Pinterest Login Is Everything For Business Pins

Pinterest is one of the popular and effective social media networks. It is unique in its types and offers awesome features for individuals and for organizations. The content posted on Pinterest is known as pins. These pins provide inspirational ideas to the viewers or the audience. Pinterest is basically a visual discovery engine. It’s the best place to display art, design, ideas, brands, inspirations, themes, and much more.

Pinterest Login

Sign Up And Login With Pinterest

To sign up with Pinterest you need to go on or or the country’s respective available domain. we recommend using the dot com domain because it will match with every country. Now you have to click on the sign-up button or scroll your screen to get the signup panel.

Pinterest sign up panel

After sign up, you need to click on the login button and logged in to your account. We recommend after login you choose a business account because there are a lot of features which will help you to increase your business value.

Pinterest Login screen

How to post on Pinterest?

Posting content on Pinterest is as easy as posting on any other social media network. Here are step by step instructions to post on Pinterest.

  • When you sign in to your account via the Pinterest login panel, you will see a white circle having a + sign on it. Click that white circular button
  • You will see three options; (i) get our browser button to save ideas even faster, (ii) upload a pin, (iii) save from a website
  • If you are sharing from a website you will use the third option “save from website”
  • If you have saved your desired content on your device then you can use 2nd option “upload a pin” (mostly used option)
  • When you will click “upload a pin” then there will be another page where you will see uploading options with a description box and URL for the website. In this way, you can link back to your website and can improve the reach.
  • From uploading options click “drag and drop or click to upload”, select the file and click “open”
  • In the description, box writes the description if you want to write, and in the URL box enter the URL if required.
  • After doing all steps click “done”
  • Then click on “create a board” and you are finally done with posting your content. If you already have created a board then save it to the relevant board.

Pinterest Everything for image pins

In short, posting on Pinterest is not much difficult. The Pins with inspirational and innovative ideas get more reach. So, creating catchy content is also important to maintain your visibility on Pinterest.

How to promote a business or brand on Pinterest?

Like other social media networks Pinterest also provide great features and opportunities to promote business, brands and services. For this purpose you need to build potential audience.

  • You need to be passionate to get more reach.
  • Plan content creation and content posting strategy.
  • Post continuously or frequently according to your schedule.
  • Plan promotions and contests and other likewise campaigns to get engaged with more viewers.
  • Pinterest offers paid reach as well. So you can run ads to promote your product or service.

Even though, millions of user use Pinterest and you can get reach to your desirable audience but you need to professional, passionate and very well planned.  While making a strategy or plan, keep in your mind that the first thing that can attract the attention of a viewer is your content. So, be careful while designing your content.

Your content should be

  • Relevant; clear with a message or idea. For example, if you are a house decor then you’re your pins should clearly show your decoration ideas.
  • Innovative: try to come with new ideas. For example, if your pins having the similar content that many other décor services are offering then your content will not bring more reach. In the same way, if you are presenting a common thing in a new style, many will like to get in touch.
  • Inspirational; your content should be inspirational that a viewer could not ignore it.

Pinterest is a popular and well known social media network that offers great features and opportunities to its users.  You can promote your service, product, or business with its easy to use features.

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