Pollution Of Air And Water Questions

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Pollution Of Air And Water Questions

List of pollution of air and water Questions

Question NoQuestionsClass
1Describe the threat to the beauty of the
Taj Mahal
242. Acid Rain is caused due to pollu-
tion of atmosphere by
(1) Oxides of nitrogen and phos-
(2) Oxides of carbon and nitro-
(3) Oxides of nitrogen and sul-
(4) None of these
3Deforestation leads to an increase in
the amount of ( C O_{2} ) in the air:
A. because the number of trees which consume ( C O_{2} ) is increased
B. because the number of trees which consume ( C O_{2} ) is reduced
c. because the number of trees which fix ( C O_{2} ) is reduced
D. None of the above
4The Taj Mahal has become a matter of
A. because it is located in Agra city
B. because of its bustling manufacturing centre in the populous city
c. because pollutants in air are discolouring its white marble
D. none of these
5Exhaust motor vehicle is the main
source of:
A. manganese
B. carbon monoxide
c. sulfur dioxide
D. nitrogen oxide
6Which building material is least likely to be rapidly eroded by acid rain?
A. Marble
B. Sand stone
c. Granite
D. lime stone
7Photochemical smog is related to pollution of:
A. Soil
B. Air
c. water
D. None of these
8Which of the following deplete ozone
( A cdot S O_{2} )
в. ( C O_{2} )
c. ( c o )
D. NO and freons
9The gas which causes yellowing of Tajmahal:
A ( . H_{2} S )
в. ( S O_{2} )
( c cdot C O_{2} )
D. ( N O_{2} )
10What does CNG mean?
A. Compressed Natural Gas
B. Coal Natural Gas
c. Carbon Natural Gas
D. Carbon Nitrogen Gas
11The very toxic gas which causes a headache, visual difficulty, paralysis, and even death in the human beings is:
A) ( C O_{2} )
B) ( boldsymbol{O}_{3} )
C) ( C O )
( A cdot A & B )
B. A
( c cdot c )
D. B
12Monuments of marble can be destroyed
A. sulphur dioxide pollution
B. carbon monoxide pollution
c. pesticide pollution
D. dust particles
13In absorbtion method, the polluted air containing gaseous pollutants is passed through:
A. porous material with very small holes
B. flame combuster
c. scrubber containing a suitable liquid absorbent
D. strainer
14What is the reason for a region of a lake turned into a dead zone?
A. Eutrophication
B. Acid rain
c. washed off fertilizers in the lake
D. All of the above
15The burning of fossil fuels is the main source of which of the following pollutants?
A. Nitrogen
B. Carbon monoxide
c. Sulphur dioxide
D. Particulate matter
16What is the harm from the depletion of
Earth’s ozone layer?
A. The average temperature of earth’s surface will increase gradually
B. The oxygen content of the atmosphere will decrease
C. Increased amount of Ultra violet radiation will reach earth’s surface
D. Sea levels will rise as the polar ice caps will gradually melt
17Which of the following conclusions are
made on methane in natural
A. Methane is produced by methanogenesis in anoxic environment
B. The concentration of methane is 0.1 to ( 1.0 mu M ) for surface waters of lake
C. Methane produce in sediment bubbles and diffuses into the water column and is lost to the atmosphere, except during winter months
D. All of the above
18Which of the following natural phenomenons releases chemicals which cause acid rains?
A. Volcanic eruptions
B. Lightning
c. Rotting vegetation
D. All
19Waldsterben is an effect of
A. Ozone
B. Nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide
c. Acid rain
D. All of the above
20The concept of ‘Reduce, Reuse and
Recycle’ helps us to:
A. minimize the dependence on producing new things.
B. minimize the dependence on producing old things.
C. maximize the dependence on producing new things.
D. All of the above.
21The major threat to Taj Mahal is:
( mathbf{A} ). acid rain.
B. hydrogen peroxide.
( c . ) Both a and b.
D. None of the above
22Climate of the world is threatened by.
