Other School Teacher Schools Reviews And Rankings Pr

Today, we will talk about the Other School Teacher Schools Reviews And Rankings Pr and You will able to find the comparison of not reported, other school grades calculator idea in detail.

Other School Teacher Schools Reviews And Rankings Pr

The below list of Other School Teacher Schools Reviews And Rankings Pr are for you or your childrens education. This will include the number of PR school teacher, PR department of education phone number, and maybe Other School Teacher Schools Reviews And Rankings Pr school student parent login relate info.

We have shared the available not reported, other school site for the PR state so, you can visit and get respective school hours time and checkout school portal.

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where am i right now from Other School Teacher Schools Reviews And Rankings Pr, see below:

NameAddressCityZip/Postal CodeContact NumberCountyLatitudeLongitudeWebsiteST_GRADEEND_GRADE
mariano abril intermediaramal 834 km 22 hm 6 bo rio guaynabocaguas970(787) 720-4755caguas18.31857121-66.09371526NOT AVAILABLEmm
juanillo fuentescarr 837 bo sec canta gallo bo santa rosaiguaynabo970(787) 720-1055guaynabo18.35602266-66.12453095NOT AVAILABLEmm
republica del ecuadorcarr 149 km 25.5 bo cialitos portonciales638(787) 871-3306ciales18.26922145-66.51934213NOT AVAILABLEmm
carmen d ortiz ortiz (su sumidero)carr 173 km7 kh0 bo sumideroaguas buenas703(787) 732-4040aguas buenas18.25323042-66.10006643NOT AVAILABLEkg9
su bayamoncitocarr 156 km 42 hm 3 bo. bayamoncitoaguas buenas703(787) 732-0440aguas buenas18.23684322-66.1619043NOT AVAILABLEkg9
quebrada largacarr. 110 km.1.5 hm.5 bo. quebradasanasco610(787) 826-5080aguada18.31913579-67.13386605NOT AVAILABLEmm
quemadoscarr 788 km 3 hm 4 bo quemadossan lorenzo754(787) 736-1546san lorenzo18.18137176-65.98695975NOT AVAILABLEmm
don ignacio dicupe gonzalezcarr 453 km 5 hm 5 bo piletaslares669(787) 897-6949lares18.32746131-66.88387454NOT AVAILABLEmm
carlos f daniels (voc. de area)urb severo quinones calle j s quinonescarolina986(787) 768-3735carolina18.38491622-65.95629698NOT AVAILABLEmm
juan ponce de leon (especializada)carr 2 km 7 hm 3 bo juan domingoguaynabo970(787) 792-3550guaynabo18.40019031-66.12105874NOT AVAILABLEpk12
las monjitascalle fatima 146ponce731(787) 843-1212ponce18.03876568-66.58752775NOT AVAILABLEmm
gonzalez bellocarr 129 ramal 4453bo. callejoneslares669(787) 897-4411lares18.33549223-66.8641961NOT AVAILABLEmm
roberto alberty (cacao centro)carr. 858 km. 3 hm 8 bo cacaotrujillo alto979(787) 750-8833trujillo alto18.43503466-66.01441299NOT AVAILABLEmm
su playacarr. 115 bo. playaanasco610(787) 826-3284aã‘asco18.29176437-67.18843385NOT AVAILABLEmm
su federico degetaucarr 119 km 2 hm 9 bo hoconuco bajosan german683(787) 892-6315san germãn18.1213995-67.04857565NOT AVAILABLEmm
raul julia (flamboyan gardens)calle 19 urb flamboyan gardensbayamon959(787) 785-9140bayamã“n18.38708589-66.15886585NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose a. montanez genaro (voc. area)carr 2 km 47 hm 7manati674(787) 854-2250manatã18.43290529-66.47241942NOT AVAILABLEmm
