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Quora is the best place for learners and for people who want to share their knowledge. Quora is basically a website that has questions and answers. These questions can be about a subject, a place, an idea, a platform, or anything else. Internet users can give answers, follow answers, and improve answers by giving their own.


How to use Quora?

You can use according to your fields of interest and professions. You will find very useful information about anything do you want. You can follow some simple steps given below.

  • Select and follow the topics according to your interest.
  • The time will come when your feed on Quora gets populated.
  • Follow your favorite writers.
  • Put some genuine and reasonable thoughts and logic in your questions and answers.
  • Ask the questions that are not accessible by simple Google search or by the simple web-browsing search.
  • Avoid asking simple questions or too much complicated that people ignore to answers.
  • Ask a clear question with proper stem and clear information that what are asking about.
  • Post original questions, don’t ask the questions for promotions.
  • Post original answers that are for promotions but for sharing original knowledge.
  • Post your comment if you find any type of fallacies or discrepancies but keep in your mind that your comment should be original and for getting the concept clearer.

Quora Platform

Quora is an interesting platform for sharing and getting information. On Quora, you not only find the solutions for your questions and problems but you can share your own opinions and experiences also.

Whenever you will hit the comment section of a question you will see very interesting and useful comments and sometimes you get more information in comments rather than in given answers because Quora is a community of experts, learners, and experienced people. Millions of people around the world contribute their knowledge and experience.

Sometimes you will observe a light debate on some questions and these debates also provide a great amount of knowledge and information with logics and examples. These logics and examples open new aspects of the topics and subjects that are being asked in questions.

In short, if your question is logical, original and complete then it will grab the attention of thousands of people that may include experts, specialists, experienced and may be fresh contributor with new, latest and innovative approach.

Even though, Quora do not pay for writing answers but you can promote your products; especially technical products like software, blogs, YouTube channels and other likewise services or products. But never forget that do not post promotional material there. You can use Quora for this purpose but in a different way.

Quora Example

For example, you are writing answer about designing a professional real state flyer, you will provide a brief and precise answer about the asked question and can provide a link back to your blog or product in a way that it should not look like a spam but it should be given in a way that it looks like you are really giving a reference or example.

Apparently, it looks difficult but if your question or answer is really having  a useful information then you will get a good reach from your questions and answers to your website.

In short, Quora is a place where a community of learners and experts contribute according to their area of specialization and expertise. Learners not only contribute but they get a handsome amount of knowledge for their problems, issues, research also. They can comment and can share their opinion. In this way, the latest concepts and trends automatically become part of it. Finally, it is a great place for sharing and learning.

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