Middle School Near Me In Pr

Today, we will talk about the Middle School Near Me In Pr and You will able to find the comparison of gradescope detail of middle school grades calculator idea in detail.

The below list of Middle School Near Me In Pr are for you or your childrens education. This will include the number of PR school teacher, PR department of education phone number, and maybe Middle School Near Me In Pr school student parent login relate info.

We have shared the available middle school site for the PR state so, you can visit and get respective school hours time and checkout school portal.

If you have more information on Middle School Near Me In Pr education department that we should add in our article for PR state students, you can share it with us. To add any home depot near me PR services for Middle School Near Me In Pr on any stuff, contact us with your home depot hours & locations.

where am i right now from Middle School Near Me In Pr, see below:

NameAddressCityZip/Postal CodeContact NumberCountyLatitudeLongitudeWebsiteST_GRADEEND_GRADE
isabel suarezcalle 65 infanteriaanasco610(787) 826-2575aã‘asco18.281434-67.13686001NOT AVAILABLE68
adolfo grana riveracalle luis munoz riverapenuelas624(787) 836-1005peã‘uelas18.05265265-66.7217609NOT AVAILABLE46
intermedia rexvilleurb rexville 41 calle baezabayamon960(787) 797-3340bayamã“n18.36867079-66.19261795NOT AVAILABLE68
ofelia torres pratts – gato icarr 155 km 32 hm 6 bo gatoorocovis720(787) 867-2410orocovis18.25185636-66.39439181NOT AVAILABLE68
leonardo valentin tiradocarr 140 calle ramon torres #12florida650(787) 822-2263florida18.37201444-66.56526518NOT AVAILABLE68
manuel cuevas bacenercalle bella vista villa palmerassan juan915(787) 726-4865san juan18.44192441-66.05233779NOT AVAILABLE68
elvira vicenteave barbosa finalyauco698(787) 856-7043yauco18.03149704-66.84845385NOT AVAILABLE68
angel sandin martinez4 calle julio otero esq jose acostavega baja693(787) 858-2120vega baja18.44374813-66.38415933NOT AVAILABLE68
rafael martinez nadalcalle ramon murga bo canoguaynabo970(787) 720-3356guaynabo18.35562225-66.10940129NOT AVAILABLE68
adrian torres torrescarr 141-r km 2 hm 1 sector pueblojayuya664(787) 828-3445jayuya18.2247598-66.59519906NOT AVAILABLE610
sor isolina ferre (villa del carmen)calle solimar urb villa del carmenponce731(787) 840-6075ponce17.97765501-66.60484766NOT AVAILABLE68
ana maria negroncarr 335 km 3 hm 3 bo barinasyauco698(787) 856-2329yauco18.00473917-66.8453701NOT AVAILABLE68
ruthford b hayescalle comercio carr 14juana diaz795(787) 837-2336juana dãaz18.05151538-66.49938672NOT AVAILABLE46
juan ramon jimenezcalle 46 esq. sicardo res. manuel a. perezsan juan923(787) 767-9463san juan18.41280426-66.03418281NOT AVAILABLE68
santiago torresbo tejas sector montellanos calle eulogio reyeslas piedras771(787) 733-1454las piedras18.17232807-65.87630297NOT AVAILABLE68
sotero figueroaave palma real y fordhamsan juan928(787) 765-8132san juan18.40389595-66.06075179NOT AVAILABLE68