parcelas maruenocalle salvador brau bo marue?oponce731(787) 841-5332ponce18.05619721-66.65654413NOT AVAILABLEmm
fermin delgado diaz (su bo pena pobre)carr #31 int #850 bo pena pobre sec-higuerillonaguabo718(787) 874-6445naguabo18.23721155-65.81502029NOT AVAILABLEpk9
anselmo rivera matoscarr 505 km 15 bo san patricio sector la mochaponce731(787) 843-7938ponce18.04595798-66.62895627NOT AVAILABLEmm
rafael martinez nadal6 calle echeraylares669(787) 897-1550lares18.29256985-66.88345555NOT AVAILABLEmm
mulitas alvelocarr 156 ramal 790 bo mulitas alveloaguas buenas703(787) 732-4747aguas buenas18.26990699-66.15113277NOT AVAILABLEmm
lizzie grahamcalle villa esq 25 de eneroponce731(787) 842-0255ponce18.01083526-66.6223686NOT AVAILABLEmm
eugenio maria de hostoscarr 848 km 2 bo las cuevastrujillo alto977(787) 898-0990trujillo alto18.3721748-66.01178005NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis muniz souffrontcarr 102 km 14 hm 3 bo miraderocabo rojo623(787) 851-1601cabo rojo18.11364378-67.18148663NOT AVAILABLEmm
ramon frade leoncalle flor rodriguez bda san thomascayey736(787) 738-2847cayey18.10430162-66.16707402NOT AVAILABLEmm
escuela de bellas artes (especializada)carr 662 sect los llanos bo santanaarecibo614(787) 881-2882arecibo18.44179412-66.67106447NOT AVAILABLEmm
elemental urbanaurb san pedro ave kennedymaunabo707(787) 861-5140maunabo18.00586374-65.90027345NOT AVAILABLEmm
secundino diazcarretera 804 km 1.3 bo galateo centrotoa alta953(787) 870-3404toa alta18.35712274-66.25179221NOT AVAILABLEmm
antonio riveracarr 802 km o hm 5 bo palmaritocorozal783(787) 859-4466corozal18.25095934-66.33185696NOT AVAILABLEmm
francisco vicenty70 calle balboamayaguez680(787) 832-2310mayagãœez18.2044266-67.13316186NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis munoz rivera60 calle barbosaisabela662(787) 872-2388isabela18.49994628-67.02140991NOT AVAILABLEmm
pablo avila gonzalez52 calle amadorcamuy627(787) 898-3770camuy18.48692459-66.84699808NOT AVAILABLEmm
santiago collazo perezbo sabana llana calle 1 sector el parquejuana diaz795(787) 837-6208juana dãaz18.02005706-66.52824136NOT AVAILABLEmm
arturo somohanourb villa espa?a calle los pirineosbayamon961(787) 787-0938bayamã“n18.41094235-66.16520311NOT AVAILABLEmm
agustin ortiz riveracalle gullermo estevesjayuya664(787) 828-3750jayuya18.21539922-66.58037911NOT AVAILABLEmm
maria l. jimenez lopezcarr 416 km 6 hm 8 bo. naranjoaguada602(787) 252-2598aguada18.33174916-67.16801809NOT AVAILABLEmm
ramon bruguerascalle virtud bda. villa esperanzacaguas725(787) 744-5114caguas18.20676259-66.04937134NOT AVAILABLEmm
lcdo guillermo atiles moreaucalle ponce urb perez morrissan juan924(787) 767-6710san juan18.397656-66.01129107NOT AVAILABLEpk12
jose de diego161 calle rafael cordero sector savaronacaguas725(787) 743-5830caguas18.22960194-66.0327532NOT AVAILABLEmm
carmen florescarr 535 km 4 calle 7 bo rio ca?as abajojuana diaz795(787) 837-6221juana dãaz18.0359022-66.46825301NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose m. hernandezcarr 486 bo abra hondacamuy627(787) 898-7373camuy18.4333387-66.85258338NOT AVAILABLEmm
