Nutrtion In Animals Questions

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Nutrtion In Animals Questions

List of nutrtion in animals Questions

Question NoQuestionsClass
1Detritivores are the animals which
obtain nutrients from the
A. Dead and decomposed matter in the soil
B. Plants
c. Animals
D. None of the above
2Birds take nectar by
A. Chewing
B. Swallowing
c. sucking
D. Biting
3Animals that feed discontinuously
A. exhibit extremely rapid digestion
B. must have digestive tracts that permit storage
C . are able to avoid predators by limiting their feeding time
D. both (b) and (c)
Amoebiasis is caused by Amoeba
The protist feeds on red blood
A. If both the assertion and the reason are true and the
reason is a correct explanation of the assertion
B. If both the assertion and reason are true but the
reason is not a correct explanation of the assertion
C. If the assertion is true but the reason is false
D. If both the assertion and reason are false
5The given image depicts which of the following phenomena in amoeba?
A. Digestion
B. Egestion
c. Growth
D. Development
6Match the following columns.
( begin{array}{ll}text { Column I } & text { Column II } \ text { A. Pinocytosis } & text { 1. Euglena gracilis } \ text { B. Holozoic } & text { 2. Paramecium } \ text { C. Parasitic } & text { 3. Amoeba proteus } \ text { D. Mixotrophic } & text { 4. Monocystis }end{array} )
( A )
B. 2,3,4,1
c. 4,3,1,2
D. 1,4,2,3
7Which mode is used by snakes for taking food?
A. Swallowing
B. Chewing
c. sucking
D. Biting
8Which of the following phenomena helps in the degradation of complex substances of food into simpler ones?
A. Digestion
B. Ingestion
c. Excretion
D. Assimilation
9The animals that feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water is known as
A. Filter feeders
B. Detritivores
c. Fungivores
D. None of the above
10Various steps of human nutrition are in
the order
A. Ingestion, egestion, digestion, absorption and assimilation
B. Ingestion, egestion, assimilation, absorption and assimilation
c. Ingestion, assimilation, digestion, absorption and egestion
D. Ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and egestion
11The process of expelling of food in amoeba
A. Egestion
B. Digestion
c. Nutrition
D. None of the above
12Which of the following animals are involved in the fluid feeding mode?
A. Honey bees
B. Amoeba
( c . ) cow
D. None of the above
13The animals that consume plants as
food are called as
A. Herbivores
B. Saprophytes.
c. carnivores.
D. Omnivores

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