A. Increasing concentration of atmospheric oxygen
B. Decreasing amount of atmospheric oxygen
C. Increasing amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide
D. Decreasing amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide
23Assertion (A): Aldehydes are one of the constituents of photochemical
( operatorname{sinog} )
Reason (R): Aldehydes are produced by photochemical oxidation of hydrocarbons by ozone.
A. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
B. Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A.
c. A is true and ( mathrm{R} ) is false
D. A is false and R is true
24Harmful gases like ( S O_{2}, ) which harm the Taj Mahal, are present in:
A. industrial areas
B. forests
c. highly populated areas
D. hills
25Oxygen carrying capacity of human blood is reduced due to the pollution of air by
A ( cdot C O_{2} )
B. co
( c cdot S O_{2} )
D. ( O_{3} )
26Industries like Mathura Oil Refinery
produce pollutants like:
A. sulphur dioxide
B. nitrogen dioxide
c. both a and ( b )
D. hydrochloric acid
27Sulphurous smog is
A. Photochemical smog
B. Oxidising smog
c. classical smog
D. Los Angeles smog
28Forest fire produces …… pollution.
A . air
B. water
( c . ) sea
D. soil
29vnums vurull.
What do you mean by emission standard used in
automobiles ?
30Acid rain pollutes:
This question has multiple correct options
( A ). air
B. water
c. soil
D. all of these
31If heat radiated from Earth’s surface is
retained, outcome will be:
A. formation of smog
B. green house effect
c. van der Waals forces of attraction among smoke particles
D. all of these
32Which of the following is not due to air pollution?
A. Thinning of the ozone layer
B. Increase in the number of diabetic patients
c. Destruction of habitats
D. Global warming
33Which of the following is not a sink for
A. Haemoglobin
B. Microorganims present in the soil
c. oceans
D. None of the above
34The metal liberated into the
environment through exhaust fumes of motor vehicles is:
A. ( H g )
в. ( A ) s
( c . P b )
D. ( N O_{2} )
35Governments have already taken action against air pollution by introducing
A. wind energy
B. solar energy
c. renewable energy
D. all of the above
36Which of the following play significant role in depletion of ozone layer?
A. Oxides of nitrogen
B. Oxides of carbon
c. oxides of sulphur
D. None of these
37High concentrations of carbon
monoxide ( (C O): )
A. reduces capacity of blood transport
B. reduces capacity of oxygen transportation through blood in body
C. is caused due to incomplete fossil decay
D. is caused due to smog formation
38In order to save Taj, Supreme court has ordered the industries and vehicles to
switch to:
в. смG
c. unleaded petrol
D. All of the above
39The ash can cause
A. digestive
B. reproductory
c. respiratory
D. nervous
40The term smog was coined by
A. Fourier
B. Des Voeux
c. schouw
D. Ashbel
41Incomplete combustion of petrol or diesel oil in automobile engines can be best detected by testing the fuel gases
for the presence of
A. carbon Monoxide and water vapour
B. carbon monoxide
c. nitrogen dioxide
D. sulphur dioxide
42The quantity of ( C O_{2} ) in atmosphere can be decreased by :
A. Rain
B. Forests
c. vegetation
D. All of the above
43Which of the following problems is associated with the burning of coal?
A. Acid rain
B. Carbon dioxide emissions
c. Ash with toxic metal impurities
D. All of these
44Identify the pollutant gases largely responsible for the discoloured and lustreless nature of marble of the Taj Mahal.
A. ( C O_{2} ) and ( N O_{2} )
в. ( S O_{2} ) and ( N O_{2} )
( mathrm{c} cdot mathrm{O}_{3} ) and ( mathrm{CO}_{2} )
( mathrm{D} cdot mathrm{SO}_{2} ) and ( mathrm{O}_{3} )
45What makes the normal rain water
A. Presence of dust particles in air
B. Presence of ( C O_{2} ) in atmosphere
C. Presence of ozone in atmosphere
D. All of the above
46Among the most polluted cities in India,
Delhi stands at
(According to latest annual average values)
A. Second most polluted
B. Third most polluted
c. Fourth most polluted
D. Fifth most polluted
E. Sixth most polluted
47Traffic policeman in Tokyo
A. Wears gas mask
B. Requires daily oxygen treatment
C. Suffers from black lung disease
D. All the above
48Pollution can bring about change in
A. Biogeochemical cycling
B. Abiotic environment
c. Biotic environment
D. None of the above
49Aerosol decrease primary productivity
A. Decreasing ( O_{2} ) concentration
B. Competing with ( C O_{2} )
C. Preventing ( N_{2} ) fixation
D. Reducing photosynthesis
50In cities like Bombay and Calcultta, the major air pollutants is/are:
A . ozone
B. carbon monoxide and oxides of sulphur
c. hydrocarbons and not air
D. algal spores and marsh gas
51The most abundant hydrocarbon
pollutant is:
A. Ethane
B. Methane
C. Propane
D. Butane
52Which of the following are the source for hydrocarbons as pollutants?