adrian martinez gandiacalle manuel la comba sect marinahatillo659(787) 898-3440hatillo18.48989761-66.82400462NOT AVAILABLEmm
rafael pont florescalle ruiz rivera final sector el coquiaibonito705(787) 735-4571aibonito18.13271033-66.26566411NOT AVAILABLEkg12
hato nuevocarr 834 km 3 hm 0 bo hato nuevoguaynabo970(787) 731-2202guaynabo18.43362305-66.11638674NOT AVAILABLEmm
beatriz rodriguezbo pitahaya carr 753 int 751arroyo714(787) 839-3133arroyo17.99150802-66.08299805NOT AVAILABLEmm
nereida alicea cruzurb villa criollo calle guama f-1acaguas725(787) 743-3736caguas18.23043894-66.02344812NOT AVAILABLEmm
puente blancocarr 167 km 8catano962(787) 788-1856cataã‘o18.42901124-66.13698944NOT AVAILABLEmm
juan antonio corretjercarr 844 km 3 cupey bajosan juan924(787) 761-1560san juan18.35467597-66.03903061NOT AVAILABLEkg10
dr. jose n. gandaracalle urdiales final embalse san josesan juan923(787) 763-0950san juan18.41879583-66.04041045NOT AVAILABLEmm
noel estradaurb miraflores calle 25 finalbayamon957(787) 797-3795bayamã“n18.37141885-66.19847886NOT AVAILABLEmm
eugenio maria de hostoscalle constitucion urb puerto nuevosan juan928(787) 783-2760san juan18.41117875-66.08630399NOT AVAILABLEmm
las lomascarr. 111 km.3 hm.1 bo. voladorasmoca676(787) 877-5212moca18.37248785-67.07491425NOT AVAILABLEmm
diego de torres vargas4ta sec urb sta juanita c/ alameda esq vibayamon956(787) 786-3075bayamã“n18.36420754-66.15700721NOT AVAILABLEmm
julio millan cepedaparcelas el mamey bo cienaga bajario grande745(787) 888-2476rão grande18.3768653-65.85494373NOT AVAILABLEmm
su andres soto quinonescarr 908 bo jagueyesyabucoa767(787) 893-0090yabucoa18.07283759-65.89308389NOT AVAILABLEmm
teodoro rooseveltbo palmas calle 2 parcelas william fuentescatano962(787) 788-8430cataã‘o18.43776645-66.1519158NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose colomban rosariocalle pecos final urb paradise hillssan juan924(787) 765-7378san juan18.3771559-66.06399467NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis munoz riveracarr 330 km 1 hm 5 bo duey bajosan german683(787) 892-7590san germãn18.12683325-67.07588915NOT AVAILABLEmm
minima oronozcalle a urb pepinosan sebastian685(787) 896-4669san sebastiãn18.33417024-66.97982648NOT AVAILABLEmm
intermedia urbanacarr 155 km 27.5orocovis720(787) 867-2840orocovis18.22410315-66.39254256NOT AVAILABLEmm
emilia castillo vda. abreu99 ave estacion sect los melendezisabela662(787) 830-2925isabela18.49770967-67.02991072NOT AVAILABLEmm
ramon rodriguezcarr.466 km.1 hm.6 bo guerreroaguadilla605(787) 882-9382aguadilla18.47081776-67.07437319NOT AVAILABLEmm
rosario belbercarr 14 int. 722aibonito705(787) 735-5875aibonito18.14012634-66.25968648NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose de diegocarr 827 km 7 hm 6 bo ortiztoa alta953(787) 797-0651toa alta18.35924477-66.22672647NOT AVAILABLEmm
concordiacalle concordia #53 bo. secomayaguez680(787) 832-2081mayagãœez18.21192145-67.15409488NOT AVAILABLEmm
