Structural Organization In Animals Questions

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Structural Organization In Animals Questions

List of structural organization in animals Questions

Question NoQuestionsClass
1Areolar connective tissue joins
A. Fat body with muscles
B. Integument with muscles
c. Bones with muscles
D. Bones with bones
2The longest cell in the body of an animal
A. osteocytes
B. Neuron
c. chromatophores
D. Lymph corpuscles
3Cellular totipotency is demonstrated by
A. Only gymnosperm cells
B. All plant cells
c. All eukaryotic cells
D. only bacterial cells
4Describe various types of epithelial
tissues with the help of labelled
5Fibre-free matrix present in
A. Tendons
B. Ligaments
c. Lymph
D. Cartilage
6Diagnostic feature of insects is
A. Segmented body
B. Chitin in body wall
c. Three pairs of legs
D. one pair compound eyes
7Which is correct in common Cockroach
A. Nitrogenous excretory product is urea.
B. Food is ground by mandibles and gizzard.
C. Malpighian tubules are excretory organs that project out from coelom.
D. Oxygen is transported by haemoglobin in blood.
8In earthworms setae are present in all
segments except
A. First and the last segments
B. First segment
c. Clitellum and last segments
D. First clitellum and last segments
9Which of these components is more in Iymph than in blood?
B. Nutrients
c. Lipids
D. oxygen
10Characteristic of simple epithelium is
A. They are arranged indiscriminately.
B. They make a definite layer.
c. continue to devide and help in organ function.
D. None of the above
11Haversian canal is situated in
A. Glandular connective tissue
B. Skeletal connective tissue
c. Fibrous connective tissue
D. Nervous tissue
A. Connect the epithelial cells
B. Types of lysosomes
C. Granules of muscle fibres
D. Found in bone
13Which one of these muscles tires out
A. Cardiac
B. Unstriated
c. striated
D. All of the above
14The average lifespan of an earthworm is
A. 13-15 years
B. 28-30 years
c. ( 6-9 ) years
D. 24-28 years
15In which animal, blood is red but blood
corpuscles are absent?
A. Cockroach
B. Earthworm
c. Birds
D. Bedbug
16Chaeta of Pheretima is about
A. ( 0.025 mathrm{mm} ) long
B. 0.25 mm long
c. ( 0.5 mathrm{mm} ) long
D. 2.5 mm long
1713 chambered heart is found in
A. Cockroach
B. Frog
c. Human
D. Fish
18Earthworm is
A. Ureotelic
B. Ammoneotelic
c. Uricotelic
D. Both (1) and (2)
19List a few flight adaptations in birds.11
20Which of the following connects to bone to a bone?
A. Cartilage
B. Ligament
c. Tendon
D. Interstitial fluid
21Tricology is the study of
A. Tetrapods
B. Hair
C. Developmental abnormalities
D. Ageing
22A bone left in dilute HCI for about three
days will
A. Crack into pieces
B. Become soft and elastic
c. Dissolve completely
D. Remain as it is
23In voluntary muscle movement, which of the following condition occurs if ATP is
A. Myosin to bind to actin
B. Myosin to become separated from actin
c. Tropomyosin to bind to troponin
D. Tropomyosin to become separated from troponin
E. Tropomyosin to become separated from actin
24Very short answer type.
Name the principal excretory organs of
25In Cockroach, wings are absent from
A. Prothorax
B. Mesothorax
c. Metathorax
D. None of the above
26Part of pectoral girdle is
A. Ileum
B. Glenoid cavity
c. Acetabulum
D. Sternum
27Muscles of heart are
A. Striated and voluntary
B. Nonstriated and voluntary
C. Striated unbranched and involuntary
D. Nonstriated and involuntary
E. Striated, branched and involuntary
28Which of the following is not a connecting tissue?
A. Blood
B. Bone
c. Lymph
D. Nerve
29The dorsal portion of skeleton found on
the abdomen of cockroach is
A. Pleuron
B. Sternum
c. Tergum
D. Vertex
30Choose the correct answer from the
alternatives givens. In most ( ldots ldots . . . ., ) cells secrete fibres of
collagen and elastin:
A. epithelial tissue
B. muscle tissue
c. connective tissue
D. nervous tissue
31Choose the correct answer from the
allternatives given. What are the respiratory organs in cockroach ?
A. Lung
B. Trachea
c. skin
D. None of these
32The ready source of energy in living cells
A. Glucose
c. Glycogen
33Bone is a
A. Epithelium tissue
B. Muscular tissue
C. Connective tissue
D. Nervous tissue
34Chloragogen cells are present in
A. Body wall of Leucosolenia
B. Blood of earthworm
C. Coelomic fluid of earthworm
D. Blood of cockroach
35In earthworm, the segment bearing
mouth is called as
A. Deuterostomium
B. Prostomium
c. Peristomium
D. Stomium
36One of the following is wrong about
male reproductive organs of earthworm
A. Two fluid-filled testis sacs with pair of spermiducal funnel attached to vasa differentia
B. Two pairs of seminal vesicles
C. Four pairs of spermathecae
D. One pair of prostate gland
E. All of the above
37Choose the correct order of excretory organs in cockroach, earthworm and
rabbit respectively.
A. skin, Malpighian tubules and kidney
B. Malpighian tubules, nephridia and kidney
c. Nephridia, Malpighian tubules and kidney
D. Nephridia, kidney and green gland
38Which set does clearly identify striated
A. Cylindrical, syncytial and unbranched
B. Spindle, unbranched and uninucleated
C . Cylindrical, striped and nucleated
D. Cylindrical, striped and branched
39Thin filaments in myofibrils consists of
A. Actin and accessory proteins
B. Sarcomeres
c. cross-bridges
D. z lines
40(i) Give an account of the structure of
different kinds of neurons.
(ii) Describe neurosecretory neurons.
41Male and female cockroaches can be
distinguished externally through
A. Anal styles in male
B. Anal corsi in female
c. Anal style and antennae in females
D. Both A and C
42Which one of the following correctly describes the location of some body parts in the earthworm (Pheretima)?
A. Four pairs of spermathecae in 4 – 7 segments
B. One pair of ovaries attached at inter-segmental septum of 14th and 15th segments
c. Two pairs of testes in 10 th and 11 th segments
D. Two pairs of accessory glands in 16-18th segments
43For which of the following, ‘Wharton’s jelly’ term is used?
A. Elastic tissue
B. Mucoid tissue
c. Reticular tissue
D. All of the above
44The nerve cord of cockroach is
A. Double, ventral and solid
B. Double dorsal and hollow
C. single, dorsal and solid
D. single, ventral and hollow
45Mushroom gland in cockroach is located in
A. 2nd -5th segments
B. 3rd-5th segments
c. 6 th-7th segments
D. 7th-8th segments
46Choose the correct answer from the
allternatives given

What type of circulatory system is
found in cockroach?