A. Anaerobic bacterial decomposition of organic matter
B. Forest fires and trees
c. combustion of Fuels
D. All of the above
53Which of the following is not the source of hydrocarbon as a pollutant?
A. Man-made sources
B. Sources of methane
c. Fly ash
D. oxide of sulphur
54The pollutants in the air are:
A. melting white marbles of Taj Mahal.
B. discoloring white marbles of Taj Mahal.
C. forming cracks in the marbles of Taj Mahal.
D. all of above
55The important conclusions on the
formation of trihalomethanes are which
of the following?
A. Chlorination of natural waters causes the formation of chloroform and other trihalomethanes because of the
reaction of ( O C l^{-} ) on DOC present in the water
B. Use of both ammonia and chlorine in water treatment
has reduced the level of the trihalomethanes due to
the formation of the chloroamines, which react more slowly than free chlorine
C. Finally, the concentration of the trihalomethanes above ( 100 mu ) g/l are considered unsafe for drinking water
D. All of the above
56Which among the following are found to be one of the pollutants of air pollution?
A. Chloroflorocarbon
B. Nitrogen
c. Carbon dioxide
D. oxygen
57Large increase in absorption of UV-
radiation of ( 260 mathrm{nm} ) by melted DNA duplex is called
A. Gaidukov phenomenon
B. Position effect
c. DNA compaction
D. Hyperchromic effect
58( S O_{2} ) is a dangerous air pollutant and harms plant life. What changes in the plant indicates its toxic effects?
A. Darkening of leaves
B. Withering of leaves
c. Falling of leaves
D. Bleaching of leaves
59Among the following, which will not help
to reduce air pollution?
A. Burn household rubbish in incinerators
B. Use catalytic converters on motor vehicles
C. Fix electric precipitators to factory chimneys
D. Ban smoking in public places such as in offices
60Which of the following pose threat to historical monument Taj Mahal?
A. Floods in Yanuna river
B. Temperature mediated spoilage of marble
c. Air pollutants from Mathura refinery
D. Weathering of marble
61Explain the role of citizen in pollution
62The following diseases are related to smoking except:
A . emphysema
B. measles
C. high blood pressure
D. cancer of the lungs
63Air pollution effects are usually found
A . Leaves
B. Flowers
c. stems
D. Roots
64Example of primary pollutant:
This question has multiple correct options
( A cdot S O_{2} )
в. ( C O_{2} )
c. Hydrocarbon
D. ( C O )
65Growing more trees helps to
A ( cdot ) reduce ( O_{2} ) in the environment
B. increase ( C O_{2} ) in the environment
C. reduce ( C O_{2} ) only in the environment
D. reduce ( C O_{2} ) and increase ( O_{2} ) in the environment
66Ozone layer of stratosphere requires protection from indiscriminate use of:
A. fungicides, insecticides, bactericides and medicines
B. aerosols and high flying jets
C. atomic explosions and industrial wastes
D. weather balloons
67Green plants during day time absorb:
A. ( O_{2} )
в. ( C O_{2} )
( c cdot c o )
D. ( N_{2} )
68Enriched air if inhaled for long time
A . Allergy
B. Bronchitis
c. Disturbance of psychomotor function
D. Diarrhoea
69Experts have warned about Taj Mahal
A. pollutants in air are discolouring its white marble
B. pollutants in water are discolouring its white marble
C . pollutants in land are discolouring its white marble
D. all of the above
70How can we save the environment from
degradation by reducing the number of fossil fuels to be burned?