julia de burgosurb. los angeles c/orquidiacarolina979(787) 791-0174carolina18.42885413-66.01114812NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose julian tapia de la rosario plantation calle 2bayamon961(787) 787-8969bayamã“n18.41549401-66.17904401NOT AVAILABLEmm
amalia marincalle penasco final paradise hillssan juan924(787) 763-5218san juan18.37681678-66.06278759NOT AVAILABLEkg12
jose mercado (especializada)urb. jose mercado calle woodrow wilsoncaguas725(787) 746-7858caguas18.21906165-66.01613045NOT AVAILABLEkg9
primitivo marchandcarr 682 km 3 hm 4 bo garrochalesbarceloneta617(787) 846-6509barceloneta18.45404031-66.57232643NOT AVAILABLEmm
maximina mendez (campamento)carr 189 bda campamentogurabo778(787) 737-8366gurabo18.25414824-65.97956741NOT AVAILABLEmm
juan c. pagancarr 129 int. 454lares669(787) 897-4044lares18.33140963-66.85003543NOT AVAILABLEmm
carlota matienzocarr 102 km 24 hm 5 bo monte grandecabo rojo623(787) 851-5037cabo rojo18.08789859-67.10778328NOT AVAILABLEmm
jardines del paraisores jardines del paraiso ave park gardenssan juan926(787) 760-5260san juan18.35883455-66.05936262NOT AVAILABLEmm
escuela especializada federico degetau icalle julio cintron int. ave. wheeler finalaibonito705(787) 735-2601aibonito18.14238588-66.26298415NOT AVAILABLEmm
pitahayasector casa blanca bo pitahayaluquillo773(787) 889-0473luquillo18.34752692-65.70871007NOT AVAILABLEmm
cirilo santiago plaudcarr 757 bo los pollospatillas723(787) 839-2119patillas18.00070369-65.9933864NOT AVAILABLEmm
dr. jesus m. armaizcalle carmelita #60vega baja693(787) 858-4869vega baja18.43838525-66.39741083NOT AVAILABLEmm
ovejascarr. 430 km. 3 hm. 3 bo.ovejasanasco610(787) 826-1330aã‘asco18.27623679-67.12612675NOT AVAILABLEmm
enrique huykecalle morse 74arroyo714(787) 839-4295arroyo17.96448103-66.06231141NOT AVAILABLEmm
augusto cohencarr 616 sect la luisamanati674(787) 884-6519manatã18.44882905-66.5107952NOT AVAILABLEmm
juan b. huykecarr 466 km 3 hm 5 bo jobosisabela662(787) 872-5520isabela18.50380462-67.07375499NOT AVAILABLEmm
diego vazquezcalle d final bda. moralescaguas725(787) 743-3695caguas18.23284734-66.04074843NOT AVAILABLEkg9
ana l rosa tricoche (velazquez)carr 1 bo velazquezsanta isabel757(787) 845-2291santa isabel17.97353917-66.41651745NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose andino y amezquitaparcelas juan sanchez calle 6bayamon959(787) 798-1265bayamã“n18.36472164-66.14219339NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis santaellacarr 173 km 2 hm 8 bo. jagueyesaguas buenas703(787) 732-5001aguas buenas18.27004547-66.09673473NOT AVAILABLEmm
antonio pagancarr 316 km 1 hm 4 bo candelarialajas667(787) 899-1452lajas18.05500468-67.07308762NOT AVAILABLEmm
adrian medinacarr 921 intersecci?n 914 bo. tejashumacao792(787) 850-3233humacao18.15664513-65.85849477NOT AVAILABLEmm
libre de musica y bellas artes ernesto ramos antoninibvd eduardo baez sector buena vistamayaguez680(787) 832-2062mayagãœez18.20135201-67.14517929NOT AVAILABLEmm
manuel agosto lebroncarr 186 km 4 hm 9 bo lomascanovanas745(787) 876-6755canã“vanas18.28314505-65.88612451NOT AVAILABLEmm
adolfo eguencarr 641 km 1 hm 1 bo pajonalflorida650(787) 822-2904florida18.38726194-66.55431963NOT AVAILABLEmm
