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In this era, photos are considered an important part of life. Photos keep the memories of your personal life, official life, and student life safe. But you often need to edit your photo; especially of some special events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other ceremonies. But the question is how to edit the photo and what is the best photo editor app or editing software? It is easy for professionals and photographers to do editing in images and photos but for a common man, photo editing is a tough task. Even beginners in this field also need pieces of training and tips to improve their image editing skills.

Photo Editor App Or Software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the popular photo editing software. Even though it is majorly used by professionals but for basic editing anyone can use it easily but complicated image editing and retouching like background removal, color changes, etc. is not that easy for common users. For this purpose, you need proper training and practice.

Microsoft Photo Editor

For basic editing you can use Microsoft image editor as well. It is usually bundled with M.S. Office. You can crop and resize your photo using M.S Photo editor. You can remove red eye using this software. It is a simple and easy to use photo editing software.

Mobile Apps for photo retouching and image editing

There are thousands of mobile apps that are used to edit the photos. As you know that mobile cameras are used to get the memorable clicks and are saved in the phone memories and online storage derives like Google drive, drop box etc.

Most mobiles come with built-in features and apps which can be used to crop images, photo filters, sticker, adding text, and creating collages. But still, for advanced photo editor app, there are thousands of IOS Apps that are used for making your photos more attractive and beautiful.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is designed for mobile phone. It contains many useful features of picture editing that the main Photoshop software has. It is one of best apps that provide awesome features for picture editing and image editing. It is best for quick photo edits. The photos and images edited with Adobe Photoshop Express can be saved to Cloud library and can be accessed on any other device as well.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

 It is another awesome app by Adobe that provides excellent features for portrait editing. It is a very simple and easy to use app that offers a set of photo filters. You can fix lightning, can blend colors, and can crop your image as well.


Canva is one of the popular online designing platforms. It is best for business use. Cnava provides more advanced options in the mobile app and in its web version. In Canva you can edit and design your photos in a very professional way. Moreover, you can use Canva to the next level by using its great collection of editable templates. Canva not only provides photo editing but it also provides great designing features that can be helpful for official as well as personal use. For example, you can design your own album using Canva.


 Visage is another app with great features. It offers advanced photo editing for selfies and portraits. With Visage, you can remove pimples, shadows, dark circles around the eyes, etc. You can fix your makeup and other face features as well.  It is amazing and easy to use the app.

In short, there are thousands of apps and software that make photo editing easy for everyone. For now, you not need to go to professional editors for minor and basic photo editing but you can edit your photos by yourself with ease and comfort.

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