A. By using public mode of transportation
B. By conserving energy
c. By using efficient device
D. All of these
71The pollutants released by jet aeroplanes in the atmosphere as fluorocarbons are:
A. photochemical oxidants
B. photochemical reductants
c. aerosols
D. physical pollutants
co, is chief gas responsible for global warming (Green
house effect), why?
73Which of these is the major air pollutant in cities like Delhi and
A. Carbon monoxide
B. Hydrocarbons
c. suspended particulate matter
D. Oxides of nitrogen
74What is the role of plants in controlling air pollution and soil erosion?8
75Carbon particles and smoke from
A. increase the rate of respiration in plants
B. decrease the rate of photosynthesis in plants
C. increase the absorption of carbon dioxide by plants
D. decrease the rate of transpiration in plants
76How individuals can help to prevent acid rains?
A. By using public transportation
B. Using the electrical energy efficiently
c. simply walking wherever possible
D. All
77A pollutant that affects the lungs and the respiratory track is:
( A cdot S O_{2} )
B. Hydrocarbons
( c cdot O_{3} )
D. ( C O_{2} )
78Solar energy stored in material such as wood, grain, sugar, and municipal waste is called:
A . fossil fuels
B. biomass
c. geothermal energy
D. natural gas
79Oxides of sulphur present in the atmosphere are washed down by rain and would result in:
A. lowering of ( p H ) of the soil
B. increase in ( p H ) of the soil
c. increase in ( O_{3} ) quantities
D. none of these
803, 4-benzopyrene causes
A. Leukaemia
B. Cytosilicosis
C. Lung cancer
D. Tuberculosis
81Which of the following is the source of
( boldsymbol{S} boldsymbol{O}_{boldsymbol{x}} ) pollution?
A) Volcanoes
B) Fossil fuel
C) Thermal power plant
( A cdot A & B )
B. B & ( c )
( c cdot c & A )
D. ( A, B & C )
82Among the following, the only secondary pollutant is:
( A cdot S O_{2} )
в. ( C O )
( c cdot O_{3} )
D. ( N O )
83At an individual level, how can you help reduce air pollution?8
84Which of the following is a silent killer gas, which combines with haemoglobin in the blood?
A ( cdot C O_{2} )
в. ( C O )
c. ( N O )
D. ( N O_{2} )
85Carbon monoxide (CO) causes:
A. numbness of brain
B. secretion of adrenaline
C. weakening of the wall of alveoli
D. risk of atherosclerosis
86In thermal inversion.
A. Warm ground air gets overlapped by cool air
B. Cool ground air gets overlapped by warm air
C. Ground temperature becomes high in winter
D. Ground temperature becomes low in summer
87The pollutants released by jet aeroplanes inthe atomsphere as fluorocarbons are called:
A. photochemical oxidants
B. photochemical reductants
c. aerosols
D. physical pollutants
88Photochemical smog is generally formed:
A. in early hours of winters
B. around mid day in summer months
c. when intensity of solar radiations is very low
D. when concentration of particulate matter is very low
89Acid rain corrodes the marble of the
monument. The phenomenon is also called:
A. destruction
B. marble cancer
c. corrosion
D. rusting
90Modes of controlling pollution in large cities include(s):
A. less use of insecticides
B. proper disposal of organic wastes, sewage and industrial effluents
c. shifting of factories out of the residential area
D. all the above
91Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 was caused by :
A. carbon monoxide
B. phosgene
c. methyl isocyanide
D. methyl isocyanate
92In acid rain, pH of rain water is:
A. 7
в. 9.