celada carreteracarr 181 int 943 bo celadagurabo778(787) 737-4346gurabo18.27136093-65.96535473NOT AVAILABLEmm
miguel f. chiques13 calle rafael corderocaguas725(787) 743-2460caguas18.232308-66.03018582NOT AVAILABLEmm
las parcelas de campo ricocarr 184 calle 4 bo parc de campo ricocanovanas745(787) 886-3441canã“vanas18.33945758-65.89289143NOT AVAILABLEmm
emilio b. huykecalle santa rosa urb alta mesasan juan928(787) 782-6144san juan18.38005496-66.09311112NOT AVAILABLEmm
su adelaida vegacarr 677 km 3 hm 3 bo maricaovega alta692(787) 883-5005vega alta18.38304154-66.33108866NOT AVAILABLEmm
adrianne serranocarr estatal 201 km 5 hm 4 barrio puerto realvieques765(787) 741-8692vieques18.10903507-65.48536377NOT AVAILABLE111
josefina linarescarr 111 km 12.5 bo. lareslares669(787) 897-4070lares18.29097134-66.83845919NOT AVAILABLEkg10
su juan cardona rodriguezcarr 119 km 3 bo hoyomalosan sebastian685(787) 896-1425san sebastiãn18.35062658-66.9564934NOT AVAILABLEmm
dr. clemente fernandezcarr. 887 km. 3.4 bo. san antoncarolina986(787) 769-8350carolina18.39660367-65.9881188NOT AVAILABLEmm
gracielina rosado alfarocarr 4474 calle 5 sect mantillaisabela662(787) 872-5050isabela18.44931774-67.01191358NOT AVAILABLEmm
bellas artes de ponce (especializada)20 calle lolita tizolponce731(787) 259-7373ponce18.01517937-66.60858014NOT AVAILABLEmm
francisco prado picartbo guayabal cerrojuana diaz795(787) 787-8048juana dãaz18.0715033-66.49086806NOT AVAILABLEkg9
maria lopez ponceurb jardines de country club calle 17 finalcarolina983(787) 768-0258carolina18.42903204-65.97306036NOT AVAILABLEmm
ecologica de culebra109 calle escuderoculebra775(787) 742-0730culebra18.30824755-65.30318303NOT AVAILABLEkg12
su tomas carrion madurocarr 1 km 190 hm 9 bo arusjuana diaz795(787) 837-0587juana dãaz17.99857784-66.52022284NOT AVAILABLEmm
la soledadcarr. 342 calle g parcelas soledadmayaguez680(787) 834-8944mayagãœez18.23425111-67.14052187NOT AVAILABLEmm
centro de adiestramiento y bellas artesedif 608 base rameyaguadilla604(787) 890-2008aguadilla18.49732044-67.13493113NOT AVAILABLEmm
ezequiel ramos lasantacarr 156 km 52 hm 2 bo caguitasaguas buenas703(787) 732-3421aguas buenas18.25618983-66.09463572NOT AVAILABLEmm
angeles el corchocarr 600 km 2 hm 2 bo angeles el corchoutuado641(787) 894-5337utuado18.28162906-66.81817573NOT AVAILABLEmm
su francisco vincentybo bucarabones carr 105 km 39 hm 6maricao606(787) 838-2425maricao18.17616643-66.91407629NOT AVAILABLEkg9
su antonio romero munizcarr 140 km 16 hm 0 bo colloresjayuya664(787) 828-2144jayuya18.19828982-66.62185251NOT AVAILABLEkg9
jose fernandez rubialcarr 805 km 3 hm 2.4 bo negrocorozal783(787) 859-7288corozal18.28644542-66.33261633NOT AVAILABLEmm
johnny e. laboy torresbo hato puerco arriba sector hatillovillalba766(787) 847-5417villalba18.11832576-66.47857242NOT AVAILABLEmm
intermedia salvador busquetscarr 149 km 6 hm 1 bo guayabaljuana diaz795(787) 260-1953juana dãaz18.07642343-66.50064041NOT AVAILABLEmm
ramon saavedracarr 113 km 1 ramal 478 bo san antonioquebradillas678(787) 895-0275quebradillas18.4405491-66.91876168NOT AVAILABLEmm
