Surface Area of a Sphere Diameter and Formula

The article is made for those students who want to learn surface area of a sphere. The formula also helpful in develop surface area calculator to online calculation.

surface area of shapes

Now Question is how to find the surface area of a sphere?

Surface Area of a Sphere

Here is a formula that is designed for such calculation, and the formula have some per define variables which comes with fixed value.

Formula is: 4πr2 
Where r2 is squares of r (r X r).
The surface area of the cylinder is 2πrh where h = 2rh = 2r.
Surface Area of the Cylinder = 2πr (2r) = 4πr2 =2πr (2r) = 4πr2 
Here r = diameter/2 
And π= 22/7


Suppose you have 80 diameter shape and you need to find the shape of surface area.

R= 80/2 = 40
= 4πr2 = (4 X 22/7 X 40 X 40) CM2
= 20114.28

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