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SEMrush was originally made for marketing campaigns and manage marketing plans but with rapid tools update, it has been turning into keyword research tools. Nowadays SEMrush also sharing their learning experience with others. It offers the best solutions for SEO (search engine optimization), PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and competitive research.

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It creates a universal platform by collecting every website data. The data depends on SEMrush free for basic plan & paid account offers the best solutions for Internet marketing professionals. Due to the best marketing solution & details view SEMrush is in number #1 position and gives better results from google webmaster too for search engine optimization.

SEMrush Features and Available Tools

If you are looking for the best keyword research tools that will provide you more than 40+ tools for your SEO company because you don’t want to pay on different websites for different tools. Find the below SEMrush features to know that what is offered by this tool and how your digital marketing challenges complete.

SEO Tools
  • On-page SEO tool has 3 tools that audit your website pages, posts and generate a report to get an idea about health and SEO performance.
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  • Keyword Research has 6 tools that allow you to discover the best keywords for your website to the target audience and bring traffic to your site.

  • Link Building has 5 tools that allow you to find unexploited opportunities on your site to build up your site backlink profile strong.

  • Rank Tracking has 3 tools to Track daily site changes of your target keywords and measure target location with its position on SERP.
Content Tools
  • Content Marketing tools that develop a powerful content idea for a page and build a content strategy with data-driven solutions.
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  • Content Creation and Distribution has 3 tools to create and share traffic-driving posts that evoke with your targeted audience.

  • Content Optimization has 2 tools to get recommendations on-site optimizing with your included content to drive more organic, referral and social media traffic
  • Marketing Analytics has 2 tools that assess your site content and track performance to identify areas where content needs improvement.
Market Research Tools
  • Market Analysis has 2 tools to analyze your site position to get ahead of the competition in target marketing nowadays.
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  • Competitor Analysis has 5 tools to increase your site traffic as well as improve performance besides that of your competitor’s strategies.
  • Paid Advertising, has 5 tools to see the paid keywords on SERP and copy your competitor’s PPC ads target keyword.
Advertising Tools
  • Advertising Services only has one tool that is fully automated for your website paid traffic campaigns for AD creation and its optimization.
seo tools
  • PPC Keyword Research has 5 tools to build your perfect paid search campaign with semrush keyword research tools.

  • Website Monetization has 4 tools to monetize your target audience for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers.
SMM & SERM Tools
  • Social Media Management, has 2 tools for social media marketing & posting analysis.
SEMrush - Online Management Platform
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