rafael maria de labraponce de leon pda #18 santurcesan juan909(787) 724-2700san juan18.45016184-66.07448908NOT AVAILABLE68
angel g quintero alfarocarr 633 km 4 hm 7 bo barahonamorovis687(787) 862-1716morovis18.32099713-66.41598402NOT AVAILABLE68
john f. kennedyurb jardines de santa isabel sur calle 3santa isabel757(787) 845-2560santa isabel17.96788027-66.4053831NOT AVAILABLE46
jesus t. pineroave rosas esq patriota pozomanati674(787) 854-2259manatã18.42609758-66.49080296NOT AVAILABLE68
sabana llanacalle juan pena reyes esq. de diegosan juan928(787) 767-2438san juan18.39793127-66.02649167NOT AVAILABLE68
ester feliciano mendozacalle e base rameyaguadilla603(787) 890-2418aguadilla18.5006595-67.14535086NOT AVAILABLE68
blanca malaretcalle pedro rodriguez acosta 1sabana grande637(787) 892-5759sabana grande18.07800894-66.95772569NOT AVAILABLE68
20 de septiembre de 1988carr estatal 200 esq carr estatal 993vieques765(787) 741-3091vieques18.14375952-65.44160444NOT AVAILABLE68
jose gualberto padillaave constitucion bo cottoarecibo612(787) 878-2818arecibo18.46291697-66.73302392NOT AVAILABLE68
lambogliacarr 3 km 117 hm 8 bo lambogliapatillas723(787) 839-4241patillas18.01783079-65.99757424NOT AVAILABLE68
onofre carballeiraave las nereidascatano962(787) 788-8975cataã‘o18.44237044-66.12878382NOT AVAILABLE68
benigno fernandez garciacalle barbosa finalcayey736(787) 738-2626cayey18.11487592-66.16749462NOT AVAILABLE68
intermedia nuevaurb rossy valley calle barcelonaceiba742(787) 885-3170ceiba18.26412696-65.64589203NOT AVAILABLE68
luis munoz riveracalle 65 infanteria esq davilalajas667(787) 899-2015lajas18.04761655-67.05907059NOT AVAILABLE68
luis ramos gonzalezave gautier benitez finalcaguas725(787) 743-9194caguas18.22631644-66.03724979NOT AVAILABLE68
manuel elzaburu vizcarrondocalle madison res las margaritassan juan916(787) 726-0125san juan18.43273152-66.04018387NOT AVAILABLE68
casiano cepeda (intermedia)carr 959 km 2 bo cienaga altario grande745(787) 887-4410rão grande18.36113158-65.85405624NOT AVAILABLE68
rosa costa valdivesocalle cristobal colon finalyabucoa767(787) 893-3390yabucoa18.05027073-65.87503524NOT AVAILABLE68
pachin marincalle paris esq. pachin marin floral parksan juan925(787) 753-9304san juan18.4227569-66.05183585NOT AVAILABLE68
jorge seda crespocalle cambija bo ensenadarincon677(787) 823-2087rincã“n18.3424785-67.25545642NOT AVAILABLE68
aristides cales quiroscalle luis munoz rivera interiorguayanilla656(787) 835-7451guayanilla18.01776779-66.79228186NOT AVAILABLE68
antonio paolicalle reina finalponce731(787) 844-0615ponce18.01190789-66.62629722NOT AVAILABLE79
intermedia bo quebradillascarr 152 km 7.5 bo quebradillasbarranquitas794(787) 857-7795barranquitas18.2345732-66.285112NOT AVAILABLE68
su urbana salinascarr 3 salida hacia guayama santos p. amado finalsalinas751(787) 824-3306salinas17.97379211-66.28096759NOT AVAILABLE68
irma deliz de munozave juan hernandez ortizisabela662(787) 872-4070isabela18.49830233-67.02115846NOT AVAILABLE68
jose horacio coracarr 753 km 2 hm 2.2 bda marinarroyo714(787) 839-4030arroyo17.99210177-66.05479532NOT AVAILABLE68