agustin balseirocarr 684 km 15 bo palmas altasbarceloneta617(787) 846-4742barceloneta18.48405607-66.56970842NOT AVAILABLEmm
thomas armstrong torocalle victoria esq fogosponce733(787) 844-3388ponce18.01286739-66.62575709NOT AVAILABLEmm
dr. cesareo rosa nievescalle ana otero urb. villa pradessan juan923(787) 751-6280san juan18.41136211-66.02400588NOT AVAILABLEmm
su rosa maria rosario de leoncarr 3 ramal 906 km 8 hm 0 parcelas mart?nezhumacao792(787) 850-1474humacao18.08312808-65.81065678NOT AVAILABLEmm
bartolo caussade gonzalezcalle santo tomas bo corazonguayama784(787) 866-0367guayama17.99544514-66.08819646NOT AVAILABLEmm
jesus rivera bultron3ra secc villa carolina calle 90 blq 91carolina985(787) 752-3131carolina18.40423019-65.96385376NOT AVAILABLEmm
parcelas magueyescalle rubi bo magueyesponce731(787) 843-4403ponce18.04295792-66.64634531NOT AVAILABLEmm
laura navarrocarr 198 bo ceiba ramal 934juncos777(787) 734-4344juncos18.20907763-65.91606479NOT AVAILABLEmm
su enrique coloncarr 143 km 50 hm 6 bo hayalescoamo769(787) 867-4501coamo18.1729107-66.37323516NOT AVAILABLEmm
agustin duenocarr 185 km 19 hm 7 bo las pi?asjuncos777(787) 734-4342juncos18.24843842-65.91812286NOT AVAILABLEmm
octavio cumpianocarr 412 km 5 hm 5 bo cruzesrincon677(787) 823-5184rincã“n18.32574719-67.21614037NOT AVAILABLEmm
centro pre-voc. jose limon arcecalle antonio r barcelo hm 152 bo puebloarecibo614(787) 878-3300arecibo18.43854504-66.69295476NOT AVAILABLEmm
francisco lugo rosa (culebrinas)bo culebrinassan sebastian685(787) 280-0863san sebastiãn18.32308126-67.00044998NOT AVAILABLEmm
benjamin corchado juarbecarr 112 km 0 hm 4 parcelas mora guerreroisabela662(787) 830-5780isabela18.45897687-67.03400771NOT AVAILABLEmm
eladio rosa romerocarr 150 km 6 hm 1 bo hato puercovillalba766(787) 847-5005villalba18.09744429-66.48459563NOT AVAILABLEmm
hipolito calderocarr 803 km 3 hm 3 bo palos blancoscorozal783(787) 859-7777corozal18.28457602-66.29857589NOT AVAILABLEmm
antonia saezcalle font martelo esquina roosevelthumacao792(787) 852-1215humacao18.15009105-65.82621905NOT AVAILABLEmm
manuel candanedocarr 553 km 0 hm 2 bo santa catalinacoamo769(787) 825-2858coamo18.0899074-66.4085629NOT AVAILABLEmm
manuel fernandez juncoscarr 307 km 3 hm 8 sect guaniquillacabo rojo623(787) 851-0884cabo rojo18.05954812-67.18714695NOT AVAILABLEmm
elemental jose d. zayasbo montones iv carr 183 ranak 917 k-9m h-6las piedras771(787) 716-0992las piedras18.1800992-65.87022407NOT AVAILABLEmm
su pastocarr 162 km5 hm 2 bo pastoaibonito705(787) 735-8158aibonito18.1170238-66.25452368NOT AVAILABLEpk9
josefina barcelorigel secc 12 irlanda heightsbayamon956(787) 798-0405bayamã“n18.35495404-66.14277205NOT AVAILABLEmm
monte santobo monte santovieques765(787) 741-2899vieques18.12405364-65.45332412NOT AVAILABLEmm
hilda raquel mateo (santa ana)carr 556 km 3 hm 5 bo santa anacoamo769(787) 825-4633coamo18.10075115-66.3367051NOT AVAILABLEmm
rafael quinones vidalres. bairoa calle 31 finalcaguas727(787) 744-5666caguas18.25034364-66.03975855NOT AVAILABLEmm
pablo suarez ortizcarr 3 sur calle 1 parcelas fortunaluquillo773(787) 889-5633luquillo18.37825839-65.74301971NOT AVAILABLEmm