A. Lacunar
B. closed
c. Peritrophic
D. Penestrated

47The muscle fatigue occurs due to accumulation of
A. ( C O_{2} )
B. Lactic acid
c. creatine phosphate
D. Myosin ATPase
48Number of simple eyes found in Cockroach is
A. one
B. Two
c. Three
D. Numerous
49The H-zone in the skeletal muscle fibre
is due to
A. The absence of myofibrils in the central portion of ( A- ) band.
B. The central gap between myosin filaments in the ( A- ) band.
C. The central gap between actin filaments extending through myosin filament in the A-band.
D. Extension of mysoin filaments in the central portion of the A-band.
50Differentiate between striated,
unstriated and cardiac muscles on the
basis of their structure and
site/location in the body.
51Why is cardiac muscles controlled
A. To pump blood through the heart
B. To reduce the flow of blood
c. For the function of lungs
D. All of the above
52The neurons in the brain are myelinated by
A. Schwann cells
B. Astrocytes
c. oligodendrocytes
D. Microglia
53Which pair is incorrect?
A. Patella – knee cap
B. Malleus – hammer bone
C. Sternum – chest bone
D. Stapes – anvil bone
54Which of the following substance is responsible for the formation of setae in earthworm?
A. Trachein
B. Chitin
c. cellulose
D. Proteins
55Which of the following segments has photoreceptors in cockroach?
A. Head
B. Abdomen
c. Thorax
D. None of the above
56Short / Long answer type questions. Growth of long bones is bidirectional Comment upon the statement.11
57What is ‘Rete Pegs’?11
58Which of the following statements are
A.Tapeworms are hermaphrodites and undergo self-fertilization.
B. Earthworms are hermaphrodites and undergo self-fertilization.
C. Tapeworms are hermaphrodites but undergo cross-fertilization.
D. Earth worms are hermaphrodites but undergo cross-fertilization.
A . A and B
B. B andc
( c cdot c ) and ( D )
D. D and A
59Uricose glands are part of
A. Colleterial glands
B. Mushroom glands
c. conglobate glands
D. Vasa deferentia
60The matrix of bone and cartilage can be distinguished by the presence of
A . Haversian canal
B. Lacuna
c. chromatophores
D. Adipose cells
61Osteoid means
A. Calcified bone matrix
B. Calcified cartilage matrix
C. Uncalcified bone matrix
D. Fibrocartilage
62Cell body is known as
A. Axon
B. Cyton
c. Neuron
D. None of he above
63Cardiac muscle requires for
contraction to occur.
A. Sodium ions
B. Calcium ions
c. Phosphorous ions
D. Sulphur ions
Spongy bones are specialized to form
They contain osteocytes and
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is
the correct explanation for Assertion.
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion.
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect.
D. Assertion is incorrect but Reason is correct.
65Cardiac muscle cells are
A. Uninucleate and voluntary
B. Uninucleate and involuntary
C. Multinucleate and voluntary
D. Multinucleate and involuntary
66short / Long answer type questions. How is it that in the gizzard its lining is not damaged while the soil containing sand particles is ground up?11
67Ensheathing tissue of muscles is called
A. Tendon
B. Ligament
c. Peritoneum
D. Fascia
68Which of the following cells in earthworm play a role similar to liver in vertebrates?
A. Amoebocytes
B. Mucocytes
c. chloragogen cells
D. Epidermal cells
69Which of the following statements is
A. The epithelial layer allows the regulation of materials between the body and the external environment.
B. The epithelial layer does not allow regulation of materials between the body and the external environment.
C. The epithelial layer provides a large surface area provided by microvilli
D. Both B and C.
70Phallic organs in cockroach are related
A. Male excretory system
B. Male reproductive system
D. Female reproductive system
71Trochlea of which bone fits in the
trochlear notch of ulna?
A. Humerus
B. Radius
c. Femur
D. Scaphoid
72Outer covering of cartilage is known as:
A. perichondrium
B. periosteum
c. endosteum
D. peritoneum
73Which part of a bone reduces friction at
joints and which produces blood cells?
74Name an animal that stays in water like
fish but has no gills to breathe in water.
It gives birth to babies like the tiger does, but does not live in the forest.
75What is true about Nereis, scorpion,
cockroach and silver fish?
A. They all possess dorsal heart.
B. None of them is aquatic
C. They all belong to the same phylum.
D. They all have jointed paired appendages.
76Value based questions. Name the tissues where the following
structures occur:
Nissis granules
Neurons are said to possess the
property of excitability.
Neurons can get excited by a given
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is
the correct explanation for Assertion.
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not the correct explanation for Assertion.
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect.
D. Assertion is incorrect but Reason is correct
78Earthworm is
A . Nocturnal
B. Diurnal
c. Aquatic
D. All the above
79Cells of connective tissue is produced
A. Fibroblast
B. Mast cell
c. Plasma cell
D. Mesenchymal cells
80The bundle of axon is known as
A. Nerve
B. Cyton
( c cdot ) Axon
D. None of these
81Identify the following structures which are presnt in dioptrical region of the ommatidium of cockroach.
A. Vitrellae, retinulea, rhabdome
B. crystalline cone, retinulae, rhobdome
c. Lenticular cells, rhabdome, rhabdomeres
D. Lenticular cells, vitrellae, crystalline cone
82Mention the exact location of the
Myelin sheath.
83Select the correct option:
Which of the following statements about cell junctions are correct?
(i) All the cells of the epithelium are held together with little intercellular
(ii) In almost all animal tissues
specialised junctions provide both structural and functional link between
its individual cells
(iii) Tight junctions prevent substances from leaking across a tissue
(iv) Adhering junctions provide cementing to keep neighbouring cells together.
(v) Gap junctions provide cytoplasmic channels between cells for passage of
ions, small molecules and sometimes
big molecules.
A. (ii) and (iii)
B. (i), (ii) and (iii)
c. (iv) and (v)
D. (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v)
84Assertion: Muscle contraction force
increases with rise in strength of

Reason: This is due to increased
contraction of individual muscle fibres
with an increase in stimulus strength.
A. Assertion and the reason are true and the reason is a correct explanation of the assertion
B. Both the assertion and reason are true but the reason is
not a correct explanation of the assertion
c. Assertion is true but the reason is false
D. If both the assertion and reason are false
E. Assertion is false but reason is true

85Tubular heart of cockroach has how
many chambers?
A . 10
B. 13
c. 12
( D )
86The location of lymph glands
in Pheretima is
A ( cdot 4^{t h}, 5^{t h} ) and ( 6^{t h} ) segment
B. ( 10^{text {th }} ) to ( 20^{text {th }} ) segment
( mathbf{c} cdot 26^{t h} ) to the last segment
D. ( 13^{text {th }} ) segment
87What is the main difference in human
and frog RBCs?
A. Human RBCs are non-nucleated
B. Hemoglobin is found only in human RBCs
c. Human RBCs have nucleus
D. Human RBCs are muti-nucleated
88Give a one-word scientific term for the
Construction of an animal such as
earthworm by repeated segments.