marcelino canino caninocarr 694 km 1 hm 2 bo maguayodorado646(787) 796-2761dorado18.42166137-66.27545811NOT AVAILABLE68
josefina ferreroave conquistador esq urb monte brisasfajardo738(787) 863-6770fajardo18.34189609-65.65507095NOT AVAILABLE68
agripina seda45 calle 13 de marzoguanica653(787) 821-2310guãnica17.97180744-66.90636492NOT AVAILABLE68
luis a. riveracarr 3 salida salinas calle mcacrthurguayama784(787) 864-0968guayama17.97039194-66.11648604NOT AVAILABLE68
dr. pedro albizu camposcarr 113 calle linaresquebradillas678(787) 895-2780quebradillas18.46854656-66.93878256NOT AVAILABLE68
marcelino rodriguez romancarr 125 km 0 hm 2 bo voladoramoca676(787) 877-2324moca18.37867891-67.07882062NOT AVAILABLE68
felipe rivera centenourb santa juana calle 1caguas727(787) 746-5660caguas18.24935517-66.02676513NOT AVAILABLE68
nueva juan s marchandcarr 685 sect los rabanos bo boquillasmanati674(787) 854-4541manatã18.46069639-66.48682585NOT AVAILABLE68
nueva intermediacarr 140 bo llanadasbarceloneta617(787) 846-2460barceloneta18.44592747-66.55601588NOT AVAILABLE69
hemeterio coloncalle concordia 8139ponce731(787) 840-3500ponce18.00757114-66.61469817NOT AVAILABLE68
ramon de jesus sierraave los patriotaslares669(787) 897-2590lares18.29236084-66.88986371NOT AVAILABLE68
petra roman vigocarr. 887 km. 3.5 bo san antoncarolina979(787) 762-7385carolina18.43497572-66.01436809NOT AVAILABLE68
fidelina melendez monsantocalle antonio rios lateral 7naguabo718(787) 874-3315naguabo18.22063934-65.73918984NOT AVAILABLE68
belen blanco de zequeiraurb san patricio 205 calle carlos escobarloiza772(787) 256-3060loãza18.43328178-65.87966953NOT AVAILABLE68
herminio w santaellacarr 14 bo los llanoscoamo769(787) 825-5559coamo18.05418095-66.39208373NOT AVAILABLE79
josefina munoz de bernierave jesus t pineropatillas723(787) 839-3630patillas18.01125427-66.01622781NOT AVAILABLE68
rafael irizarry riveracalle pedro alvaradopenuelas624(787) 836-1177peã‘uelas18.05334991-66.72439854NOT AVAILABLE79
felipe colon diazcalle mariano abriljuana diaz795(787) 837-2365juana dãaz18.0524925-66.50268377NOT AVAILABLE79
dr. jose antonio davilacarr 167 km 5 salida bayamon a comeriobayamon956(787) 785-2292bayamã“n18.33911074-66.16560451NOT AVAILABLE68
rafael n. cocacalle fernandez garcia finalluquillo773(787) 889-3243luquillo18.37732515-65.71705337NOT AVAILABLE68
rvdo felix castro rodriguezcalle 612 ave campo rico finalcarolina985(787) 750-1330carolina18.41956572-65.95923456NOT AVAILABLE68
dr. ramon emeterio betancesave antonio r barcelocayey737(787) 738-3745cayey18.11598148-66.15761403NOT AVAILABLE68
francisco zayas santanacarr 150 km 5 hm i urb la vegavillalba766(787) 847-2275villalba18.12580147-66.4903403NOT AVAILABLE68
dr. rafael pujalscalle lolita tizol esq solponce731(787) 840-4600ponce18.01415448-66.6093973NOT AVAILABLE69
generoso morales munozave jose de diego 58san lorenzo754(787) 736-6658san lorenzo18.18871743-65.96147829NOT AVAILABLE68
jose de diegoave fernando yumetaguadilla603(787) 891-2220aguadilla18.41736768-67.15583952NOT AVAILABLE69
