and maybe Middle School Near Me In Dc school student parent login relate info.

We have shared the available middle school site for the DC state so, you can visit and get respective school hours time and checkout school portal.

If you have more information on Middle School Near Me In Dc education department that we should add in our article for DC state students, you can share it with us. To add any home depot near me DC services for Middle School Near Me In Dc on any stuff, contact us with your home depot hours & locations.

where am i right now from Middle School Near Me In Dc, see below:

NameAddressCityZip/Postal CodeContact NumberCountyLatitudeLongitudeWebsiteST_GRADEEND_GRADE
monument academy pcs500 19th st newashington20002(202) 545-3180district of columbia38.89667547-76.9774468http://www.monumentacademy.org/57
washington global pcs525 school st swwashington20024(202) 796-2415district of columbia38.88411149-77.01955275http://washingtonglobal.org/68
macfarland ms4400 iowa ave nwwashington20011(202) 671-6033district of columbia38.94357325-77.02779736http://www.dcps.dc.gov67
kipp dc aim academy pcs2600 douglass rd sewashington20020(202) 678-5477district of columbia38.85643354-76.98834329http://www.kippdc.org58
friendship pcs technology preparatory academy middle2705 ml king jr ave sewashington20032(202) 552-5700district of columbia38.84764013-76.99697538http://www.friendshipschools.org68
jefferson middle school academy801 7th st swwashington20024(202) 729-3270district of columbia38.88002745-77.0229304http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
eliot hine ms1830 constitution ave newashington20002(202) 939-5380district of columbia38.89263806-76.97903913http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
kipp dc key academy pcs4801 benning rd sewashington20019(202) 582-5477district of columbia38.88277987-76.93447525http://www.kippdc.org58
mckinley ms151 t st newashington20002(202) 281-3950district of columbia38.90606455-77.00633501http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
friendship pcs woodridge middle2959 carlton ave newashington20018(202) 635-6500district of columbia38.92930983-76.9661189http://www.friendshipschools.org48
friendship pcs blow pierce middle725 19th st newashington20002(202) 572-1070district of columbia38.89809966-76.97598156http://www.friendshipschools.org48
friendship pcs chamberlain middle1345 potomac ave sewashington20003(202) 547-5800district of columbia38.87938989-76.98695386http://www.friendshipschools.org48
kipp dc northeast academy pcs1375 mount olivet rd newashington20002(202) 398-5477district of columbia38.90776767-76.98144489http://www.kippdc.org58
brookland ms1150 michigan ave newashington20017(202) 759-1999district of columbia38.93865891-76.99122378http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
dc preparatory academy pcs benning middle100 41st st newashington20019(202) 396-3780district of columbia38.89076862-76.94490882http://www.dcprep.org/48
paul pcs middle school5800 8th st nwwashington20011(202) 291-7499district of columbia38.9613528-77.024713http://www.paulcharter.org68
hart ms601 mississippi ave sewashington20032(202) 671-6426district of columbia38.83739626-76.99736367http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
district of columbia international school3220 16th st nwwashington20010(202) 808-9033district of columbia38.93141317-77.03688885http://www.dcinternationalschool.org610
kramer ms1700 q st sewashington20020(202) 939-3150district of columbia38.87124077-76.98027774http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
kelly miller ms301 49th st newashington20019(202) 388-6870district of columbia38.89332485-76.9323852http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
washington latin pcs middle school5200 2nd st nwwashington20011(202) 223-1111district of columbia38.95411529-77.0139406http://www.latinpcs.org58
kipp dc valor academy pcs5300 blaine st newashington20019(202) 397-5477district of columbia38.89204095-76.92470712http://www.kippdc.org58
stuart hobson ms capitol hill cluster410 e st newashington20002(202) 671-6010district of columbia38.89657684-77.00001759http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
deal ms3815 fort dr nwwashington20016(202) 939-2010district of columbia38.95289028-77.07520571http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
cesar chavez pcs for public policy parkside middle3701 hayes st newashington20019(202) 398-2230district of columbia38.90130353-76.94904027http://www.chavezschools.org68
capital city pcs middle100 peabody st nwwashington20011(202) 808-9800district of columbia38.96216258-77.01240878http://www.ccpcs.org58
howard university middle school of math and science pcs405 howard pl nwwashington20059(202) 806-7725district of columbia38.92244202-77.01893896http://www.hu-ms2.org68
cesar chavez pcs for public policy chavez prep770 kenyon st nwwashington20010(202) 723-3975district of columbia38.93143861-77.03685208http://www.chavezschools.org69
el haynes pcs middle3600 georgia ave nwwashington20010(202) 667-4446district of columbia38.9344194-77.02427142http://www.elhaynes.org58
johnson ms1400 bruce pl sewashington20020(202) 939-3140district of columbia38.85125345-76.98368306http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
dc preparatory academy pcs edgewood middle701 edgewood st newashington20017(202) 832-5700district of columbia38.92464153-76.99601403http://www.dcprep.org48
achievement preparatory pcs middle school908 wahler pl sewashington20032(202) 562-1214district of columbia38.83434117-76.99242284http://www.achievementprep.org48
kipp dc will academy pcs421 p st nwwashington20001(202) 328-9455district of columbia38.90998284-77.01828016http://www.kippdc.org58
hardy ms1819 35th st nwwashington20007(202) 729-4350district of columbia38.91549517-77.06861681http://www.dcps.dc.gov68
sousa ms3650 ely pl sewashington20019(202) 729-3260district of columbia38.88389007-76.95317065http://www.dcps.dc.gov68

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