89Differentiate between dendrites and
90Simple epithelium is a tissue in which
the cells are
A. Hardened and provide support to the organ
B. Cemented directly to one another to form a single layer
C. Continuously dividing to provide form to an organ
D. Loosely connected to one another to form an irregular organ
91The squamous epithelium is mainly involved in
A. Protection
B. Absorption
c. Secretion
D. None of these
92Epidermis is specialized for
A. Respiration
B. Absorption
c. Protection
D. All of the above
93Basement membrane is formed of
A. Epidermal cells
B. Endodermal cells
c. Both A and B
D. None of the above
94In mammals, Haversian canals are
connected with each other by transverse canals, which are called as
A. Semicircular canals
B. Volkmann canals
c. Inguinal canals
D. Bidder’s canals
95In earthworm, pharyngeal nephridia occur in segments
A. 4,5 and 6
B. ( 5,6, ) and 7
( c cdot 6,7 ) and 8
D. 3,4 and 5
96Match the column and select the
correct option from the following.
( begin{array}{llll} & text { List I } & & text { List II } \ text { A } & text { Anomocytic } & 1 & text { Parallel } \ text { B } & text { Anisocytic } & 2 & text { cross } \ text { C } & text { Diacytic } & 3 & text { Unequal } \ text { D } & text { Paracytic } & 4 & text { Irregular }end{array} )
A ( cdot A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 )
B. A- ( 4, ) B- ( 2, ) C- ( 3, ) D-
c. ( A-4, B-3, C-1, D-2 )
D. A- 3, B- 4, C- 2, D-
97The segment of earthworm in which mouth is situated is called
A. Prosoma
B. Prostomium
c. Peristomium
D. Prosegment
98Main function of phorphyrin pigment present in earthworm
A. Help in respiration
B. Helps in reproduction
c. Makes the worm beautiful
D. Protection from adverse effects of sun
99Which type of tissue forms spinal cord and brain?
A. Muscular tissue
B. Nervous tissue
c. Epithelial tissue
D. connective tissue
100What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph?
A. Mandibles becomes harder
B. Anal cerci develop
c. Both fore wings and hind wings develop
D. Labium develops
101The direction of impulse in a typical
neuron is
A. Axon to dendron
B. Dendron to axon
c. Both A and B
D. None of these
102Epithelial cells with cilia are found in
of our body
A. Digestive tract
B. Urinary tract
c. Respiratory tract
D. None of the above
103Which one of the following is a transparent tissue?
A. Tendon
B. Ligament
c. Fibrous cartilage
D. Hyaline cartilage
104Blood of Pheretima is
A. Red
в. Вlue
c. colourless
D. None of the above
105In mammals, the adipose tissue is mainly found in
A. In epidermis
B. In muscles
c. In dermis
D. Below dermis
106In chordates, which of the following
helps in locomotion?
A. Jointed chitinous appendages attached to muscles
B. Muscles attached to an exoskeleton
C. Paired muscles attached to an endoskeleton
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
107Compound eyes are found in
( A cdot F operatorname{rog} )
B. Earthworm
c. cockroach
D. Roundworm
108Which of the following group of
characters is present in all chordates in
some or other stage in their life
A. Mammary glands, hair and gill slits
B. Notochord, gill slits and dorsal tubular nervous system
C. Notochord, scales and dorsal tubular nervous system
D. Gill slits vertebral column and notochord
109During muscle contraction, which of the following decreases?
A. I band
B. A band
c. Hzone
D. Both A and C
110Thin filament is made up of
A. Actin, troponin and tropomyosin
B. Actin and troponin
C. Myosin and troponin
D. Actin and tropomyosin
111Choose the correct answer from the
allternatives given
In cockroach, the ovary consists
of ovarioles formed of
A. 6 groups
B. 8 groups
c. 10 groups
D. 4 groups
112Which of the following statement is
A. Smooth muscles are found in urinary bladder,alimentary canal and genital tract
B. A striated muscle is syncytium (multinucleate)
C. The cytoplasm of striated muscle is called endoplasm
D. The plasma membrane and ER of striated muscles are called sarcolemma and sarcoplasmic reticulum respectively
113In the matrix, lies the bone cells, called
A. Chondroclasts
B. Osteoclasts
c. osteoblasts
D. osteocytes
114Trichogen cells of epidermis of Cockroach produce
A . Exocuticle
B. Endocuticle
c. Bristles
D. Membrane around bristles
115How do you differentiate a butterfly
from a moth?
A. Moth has feathery antennae but butterfly has dub shaped antennae.
B. Moth has one pair of wings but butterfly has two pairs of wings
C. Moth is diurnal but butterfly is nocturnal.
D. Moth has simple eyes but butterfly has compound
116Blood glands of Pheretima occur in
( A cdot 1,2 ) and 3
B. 3,4 and 5
( c cdot 4,5 ) and 6
D. 10, 11 and 12
117Write the differences between.
(a) Blood and Lymph
(b) Open and closed system of
(c) Systole and diastole
(d) P- wave and T- wave
118Epithelial tissue with thin flat cells
appearing like packed tiles occur on
A. Inner lining of cheek
B. Inner lining of stomach
c. Inner lining of fallopian tubes
D. Outer surface of ovary
119A bipolar neuron has
A. Two axons and two dendrons
B. One axon and one dendron
C. Two axons and one dendron
D. One axon and two dendrons
120Photoreceptors of Earthworm occur on
A. Clitellum
B. Anal segment
c. Dorsal surface
D. Lateral sides
121Write short note on adipose tissue11
122Exonephric secretion in earthworm is
A. Septal nephridia
B. Pharyngeal nephridia
c. Integumentary nephridia
D. Both B and C
123Which of the following is an organ of mastication in the cockroach?
A. Labrum
B. Labium
c. Mandibles
D. Maxilla
124( therefore )11
125Role of calciferous glands in stomach of earthworm is to
A. Neutralise the humic acid in the humus
B. Produce HC
c. Emulsify fats
D. Increase absorptive area
E. secrete slime
126Animals belonging to phylum Cnidarian
are symmetrical.
A . Not
B. Spherically
c. Radially
D. Bilaterally
127Where is the basement membrane
derived from?
A. Ectoderm
B. Endoderm
c. Epidermis
D. Epidermis and connective tissue
128Long refractory period is found in
A. White fibres of skeletal muscle
B. Red fibres of skeletal muscle
c. Smooth muscle
D. cardiac muscle
129Which ones of the following animals are
Housefly, silverfish, trout, jellyfish, whale, penguin, lizard and sponge.
130Nephridia of Pheretima are
A. Protonephridia
B. Solenocytes
c. Micrometanephridia
D. Meganephridia
131Which of the following animal respires but there is no respiratory organ in them?
( A cdot F operatorname{rog} )
B. Cockroach
c. Fish
D. Earthworm
132Cells of the nervous system that are specialized to provide support arid protection are known as
A. Schwann cells
B. Axons
c. Neurons
D. Neuroglia
133A neuron transmits information
A. Electrical signals
B. Chemical signals
c. Both A and B
D. None of the above
134In Earthworm, gizzard occurs in segment
A. 5
B. 6
( c cdot 8 )
D. 10
135Name different body division of
136Which of the following is/are the feature of vertebra of mammals?
