Respiration In Organisms Questions

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Respiration In Organisms Questions

List of respiration in organisms Questions

Question NoQuestionsClass
1The plants absorbs air for respiration from
A. Air spaces in the soil
B. Stomata in leaves
c. ovary
D. None of the above
2Roots-respire through.
A. Stomata
B. Lenticels
c. Spiracles
D. Air spaces
3Root hair helps in better absorption of air and water
A. It increases the surface area for absorption
B. It helps in growth and developement
C. It increases the rate of flowering in plants.
D. All of the above
4( mathrm{C} 6 mathrm{H} 1206+602 rightarrow 6 mathrm{CO} 2+6 mathrm{H} 2 mathrm{O}+mathrm{ATP} )
The given equation indicates which of the following activities in plants?
A. Digestion
B. Respiration
c. Transpiration
D. None of the above
5Before arranging the experiment “Carbon dioxide evolved during the process of respiration”; the seeds must be
A. Completely dried
B. Boiled to soften them
c. Soaked in vinegar
D. Kept moist till germination
6Write the observations of the
experiment which proved that respiration take place in plants
7The products of respiration is
A. water
B. Carbon dioxide
c. Energy
D. All of the above
8The soil pore depicted in the image
helps in
A. Storage of air
B. Storage of water
c. Storage of carbon dioxide
D. Both A and B
9The seeds respirate at the time of germination. While showing this experiment a test tube with ( K O H ) is kept in the conical flask to
A. Supply oxygen necessary for respiration.
B. Create space in the conical flask by absorbing co2.
c. Absorb water from the seeds and dry them
D. Make the air in the conical flask, acidic
10Where do plant roots take up oxygen
A. Atmospheric air
B. Air spaces between soil particles
C. Water in soil particles
D. None of the above
11Roots of plants take up air from
A. The air spaces present between the soil particles
B. The bacteria surrounding the roots
C. The leaves
D. The stem tissues
12Do plant need oxygen? If so, what is its

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