c. more than 9.6
D. below 5.6
93Experts are worried about Taj mahal
A. pollutants in air are discolouring its white marble
B. it is not only living organisms that get affected by polluted air
C. non-living things like buildings, monuments and statues also get affected
D. all of the above
94Which of the following represents the poisonous gas which caused the tragedy in Bhopal in ( 1984 ? )
A. ( C H_{3} C=N=S )
в. ( C H_{3}-N=C=O )
c. ( C H_{3}-N=C=S )
D. ( C H_{3}-O-N=C )
9540. Tobacco smoke contains
(1) CO2, CO Hydrocarbon and
(2) CO,, CO and Tar
(3) CO, and Tar
(4) CO, Polycyclic aromatic hydro-
carbon and Tar
96Haemoglobin of the blood forms carboxyhaemoglobin with:
A ( cdot C O_{2} )
в. ( C O )
( c cdot S O_{2} )
D. ( N O_{2} )
97The most important gas which leads to acidification is:
A. hydrochloric acid
B. sulphur dioxide
c. sulphurous acid
D. hydrogen peroxide
98Describe the natural source of
production of Hydrocarbon.
99Which of the following measures can be
taken up to control air pollution?
A. Planting trees
B. Travelling to school on a bicycle or on public transport or carpooling
C. Restricting cigarette smoking
D. All of the above
100Thermal pollution causes a decrease in
dissolved oxygen.
A. True
B. False
101Carbon monoxide is naturally produced by oxidation of ( underline{X}, ) a gas present in swamp area while it can be produced by ( Y ) of fuels containing carbon
A. ( x-C O_{2}, Y= ) complete combustion
B . ( x-C H_{4}, Y= ) incomplete combustion
c. ( x=c, Y= ) oxidation
D. ( x=C H_{4}, Y= ) complete combustion
102Disease aggravated by pollution is
A. Scurvy
B. Rheumatism
c. Haemophilia
D. Bronchitis
103Fluorocarbons are effective scavengers
for ozone due to:
A. photolytic reaction of ( O_{2} ) producing ( C l ) radicals
B. photolytic decomposition of ( O_{3} ) producing ( O ) radicals
C. photolytic decomposition of ( O_{3} ) by ( C l ) radicals into ( O_{2} )
D. photolytic production of oxides of nitrogen
104Acids in the rain react with the calcium
compounds in the stones to create:
A. sulphuric acid
B. calcium hydroxide
c. gypsum
D. All of the above
Emphysema disease is very common in
Kanpur and Kolkata.
It is a disease of respiratory tract
occuring due to pollution.
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is
the correct explanation for Assertion.
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion.
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect.
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect.
106Solutions for air pollution is/are:
A. use public mode of transportation
B. conserve energy
c. concept of reduce, reuse and recycle
D. all of the above
107The poisonous gas emitted by motor vehicles is
A. ( C O_{2} )
в. ( C O )
( c cdot S O_{2} )
D. ( N O_{2} )
108Acid rain:
A. reduces fertility of soil
B. damage vegetation
C. affects marble monuments
D. all of these
109Beauty of Taj may be destroyed by
A. Flood in Yamuna
B. Temperature mediated spoilage of marble
C. Air pollutants from Mathura refinery
D. All of the above
110Aerosols, decrease primary productivity by
A. Decreasing ( O_{2} ) concentration
B. Preventing ( N_{2} ) fixation
c. Reducing photosynthesis
D. None of the above
111Adsorption method uses to
separate pollutants from air.
A . funne
B. porous solid
c. sand
D. scrubber
112Hydrocarbon PCB is called
( a s )
A. polychlorinated biphenyls
B. polycalcium biphenyls
C . polychlorinated bicarbonate
D. none of the above
113Carbon monoxide gas is more dangerous than carbon dioxide gas. Why?8
114( begin{array}{ll}text { List I } & text { List II } \ text { a. Troposphere } & 1.11-50 mathrm{Km} \ text { b. Stratosphere } & 2.85-500 mathrm{Km} \ text { c. Mesosphere } & text { 3. 0-11 Km } \ text { d. Thermosphere } & text { 4. 50-85 Km } \ text { 5. Above 500 Km } & text { 1) }end{array} )
The correct match is:
A. ( a-5, b-2, c-3, d-4 )
B. ( a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4 )
( c cdot a-3, b-1, c-4, d-2 )
D. ( a-2, b-4, c-5, d-1 )
115Taj Mahal is being slowly disfigured and discoloured. this is primarily due to:
A. Water pollution
B. Global warming
c. soil pollution
D. Acid rain

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