A. Centrum is amphiplatyan
B. Zygapophyses present
c. Inter vertebral disc present between two bone
D. All of the above
137In cockroach, the ootheca is formed by the secretion of
A. phallic gland
B. collaterial gland
c. mushroom gland
D. conglobate gland
138The tissue covering the external surface of animal and internal surface of
visceral organs is
A. Adipose tissue
B. Connective tissue
c. cartilaginous tissue
D. Epithelial tissue
139The bone of a mammal contains
Haversian canals, which are connected
by transverse canals known as
A. Semi-circular canals
B. Inguinal canals
c. volkmann’s canals
D. Bidder’s canals
140Which of the following types of tissue form the thin surface for the gas
exchange in the lungs?
A. Epithelial
B. Connective
c. Nervous
D. Muscle
141The tracheae of cockroach are ………. type
A. Holopneustic
B. Hemipneusticç
c. Apneustic
D. Perineustic
142Number of longitudinal tracheal trunks in Cockroach is
A. Three pairs
B. Three
c. Two
D. Two pairs
143The cells which pass the
instructions from brain to different
parts of the body are called as
A. Muscle tissue
B. Neurons
c. Red blood cells
D. White blood cell
144Typical vertebra of human is
A. Amphiplatyan
B. Procoelous
c. Amphicoelous
D. None of the above
145A muscle which is spindle shaped and
lacks striations are known as
A. Smooth muscle
B. Cardiac muscle
c. striated muscles
D. None of the above
146Arrange the direction of nerve
transmission in sequential order.
a) Cyton
b) Axon
c) Dendron
d) Nerve terminal
( A cdot c, a, b, d )
в. ( a, c, b, d )
( c cdot c, a, d, b )
D. ( mathrm{c}, mathrm{b}, mathrm{a}, mathrm{d} )
147Short answer
Name any one body part where ciliated epithelium is found in humans? What
is its function?
148Nodes of Ranvier are
A. Joints occur between adjacent axons
B. Axon terminal forms synape with dendrites
C. Dendrites of one nerve cells to adjacent nerve cells
D. Non-myelinated areas of myelenated nerve fibre
149Differentiate between simple epithelium and compound epithelium.11
150A nerve cell transmits it’s impulse to
another through
A. Dendrite
B. Cyton
c. Axons
D. Myeline sheeth
151Classify simple epithelium tissue on the basis of the structural modification
of the cells. Where do we find ciliated
epithelium in human body Differentiate between Endocrine gland and Excine gland?
152The surface of cartilage is surrounded by irregular connective tissue, called as
A. Periostium
B. Perichondrium
c. Lacunae
D. osteoclast
153Match the terms listed with the
structures where they occur. Choose the
answer, which gives the correct
combination of alphabets of the two
( begin{array}{ll}text { Structure } & text { Occurrence } \ text { A. Haversian canal } & text { p. Kidney } \ text { B. Dendrites } & text { q. Cartilage } \ text { C. Sarcolemma } & text { r. Muscle } \ text { D. Chondrocytes } & text { s. Nerve cells } \ & text { t. Bone }end{array} )
( A )
( A-q, B-r, C-s, D-t )
c. ( A-t, B-s, C-r, D-q )
D. A-s.B-t. C- a ( D- )
154With reference to external features of
Cockroach, which among the following statement is not correct
A. It has pulvillus between claws
B. Hind wings are protective and are not useful in flight
c. Fore wings are elytra
D. Gonapophyses help in copulation
155Spiracles of cockroach which are larger and always kept open are
A. First and second pairs
B. First and third pairss
c. First and tenth pairs
D. Second and third pairs
156Their contraction is involuntary, vigorous and rhythmic holds true for
A. Striated muscles
B. Cardiac muscles
c. Unstriated muscles
D. None of the above
157Largest muscle is
A. Gluteus maximus
B. Sartorius
C . Stapedius
D. Biceps muscle
158Which of following act as middleman?
A. wвс
B. Lymph
c. Plasma
D. Blood
159Nephridia of Pheretima are
A . Meganephridia
B. Micronephridia
c. Metanephridia
D. Both B and C
160Copy the diagram and label any two
parts from the given options in the
(Cyton, Axon, Dendron, and Plate)
161Non-cellular layer that connects epithelium to connective tissue is?
A. Dermis
B. Epidermis
c. Basement membrane
D. None of the above
162Which animal do not possess larval stage in its life cycle?
A. Ascaris
B. Frog
c. Taenia
D. Pheretema
163( ln 4 t h, 5 t h ) and ( 6 t h ) segments of Earthworm, lying above the pharyngeal mass and connected with pharyngeal glands are found small, red coloured follicular bodies called
A. Septal glands
B. Blood glands
c. Salivary glands
D. Nephridia
E. Intestinal caecae
164Select the correct statements with
reference to pheretima (excretory system)
A) Nephridia help in excretion and osmoregulation
B) Septal nephridia collects the wastes from coelomic fluid with the help of
C) Integumentary nephridia discharge waste materials to the outer body surface through the nephridiopores
D) Septal nephridia and pharyngeal nephridia discharge wastes into luman of gut.
A. ( A, B, C )
в. ( B, C, D )
c. ( A, C, D )
D. ( A, B, C, D )
165Fertilized eggs of Periplaneta americana are encased in
A. Ootheca
B. cocoon
c. Phallomere
D. Genital chamber
166Microvilli of intestinal epithelium are
similar in function with
A. Typhlosole in earthworm
B. Hepatic caecum in cockroach
c. Intestinal caecum in earthworm
D. Malpighian tubules in cockroach.
167Setae are found in all body segments of
earthworm except
A. Last segment
B. First segment
c. Clitellar segment
D. First, last and clitellar segments
168The most abundant tissue of the
adenoid tonsils is
A. Epithelium
B. Reticular connective tissue
c. Elastic connective tissue
D. Plasma
169After implantation interdigitation of material and foetal tissues takes takes
place.Identify the tissues involved and justify their role.
170The ligaments connect two bones at the joints.
A. True
B. False
171Largest number of cell bodies of neuron
in our body are found in
A. Retina
B. Spinal cord
c. Brain
D. Tongue
172The largest muscle in human body is
A. Masseter
B. Sartorius
c. stapedius
D. Gluteus
173Which of the stoma wall is thick?
A. Inner
B. Outer
c. Lateral
D. upper
T.S. Pheretima, the correct sequence of body wall layers from outer to inner side
(a) Circular muscles
(b) Parietal peritoneum
(c) Epidermis
(d) Cuticle
(e) Longitudinal muscles
A. ( c ) be a d
B. ( d c ) e a b
( c cdot d c a e b )
D. d b a ec
175(A) Fenestra
(B) Pedical
(C) Lacinia (D)
Flagellum, E) Gelea (F) Mentum (G) Palpifer (H) Cardo (I) Glossa
Which of the above is found in the first
pair of maxillae in the case of a
A. ( c, ) E G and
B. A, C, E and I
c. ( A, F, ) G and 1
D. B, E, G and I
176Which of the following types of tissue forms the framework of the external
A. Epithelial
B. Connective
c. Nervous
D. Muscular
177In earthworm, neurons are
A. Sensory
B. Motor
c. Mixed
D. None of these
178The taste receptors of cockroach are
A. Compounds eyes
B. Companiform sensillae
C. Palps of maxillary and labium
D. tactile hairs
179Answer in one word or one line.
(i) Give the common name of Periplanata
(ii) How many spermathecae are found in earthworm?
