Set Up My Device Email Or Bluehost Webmail Login

The article will give you idea about email set up my device email to get all official emails. The bluehost webmail login process is easy so, you can setup that email with their IMAP/POP details.

Set Up My Device Email Or Bluehost Webmail Login

Below you will get the steps to set up email:

  • Add a New Email Account
  • Incoming Mail Server
  • Outgoing Mail Server
  • Account Options

Add an Email Account

1. Start the Gmail app and drive to the Settings segment.

2. Click on Add account.

3. Then click on Personal (IMAP/POP) and click Next.

4. Insert your complete email address and click Next.

5. Keep the type of email record you will be applying.

  • Your server will download emails from POP3 and put them on the phone.
  • IMAP is the best approach, and it will collect the emails on the hosting and display a cached copy on the phone.
  • The transfer is not supported because it needs a Microsoft Exchange server.

6. Insert the password for your email location and click Next.

Incoming Server Settings

1.   Username: Insert your complete email address

2.   Password: Insert the password for your email record

3.   Hosting: This is your domain name headed by “mail.” like

4.   Port and Security Sign

5. Once the settings are listed, click Next.

Outgoing Server Settings

1. Choose Require Sign-In.

2.   Username: Insert your complete email address

3.   Password: Insert the password for the email record

4.   Hosting: This is a domain name preceded by “mail.” similar

5. To SMTP Port and Security Type.

Account Options

1.   Email Verifying Frequency: Fixed how usually you would like your device to review for new emails.

2.   Notify me during email appears: Drop this mark if you would like to be notified of new emails.

3.   Sync email from account: Drop this mark if you want the email to be verified automatically.

4. click on Next.

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