dr. victor rinconcalle gladiola bo junquitohumacao791(787) 850-3015humacao18.15092513-65.80343165NOT AVAILABLEmm
george washingtoncarr 111 km. 7 hm. 6 bo rochamoca676(787) 877-3200moca18.39166288-67.0436725NOT AVAILABLEmm
zoilo cajigas sotomayorcalle d gonzalez urb montemaraguada602(787) 868-8105aguada18.38282538-67.18924661NOT AVAILABLEmm
juan morell campos (musica )calle lolita tizol #20ponce731(787) 842-3974ponce18.01270045-66.61281311NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis munoz rivera iig6 urb villa esperanzaponce715(787) 843-1715ponce18.01631971-66.60158952NOT AVAILABLEmm
jesus maria quinones2212 ave eduardo conde villa palmerassan juan915(787) 726-3831san juan18.43849743-66.04763356NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis munoz riveracalle luis mu?oz rivera #13carolina979(787) 769-3458carolina18.37875624-65.95590765NOT AVAILABLEmm
sucesion torrescalle palestina bda. san luisaibonito705(787) 735-7736aibonito18.1326858-66.26573408NOT AVAILABLEmm
rafael martinez nadalcarr 141 km 1 hm 8 bo rio grandejayuya664(787) 828-4423jayuya18.21751518-66.58291878NOT AVAILABLEmm
ines m mendoza vda de munoz marincarr. 842 km. 2.6 caimito bajosan juan928(787) 720-2853san juan18.33958683-66.07734064NOT AVAILABLEpk12
antonio tulla torrescarr 140 km 5 hm 6 bo mameyesutuado641(787) 894-0229utuado18.2990584-66.60233228NOT AVAILABLEkg9
esc. libre de musica humacao (especializada)callle dr vidalhumacao792(787) 285-7901humacao18.144209-65.82256205NOT AVAILABLEmm
lydia m lopez (pena pobre parcelas)bo pena pobre parcelasnaguabo718(787) 874-2908naguabo18.21595-65.82084097NOT AVAILABLEmm
rafael martinez nadal12 calle carrion maduroyauco698(787) 856-1394yauco18.03192416-66.84905911NOT AVAILABLEmm
luis munoz riveracalle luis mu?oz rivera surcayey736(787) 738-2621cayey18.1087311-66.16727731NOT AVAILABLEmm
su antonia serrano gonzalezcarr 141 km 11 hm 1 bo mameyesjayuya664(787) 828-1285jayuya18.26149227-66.57928438NOT AVAILABLEpk9
eugenio gonzalez gonzalezcarr 441 km.0 hm 9 bo. guaniquillasaguada602(787) 868-6100aguada18.39039489-67.1948758NOT AVAILABLEmm
padre rufo m. fernandezcalle laredo esq quintana 6ta sec santa juanitabayamon956(787) 786-3794bayamã“n18.36404779-66.16523668NOT AVAILABLEmm
su carlos conde marincarr. 848 km. 3.2 saint justcarolina987(787) 750-0305trujillo alto18.34795779-65.94784501NOT AVAILABLEmm
gregorio rodriguez oramacarr 411 km.9 interior bo. atalayaaguada602(787) 252-2594aguada18.32141153-67.17980065NOT AVAILABLEmm
perchas diazcarr 155 km 36 hm 4 bo perchasmorovis687(787) 862-3442morovis18.28028899-66.41070261NOT AVAILABLEmm
juan morell campos elementalcalle leon finalponce731(787) 842-5343ponce18.01975717-66.6139455NOT AVAILABLEmm
elemental rafael corderocalle 851 km 3 bo la goriatrujillo alto987(787) 760-8474trujillo alto18.31999872-66.00422357NOT AVAILABLEmm
miradero 2carr. 108 km.4 hm.2 bo. miraderomayaguez680(787) 832-0492mayagãœez18.21807429-67.13995119NOT AVAILABLEmm
tallaboa ponientecarr 132 km 6 sect juncos bo tallaboapenuelas624(787) 836-0203peã‘uelas18.02864151-66.73257908NOT AVAILABLEmm