(iii) What is the position of ovaries in cockroach?
(iv) How many segments are present in the abdomen of cockroach?
(v) Where do you find Malpighian tubules?
180Hypertrophy of muscle is
A. Muscles become thin and weak due to excessive work.
B. Muscles become thick and strong due to excessive work.
C. Muscles become thin and weak due to no work.
D. Muscles become thick and strong due to no work.
181Epithelial cells get nutrient material
A. Neighbourig cells
B. Blood vessels
c. Lymph vessels
D. Underlying tissue
182Flow of blood in the ventral vessel of
earthworm is
A. Forward
B. Backward
c. Backward in half of it and forward in another half
D. All of these
183Which salt predominates in bone
A. Sodium chloride
B. Sodium carbonate
c. Calcium phosphate
D. Magnesium phosphate
184How many pair of spiracles are present in thorax region of cockroaches?
A . 10
B. 2
( c cdot 8 )
( D )
185Earthworm is friend of farmers, because
A. Produces humus
B. Eats soil bacteria
c. Increases fertility of soil
D. Eats the plant
186Choose the correct answer from the
allternatives given. What is the name of the structures
which help the mandibles and function as accessory jaws?
A. Maxillae
B. Galea
c. Lacinia
D. Labial palp
187The matrix of hyaline cartilage contains
A. Collagen
B. Chondroitin sulfate
c. ossein
D. Both A and B
188Name the tissue that forms inner lining
of mouth.
189Nucleated part of nerve cell is called as
A. Axon
B. Dendrites
c. Cyton
D. None of the above
190Nerve cord of Cockroach is
A. Dorsal and single
B. Dorsal and double
C. Ventral and single
D. Ventral and double
191Digestion in Periplaneta begins in
A . crop
B. Preoral cavity
c. Midgut
D. Pharynx
192Very short answer type.
How many types of muscles occur in the body of a vertebrate?
193Number of segments present in earthworm is
A. ( 85-400 )
B. 100-200
c. 20-95
D. 115-120
194Which of the following characteristics can be related to cardiac muscles?
A. They are striated.
B. They are involuntary muscles.
c. They are less prone to fatigue.
D. All of the above
195Which of the following is not a correct
statement for the neuroglial cells?
A. Neuroglial makes up more than one half of the volume of the neural tissue in our body
B. It protects and supports the neurons
C. When this cell is suitably stimulated an electrical disturbance is generated which swiftly travels along its Plasma membrane
D. All the given options are correct
196Striped muscles are
A. Syncytial
B. Uninucleate
c. Binucleate
D. Anucleate
197Choose the correct answer from the
alternatives givens. Which of the following tissues has closely linked cells and one free
A. Epithelial
B. Connective
c. Nervous
D. Muscle
Presence of connective tissue inside the
brain is essential for conduction of
nerve impulse
Connective tissue hold together the
nerve cells of brain
A. If both the assertion and the reson are true and the reason is correct explanation of the assertion.
B. If both the assertion and the reson are true but the reason is not correct explanation of the assertion
c. If the assertion is true but the reason is false
D. If both the assertion and reason are false
199Male cockroach can be distinguished from female cockroach through
A. Longer antennae
B. Longer abdomen
c. wingless body
D. All the above
200Figure ( P ) represents the reproductive
organs of Chara plant and figure ( Q )
represents the reproductive organs of
earthworm. Select the option which
correctly identifies male reproductive organs of the two organisms.
( mathbf{A} cdot A ) and ( D )
( B . B ) and ( C )
( mathbf{c} . A ) and ( C )
( D . B ) and ( D )
201In Pheretima coelomic fluid contains
A. Dissolved haemoglobin
B. Dissolved RBC
c. Broken WBC
D. Watery plasma
202The four figures ( (A, B, C text { and } D) ) given
below represent four different types of animals tissues. Which one of these is
correctly identified in the given options along with its correct location and function?
A. Tissue-
B- Glandular epithelium; Location- Intestine; Function- Secretion
B. Tissue C- Collagen fibres; Location- Cartilage; Function- Attach bone to bone
c. Tissue D- Smooth muscle tissue; Location- Heart:
Function- Heart contraction
D. Tissue A- Columnar epithelium; Location- Nephron; Function- Secretion and absorption
203Male and female Cockroaches can be
distinguished externally through
A. Anal styles in male
B. Anal cerci in female
c. Anal style and antennae in females
D. Both B and C
204In cockroach, the longest podomere is
A. ( operatorname{coxa} )
B. Trochanter of Femur
c. Tibia
D. tarsus
205Pseudo-unipolar neurons occur in
A. Retina
B. Dorsal ganglion
C. Ventral root of spinal nerve
D. Nerve nuclei.
206Maximum intercellular substance is
found in
A. Connective tissue
B. Nervous tissue
c. Muscular tissue
D. Epithelial tissue
207The muscles of alimentary canal is a
type of
A. Cardiac muscle
B. Straited muscle
c. Unstriated muscles
D. None of the above
208Exoskeleton of rabbit consists of
A. Hair
B. Hair and hoof
c. Hair and claws
D. Hair, claws and hoof
209Regarding vision in cockroach, which is
A. Total image is formed in the compound eye
B. Apposition image, mosaic vision
C. Retinulae in immediately below the vitrellae and crystalline cone, surrounded by retinal pigment sheath
D. All of these
210Choose the correct answer from the
alternatives givens. Which type of the following tissues forms the inner lining of a blood vessel?
A. Epithelial
B. Connective
c. Nervous
D. Muscular
211Consider the following four statements
(i)- (iv) and select the correct option
stating which ones are true (T) and which ones are false (F)
(i) In male cockroach, genital pouch or chamber lies at the hind end of
abdomen bounded dorsally by 9 th and 10th terga and ventrally by the 9 th sternum.
(ii) In cockroach, the haemolymph is composed of colourless plasma and haemocytes
(ii) In female cockroach each ovary is formed of a group of ten ovarian tubules or ovarioles, containing a chain developing ova
(iv) In cockroach the nymph grows by moulting about 13 times to reach the adult form.
A ( cdotleft(text { i) }-F_{i} text { (ii) }-text { T; (iii) }-F_{i} text { (iv) }-Tright. )
B. (i)- F; (ii)- F; (iii) – T; (iiv)- T
( c cdot(i)-T_{i}(text { ii })-T ;left(text { (iii) }-F_{i}(text { iv } gamma)-Tright. )
D. (i)- T; (ii)- F; (iii) – T; (iv) – f
212Haemocoel is found in
A. Hydra
B. Ascaris
c. Earthworm
D. cockroach
213tissue is the protective tissue in animal body.
A. Epithelial
B. Endothelial
c. Both A and B
D. None of the above
214Tendons connect
A. A muscle with a muscle
B. A muscle with a bone
C. A bone with another bone
D. A bone with a ligament
215Tendons or ligaments are
A. Connective tissue
B. Vascular tissue
C . Epithelial tissue
D. Skeletal tissue
216Multipolar neuron means.
A. With one dendron and one axon
B. With many dendrons and one axon
c. With one dendron and no axons
D. With many dendrons and no axons
217What is common between the trachea
of rabbit and cockroach?