jesus sanchez erazourb santa juanita calle martiz secc 9bayamon956(787) 787-4831bayamã“n18.35866196-66.15709867NOT AVAILABLE68
maria e. rodriguezave tnte nelson martinez alturas de flamboyanbayamon960(787) 798-4970bayamã“n18.38710073-66.15080169NOT AVAILABLE68
eugenio maria de hostos (intermedia)ave matias brugmanlas marias670(787) 827-2100las marãas18.23632373-66.98277337NOT AVAILABLE68
manuel martin monserratecalle baldorioty de castro #6santa isabel757(787) 845-3160santa isabel17.9654025-66.40436697NOT AVAILABLE79
antonio reyescarr 486 km 2 hm 6 bo zanjacamuy627(787) 820-1472camuy18.45152883-66.85406135NOT AVAILABLE68
su sabana llanacarr 3 km 83 hm 0 hacia albergue olimpicosalinas751(787) 824-0896salinas18.02438974-66.25094149NOT AVAILABLE68
william d. boycecalle 31 las lomassan juan928(787) 792-4931san juan18.39452472-66.09518412NOT AVAILABLE68
jose pablo moralescalle barcelo #50toa alta953(787) 870-2135toa alta18.39087321-66.24871898NOT AVAILABLE68
intermedia juan serrallescalle jobos final bo coto laurelponce731(787) 848-2005ponce18.05108586-66.54786323NOT AVAILABLE69
ernesto ramos antoniniave borinquen bo obrerosan juan924(787) 726-4480san juan18.43585303-66.05063808NOT AVAILABLE68
jose santos quinonezcalle 21 jardines palmarejo bo san isidrocanovanas745(787) 876-4493canã“vanas18.38761089-65.88390424NOT AVAILABLE68
mariano feliu balseirourb lomas verdes carr 831bayamon956(787) 785-9185bayamã“n18.37311956-66.1459933NOT AVAILABLE68
elpidio h. riveraurb. rio cristal calle roberto cole 510mayaguez682(787) 833-5560mayagãœez18.18216732-67.13822345NOT AVAILABLE79
liberata iraldo (nueva)calle main urb alturas de rio granderio grande745(787) 888-3534rão grande18.37961302-65.84934137NOT AVAILABLE68
jose onofre torres fermosocarr 128 km 1 hm 8 int 368yauco698(787) 856-7338yauco18.03682111-66.86103421NOT AVAILABLE68
cruz salguero torrescalle orquidea buenaventuracanovanas987(787) 769-4645carolina18.37365656-65.93733222NOT AVAILABLE68
juan ramon jimenezcarr 864 bo hato tejasbayamon956(787) 798-5428bayamã“n18.40478986-66.1837109NOT AVAILABLE68
manuel bou galicarr 891 km 13 hm 2corozal783(787) 859-4656corozal18.34263427-66.32015779NOT AVAILABLE68
mercedes rosadocarr 152 calle georgettynaranjito719(787) 869-3130naranjito18.30159629-66.24952355NOT AVAILABLE68
dr francisco vazquezcarr 140 km 3 hm 3 bo magueyesbarceloneta617(787) 846-3171barceloneta18.41669672-66.57004913NOT AVAILABLE79
manuel gonzalez patocalle 9 urb la ramblaponce731(787) 841-7216ponce18.03270966-66.60119961NOT AVAILABLE68
republica de mexicocalle 50 se calle 5 urb la riverasan juan928(787) 782-2979san juan18.39463065-66.08164735NOT AVAILABLE68
manuel febres gonzalezvia #5 urb. villa fontanacarolina984(787) 768-3031carolina18.40100351-65.9762583NOT AVAILABLE68
haydee caballerourb villa del rey calle 12 a 4ta secccaguas727(787) 744-4575caguas18.20762155-66.05587196NOT AVAILABLE68
juan e. mirandacarr 177 ave lomas verdes bo frailes llanosguaynabo970(787) 790-8198guaynabo18.43364392-66.11643437NOT AVAILABLE68