eugenio maria de hostoscarr 155 km 59 hm 9 bo pugnado adentrovega baja693(787) 855-6186vega baja18.38775523-66.41899882NOT AVAILABLEmm
ofelia diaz rodriguezcalle 4 num 757 brisas de tortuguerovega baja693(787) 858-8767vega baja18.45531382-66.42195527NOT AVAILABLEmm
intermedia roman baldorioty de castrocarr 119 km 13 hm 1 bo piedra gordacamuy627(787) 898-3060camuy18.42218379-66.88794253NOT AVAILABLEmm
educacion bilingue luis munoz iglesiasurb fernandez calle luis lugo esq. haddockcidra739(787) 739-2535cidra18.17848726-66.15954031NOT AVAILABLEkg12
su nemesio r. canalesbo coabey carr 144 km 9 hm2jayuya664(787) 828-2007jayuya18.21221764-66.58398136NOT AVAILABLEkg9
dr. isaac gonzalez martinezcalle 30 se esq calle 23 caparra terracesan juan920(787) 783-1545san juan18.40140388-66.08135129NOT AVAILABLEmm
amalia marin2 calle carlota bda. maringuayama784(787) 864-1068guayama17.97750315-66.10635928NOT AVAILABLEmm
dr. jose celso barbosacalle robles int #4san juan928(787) 751-6250san juan18.40022387-66.0489529NOT AVAILABLEmm
rafael martinez nadalurb hnas davila calle c esq calle 7bayamon960(787) 785-1150bayamã“n18.38852102-66.17283683NOT AVAILABLEmm
maria montanez gomezcalle ceciliana parcelas las carolinascaguas725(787) 747-8080caguas18.25429287-66.06769636NOT AVAILABLEmm
manuel morales felicianocarr 417 km.7 hm 8 bo. cerro gordoaguada602(787) 868-0608aguada18.34366245-67.14141915NOT AVAILABLEmm
martin g. brumbaughcalle san juan bautista pda 7 1/2 puerta de tierrasan juan906(787) 722-0632san juan18.46527615-66.09562326NOT AVAILABLEmm
jose davila sempritsierra bayamon calle 22 finalbayamon956(787) 786-8820bayamã“n18.40282363-66.16496332NOT AVAILABLEmm
escuela libre de musica (especializada)carr 662 sector los llanos bo santanaarecibo614(787) 879-3567arecibo18.47283587-66.71901931NOT AVAILABLEmm
francisca chavez (la planta)carr 475 km 0 hm 9 bo arenales abajoisabela662(787) 872-4096isabela18.46471489-67.01299134NOT AVAILABLEmm
antonio s paoli (musica)ave jose villares esq rafael corderocaguas725(787) 746-6644caguas18.23616386-66.02935057NOT AVAILABLEmm
dra. antonia saezcalle amalio roldan 2da. ext.san juan924(787) 769-3534san juan18.39773933-66.01128006NOT AVAILABLEmm
fernando rosario vazquezcarr 674 km 1 hm 5 bo rio abajovega baja693(787) 858-1953vega baja18.4238554-66.38511693NOT AVAILABLEmm
ana pagan de rodriguezcarr.309 km. 67 comunidad san romualdohormigueros660(787) 849-3520hormigueros18.1395055-67.14005139NOT AVAILABLEmm
eladia correa morales (cerro gordo)carr 150 km 10 hm 3villalba766(787) 847-5669villalba18.11191969-66.43987289NOT AVAILABLEmm
emilio casas (penuelas)carr 543 2 hm 4 bo pe?uelassanta isabel757(787) 845-5577santa isabel17.99792115-66.34101148NOT AVAILABLEmm
almirante sur 2carr 160 km 4 parcelas mirandavega baja693(787) 855-6423vega baja18.38568726-66.38143856NOT AVAILABLEmm
apolonia valentin (felicia)calle luis mu?oz riverasanta isabel757(787) 845-5337santa isabel17.96421702-66.39787067NOT AVAILABLEmm
pedro lopez caninocarr 2 km 26 hm 6 bo espinosadorado646(787) 883-4005dorado18.40526055-66.29165315NOT AVAILABLEmm

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