A. Both startin head region
B. Both are filled with fluid
c. wall in both is strengthened which does not allow to collapse
D. None of the above
218Which one of the following is the correct pairing of a body part and the kind of muscle tissue that moves it?
A. Heart – smooth muscles
B. Stomach – Smooth muscles
c. Urinary bladders – Striated muscles
D. Triceps – cardiac muscles
219Difference between bone and cartilage
is in having
A . Haversian canal
B. Blood vessel
c. Lymph vessel
D. All of the above
220An epithelial tissue which has thin and flat cells arranged edge to edge so as to appear like closely packed tiles, is found at the
A. Inner lining of stomach
B. Inner lining of cheeks
c. outer surface of ovary
D. Inner lining of fallopian tube
221Volkmann’s canals are found in
A. Bones of birds
B. Bones of amphilbians
C. Bones of mammals
D. Cartilage of mammals
222Scientist who gave the name Periplaneta is
A. Linneous
B. K. N. Bahel
c. Burmeister
D. Darwin
223Action potential is generated by
A . ( N a^{+} )
в. ( K^{+} )
c. ( C a^{+} )
D. ( C l^{-} )
224Which system transmits impulses between different parts of the body?
A. Musculoskeletal system
B. Endocrine system
D. Nervous system
E. Reproductive system
225What is pseudocoelom? Where is it located?11
226Which of the following is absent in the segment of cockroach’s leg
A . Fibula
B. Coxa
c. Tibia
D. Femur
227Ootheca of cockroach has fertilized
eggs, this numbers is
A. 6
B. 8
( c cdot 16 )
D. 24
228Which structure is known as lower lip of cockroach?
A. Labrum
B. Labium
c. Mantum
D. Submentum
229The type of egg in cockroach is called as
A. Microlecithal
B. Centrolecithal
c. Isolecithal
D. Telolecithal
230Note the following statements.
a. It forms the lining of the cavities of alveoli of the lungs.
b. It forms the lining of wet surfaces like
buccal cavity and oesophagus.
c. It occurs in the ducts of sweat glands.
d. It forms the lining of salivary glands and sweat glands.
e. It is a loose connective tissue.
Which of the above are associated with
simple epithelial tissue?
A. a and d
B. b and c
c. ( c ) and a
D. ( d ) and e
231Name of the tissue that connects two
232hierarchy of various taxonomic
categories. Identify the missing categories(A, B and
C) and select the correct statements
regarding these.
(i) ( A ) is the taxonomic category which
contains a number of related genera.
(ii) Examples of category B are Monocotyledoneae, Dicotyledoneae, Mammalia, etc.
(iii) ( mathrm{C} ) represents the basic unit of taxonomic hierarchy.
(iv) Examples of category ( C ) are Fungi
Monera, Protista, etc.
( A cdot ) (i) and (ii)
B. (iii) and (iv)
C . (i), (ii) and (iv)
D. (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)
233In earthworms setae are present in all
segments except
A. First and the last segment
B. First and the clitellum
c. First segment
D. Clitellum and last segment
E. First, clitellum and last segment
234Choose the correct answers from the
alternatives given

External ears are characteristics of
A. cartilaginous fishes
B. sea horse
c. mammals
D. newts

235Open circulatory system occurs in
A. Octopus
B. Pheretima
c. Periplaneta
D. Rana
236Integumentary nephridia are also called
A. Enteronephric
B. Exonephric
C. Sometimes enteronephic and sometimes exoneph
D. Both (a) and (b)
237Which of the following statement is not
applicable to the structure of cartilage?
A. Free surface of hyaline cartilage is covered by a fibrous cover called the perichondrium
B. Chondrocytes are metabolically more active than chondroblasts
C. The growth of cartilage always unidirectional
D. Hyaline cartilage forms the embryonic skeleton in bony vertebrates
238Why defects in the myelin sheath is
A. Action potentials would be conducted too slowly along the neurons
B. Muscles would not contract when stimulated
C. The thyroid gland would not be able to produce thyroxine
D. The bone tissue would not be properly maintained
239Mark the correct one regarding
A. Internal median fold of ventral intestinal wall
B. Extends from ( 20^{t h}-35^{t h} ) segments
C. Increases the surface area for absorption
D. Decreases the surface area for absorption
240Where do you found ligament in our body?11
241The nerves that carry the messages
towards the CNS from sense organs are
A. Afferent neurons
B. Efferent neurons
c. Interneurons
D. none of the above
242In insecta heart is
circulatory system is
A. Ventral, closed
B. Ventral, open
c. Dorsal, open
D. Dorsal, closed
243Autorhythmicity is a special property of the muscles of the
A. Liver
B. Intestine
c. Heart
D. Kidney
244RBCs have
A. Antigen (agglutinogen) on their surface
B. Carbonic anhydrase
C. Antibody on their surface
D. Both A and B
245( N a^{+}-K^{+} ) pump is found in membranes of many cells, like nerve
cells. It works against electrochemical gradient and involve an integral protein ATPase. For each molecule of ATP used
A. 3 ions of ( N a^{+} ) are pumped out and two ( K^{+} ) are taken in
B. 3 ions of ( N a^{+} ) are taken in and ( 2 K^{+} ) are pumped out
( mathrm{c} cdot 2 ) ions of ( N a^{+} ) are thrown out and ( 3 K^{+} ) are absorbec
D. 3 ions of ( K^{+} ) are absorbed and ( 3 N a^{+} ) are pumped out
246Maximum digestion takes place in which part of cockroach?
A . In crop
B. In gizzard
c. In mesenteron
D. In oesophagous
247The body cells in Cockroach discharge their nitrogenous waste in haemolymph mainly in the form of
( A ). Ammonia
B. Potassium urate
c. urea
D. Calcium carbonate
248Match the names of the structures
listed with the functions given. Choose the answer which gives the correct
combination of the alphabets of the
two columns.
( mathbf{A} )
( A-4, B-1, C-3, D-5 )
B. A-3, B-2, C-5, D-4
C ( . A-2, B-5, C-1, D-3 )
D. A-1, B-4, C-5, D-2
249Which part of cockroach has both exoskeleton and endoskeleton?
A. Head
B. Thorax
c. Abdomen
D. All of the above
250Define connective tissue.11
251Differentiate between.
Diploblastic and triploblastic animals
252Afferent nerve fiber conducts impulse
A. C.N.S to effector
B. Receptor to C.N.S
c. Receptor to effector
D. Effector to receptor
253The over-stretching of tendons and ligaments is called as
A. Tonus
B. Tetany
c. sprain
D. Fatigue
254Which of the following cells secretes calcium carbonate and calcium
A. Adipocyte
B. osteocyte
c. Monocyte
D. Thrombocyte
255Which one does not occur in Cockroach
A. Tibia
B. Femur
c. Fibula
D. coxa
256In Earthworm, ovary is situated in
( A cdot 13 )
B. 9
c. 10
D. 26
257Complete the given table.
( r )
258Spiracles found in cockroach are which helps in gaseous exchange.