julio victor guzmanave dr harris 23san german683(787) 264-2018san germãn18.08315985-67.04643588NOT AVAILABLE68
federico asenjo (pre-tecnica)ave borinquen 32015 bo obrerosan juan915(787) 268-0770san juan18.43827727-66.05567721NOT AVAILABLE68
ernestina mendezcarr.111km.17hm 5 bo. bahonameysan sebastian685(787) 896-1745san sebastiãn18.34447468-66.99384649NOT AVAILABLE68
intermedia berwindcalle 2 final res. jardines de berwindsan juan924(787) 752-0055san juan18.40230699-66.012624NOT AVAILABLE68
juan ponce de leon (especializada)calle dr vidalhumacao792(787) 852-1242humacao18.14887477-65.82271941NOT AVAILABLE69
andres valcarcelcalle andres valcarcel finaltrujillo alto976(787) 761-1060trujillo alto18.35307259-66.0067235NOT AVAILABLE68
martin gonzalezurb metropolis ave. c calle 46carolina987(787) 769-3255trujillo alto18.37778685-65.98108209NOT AVAILABLE68
dr. pedro albizu camposcarr 156 ramal 794 bo.caguitas sector camino verdeaguas buenas703(787) 732-1040aguas buenas18.25266127-66.10137873NOT AVAILABLE69
profesora juana rosario carrero (escuela intermedia nueva)ave. nativo alers desvio suraguada602(787) 868-2260aguada18.36035455-67.17642749NOT AVAILABLE68
abelardo diaz alfaro (int. pinas)carr. 828 au. ramal bo. pinastoa alta953(787) 797-0315toa alta18.36287596-66.21950926NOT AVAILABLE68
federico degetau y gonzalezcalle reina 145ponce731(787) 842-6178ponce18.01165557-66.61853053NOT AVAILABLE68
alfonso diaz lebroncarr 31 salida hacia naguabojuncos777(787) 734-6806juncos18.22678951-65.91812346NOT AVAILABLE68
jardines de poncecarr 505 km 7 hm 0 urb jardines de ponceponce731(787) 844-3400ponce18.04411747-66.58941921NOT AVAILABLE68
intermedia ramon perez purcelcarr 132 km 7 hm 7 bo santo domingopenuelas624(787) 836-3577peã‘uelas18.06050928-66.75355196NOT AVAILABLE68
matias gonzalez garciacalle andres aruz rivera carr 189gurabo778(787) 737-2056gurabo18.25495471-65.97106235NOT AVAILABLE68
rafael corderocarr 941 km 14.6 bo la gloriatrujillo alto976(787) 761-0340trujillo alto18.32040584-66.00722665NOT AVAILABLE68
republica del perucalle loiza finalsan juan914(787) 727-2327san juan18.44986239-66.04962401NOT AVAILABLE69
rene marquescalle 16 final jardines country clubcarolina983(787) 757-2760carolina18.42305598-65.97503964NOT AVAILABLE68
antonio valero bernabeave general valerofajardo738(787) 863-0024fajardo18.33244169-65.6524304NOT AVAILABLE68
mercedes garcia de coloradoave flor del valle final urb las vegascatano962(787) 788-4025cataã‘o18.43544782-66.14770259NOT AVAILABLE68
florencio santiagocalle jose i quinton 116 bo pueblocoamo769(787) 825-1575coamo18.07804222-66.36239333NOT AVAILABLE68
john f. kennedycalle kingston urb villa del reycaguas727(787) 743-5191caguas18.20742812-66.049563NOT AVAILABLE68
tallaboa alta intermediacarr 132 km 14 hm 3 bo tallaboa altapenuelas624(787) 836-2100peã‘uelas18.05181703-66.70397657NOT AVAILABLE48
francisco ramos sanchezcalle dr cuetoutuado641(787) 894-2470utuado18.26641856-66.70616078NOT AVAILABLE68