A. 2 pairs in thorax and 10 pairs in abdomen
B. 2 pairs in thorax and 6 pairs in abdomen
c. 2 pairs in thorax and 8 pairs in abdomen
D. 2 pairs in thorax and 4 pairs in abdomen
259Mouth part of cockroach are suited for
A. Piercing
B. Absorbing
c. Cutting and chewing
D. Drinking
260Formation of which tissue is example of dedifferentiation?
A. Interfascicular cambium
B. Apical meristem
c. Intrafascicular cambium
D. Intercalary meristem
261If an earthworm is left in ( 40 % ) KOH
solution for a long time, which part would be left undissolved?
A . Setae
B. Spermatheca
c. sand particles
D. circular muscles
262Which of the following do not have stomata?
A. Xerophytes
B. Mesophytes
c. Hydrophytes
D. Submerged hydrophytes
263White fibrous tissue is
A. Nerve
B. Muscle
c. Ligaments
D. Tendons
264Select the correct option:
Complete the given flowchart by
selecting the correct option:
A. A- Stipes; B- Hypopharynx; C- Exopodite; D- First maxillae
B. A- Stipes; B- Exopodite; C- Hypopharynx; D- First maxillae
c. A- First maxillae; B- Hypopharynx; C- Exopodite; DStipes
D. A- First maxillae; B- Exopodite; C- Hypopharynx; D Stipes
265Which are the scientific names of
A. Periplaneta americana and Blatta indica
B. Periplaneta orientalis and Blatta americana
C. Periplaneta americana and Blatta orientalis
D. Both A and B
266Which of the following is regarded as a unit of nervous tissue?
A. Axons
B. Dendrites
c. Neurons
D. Myelin sheath
267Mushroom or utricular gland of male cockroach takes part in
A. Nourishing of sperms
B. Storing of sperms
c. Formation of inner membrane of spermatophore
D. All the above
268Most swollen segment in leg cockroach is
A. Tarus
B. Coxa
c. Trochanter
D. None of these
269The nervous tissue, which contains
densely packed cells are called as
A. Neurons
B. Nissi’s granules
c. Dendrons
D. Axon
270Refer to the given figure and identify
structure ( X ) in cockroach.
A. Testis
B. Ovary
c. sperms
271Select the correct option:
Identify the figures ( A, B, C ) showing
different types of muscle and select the correct option:
A. A- smooth muscle; B- Striated muscle; C- Cardiaç muscle
B. A-Cardiac muscle; B- – Smooth muscle; Striated muscle
c. A- striated muscle; B- Smooth muscle; C- Cardiaç muscle
D. A- Involuntary muscle; B- Voluntary muscle; C- Heat muscle
272Cartilage present in trachea, larynx and bronchi is
A. Fibrous
B. Elastic
c. Hyaline
D. Calcified
273There is no gall bladder in
A . Rat
B. Horse
c. whale
D. All of these
274Select the option having correct
matching for different parts of male reproductive system of cockroach.
A . A-Phallic gland, B-Seminal vesicle, C-Vas deferens, DEjaculatory duct
B. A-Phallic gland, B-Seminal vesicle, C-Ejaculatory duct D-vas deferens
c. A-seminal vesicle, B-Phallic gland, C-Vas deferens, DEjaculatory duct
D. A-Phallic gland, B-Vas deferens, C-Seminal vesicle, DEjaculatory duct
275Why are protozoa called early animals?11
276Salivary duct of cockroach opens at
A. Hypopharynx
B. Epipharynx
c. Left mandible
D. Right mandible
277Striations in the striated muscles are
due to
A. Projections of myosin
B. Absence of myofilaments
c. Presence of myofilaments
D. specilaized arrangement of myofilaments
278Describe the digestive system of
Reptiles and amphibians show
They have neurohormones in their skin.
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is
the correct explanation for Assertion.
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is
not the correct explanation for Assertion.
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect.
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect
280Higher animals are capable of producing sounds with active
A. Vocal cords
B. Mammary glands
c. oil glands
D. Trachea
Cockroach undergoes periodic ecdysis during its growth.
Cockroach has compound eyes.
A. Both Assertion and Reason are correct and Reason is
the correct explanation for Assertion
B. Both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is
not the correct explanation for Assertion
C. Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect
D. Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect
282Identify the two tissues the combination, which enables animals to
move rapidly in response to stimuli.
A. Epithelial and muscular tissue
B. Epithelial and nervous tissue
c. connective tissue and nervous tissue
D. Muscular and nervous tissue
283Select the correct option:
Match column I with column II and
select the correct option from the codes given below.
Column I Column I I I I nnn
(A) Vermicomposting
(i) Ectonephric
(B) Phayngeal nephridia
(ii) Locomotion
(C) Integumentary
(iii) Earthworm nephridia
(D) Setae
(iv) Enteronephric
(v) Store
(E) Spermathecae ( quad ) spermatozoa
A ( cdot A-(text { iii) } ; B-(i v) ; C-(i) ; D-(text { ii }) ; E-(v) )
B. ( A-(v) ; B-(i) ; C-(i v) ; D-(text { ii }) ; E-(text { iii }) )
c. ( A- ) (iii); ( B- ) (ii); ( C-(text { iv } v) ; D-(i) ; E-(v) )
D. A- (iii); B- (v); C- (i); D- (iv): E- (ii)
284Earthworm has no skeleton. During burrowing anterior end becomes turgid and acts as hydraulic skeleton. It is due
A. Gut peristalsis
B. Setae
c. Coelomic fluid
D. Blood
285Match the following and choose the
correct option:
(A) Adipose tissue
(i) Nose
(B) Stratified epithelium
(ii) Blood
(C) Hyaline cartilage
(iii) Skin
(D) Fluid connective tissue
(iv) Fat storage
( A cdot A-(i) ; B-(i i), C-(i i i) ; D-(i v) )
B. A- (iv); B- (iii), C- (i); D- (ii)
C ( . ) A- (iii); B- (i), C- (iv); D- (ii)
D. A- (ii); B- (i), C- (iv); D- (iii)
286Volkmann canal interconnect
A. Bone marrow
B. ( 3^{r d} ) and ( 4^{t h} ) ventricle of brain
C. Central canals and ( 4^{t h} ) ventricle
D. Haversian canals
287What features of cockroach are
adaptations for its terrestrial and
nocturnal life?
288Direction of nerve impulse is reversed in nerve with.
A. Axo-axonic
B. Axo-dendritic
c. Both A and B
D. None of the above
289Which among the following is correctly
A. Troponin and Myosin ( rightarrow ) Complex proteins in striated muscles
B. Calcitonin and Thymosin ( rightarrow ) Thyroid hormones
C. Pepsin and Prolactin ( rightarrow ) Digestive enzymes secreted in stomach
D. Secretin and Rhodopsin ( rightarrow ) Polypeptide hormones
290Which of the following is non-vascular?
A. Nervous tissue
B. Connective tissue
c. Epithelial tissue
D. Muscular tissue
291Nerve fibre is
A. A thin nerve
B. Fibre formed by many axons
C. Fibre formed by ensheathing of axon in myelinated fibre
D. Fibre formed by ensheathing of a dendrite
292The cell junctions called as tight, adhering and gap junctions are found in
A. Epithelial tissue
B. Neural tissue
c. Muscular tissue
D. connective tissue
293Adjacent epithelial cells are held
together by means of
A. Liposomes
B. Glyoxysomes
c. Desmosomes
D. Microsomes
294Enteronephric nephridia of earthworm are connected with
A. Excretion
B. Digestion
c. osmoregulation
D. All of the above
295In cockroaches, during the digestion of food, the enzyme cellulase is synthesized by
A. Saliva
B. Lining cells of midgut
c. Bacteria in the midgut
D. Cellulase is never synthesizedd
296The total number of podomeres in each leg of cockroach is
A . 5
B. 6
( c cdot 7 )
( D )
297In earthworm, the septal nephridia begin from behind ( ldots ldots . . . . ) segment.
( mathbf{A} cdot 18 )
B . 17
( c cdot 15 )
( D cdot 13 )
298Characteristic of epithelial tissues is
A. They never produce glands
B. Cells can undergo rapid divisions
C. They have abundant vascularisation
D. They have large intercellular spaces
299The type of muscles present in our
A. Thigh are striated and voluntary
B. Upper arm are smooth muscle fibres fusiform in shape
C. Heart are involuntary and unstriated smooth muscles
D. Intestine are striated and involuntary
300Number of pairs of spiracles in cockroach are
A . 4
B. 6
( c cdot 8 )
D. 10
301Earthworm respires by
A. Clitellum
B. Ctenidia
c. Moist skin
D. Typhlosole
302Which of the following is known as excretory organs of earthworm?
A. Coelom
B. Flame cells
c. Nephridia
D. Gizzardd
303Myelin sheath has layers of fat and
A. Upto 100
B. 10-20
c. Two each
D. one each
304Each thoracic segment of Periplaneta americana is enclosed by four
skeletal scleries: a dorsal
ventral and two lateral
The ( quad ) of the
prothorax is also called pronotum,
which covers the neck and a part of the
Complete the above paragraph by
selecting the correct sequence of words.
A. Chitinous, tergum, sternum, pleura, tergum
B. Proteinaceous, sternum, tergum, pleura, tergum
C. Chitinous, sternum, tergum, pleura, sternum
D. Proteinaceous, tergum, pleuron, sternum, tergum
305Cardiac muscle fibres are
A. Involuntary
B. Non-fatigue
c. Striated like
D. All of the above
306The correct representation of the given
alphabets is
A. A- muscle; B- tendon; C-ligament; D- ulna
B. A-ligament; B- – muscle; C- radius; D- tendon
C. A-ligament; B- muscle; C- tendon; D- radius
D. A- tendon; B- muscle; C- ligament; D- radius
E. A- tendon; B- muscle; C-ligament; D- ulna
307Which among the following is not a types of muscular tissues?
A. Cardiac muscles
B. Skeletal muscles
c. smooth muscles
D. None of the above
308Which one of the following is the oldest use of earthworm?
A. Bait for catching fish
B. Source of manure
c. Food of poultry
D. Medicine for gout
309In Earthworm, mouth is situated on
A. Prostomium
B. Peristomium
c. Stomium
D. Protostomium
310The structure in earthworm which
serves as a wedge to force open cracks in the soil is
A. Peristomium
B. Setae
c. Typhlosole
D. Prostomium
311The forelimbs and hindlimbs movement
is caused by
A. Striated muscle
B. Unstriated muscles
c. cardiac muscles
D. None of these
312In the given diagram of a leg of
cockroach, parts have been indicated by
alphabets. Select the answer in which
these alphabets have been
correctly matched with the parts which
they indicate.
A. A- Coxa; B- Tibia; C- Tarsus; D- Femur; E- Trochanter
B. A- Coxa; B- Femur; C- – Trochanter
D- Tarsus; E- Tibia
C. A- Coxa; B- Tarsus; C- Femur; D- Tibia; E- Trochanter
D. A- Coxa; B- Trochanter; C- Femur; D- Tibia; E- Tarsus
313Which of the following is the characteristic of epithelial tissues?
A. They are avascular and innervated.
B. They have a rapid rate of cell division.
c. They have less intercellular spaces.
D. All of the above.
314abelling from the options given.
A. A- Testis, B- Spermatheca, C- Seminal vesicle, D- Ovary
E- Vas deferens, F- Accessory gland
B. A- Spermatheca, B- Testis, C- Ovary, D- Oviduct, E- Vas deferens, F- Accessory gland
C. A- Spermatheca, B- Testis, C- Seminal vesicle, D- Ovary
E- Vas deferens, F- Accessory gland
D. A- Spermatheca, B- Testis, C- Accessory gland, DOvary, E- Vas deferens, F- Seminal vesicle
E. A- Spermatheca, B- Ovary, C- Seminal vesicle, D- Testis
E- – vas deferens, F- Accessory gland
315The voluntary muscles are known as
A. Striated muscles
B. Cardiac muscles
C. Unstriated muscles
D. None of the above
316Heart of Cockroach is
A. Myogenic
B. Neuromyogenic
c. Neurogenic
D. None of the above.
317Nephridiopores present over the body of
earthworm belong to
A. Integumentary nephridia
B. Septal nephridia
c. Pharyngeal nephridia
D. Peptonephridia
318The inner lining of the kidney tubules has
A. Cuboidal epithelium
B. Columnar epithelium
c. Squamous epithelium
D. None of the above
319Which cartilage is present on the end of long bone?
A. Hyaline cartilage
B. Fibrous cartilage
c. Calcified cartilage
D. Elastic cartilage
320In normal healthy female, the number of
( mathrm{RBC} / mathrm{mm}^{3} ) of blood is
A. ( 6.5-7.0 ) million
B. 5.5 – 6.0 million
c. ( 4.5-5.0 ) million
D. 3.5 – 4.0 million
321Salivary glands of cockroach open on
A . Maxilla
B. Hypopharynx
c. Labium
D. Labrum
322In Cockroach, the common duct of salivary reservoir opens at the base of
A. Pharynx
B. Maxilla
c. Mandible
D. Hypopharynx
323Dark bands are
A. A-band
B. B-band
c. I-band
D. Z-line
324Which of these are present only in male cockroach Anal cerci, Anal styles or Anal places?11
325Fibres with tapering ends and spindle shape are seen in case of
A . Striated muscle
B. Cardiac muscle
c. skeletal muscle
D. Smooth muscle
326Which of the following represents the four main categories of tissues?
A. Epithelial, skeletal, adipose, nervous
B. Connective, epithelial, muscle, nervous
c. Blood, connective, muscle, nervous
D. Bone, muscle, striated, nervous
327Scavenger cells of alveoli is called as
A. Melanophage
B. Monocytes / macrophage
c. Dust cell
D. Microglial cell
328Protein which is both structural and
enzymatic is
A. Troponin
B. Myosin
c. Trypsin
D. Actin
329Which part of cockroach has both endoskeleton and exoskeleton
A. In head region
B. Thoracic region
c. Abdominal region
D. In all regions
330The longest cell in the animal body is a/an
A. osteocyte
B. Neuron
c. Chromatophore
D. Lymph corpuscle
331A long fibre like process coming out of the cyton of a nerve cell is
( A cdot A times O n )
B. Dendron
c. Neurolemma
D. Neurofibrils

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