basilio milan hernandezave jose de diego esq sabana secatoa baja950(787) 795-6570toa baja18.44116556-66.17479517NOT AVAILABLE68
manuel a. barretocalle pilar defillomayaguez680(787) 832-3046mayagãœez18.20039209-67.14464973NOT AVAILABLE68
antonio s. pedreira150 calle blanca e chiromoca676(787) 877-2830moca18.39215909-67.11326433NOT AVAILABLE68
jesus t. pinerocalle jose de diego final salida arenascidra739(787) 739-2481cidra18.17444438-66.15878696NOT AVAILABLE610
ricardo arroyo laracuentecalle pedro j carrionl #10dorado646(787) 796-1222dorado18.46092086-66.26178206NOT AVAILABLE68
coqui intermediacarr 3 km 156 hm 0 bo coquisalinas751(787) 853-4800salinas17.97132823-66.22876731NOT AVAILABLE68
eugenio le compte benitezcarr 132 villa final 1150ponce731(787) 844-4552ponce18.03746439-66.65699755NOT AVAILABLE68
rafael aparicio jimenezcalle rodulfo gonzalez finaladjuntas601(787) 829-3890adjuntas18.16486884-66.72391191NOT AVAILABLE68
carmen feliciano carrera (intermedia bo palmer)calle principal carr 967 bo palmerrio grande745(787) 809-0052rão grande18.36958079-65.77896416NOT AVAILABLE68
ismael maldonado lugaro4 calles bo san antonponce731(787) 843-2135ponce18.00556812-66.60403182NOT AVAILABLE68
antonio s pedreira (pre-tec)calle 4 urb. villa del carmencaguas725(787) 743-4868caguas18.20760727-66.04245343NOT AVAILABLE68
jose a. lopez castrocalle algarin final bo mameyjuncos777(787) 734-4544juncos18.23001149-65.91997382NOT AVAILABLE68
francisco rivera claudiocarr 159km 1 hm o ave. corozalmorovis687(787) 862-4985morovis18.32586625-66.40159242NOT AVAILABLE68
antonio badillo hernandezcarr. 459 bo. montanaaguadilla603(787) 890-3360aguadilla18.487121-67.09726082NOT AVAILABLE68
ramon e. rodriguez diazcalle comercio urb. verdunhormigueros660(787) 849-1230hormigueros18.13646448-67.12284325NOT AVAILABLE68
luis munoz marincarr.775 ramal 7774 km 0 hm 4 bo pinas sector la moracomerio782(787) 875-3390comerão18.22838935-66.22017843NOT AVAILABLE68
leoncio melendezdesvio sur anibal garcia penalas piedras771(787) 733-2520las piedras18.18169753-65.86954198NOT AVAILABLE68
su ana dalila burgos ortizcarr 155 km 1 bo bauta arribaorocovis720(787) 867-0106orocovis18.18475415-66.40253597NOT AVAILABLE18
agustin cabreraurb v.carolinacarolina985(787) 768-4044carolina18.39535915-65.96078208NOT AVAILABLE68
timoteo delgadocarr 130 km 8 hm 3 bo pajuilhatillo659(787) 898-9566hatillo18.42817173-66.79029234NOT AVAILABLE68
pedro nelson colbergsector pueblo nuevocabo rojo623(787) 851-3200cabo rojo18.08710957-67.15016803NOT AVAILABLE68
martin garcia giusticarr 863 km 0 hm 9 bo pajarostoa baja949(787) 251-2231toa baja18.39910042-66.20877033NOT AVAILABLE68
benjamin franklincalle jose i quinton #82coamo769(787) 825-1284coamo18.07994316-66.36183012NOT AVAILABLE68
apolo san antoniocalle luis munoz riveravega alta692(787) 883-3130vega alta18.41224608-66.33332397NOT AVAILABLE68
carlos rivera ufret#80 ave roosevelthumacao791(787) 285-0052humacao18.15350083-65.83037514NOT AVAILABLE68

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